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Someone said basically the same exact thing to me the other day. I don't want Good/Bad/Neutral options either. Give me grey/convoluted choices that are tough to make. #4.1
Super interesting, hope I win! #21
Indie is where the devs can go wild, AAA devs always play it safe. #17.1
Agreed, Devolver has really been on the up and up as of late. #19.1
Whatchu talkin' bout WillisBean? It should be on the bottom of all the blogs! #18.1
LOL, I hope you were chanting that #5.1
Tempted to buy it right now. #16
This is a game that looks like it could benefit from the next gen consoles to me #15
Me too, was just over there. #19.1
Not sure if safe for work! #13
gg Housemarque, Merica! #14
Still gotta try the newer stuff, will do soon. gg guys and gals. #30
Resofun, I see what you did there #27
I would like to know this as well #27.1
I play bubble bobble every day :) #27
Just go in expecting some silly fun and you'll enjoy. Make sure to explore and try to do weird things. #15.1.1
wait.....'sacrifice humans to the devil' - I need to figure out how to do this! #16
You do, it's just a plain ol' good time, fun for the whole family. #11.1
Maybe the best $6 I ever spent. Goat sim is just one of those games you need to see in action or play yourself to understand. #15
'latest in goat simulation technology' - LOL, classic #15
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