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Go to sleep or go back to bed! You'll figure it out.

Mines prolly SoM

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You can do the same thing with PS4; but that and this are inherently different.

Shareplay is to anyone on your friends list, but 'gamesharing' is only for the 2 active consoles under that user.

This isn't exactly unexpected restrictions as they stated it could be blocked, but I don't think this is working as intended in these particular cases. Probably something that needs to be fixed, but we wouldn't know who has to fix it unless they say ...

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Good luck everyone!

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So...there's a few angles here as is the case with most 'controversial' stories here on N4G. Nothing is ever black and white.

1 - the link was broken at the time, that gets other stories failed so why not this one? (rhetorical)

2 - a report on the story: 'Making web traffic out of somebody's depression-fuelled break-up on the basis of one-sided allegations' - I feel this is very true. Grounds for failing? Probably not, but I think you ...

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You've incorrectly determined what 'removed' means, that's not a mods fault. It would remove it from the front page header and hide the story unless you have the filter turned off. No one told you the site would be banned, you assumed that incorrectly. We all know how it works, it appears you're the one who doesn't. Sites only get banned for plagiarism, we're not going to just ban sites all willy nilly, that would be completely unfair and ag...

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idk what to tell you other than that I wasn't involved with it so I don't really know.

Also, damn you for making me google gamergate, I'd really rather have not.

All I could really say is I'm sure there was a noted reason and said mod thought they were doing the right thing per N4G's rules. We don't get emails from anyone saying do this or don't do that. People seem to think there is a lot more behind the scenes here than there rea...

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@Fox - the reasons for your proposed banning don't matter unless they involve plagiarism/theft.

@ghost - Cat would de-mod someone so fast if that actually happened. And I'm not sure exactly what you're saying, but there is always a reason for a story failing.

Voting affects the site rating, which can in turn hide opinion pieces and rumors under the content filter (the little drop down above the story type in the front page news feed).

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N4G doesn't do journalism, we don't make news, so that would be impossible. N4G is just an aggregation site, we don't even have domain emails (ie: [email protected] doens't exist)

@Fox - sites don't get banned b/c people don't like them. Plagiarism is basically the only reason.

edit: you guys are free to believe what you want, but facts are facts.

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Thanks ConsoleTuner!

Would be interested to see what one of these can do.

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Who the hell doesn't like free stuff!

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Doubt this will be seen, but if you guys want to make your moderation issues public then I guess it's okay to chime in for the other side.

Kotaku story:
The source of the news was Kotaku, so it needs to link there. Pretty strait forward 'wrong source' report.

'Plenty of N4G articles are allowed to publish in this format' - Uh, no. Going through to the front page and being 'allowed' are 2 differe...

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Watch some youtube vids and let your imagination run wild. Build a house, a trap, go adventuring, or whatever you can think of.

I always tell people it's like adult legos with enemies.

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Gotta ride that Sharnado hype wave. Awesome movies if you're into those kind of cheesy horror flicks.

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IndieMonth was a great success imo.

Saw a lot of games I had heard of and a lot I hadn't. Won some games and added to my enormous backlog (is that a positive?).

I think the best part for me was seeing the characters that make these games. Some very interesting people out there making these games. Minds like the people interviewed this month is what keeps the indie scene strong and what also help keep the creativity in gaming. AAA games have to play it saf...

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I feel like I needed headphones to watch that, but I don't have any on me......

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Best VR pitch evar!

Interesting to see how open he was about Microsoft and how he feels about them, while at the same time saying he wants to release on it.

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Creative game like this one are what drives the indie scene, keep it up.

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This is weird, I was using my fingers.

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Loved the answer to why they make games. Indie devs = passion + the freedom to do what they want, I like.

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Ooo, wonder what the possible 'other' consoles could be.

Also, he looks like a DayZ char with that hat and pickax.

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