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It's just a little too grindy. I know that is how the F2P model works, but I feel they need to lower the grinding just a little. #1.3.1
PS2 is great, and I love that proper tactics and understanding of the game are needed to succeed. I loved Dust 514 for the same reason and it basically does all the same things but better. That is also what makes it different from COD and TF. They are both jump in, instant action. PS2 and BF take a much larger investment to get into, but are much more rewarding when you do so. The only thing that bothers me is the F2P model for PS2 isn't the best. It's not bad, but it needs some tweak... #1
Everyone always says that until they win! #22.1
Very nice of ND to send so much cool stuff. Good luck everyone! #7
It's happening! #2
Agreed. WW2 is such a great setting I'll take what I can get though. #1.1.1
Nice trailer. I was wondering when this would get an update, felt like it had gone dark for while. #1
How about we don't try that...... #2.1.4
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LOL, literally uploaded 3 minutes before I looked!

http://n4g.com/news/1452886 #9.1
Assassin's Creed 5: Watch_Dogs

No way it's cancelled. #4.1
Handful of people right here. I have a virtual boy in my parents house somewhere. Mario Tennis was pretty sweet. #8.3.1
Well of course, but there really isn't much an individual can do about that. It's up to Sony and Nintendo to make it a success, so we just have to hope they can do it.

(that's not my disagree btw) #8.2.1
Honestly I think that's fair: Opinions; everyone has some.

Both seem to be losing support, or just didn't have a whole lot to begin with. Outside of the traditional Ninty franchises there isn't much on the Wii U. Top that off with in between gen ports and you couldn't call it a good thing.

For the Vita, it's lacking the big software to really convince people to go out and get it. 3rd party support here isn't so great as well.
... #1.2
I think some people are missing the overall point here.

The Wii U and Vita will be and are loved by the people that play them. Commercial success doesn't determine fun and we have no need to care about it. In the end they will be endured by gamers.

I loved my Dreamcast and sales had nothing to do with it. #8
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Just cruisin the net here this fine Sat morn, looking for a story or 2 and read this:
'Currently playing OlliOlli. Next will be [REDACTED]'

Followed by:
'I’m fired aren’t I?'

Wonder what it could be that he can't speak of. It would have to be pretty soon as he's planning on playing it next. He could just be playing it early though I guess. #1
Pretty much agree to exactly what you're saying.

The ending had me thinking if I would have done the same. Makes the characters seem more real when they make a decision with their heart and not their head. The obvious choice was obvious, but nearly an impossible decision to make. That was the point; not to leave the door open to make a sequel.

The ending is really what sealed it as a great game for me, not what I expected. The inner conflict both must h... #2.1
on PS4?

Had the same problem.


5th post #1.3
It's actually completely real. They take 360's as well. - No dead console either - #197.1
see cb's comment @#16.1 #26.1
DS2 didn't interest me enough to finish it.

I think I'm being a little light on 15 games; It's probably a lot higher than that but I don't keep count. My strategy right now is going for shorter games first. So I'm working on Brutal Legend (love Jack Black) and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. #1.1.5
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