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I'm fairly certain the different colored disk means it's dual layered (~50gb opposed to the normal ~25). I think only (or at least mostly) 1st party devs use those disks. I'd bet if you tried KZ3 for example it would do the same thing. Most multi's don't use that much of the disk so it's cheaper to go with the standard disk.

This basically says your drive is faulty:
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100% correct there resp.

The people running the show for the NFL net quite simply seem to not know what they are doing. So many amateurish mistakes and the announcers are just bad, no way around it. #8.1
wth beans, way to ruin my mojo for this game. Just bought it last night trying to grab some older games I missed. #1.1
The youtubes?

Go here and enable HTML5

or just watch here and it's just like the PS3 app

http://n4g.com/news/1404223 #1.1
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It's the places they are shipping to and from that want the taxes, Amazon was actively fighting against it. They seem to be caving as they've lost some court battles though.

http://www.forbes.com/sites... #5.1
Deal sites get marked as 1-Star rating so they only show if you're looking basically. This guy just keeps moving sites so he's keeping us busy and we've yet to rate this one. (We will always lower the site rating Wayne, so you might as well pick 1 site)

If you don't want them then you don't have to read them. Seeing as how you clearly have no interest in Amazon stories, why are you even here?

It's not spam, this is a gaming site and t... #2.1
The majority of my games were bought from Amazon last year. I would have paid a lot more had I just gone to gamestop. Sorry, but you do not speak for everyone (or seemingly anyone for that matter). Amazon has great deals and actually works with you if something is screwed up. Amazon gave me about $50 in reimbursements for things that weren't even their fault last year(I didn't know that at the time).

And a game doesn't need a discount? First time I've heard th... #1.5
Yes you can, my wife does exactly that. It's noticeably better looking on next-gen too. Not to mention ground war is included there while lacking in last gen versions. #6.1
If I'm eligible then I want in on this! #180
It's like adult legos with monsters and RPG stuff (crafting, hunger/health, potions, the list goes on forever).

On PC you can have 100's even 1,000's of people in the same constant word that evolves and changes over time as people build/destroy, set up safe havens, or just go out and be creative. So many PC mods make it a completely different game. #1.2
Is that why there are a bunch of 25's at the park? I assumed they were trolling by dropping their awareness or something. #3.1
Download it from your online storage, that's what I did. #6.2.1
2hrs and 45mins from right now #5.1
It does add to the realism and this is also in the PS4 version. Gotta watch my words now when the refs aren't giving me calls.

Not gonna turn it off though as you can also call plays. It's pretty helpful to call for the double team on the fly or to call for the iso when Melo gets the ball. Iso+Melo = realism.

Voice Commands:
http://i.imgur.com/y4hXlLa.... #1.7
Is that a video of Lebron irl? Can't wait to play this next week when mine arrives! #1
Remember the phone game.... #74.1.1
Make it happen! I won't get my hopes up though, been burnt too many times on the hopes of Shenmue 3. #74
I wanted this game but wasn't sure about paying another $60 to pick it up, but then Amazon sent me a code for a free game and it's coming next week. Game looks amazing. #1.1
Already ordered my games, they sent me a code for a free one.

So this is retro-active, check your emails if you bought games through them. #14
"It Only Does Everything" (Bronze) - Pop a CD into your disk drive

"Touch Me" (Bronze) - Figure out a use for the touchpad on the DS4

"Step into the Light" (Bronze) - Figure out a use for the lightbar on the DS4

"Not Again" (Silver) - Be Online when PSN/PS Store goes down

"Does He Work, or is twitter his job?" (Gold) - Get a twitter reply from Shuhei Yoshida via your console.... #13.1
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