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Agreed. I'm fairly sure I could not do that. #16.1
These both sound really interesting, Ima have to check em out when I'm at home. #19
Oo, these are some I hadn't heard of yet. #13
Finding the fun should (almost) always be top priority. #21
I've been seeing SR:R all over the place lately, well deserved hype. #13
No, thank you sir. #9.1
lol @ sushi plate. Dat cgi Octodad looks amazing btw. #22
I love games that don't take themselves too seriously. Some good ol' fashion fun. Always love some open endedness (not a word) too. #27
I've been waiting to check this out on PS4, maybe I'll get a preview ;) #15
Ima have to look for this later tonight.

Couldn't find a recipient for these so good luck readers:
Voucher Code for PS4: BK85-2KNT-KCG4
Voucher Code for PS3: DDC4-ERNL-JTG6 #8
I would love to give this a try

;) Cat #30
always a +, it would be nice if more games did support it. #16.1
Awesome stuff, thanks Cat!

Any. #14
This game sounds really interesting, with a very......creative dev. #17
The secret code is real! #16
lol, I like this guys style #19
I think I have this, but I'm not sure. Is that bad? lol #2.1
N4G doesn't change the heat of any stories unless 1) it's an event submission, like live official E3 streams 2) the heat was obtained artificially. Even then, only the admins have access to that.

Clicks, Comments, site rating and story type are the factors. How they are weighted I do not know, but all sites and comments are not equal.

Much like most conspiracy theories, the truth is much less sinister and much more boring.

Right now... #13.3
Very interesting read, looking forward to Galak #15
I hope it keeps blurring, a game is a game. Calling them AAA or Indie doesn't make them better or worse either way. #8.1
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