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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


Looks fancy #8
Looks really hectic, very interested.

Make it happen Christopher ;/ #10
I noticed that too, very varied, but everything seems to jive. #1.1
That affinity system looks pretty deep. Love how this guy seems pumped to play his own game still, good stuff. #9
Surprised I hadn't heard of this yet too, 1000 people playing right now and it has great reviews. Looks really interesting. #8.1
Sweet, would love 10 codes for this game :D #10
Down with p2w and ads for mobile! Glad to support devs like that. #16
I always find myself losing a lot of time with indie games, I could see these 2 being one of them. Lovin' the looks of both. #11
Is that pic of people watching/playing the game? If so I really wanna try it, they couldn't look more interested. #11
Looks pretty cool, my son is certainly interested. #15
I could really use one of them bundles, or a gc. #11
Yeah it is. Gotta have something in a kickstarter that is a good sell and that video is def one.

That guy is so creepy. Loving that art style, really lends itself well to dystopia. #1.1
Kinda reminds me of Tomorrow Children too, but most people haven't played that yet.

Procedural survival game with lots of joy? Sign me up. #1.4.1
Man, those faces are creepy.

I like that last answer. #12
My body is ready #9
Awesome stuffs! IGM steppin it up this year. #12
Ahhh snap, I don't really need one of those, but I sure do want it! #1

Loved last year and it's great to get some money in some needy hands. 13.5k is no joke for smaller studios. Nice sponsors too! #1
Broken embed code breaking the rest of the page, fix it up. #1.2
That's exactly how I feel about Mobile/F2P games. I will gladly pay if you don't make me and I like the game. If the game isn't good or they force the micro-transactions on me then I'm out. If I'm enjoying a game then the people that made it deserve my money. #1.1
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