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Damn strait. I want Battlefront 3! #15
I like that he admitted they stealth patch to see if anyone notices.

Nice that PC is getting them and it sure sounds like they are at least thinking about the PS platforms. Wonder if what it means for WiiU though. #2
The Saboteur is placed in WW2 era France, great game. #14.1
I see what your saying, but how does hands on help people that don't actually get to play it (you, me, NYC)?

We'll get previews either way, but without an actual conference we'll miss the excitement that comes with the big stage.

Hands on is good for the people there, but not for people who aren't there (most people). #14.5
WW2 is my fave time period for games. Nazi's are the perfect bad guys. #2
@Bradly - it goes til 11am est, 9 minutes from now. #3.2
I was loving this game last night. Never played a real MMO before, it was interesting. #1
Too late, Beta's over in an hour I think #3.1
TY, I assumed it was from a FF, but wasn't really sure. #19.1.1
Can someone tell me what this is from?
http://imgur.com/dQ1Ml2s #19
Or they could start selling cosmetic items, like fancy hats.

IMO, micro-transactions are much more likely than a subscription. That is the way the industry has been trending. #1.1
Content creator looks awesome, cannnot wait any longer. Not a big MP person, but this looks great. #2
That's understandable, but really how many games will be available by then?

I would put $ on it being 1st party also, so I'm sure you could narrow it down.
So my $ would be on one of these:
Killer Instinct
Forza 5 (unlikely)
Kinect Sports Rivals #22.1.1
There is some good news if you live in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden or Switzerland and have pre-ordered:

"To show our appreciation for your patience, if you have already preordered an Xbox One Day One system before today in those countries, you will also receive a pack-in game with your console when it launches."

Free games are awesome #22
5 minutes from now. #13.1
If it can come close to Dishonored I would pick it up, I thought Dishonored was great at a price point of $20-40. $60 was a bit much for something so short, imo. #1
It was excellent!

Can't compare to the old ones though as I've never played one before this. #1.2
Too much tease, not enough game #59
Don't bother Hammad, clearly doesn't play, just wants to complain about it.

Clearly didn't even grasp the concepts:
'Would you rather play the game for 6 weeks to unlock a gun or just buy it on day 1 for ¢5?'

Factually wrong. Something that takes 6 weeks to unlock can not be bought on day 1 #1.1.1
Remove free LAV's, add LAV PSN pack :| #1
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