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Thanks for stopping by Mike.

I'll give your demo a shot, party games are always fun. Nice move giving it away free to people who bought the last one. Attempts to fix things like that go a long way to me. At least you're trying, which is more than some can say.

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close enough?

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I just didn't get an item, this one -

Gave a F2P user a premium gift and I never got the speks. All the answers I get from them so far are basically generic replies to people who got trade scammed. It's pretty infuriating.

Oh and the gift costs $5, I just wanted the speks and to be helpful to a noob (he was very grateful)

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You must not have dealt w Valve then. All those companies can be reached quickly and will actually try to make things right if your making a valid complaint. The same can not be said for Valve on either account in my experience. I've contacted all 4 of those for 1 thing or another and the grades are about right imo. They are unrelated to how their games are.

If you complain to any of those companies they will at least try, except Valve.

Edit: BBB basicall...

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They're gonna have a BBB complaint from me pretty soon. A week in between non-helpful answers from someone who clearly doesn't have a clue is completely unacceptable. Especially when it's a back and forth, and every answer takes a week to get. No other way to contact them, it's pretty insane this day and age.

I've dealt with a lot of poor customer service over the years, but at least I didn't wait a week for each response that wasn't helpful.

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Running Man - Scout
Sprinkler - Pyro
Hulk Hogan Type Flex - Heavy/Demo/Pyro/Soldier
Keg Stand - Demo/All
The Worm - Scout/Spy/Sniper
The Robot - All
Some sort of conga equivalent
Leap Frog - 2 man co-op taunt
Pyro taunt that makes a ring/globe of fire around him. Basically the pyro needs some good taunts that involve lots of fire.

That's all I got for now, I'll wait for my royalty check...

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I'm hyped to see what people make!

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Dem title infractions! Must resist reporting......

Well deserving winners all around.

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My wife will be so pumped. Using the old instruments was her #1 thing if they made a new one as well.

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This is what I think happened:

This was their vision; what they wanted (as far as how the game turned out, obviously not about scores). It's just not what others seem to want (reviews). I'm sure they did see it coming, but to delay again to completely change it or add enormous amounts of content would probably cost a lot of time and $. A lot of time and $ to change their vision (ie: make a game for someone elses vision). They had their vision and they stuck to it. Cal...

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Pretty much is pretty much what I was saying. It was never announced. Being a PC/PS4(barely) dev there are a lot of potential hurdles and questions.

-Parity clause? They are independent now. I'm sure MS will waive it for them, but the talk probably couldn't happen until the deal was done. PS2 is out on PS4 already and H1Z1 is out on PC already. DCU on both.

-Dev equipment and staff for Xbox: Do they have the equipment and/or s...

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Yeah, I agree with basically all. YG's are great.

Don't think they'll be doing exclusives either, but we don't really know what existing deals were already in place, if any.

The games are fun, but they are also kind janky/rough around the edges. Good ideas/concepts, but just okay execution on them. It's something I'm perfectly fine with, I did like Dust514 quite a bit after all. But I can see a lot of console players not being okay w...

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You know that wasn't announced right? They said they could make games for other platforms now and were looking forward to it. They did not announce any game for any other platforms yet.

Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but I see a lot of people saying the same thing, but it's factually inaccurate. It also has quite a way to go on PC before anything happens elsewhere so it's kinda counting the chickens before the eggs hatch.

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Heya stranger!

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South Park isn't on PS4

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Go to sleep or go back to bed! You'll figure it out.

Mines prolly SoM

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You can do the same thing with PS4; but that and this are inherently different.

Shareplay is to anyone on your friends list, but 'gamesharing' is only for the 2 active consoles under that user.

This isn't exactly unexpected restrictions as they stated it could be blocked, but I don't think this is working as intended in these particular cases. Probably something that needs to be fixed, but we wouldn't know who has to fix it unless they say ...

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Good luck everyone!

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So...there's a few angles here as is the case with most 'controversial' stories here on N4G. Nothing is ever black and white.

1 - the link was broken at the time, that gets other stories failed so why not this one? (rhetorical)

2 - a report on the story: 'Making web traffic out of somebody's depression-fuelled break-up on the basis of one-sided allegations' - I feel this is very true. Grounds for failing? Probably not, but I think you ...

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You've incorrectly determined what 'removed' means, that's not a mods fault. It would remove it from the front page header and hide the story unless you have the filter turned off. No one told you the site would be banned, you assumed that incorrectly. We all know how it works, it appears you're the one who doesn't. Sites only get banned for plagiarism, we're not going to just ban sites all willy nilly, that would be completely unfair and ag...

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