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It is not ramiuk - PS4 tag is only there for the discount on Strike Suit Zero. Sorry #2.1
Very nice, massive preview. #1
see below Wikkid #12.1.1
Drop the devs a line here with as much info as you can. We don't like those adds either and they aren't supposed to be there.

badads@curse.com #12.2
'Amy Hennig - A New Hope'

BF2 is one of my favorites and also a game that I probably have the most hours into all time. I will never give up on it and never have. It's too awesome to let dwindle away. #2.1.1
While EA sounds bad at first glance, she's gonna be writing for Star Wars and that is awesome news! #2
Because comments aren't the only factor in heat. Time, site rating, actual clickthroughs, and some other things all play a part. It's very dynamic. #62.1
I had no idea that Brothers in Arms is based on Band of Brothers. Probably my favorite show/special/whatever it was of all time. I'm buy this game right now. #2
They pay more than almost everywhere else for games. #2.1
Little bit of a correction Gozer: the PS4 can also show the streamer in the corner. It's an option that can be turned on or off just like the mic.

I love twitch, never knew how many people enjoyed watching games as well as playing until recent. #10.2.1
Looks very Mirror's Edgy #3
Nah, it's still there. Just probably won't see stuff like that on the header as it's not really newsworthy. People can still find them if they are looking. #1.2.1
Gotta have someone mod them via the twitch site atm. Not really Sony's responsibility as the messages are from the twitch website and accounts. Twitch won't do anything about them so the PS4 needs stream mod abilities for those who don't have someone who can mod for them on twitch.

I would like a name change though. #7.1
Exactly. If they come out with 2 this year then I'll be buying 2. I just hope one of them isn't last gen only. #4.2.1
@Ezz (and I guess Cat too)

Agreed. We need more stuff like this. Maybe some surprises too............ #1.1.4
Lot o' swag they sent.

any size other than small! #12
2-3 years. iirc they were planning on releasing cycliacally - Battlefront, TF, Battlefield

So Battlefront is up next (YES!) #1.3
It's just a little too grindy. I know that is how the F2P model works, but I feel they need to lower the grinding just a little. #1.3.1
PS2 is great, and I love that proper tactics and understanding of the game are needed to succeed. I loved Dust 514 for the same reason and it basically does all the same things but better. That is also what makes it different from COD and TF. They are both jump in, instant action. PS2 and BF take a much larger investment to get into, but are much more rewarding when you do so. The only thing that bothers me is the F2P model for PS2 isn't the best. It's not bad, but it needs some tweak... #1
Everyone always says that until they win! #22.1
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