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Resofun, I see what you did there #27
I would like to know this as well #27.1
I play bubble bobble every day :) #27
Just go in expecting some silly fun and you'll enjoy. Make sure to explore and try to do weird things. #15.1.1
wait.....'sacrifice humans to the devil' - I need to figure out how to do this! #16
You do, it's just a plain ol' good time, fun for the whole family. #11.1
Maybe the best $6 I ever spent. Goat sim is just one of those games you need to see in action or play yourself to understand. #15
'latest in goat simulation technology' - LOL, classic #15
Such an interesting combination of styles and mechanics! #30
Great to hear a story with people being passionate about their games.

"Seeing let's players and speedrunners break your level design and utilize the mechanics in ways you didn't think was possible is one of the most satisfying things I've experienced as a designer." - I always figured devs loved or hated those guys. #25
Spider-man sim eh? #21
Grappling hook ftw! I've had my eye on this one. #25
I prefer to call it RD Revengeance. #1.1
Bout to punch mine in now.

Edit, worked fine, dl'd very quick. #6
No idea if other players can do that, they were NPCs. + You can turn off other players invading. #1.3.1
I heard from a friend it was super easy to hack people then take their money out of an ATM to rack up $ very quickly. ;) #1
It's pretty much everything MAG was trying to do, but set in the future. It's actually in my background right now and I used to play MAG a lot. #9.1
No, you can unlock everything (except cosmetic items) just playing the game.

Using real money allows you to buy cosmetic items like helmets, camo, or unlock things instantly instead of grinding it out.

@Papa - "or unlock things instantly instead of grinding it out." #5.3
Free dollars and 0 cents, it's F2P #5.1
Everyone should own Fat Princess, just saying. #28
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