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Last chance? #17
1d 11h ago by Emilio_Estevez | View comment
No wammy, no wammy, no wammy! #21
If you can't be motivated by caffeine and cat pics then there is something wrong with you, Rose knows wassup. #19
Looks pretty odd, I could get down with this. #24
Those kb's are so epic! #25
Looks so well done, hope it's not too hard. #16
Sounds like there is a lot of stuffs yet to be seen from Cuphead, look forward to hearing some more. #16
Didn't know it had co-op, sounds awesome. #18
Good luck to everyone! - This looks cooler than I thought! #16
Always sad to here about devs getting laid off due to poor sales, but glad to here the studio made it through to the other side. Hopefully they can regroup and get bigger again. #8
Lots of stuff going on there, seems very hectic. #7
32! Gimme one.....pretty please? #10
Ahhh, it's a love story making this game :D

Kinda funny his thoughts on school, don't see that often. #8
Who doesn't like weird? I sure do. #10
Co-op Roguelite Megaman X does sound good to me :)

Sounds hard, but still good.

*Adds to wishlist* #12
'like Mega Man X, but with random levels, random powerups, permanent death, and multiplayer.' - Boom, nailed it, with those features, it sounds great. I will not be activating skulls if I don't have to. #10
I always give up too, usually try to get back to them though. #9.1
This looks like a really fun brawler, will be fun to get some people together for some action. #10
Nice to see people step out from established careers, with upstanding companies, to be their own boss and do things their own way. I think a lot of people wish they had the courage to do that. Looks like a good move here and I wish success upon them. #7
Immediately thought of Castle Crashers when seeing this. Loved Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and especially Golden Axe. I used to play it sooo much, and if this can come close to any of those then I'm in. #7
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