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Hit up that 2nd page, it's there.

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I see people say they see stuff like that all time, but I certainly don't. If people are dropping varying 'F' bombs then please bring it to our attention so it can be taken care of. Vote/report/open a ticket if you do please.

Just because something doesn't get marked doesn't mean we allowed it to happen, we can't take care of something we never see. This is where we need your guys' help.

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It's always been an issue, but it has seemed to ramp up along the same lines as the console wars has over the years. If you see stuff like that, make sure to report the story so to bring it to our attention.

If you are finding stories on other sites, why not try submit them here? We really need a lot of the old time contributors to step their game up as far as approving, submitting and reporting go. A lot of it stems from the fact that it's mostly the authors of the...

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Sure you don't want the 'job', we have very flexible hours and all the fanboy tears you could ever ask for?

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You can't say fa******, it's that simple. With bad/offensive language, context doesn't matter, shouldn't be using them at all.

AmUnRa - Cancer isn't a prohibited word or anything. You can say it, but obviously wishing it upon someone would not be okay and would be deemed an inappropriate comment.

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Short answer is no, there isn't. Everyone thinks there is some big behind the scenes stuff going on here, but it's really just a few mods, an admin and a couple devs that are rarely seen. Much smaller and simpler than most people imagine. It would be nice to have paid staff, but that's just not the way it is.

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Great response there 9er.

I really don't think people realize we're all volunteers and do this in our spare time for basically nothing, barring the occasional thank you gift. We don't have schedules or know when the others will be around, or not around. So we just do what we can when we can. Sometimes this means we'll miss things, but I don't think there is a site out there that gets everything. I do 95% of my time on N4G from my actual job. We try and ...

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My only real gripe is Hitman not winning for 'Best Episodic Content', not a fan of TWD Telltale games

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I'm just putting in my picks for winners, picks are nominees and winners to me.

1 - Sam Drake
2 - Uncharted 4
3 - Battlefield 1
4 - Hearthstone - Whispers of the Old Gods
6 - Didn't play any - N/A

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Both consoles use 5400rpm drives. You can use a higher speed one, but I don't as I worry about the extra heat it may produce.

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I have a 2tb in the PS4 and a 2tb external for the X1, both full. Mostly because I don't delete things until I need more space for something else. I like having all the games available should I want to play them again (I won't, but I still want them! ,lol). AAA games going well over 50gb and the mass amount of XBLG/PS+ games is what's doing it.

I'll get SSD's for both when they are a bit cheaper, getting close.

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Press PS button then hold Options Button > Image re-centered.

Re-read the setup book.

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Not it's not and you know we can tell you posted it right? LOL

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You shouldn't have gotten it for me either! lol

Already own the 360 games (2x, now 3) and not really interested in WaU, but maybe I'll try it. That's why I don't already have it.

Win some and lose some I guess, lost this month.

I almost never try the free games from either service anyhow, too many games already and I always get the games I want way before they release for free...

Works out for my friends thoug...

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1 - Iwata
2 - Toby Fox
3 - Bloodbourne
4 - Max Caulfield
5 - Witcher 3
6 - Rocket League
7 - Witcher 3
8 - Life is Strange
9 - Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
10 - Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3DS
11 - Fallout Shelter
12 - Geralt of Rivia - Doug Cockle
13 - Ori and the Blind Forest
14 - Tony Hawk 5
15 - Uncharted 4
16 - Halo 5
17 - Bloodborne
18 - Super Mario Mak...

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Go with the Lunar white controller if you want a white one. It has gaudy gold accents, but also has the grips and the headphone jack. Good buy for only slightly more than a regular controller. Highly recommended.

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My only real complaint is not being able to see the prices until you click on a tile. It's better than it was, but could still be better, like most things.

I'm a bargain hunter and looking at the sales articles is really the only way to try and find something on a deal without spending too much time just searching the store and clicking on every one I might be interested in.

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My strategy would involve hoping that every other crew + driver is completely incompetent. If not going for pure luck!

Sponsor would be Unity, cuz they make teh games!

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Tis a bug. I fixed it for ya

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Only looking for Fallout 4 now.

Got some good deals on Batman: AK, Witcher 3, Until Dawn, NBA2K16 and Lego Batman 3 yest and today.

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