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I see what you did there, and I like it.

Almost bought this a couple of times when it was on sale, but I was afraid it would get buried under my already massive backlog.

(no code preference, NA if PSN) #5.1
Yeah, I've heard of it. I just generally don't get too hyped about games until I can decide if they are worth it or not. Still need to see how it comes along before I buy in. #14.2
I love that he says he made this game so he could play it. I wish I had the know-how to do that.

Simplicity is often over-looked by devs, I feel put off when games are too complicated. You have to find that right balance. #19
Yeah, reading this made me think of Socom as well. I miss old Socom, not the newest one.

Hopefully this captures that feeling we got when playing those games. #14.1
I've almost bought this a few times - *crosses fingers* #14
Had to look up 'Today I die'.

Was interesting to see a 'poem-game' in action and wish it was a little more fleshed out. #19
Agreed. I'm fairly sure I could not do that. #16.1
These both sound really interesting, Ima have to check em out when I'm at home. #19
Oo, these are some I hadn't heard of yet. #13
Finding the fun should (almost) always be top priority. #21
I've been seeing SR:R all over the place lately, well deserved hype. #13
No, thank you sir. #9.1
lol @ sushi plate. Dat cgi Octodad looks amazing btw. #22
I love games that don't take themselves too seriously. Some good ol' fashion fun. Always love some open endedness (not a word) too. #27
I've been waiting to check this out on PS4, maybe I'll get a preview ;) #15
Ima have to look for this later tonight.

Couldn't find a recipient for these so good luck readers:
Voucher Code for PS4: BK85-2KNT-KCG4
Voucher Code for PS3: DDC4-ERNL-JTG6 #8
I would love to give this a try

;) Cat #30
always a +, it would be nice if more games did support it. #16.1
Awesome stuff, thanks Cat!

Any. #14
This game sounds really interesting, with a very......creative dev. #17
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