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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


Looks pretty interesting, def got a BoI vibe to it. #19
Love me some Devolver Digital, bring on the GCs! #20
Hope I win some Amazon monies, wouldn't really have a use for the Gamemaker #22
When you set out to be SotC like, you gotta do it right. It seems they've done that. Simple, but very challenging. #10
Oh, it's like that is it?

Not sure if I have the patience for it, but hopefully I'll find out. #1.1
I'll have to give this one a go at some point, looks fun. #15
When you're gonna say fact, you should make sure it's an actual fact first. The reality is the exact opposite unless you're gonna add caveats in. #22.2
During an interview at E3 the devs (Shawn/Sean?), whatever the guys name is, said they were going to announce a release date at E3, but then something happened so they didn't. I'd bet it was something to do with the announcement of simultaneous PC release. No update since then. #2.2
Depths -> Tombs -> They are underground, not above (to new heights) #1.1.5
Looks very hectic and love the answer for why I should play it :) #7
Hmmm, might have to check out that book to get some insight, sounds interesting. 1984 was one of my favorites a while back so I'll def give this a go at some point. #6
Sounds like an interesting take and the art style is easy on the eyes. #8
I love my current kb, but I've been beating it down and see a replacement in my future! #9
I always worry about EA titles, but it's a nice surprise when you set it down for a while and come back to a bunch of new content/fixes.

Really sounds like an actual team game too, no lone wolfing. #1.1
Agreed. Seems like there has been a lot of negative news about crowdfunding in general lately, so it's always good to get a reminder of how it helps the little guys like this.

Sorry to hear about the way Croatian's view this work though, hopefully that changes with the times. #7.1
8 player co-op? Wut!?

300 updates is quite a lot, regardless how long a time span that was over. Shows some dedication right there.

Added to wishlist. #11
It's like a magic 8-ball, outlook is promising! #7.1
Memorable experience you say? That's kind of what I look for. A lot of these big budget games are good, but completely forgettable over time. 2 games that were small, but very memorable to me were indies: Stanley Parable and Thomas Was Alone. Both stuck with me quite a bit, but maybe it was the British narrators......Canadian could work ;) #13
Are you not entertained? Enjoyment should be the #1 factor and it's nice to hear they weigh it so heavily. #7
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I feel like most devs start out like that and the grind + big publishers eventually wear them down into a yes man that is contempt to push garbage. A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. #9.1
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