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I can - don't, it's not allowed anywhere here. #1.1.1
The slower the better imo. *Looks at GTAV, but then politely asks not to look at GTAO* #1.2.1
Looks like it's going well. #1
Judging from the comments my progress won't be restored when I get on tonight. sigh

edit: confirmed #2
I think you might be waiting forever then, literally. #3.1
That is false, but it's not your fault though, the # it shows you in game is all of tranquility (the server), which includes Dust and Eve.

http://eve-offline.net/?ser... #2.2
It's got a small but steady player base. They really botched the launch. Probably focused on getting it out on May 14 (5-14), instead of focusing on core mechanics. That really turned a lot of people away. A bunch of friends of mine thought it was amazing watching me play, only think the opposite when they played it themselves. It's kind of too much MMO for an FPS fan, and too much FPS for an MMO fan. You'd have to have played it to understand.

That being said, th... #1.1
I tried to pre-order this after E3, but they said no. #3.1
Nope, they still haven't said what they're gonna do about it either. #3.1
Yeah, underhanded tactics for sure. Bundling non-official items to boot. #1.1
Did you play the BF3 Beta? I almost cancelled my pre-order because of it. Metro was the worst map imo. #2.3
You best blog about that! #7.2.1
fyi, you don't need an atm, you can do it on your phone. #1.2.1
I did notice that actually. Thought I was imagining things. #1.1.1
Nice, they got the missing car issues fixed. #1
All, but the game isn't coming for PC. #15.1
No #1.1
My thoughts exactly #1.1
It is. #1.1
I agree actually. #1.1
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