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Yeah, I'm mixing rumors. Funny how that works though, I do remember them saying 1 year on Destiny, but I think that was up to them essentially.

Probably b/c I'm not really interested in either. I would guess that's why no one remembers! Ha #2.1.2
The contract that leaked before the game 'existed' said 1 year. It had something to do with the move to EA and court papers. I'm really surprised no one remembers this. #2.1
That should be on TV, it would make anyone want to buy BF4.

(I know that's not possible, but it's really good.) #1
This is great news for me. I'd much prefer Contrast! #66
Check my edit, Kwiet is right if he was replying to me. #5.1.5
It's on 1am EST, not PST, that would be 4am PST.

Still don't understand why a new show starts at such a ridiculous time though.


I must need more coffee...

It's on 1am est here (I checked) which would be 10pm pst of course, but I don't think it's actually on TV at 10pm pst. So by the time 1am (or maybe 12?) pst rolls around it will have already played a couple of hours ago on the east coast.
... #5.1.2
Well now I have to respond since 2 people said the same thing. Actually live close to 2 big malls, but neither have one. #2.1.3
haha, I tried it to, but if you read the article they are starting 1st in Sony stores, which I have never seen. So unless you live near one you'll have to wait for more the be added in 'the coming weeks'. #2.1
N4G doesn't post news, users do. #8.1
It's the classic game of telephone. We 'teh hardcore' read the news daily and see every bit and piece that comes down the line. People who aren't as involved and don't read the news daily get the news from people like us or people that heard it from people like us. Sometimes things get left out, changed, misconstrued or forgot entirely. Sometimes it just takes a while for the info to trickle down as well.

Personally told at least 3 friends that particular... #1.1.4
Doesn't playing a game early get you banned?

Were you playing offline or is there something on the disk that lets them know it's an employee copy?

Must be nice btw. #4.1.1
True, maybe I should have phrased that differently.... #2.4.1
Either this controller is good or the demonstrator is well very versed in using it. #2
Pfffft, I don't trade games in, I collect. #1.2.1
I absorbed them from trolls banished to the depths of N4G. #1.3.1
I guess I can finally start a new char now, seeing as how I don't have a choice. #1
I can - don't, it's not allowed anywhere here. #1.1.1
The slower the better imo. *Looks at GTAV, but then politely asks not to look at GTAO* #1.2.1
Looks like it's going well. #1
Judging from the comments my progress won't be restored when I get on tonight. sigh

edit: confirmed #2
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