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Doesn't that equate to 13mil copies? (actual #'s are higher, but I assume CE, LE) #23
Linux can be a beast with proper support, it has functional support now and game support is growing.

People def want to get away from the only 2 options for an OS they realistically have (Win or Mac). Would love to see more for Linux. #17
Graphics a 10 and soundtrack/sound a 7?

Jaggies and texture issues are very visible and you would be hard pressed to find a game with a better soundtrack. #17
Space 103.2 for Eddie Murphy, awesome
WC Classic, def some classics there.
Los Santos Rock Radio - love me some Seger, Foreigner and Queen

Always skipping non-stop-pop

That is quite the soundtrack #4
Say that 10x in a row.

Always dig a good tech vid. #1
What I want to know is how the transition from PS3 to PS4 will work....

Playing this on PS3 now, but I don't want to buy the game a 3rd time (wife got it too). Who am I kidding though, probably would if I had to. #2
@SNGP - the story says it was PC version #1.1.2
Even before that, downloading a version that doesn't even exist (yet?) should have set off some alarms. #1.1
Yes and no. Obviously the game hasn't been out that long, but it's mostly 2 crowds playing. MMO fans and FF fans - if you like both then your hooked immediately. If your a fan of FF then you are doing a disservice to yourself to 'ignore' the game. It's world class MMO based on the FF world, the sub cost is a downer, but other than that it's got everything (or will have) a FF MMO should have. I do think MMO players are generally a different crowd, regardless of the game... #1.2.1
lol, I guess that shows how much I know about them...That's the one that used to be Versus right? Cuz that looked cool as well. #1.1.1
I'm not even a big FF fan, but this game is spectacular. Tried the open beta cuz a friend asked me to and I was hooked. #1
I thought launch event meant in-game....Am dissapoint. #3
If your a noob you are stuck in 'Battle Academy' with other noobs until you get 2k WP.

Game doesn't have millions on, but there are always people playing.

PM me if you really want help. #1.1
It looks amazing. They've really gone all out with this one. Love R* games #1.1
A lobster is a lobster here as well, but you lumped it in with Fanboy/girl so I thought I might not be hip to some new language. #1.1.1
What's a lobster? Is that a term the kids use these days? #1
We were wrong. #1.3
The one where he's super old and hits people with the mic? No #8.2
It wasn't FUD, that's what they said. Then bam, yesterday they changed their mind. #2.2
Yup, said it yesterday to my wife. I'd bet on at least a week before the PS4. Smart move if they do.

If someone could tell me where the embed code is in the source here it would be great, I've been trying. (Tip: It won't let you PM a code)

Edit: Got it! #1.1
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