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Four Features I Miss from the PS2 and GameCube Era of Gaming

9d ago - Games have come a long way, but I can't help but remember some of what made the PS2/Gamecube era... | Animal Crossing

Beyond Lara Croft: 30 truly interesting female game characters – part one

19d ago - The Guardian: Over the years, there has been no shortage of articles about “the best female char... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

See the GameCube HDMI Mod Thrash Cheaper HDMI Converters in Video & Audio Quality

23d ago - NL: We've been raving about the GCVideo HDMI mod for the GameCube for a little bit now, but what... | GameCube

'The stealth bit' and 6 other game design fads we're glad are gone

28d ago - GR: Sometimes, everyone gets swept up in an idea for a few months. Maybe it was cool the first t... | Mass Effect

The Top 5 Characters to Challenge Link’s Nonsense

124d ago - Zelda Informer: "Link is undoubtedly a hero that we all admire. His many incarnations have selfle... | GameCube

Top 10 Pirate Themed Video Games

127d ago - Get your rum flasks and eye patches, the Jolly Roger's flying. | Culture

Top 10 Best-Selling GameCube Games

133d ago - VGChartz's William D'Angelo: "Over the last month we have taken a look at the top 10 best-selling... | GameCube

8 Games David Cameron Might Enjoy

143d ago - Cubed Gamers could have written a hard hitting piece of satire, but instead chose to pork fun at... | Culture

5 Video Games That Turned Out Better Than Expected

151d ago - Gamerant Thanks to a bevy of trailers, previews, gameplay videos, and major press events like... | Culture

New Wind Waker speedrun clocks in at under four hours

158d ago - A new Wind Waker speedrun record was set earlier today by speedrunner Demon9. | GameCube

Five Stupid Challenge Runs (You Might Want to Try)

161d ago - After YouTuber Many a True Nerd managed to tear through Fallout: New Vegas and all the DLC withou... | Culture

Such a Drag: 10 Sequences That Bring Games to a Screeching Halt

162d ago - Ever really, really been enjoying a game, only to be hit in the face with one particular sequence... | Wii

10 Games That Aged Well

167d ago - Sagamer: As the years pass by the games you once loved loses some of its charm. It’s often a fact... | Retro

Artist Gives Classic Games A New Painterly Look, Sells Them As Stunning Prints

181d ago - Parisian artist “orioto” specializes in giving a new look to old games and recently he has set-up... | Culture

Satoru Iwata’s Greatest Games

215d ago - MyGaming: "Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, recently passed away. He was a visionary, with so... | GameCube

12 GameCube Games That Prove It’s The Most Underrated Console Ever

228d ago - WC Well, it’s official, those people missed out. The GameCube is, and will always be, one of t... | Retro

Top 5: Grass in Gaming

231d ago - VGChartz's Joseph Trotter: "I love grass! Particularly I love digital grass. For me not the soft... | Culture

Game Changers: How The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Changed Gaming

246d ago - "The gaming landscape is ever changing, and with every new iteration of hardware (console or PC)... | GameCube

Oh, Mother: the best video game moms

279d ago - On Mother's Day, we honor the women who raised us, which includes the moms we've met in video gam... | GameCube

How to turn The Legend of Zelda into a symphony

283d ago - GamesBeat tracks the creation of Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest, playing... | Culture

PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post

The Five Worst Looking Zelda Games

297d ago - The Legend of Zelda games have been praised forever, and to be honest, APV can understand why. Ho... | GameCube

The Secrets in Games You Were Never Meant to See

309d ago - GamesRadar - You remember the bits at the end of Police Squad where everyone would freeze frame e... | Culture

An Interview with "Video Games Live" performer Laura Intravia

316d ago - Mike Bowerman of Gaming Rebellion Writes: "Late last year, a fan-made album titled “Harmony of He... | Culture

This is what I think Wind Waker would look like on the SNES

337d ago - "This is what I think Wind Waker would look like on the SNES," writes gilamasan, the guy behind t... | Retro

The Greatest Game Ever…of the Week: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

338d ago - GameCrate: "Wind Waker delivered not only one of the finest installments in the franchise, but on... | GameCube
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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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