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Submitted by Valay 1115d ago | news

Zelda: Wind Waker HD heading to Wii U

Two new Zelda games are in the works for Wii U. (The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Wii U)

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SonyNGP  +   1115d ago

This is amazing ;A;
grailly  +   1115d ago
Nintendo rocked so hard today
Kingofwiiu  +   1115d ago
I said not but the the other day - ITS WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY TOO EARLY for wiiu doom articles.

Mario kart Wiiu
3D mario
WIndwaker HD Remake (like ocarina 3D)
New Zelda titles - 1.5 years away
Yoshi Game - looks like sex
Shin megami tensei X fire emblem
Monolith softs game looks like heaven
Wonderfull 101 looks incredible
Bayonetta 2 sounds awesome
Smash bros U is on its way

Etc etc . Add that to Pikmin 3 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego city etc etc etc

And it is clear the Wiiu is shaping up to Be Nintendo's best ever console.

I am so incredibly satisfied with that Nintendo Direct. Game over competition , Game over....

Edit - Lol - the Wiiu haters look so incredibly stupid right now. We Nintendo Fans and multi console gamers rue this day , not you.
This was a Nuclear bomb of a Nintendo direct. straight into the heart of N haters.

People actually have the audacity to say A remake of Windwaker is a bad thing ? that's a must buy system seller right there.... Have you seen the graphics ?

One more thing I would like to add is. Watch that Xenoblade video in full HD. Happy now Sony and Microsoft fanboys ? That game is 3 times as good looking as ANY xbox 360 or ps3 game. Nuff said.

The wiiu is true next gen with it's gamepad , regardless of some rushed launch ports which took 5 months to port... Monoliths new game has the best console graphics I've ever seen.
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Blastoise  +   1115d ago
Whats with the big rant? lol :P

Best Zelda in my opinion. Will look awesome in HD
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MurDocINC  +   1115d ago
Where's Mario party wii u?
room414  +   1115d ago
I don't really understand the excitement for an hd remake. Nintendo fans have been telling us for the last six years that they don't care about graphics.

So why not just release the original game on the wii u online store? Nintendo fans should be content with that right?
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xursz  +   1115d ago
Doesn't sony get flack all the time for hd remakes? Strange.
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Kurt Russell  +   1115d ago
KingofwiiU ... To rue the day is to regret the day. It's a negative not a positive.

Other than that... go Nintendo, you may be getting my currency soon afterall!
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AsimLeonheart  +   1115d ago
What? Why are you Nintendo fans so excited for HD Remakes? They havent announced any new IPs or games. Just more Zelda/Mario and that too just an HD remake. Dont you guys get tired of Marios and Zeldas? It has been 30 years already. HD remakes are nice for nostalgia but they do not make or break consoles.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1115d ago
Such amazing games coming out on the wiiHD! lol!
Looks like yall will be re-buying a bunch of wii games again, but in HD! wow!
I'm still wondering why kingofwiiu is so excited for?? Nothing he mentioned interest me, except for maybe bayonetta 2.
Ezz2013  +   1115d ago
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Mainsqueeze  +   1115d ago
I'm def going to pick up a Wii U this summer. I'm not to excited about Wind Waker HD remake as i have a gamecube with WW. But my god am i excited for a new Zelda, 3d Mario, new Mario Kart, a new smash bros, and a New Yoshi game lol. I don't have a problem with Nintendo releasing the same IP's over and over again since it seems like they are the only publishers/Devs that make these kinds of games any more.
FanMan  +   1115d ago
is anyone really that surprised with these announcements? zelda and mario games are a given. Nintendo is pretty predictable.
Temporary  +   1115d ago
It's all pretty predictable, but doesnt take away from the fact that these games are pretty awesome looking.

I've owned every nintendo console since NES, and will continue to purchase them...even if I gave away my Wii halfway through this Gen, I feel like Nintendos are a must have for people that can afford all console systems, or at least 2.

I didnt get to finish wind waker, because i hate handhelds, so this is actually good news to someone like me.
thezeldadoth  +   1115d ago
bu bu bu, teh sony pees4 has teh 8 core processor.

no console will compete with my PC, so for graphics, i'll stick with that. Not saying the ps4 and 720 wont have fun games because they will, but Nintendo console games have always been the most fun. Nothing to do with physics processing or pixel count, its to do with fun factor. Awesome looking over the shoulder shooters are becoming boring.
N4g_null  +   1115d ago
I am not a fan of windy Zelda but I may just beat this game now. It actually will look gorgious and epic now. Now if this looks even close to the demo then it is game over.

You have to understand many many wii owners bought high end pcs for our graphic whoring not pretend hd. So yeah we like our GAMEs to look good but not at the expensive of it not being a game any more.

This is the gen ms and Sony lose a point because graphics is no longer the trumpet card.
ShinMaster  +   1115d ago
Wind Waker HD?
Not long ago, Wind Waker was not much of a fan favorite, but now that it's in HD it's "amazing"?

While it's nice to see Nintendo fans embrace HD graphics more lately and be excited about it, some of you fanboys are out of control and contradict each other. For example:

Suddenly downplaying graphics talking about how "fun" is the most important thing while mocking the (yet to be announced) PS4's processor.
And @Kingofwiiu, ranting defensively out of nowhere to no one and boasting HD graphics.

No one talked about the competition except YOU.
vulcanproject  +   1115d ago
TBH I did play Wind Waker in full HD about 5 years ago in the dolphin emulator. Just sayin....

This is a remake so they massaged the visuals for sure. Will be good to see it but rather have some more 'new' games as soon as possible

Also OOT is clearly the best Zelda lol
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1115d ago

I disagree. I think Majora's Mask is much better than Ocarina of Time.
vulcanproject  +   1115d ago
Majora's mask is very good.

But OOT is probably the highest rated game, console, handheld or otherwise, of all time.

On Metacritic OOT wins out, on gamerankings SMG edges it by a tiny margin. Its right up there.

Lots of good Zelda games. I didn't think Wind Waker was that great to be honest. Thats relative, because it was still better than most other gamecube games, but just not as good as OOT.

Either way I still own both. Pretty essential gaming right there.
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Gamer1982  +   1114d ago
Meh Gamecube had Kart, 3D Mario etc and it wasn't enough. Wii sold so well because it was so easy to pick up and play for all generations the WiiU is not that. They want to go back to hardcore gamers again which I feel is a stretch too far. Still time will tell. As for this announcement they probably picked the WORST Zelda game to remake in HD.
Yi-Long  +   1114d ago
THIS is the reason why they left out Gamecube compatibility out of the WiiU...
... just so they can re-sell us the games we already bought.

I'm happy that there's a proper HD-release coming out for a brilliant game ofcourse (and I'm sure F-ZeroGX HD will follow soon...), however, it's certainly not a reason for me tonow go out and buy a WiiU, at the current price, and with the whole region-locked controller crap it's got going on.
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UltraVegito  +   1115d ago
I was not expecting that sort of bomb.

Zelda Hd remake
a New SMT game AND
Fire fcking elbem?

Sony needs to step it up at destination playstation and E3 and take notes on how to present this stuff.

That just landed a wii u in my future.

EDIT:forgot about monolith's new game that was the spotlight of the entire direct for me.
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MasterCornholio  +   1115d ago
I wouldnt worry about Sony however Microsoft on the other hand.....

Anyways i didnt like wind waker at all when i had my gamecube but a new Zelda game sounds interesting.

P.S The kind of Zelda games that i like are the ones like Twilight princess and Orcania of time.

BTW even though Nintendo had plenty of games shown off i will still wait and see what Microsoft and Sony are going to do with their next gen consoles before deciding.
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UltraVegito  +   1115d ago

Yea i guess it is too early to decide,just overfilled with hype right now you just wouldn't believe...

This Year been turning out pretty great so far
Theyellowflash30  +   1115d ago
I think Sony and Microsoft are both in trouble, and it has nothing to do with Nintendo or the Wii U. Both of their gaming divisions are tanking. Sony is losing money left and right. Had to sell their US headquarters to pay off debts. Lost of 3 Billion last year. Microsoft is in the same boat.

Sony makes super expensive games, then they don't sell anywhere near as good as they need to to be profitable. I'm worried about next generation systems for Sony and Microsoft.
Kennesu  +   1115d ago
Julie  +   1115d ago
Very nice :)
I hope they add Twilight Princess in HD too! and Skyward Sword! :)
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1115d ago
Yes! This!
Julie  +   1115d ago
Wooow guys look at the screenies! :D
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1115d ago
That lighting in the one with Link, Tetra and the lady with the pot on her head looks pretty good.

These screens look great. I was hoping for an HD remake but I wasn't actually expecting them to go all out.
Gamer1982  +   1114d ago
Yeah but when S4 and 720 comes out people are gonna be like.. Meh? There so last gen.. LOL. They look decent compared to current gen now but new consoles coming out is gonna blow them away.
Merrill  +   1115d ago
Windwaker HD will inevitably be delayed until 2014 and who knows when the other new Zelda will be released.
Perjoss  +   1115d ago
please may I borrow your time machine
stragomccloud  +   1115d ago
He'a making a joke because of the tradition of Zelda games being delayed for years.
herbs  +   1115d ago
Stoked for Windwaker, this one should be in native 1080p hopefully and Gamepad support will enhance an already great game. I would personally love it if they added wiimotion+ combat to, but that prob will not happen.
Anon1974  +   1115d ago
I remember being sceptical of Wind Waker leading up to the release and in the end I loved it. One of the more enjoyable Zelda games in years. This is fantastic for those who never had a chance to play it, but I'd love to revisit that whole world with a new adventure. Gimme Wind Waker 2!
Technical World  +   1115d ago
Isn't Phantom Hourglass technically Wind Waker 2? Although what I think is that the new Zelda is going to be related to the Wind Waker world, at least the new 3DS one. I feel like there has to be a reason they chose Wind Waker to remake. Why not Majora's Mask like people are asking or why not make Twilight Princess that looks like the HD Experience?
Anon1974  +   1115d ago
I meant a new console version. I'm not a DS guy so I never played the Phantom Hourglass, plus there's just something about being able to explore those type of world's on a big screen that can't be replicated with a mobile device.

I didn't care for Twilight Princess at all which surprised me. I've loved the Zelda series for years but I don't know if it was just uninspired or if I just didn't like the waggle controls, TP was the first console Zelda game I didn't bother to complete.

A sequel to Majora's Mask would be welcome though.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1115d ago
OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOM FGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG O MFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMGGOMF G OMFG!!!!! I wrote last night that at E3 Nintendo is going to make every Nintendo fan's dreams come true. Guess they started a tiny bit early wow wow wow wow! This is an amazing time to be a Nintendo fan! Geeeeeeez! All the stupid haters listen up I was saying this a year ago and I love saying it right now,"THE WIIU IS GONNA' BE HUGE!".
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Phil32  +   1115d ago
"I don't really understand the excitement for an hd remake. Nintendo fans have been telling us for the last six years that they don't care about graphics."

I didn't know Nintendo fans were a collective hivemind that shared the same thoughts on everything. Oh, they're not, so don't lump the whole with a select vocal minority, please. I notice that is a problem some gamers have.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1115d ago
I love my NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, Wii and WiiU but come on this an extremely visual medium. It's funny I actually thought Wind Waker ran perfect as just a piece of software but back in the old GCN days believe me this was a huge game. There are some incredible moments and the uninitiated should not hesitate to check this baby out! You could probably buy this at Gamestop for under twenty bucks, pop it in your Wii, you'll be all set, for now! Majora's Mask. Please guys, please. Thanks!
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Trenta27  +   1115d ago
My dreams have come true. O.O
crazy_man  +   1115d ago
How can people disagree that YOUR DREAMS came true?

O wait this is N4G. Where people will disagree that the sky is blue.
Son_Lee  +   1115d ago
The sky's not blue, it's purple.
Tiqila  +   1115d ago
How can people agree that HIS DREAMS came true? they will never know...

look, if i disagree with a statement, i'm basically saying that I think different on that topic, in this case that MY DREAMS have NOT come true.

easy as this.
xursz  +   1115d ago
I didn't disagree but i'll be honest an old Zelda does not excite me nearly as much as some of you, let alone is it a dream come true. No offense but it's my opinion. Don't attack me for it.
Septic  +   1115d ago
The sky is blue? News to me. I'm in England.
Venox2008  +   1115d ago
day 1
AsheXII  +   1115d ago
And best of all its a full remake, not a shabby port.
ChickeyCantor  +   1115d ago
Funny thing is that most of the code is probably untouched because the CPU in Wii-U has all the instructions of the Wiis CPU. I hope they added some more tidbits to enhance the experience ( like new areas to explore )
RogueStatus28  +   1115d ago
That Direct was like a E3... Yoshi's Epic Yarn, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, then the big bang... Monolith Project X, showing Square Enix how it's done when it comes to JRPGs. Plus the confirmation that 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Retro Studios, and Smash Bros will be at E3 from Iwata himself?
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1115d ago
I hoped they still saved some games for the actual E3. They'll be overshadowed by the next Xbox and PlayStation otherwise.
Technical World  +   1115d ago
Even if they didn't save any new games, which I'm sure there's SOMETHING at least on the 3DS showing off the new Smash Bros. is enough to make every Nintendo fan go nuts. They know what they're doing. Even if we know what we're going to see it doesn't make seeing it any less awesome. New 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, third party games, 3DS games, actual footage of Wind Waker HD.
majiebeast  +   1115d ago
20$ tops its not like its a new game.

I doubt its gonna have say 10 hours of new game content so its just a facelift which should never be priced at 50$ for 1 game.
#6 (Edited 1115d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
crazy_man  +   1115d ago
We don't know that yet.

But yeah hopefully if its just a graphics uplift with Gamepad support its not $60.
RFornillos4  +   1115d ago
but it's not a simple graphics uplift... Wind Waker is a complete remake. Gamepad support has been added + Miiverse
mamotte  +   1115d ago
Remake =/= HD remaster.
Yodagamer  +   1115d ago
I'd be willing to pay 40$ if they include more dungeons since it was rumored a while ago that they cut dungeons to get it to launch. Files of these dungeons actually can be found on the disc.
dark-hollow  +   1115d ago
Didn't you see the direct? It will have a huge upgrade in graphics and not just a lazy HD remaster.
Yodagamer  +   1115d ago
Wow I never thought we'd get an hd remake, hopefully they cut down the travel though :)
baldulf  +   1115d ago
I don't understand, Nintendo said that the new Zelda is too far away and that here you have an HD remake to have something to play meanwhile and everyone is happy?

Did you bought a new console to play remakes and a re-skin of Kirby Epic Yam?
crazy_man  +   1115d ago
Remaking a game with updated graphics and controls is gonna take a hell lot less time than building a new game from the ground up.
PygmelionHunter  +   1115d ago
Oh, look! Lots of new exciting announcements from Nintendo! And yet, here's a this guy trying to spin all that into something negative...
baldulf  +   1115d ago
Only exciting thing was the new Xenoblade, the rest was same old Nintendo with the same old ideas.
Yodagamer  +   1115d ago
You're acting like they just screwed up at e3 or something. This is great news from nintendo for the year and it's not even past January yet. Plus tbh kirby epic yarn always reminded people of yoshi's island. It's not like they are so radically different that it won't work and make a great game.
ThatEnglishDude  +   1115d ago
Really....THIS is the best they can do? 'Remaster' a game that doesn't even look bad, due to the stylistic visuals.
Mykky  +   1115d ago
Stop being ignorant. Of course this is not the best they can do, the team that has been working on the newest Zelda has nothing to do with WW Remake.

Also a HD version of WW has been craved by the fans and now it is getting a total remake instead, meaning Nintendo is listening to its fans. How can you make that into something negative?
Phil32  +   1115d ago
It's N4G. Everything can be made into something negative, no matter how positive. It's really sad, no?
ThatEnglishDude  +   1115d ago
I apologize if I sounded too brash in my first post. I just think all the time, money and resources being put into this project would be much better spent ya know....making new games. Games that don't revolve around Zelda or Mario. I want to really like Nintendo, I just can't get past the narrow minded nature of their franchises. It can look as pretty as it wants, it's still an old game on new hardware. The Wii U has new tech, make NEW games that utilize and compliment the hardware it's running on. It just seems like such a waste :( I'm sick of seeing such exciting new technology being used for nothing more than making essentially old games look better. I just want the software to be as innovative and ambitious as the hardware it's running on and stretch beyond simply 'looking good'
#9.1.2 (Edited 1115d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
SuperSonic266  +   1115d ago
Looks amazing, if only the wii u wasn't such a rip off
MNGamer-N  +   1115d ago
You wouldn't know if it was a rip off, because you don't have one.
RogueStatus28  +   1115d ago
If X by Monolith isn't considered next generation I don't know what is. Plus it's an MMO, all the people who made Final Fantasy 7, 8, and XenoGears will be making it exclusively for Wii U. Plus it's a new IP which is what people have been crying about concerning Nintendo.
roshi1987  +   1115d ago
It is NOT an MMO. Don't confuse people.
Neonridr  +   1115d ago
well, it may not be an MMO, but it will support online play. It doesn't specifically say with how many yet, we will have to wait for more details.
the worst   1115d ago | Trolling | show
pecorre  +   1115d ago
meh... Nintendo won't convince me to buy a Wii U by releasing games I already own.
thaimasker  +   1115d ago
which is why they are also releasing a new zelda and various other games
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1115d ago
Good to see nintendo bringing games. Might get a wiiU year later though. Must see how it does against ps4.
#13.1.1 (Edited 1115d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
LastXeno  +   1115d ago
You already own Fire Emblem VS Shin Megami Tensei, Yoshi's Epic Yarn, and X?
gumgum99  +   1115d ago
too much ham, nintendo. Tooo much ham...
mamotte  +   1115d ago
If I remember well, everyone wanted a Wind Waker HD Remake when the WiiU was announced.

But that desire dissapear when nintendo announces a Wind Waker HD remake.
LastXeno  +   1115d ago
I think the Monolith game is XenoGears IV. Plus all the old guys who made Final Fantasy 7 and 8, XenoGears, etc are making it.
#16 (Edited 1115d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ayabrea93  +   1115d ago
fantastic announcements, wind waker will look gorgeous in hd
juaburg  +   1115d ago
You can be a Ninty fan or not. But you cant deny this, they def brought their A game today. Ripped ninty fans a new one. Monolith Soft's game looooks INSANE,fuck...
DeadPixel  +   1115d ago
i love my wii u but the flow of games is a joke, mario and mario kart to be playable at e3 5 months away all i heard was him saying it's gonna take a little more time for most of the broadcast!!! is this how we are repaid for our early investment what was the point?? i may as well have waited till xmas 2013 330 quid to play remakes and pay full price for sidescrollers...EPIC :(
RFornillos4  +   1115d ago
it's not like you won't have a game to play in the next few months before E3. there's still Lego City, Injustice Gods Among Us, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, The Wonderful 101, Resident Evil Revelations, etc.

Come fall there's the Wind Waker Remake, and chances are in the next few months we'll be hearing more, seeing there's still some more 3rd parties who have yet to announce their projects.

but i respect your opinion.
DeadPixel  +   1115d ago
Just been left wondering what was the point in buying it early, when all the games i bought the console for are what feels like years away
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1115d ago

That's the curse of the early adopter. That's happened to me with every system I bought at launch. Remember the 360? I just played Geometry Wars for weeks.
MNGamer-N  +   1115d ago
Iwata has calmly asked for your patience in the Nintendo Direct, and explained why. Game development processes are taking longer as the games get bigger and they are extremely focused on bringing the highest quality experiences possible with their games.
linkratos  +   1115d ago
I understand your frustration, but it's rarely worth it to buy a console early unless there's just that one game you have to have (Mario 64, Halo CE, etc.).
Pozzle  +   1115d ago
Wow. Just the other day I was looking for Wind Waker on ebay because I lost my copy of the game. Now I think I'll just wait for the Wii U release.
a_bro  +   1115d ago
brb, going to buy a wii u
Neonridr  +   1115d ago
Seems like a lot of people here don't understand what an HD master is versus an actual remake.

It's not like an HD collection on 360 or PS3 where all they have done is increased the resolution and cleaned up some textures. If you watch the video you see that it's a whole new art style, which means EVERY asset had to be remade from scratch. What you think they just took the graphics, upped the resolution and clicked on some magic button that said Windwaker / Skyward Sword Art Filter and presto - this came about?

This is not a lazy port, this game will look completely redesigned. I, for one, am super excited about this game, as I loved playing it on the Gamecube and it was one of the under-appreciated Zelda titles due to its original cell-shaded art style upsetting some.
Phil32  +   1115d ago
Well said. I gave you a bubble. I wonder if the Triforce Quest will be removed or updated, or the dungeons that were axed because of time constraints from the original Wind Waker will be included this time around.
contradictory  +   1115d ago
wow, that's awesome!
hmmm... i think i might have to get a Wii U before
i get PS4 or X720...
can't say for sure...yet.
Summons75  +   1115d ago
Wow. Can someone link the full video of the Nintendo direct, I've seen the new yoshi trailer, X trailer (monolith), bayonetta, now this??? I wanna watch the full thing for myself now. Nintendo easily shot down all the wiiU haters. I took a gamble on the wii u because it sounds promising with the 3 games I have so far these four plus w101 and Pikmin 3 and Zelda in the future my purchase was well worth it. Now it's time for a very impatient wait for the releases of these, I would guess WWhd woul be the earliest since hd collections get pushed out fast..... Who knows
pepsilover_2007  +   1115d ago
You asked and so you shall receive
abzdine  +   1115d ago
disappointing! Wind Waker is by far the worst Zelda in the series. I finished all of them and apart from the amazing graphics, Wind Waker is a boring game with extremely short and few castles.
Lots of you will disagree but at least say why cause that sail around the world map to find 8 triforce pieces was a pain in the ass for example.
dafegamer  +   1115d ago
nah the best zelda game for me(even better than ocarina of time)
abzdine  +   1115d ago
Zelda is famous for its castles and freedom. WW there are 5 castles and each one can be finish under an hour i think it's a shame.

Sailing is boring when you wanna reach a far island it takes forever and i disliked the passivity during sailing phases and turning the wind direction all the time.

But it's by far the most beautiful Zelda game and the artistic designis amazing.

This is my opinion on it but people dislike and they dont say why.
#25.1.1 (Edited 1115d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
dafegamer  +   1115d ago
@abzdine I know its more like an opinion, but for me Wind Waker improved on many aspects: It introduced new combat abilities, it had better character development(especially for Tetra/Zelda), more items, was more tactical and required more strategy for puzzles and battles,boss battles were varied and creative, and was just plain fun to play. OOT is a masterpiece, but people should get past their nostalgia and realize, that the Zelda series has improved a lot since then(I've not played skyward sword yet)
#25.1.2 (Edited 1115d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
khowat  +   1115d ago
If you look at the screenshots, the textures and polygons all look the same but the lighting is phenomenal! Could this mean that getting remakes that look this good might be commonplace on the wii u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CaptainCamper  +   1115d ago
Seriously...look at this article:

"Two new Zelda games are in the works for Wii U. In addition to a brand new title, Nintendo is remaking The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on Wii U. According to Satoru Iwata, this is planned for release by the fall.

You’ll be able to play the game on the GamePad or on the TV. Miiverse support is planned.

For the new Zelda, Nintendo will be rethinking the conventions of the series."

That's it. One sentence different from
KillerPwned  +   1115d ago
Wow I was just talking about how awesome it be to have a HD remake of The Wind Waker! I am so fricken happy that I got a Wii U great console and with the release of this it just got better!
Froakie  +   1115d ago
Sony released HD Collections: Boo!
MS released them:Boo!
Nintendo releases them:OMG HD COLLECTIONS! HELL YEAH! Friggin fanboys...
Neonridr  +   1115d ago
it's because it's not an HD collection, it's being remade. When Sony does an HD collection they take the same game and up the resolution to like 720p. Everything remains the same. As I said previously, all the assets for this Zelda game are redesigned because it's not simply an increase in resolution. There is an entirely new artistic style and graphical touch being applied here as the game looks to have a hybrid Windwaker / Skyward Sword look to it. And that is not something you just click a button to convert. A lot more work and polish will be going into this remake over an HD collection that you are accustomed to.
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Ck1x  +   1115d ago
Actually you can't say that's true! Sony released the God of War collection for PS3 and it wasn't like they went and did what Nintendo is doing with this game. I should know because I bought that collection before I played GoW3 and Nintendo even shows you the difference between this and the GC version of WW.
RuperttheBear  +   1115d ago
'Sony released HD Collections: Boo!
MS released them:Boo! '

A small minority may have, but they don't speak for everyone.
younghavok  +   1115d ago
this doesnt look like some quick up res cash in like what sony and MS usualy get. This looks like a complete remastering of the original game. Its more akin to a remake, something more in line with what nintendo did with fatal frame 2.
DonFreezer  +   1114d ago
At first those boos only occure at Microsoft's hd collections since this site is full pro-sony fanatics.Secondly look at the effin video and realise that this game is a REMAKE not a REMASTER.
Nevers0ft  +   1115d ago
Wow... Just, wow... Nintendo really came out swinging for the fences this Nintendo Direct didn't they? I guess they took on-board the criticism from certain members of the press that the current release schedule looked a bit anaemic (caused by NDAs, not lack of games in development) and thought "Time to shut up the naysayers"

Bravo Nintendo, bravo.
Clarence  +   1115d ago
Not really a wow. I want a new Zelda not a HD remake. IMO Nintendo line up is weak. Now there trying pass HD remake as new. I beat Wind Waker twice. I'm not going down the same road again.

Great game, but bring on the new Zelda.
This shows the lack games they have right now.
I would rather the monolith soft game release before this.
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Nevers0ft  +   1115d ago
I was meaning "wow" in the context of the entire Nintendo Direct (although I'm kinda wowing at all the individual bits as well) but I can appreciate you not being too thrilled about Wind Waker Reborn if you've played the GCN copy through twice.

Luckily I haven't: I borrowed Wind Waker for the Wii but unfortunately I had to give it back before I was even 30% (at a guess) of the way through...

... So I have some unfinished business with it :)
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