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Submitted by lifesanrpg 1110d ago | opinion piece

PSA for the Wii U haters: look at those games we're getting

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "There's nothing that annoys me more than having to try to defend the Wii U to people. It's like I'm surrounded by gamers that feel the console is a waste and that its early sales numbers are indicative of a failed console for Nintendo. I can't wait to laugh in their faces as 2013 progresses. I keep saying the same thing over and over: just wait until the big first-party games come out... just wait. Well, it looks like that waiting will be over at E3, as Nintendo announced today a ton of previously unannounced titles that will be shown off at the summer's premiere gaming expo." (Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros. 4, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Wii U)

iamnsuperman  +   1110d ago
"There's nothing that annoys me more than having to try to defend the Wii U to people"

and you are helping yourself by having a title like "PSA for the Wii U haters: look at those games we're getting"? It's just asking for trouble.

Just be a bigger person might be a better response and having "Resident Evil 6 has good graphics, but the game sucked. Just throwing that out there" is really not going to help. Actually it is quite ironic what you are doing there

Also a small point but"I can play my Wii U on the toilet or on a train without a TV" isn't a big sell for me or a lot of people as I/ a lot of people tend not to spend hours on the toilet. Minutes at most. A better argument would be I can play anywhere in the house without moving the Wii U. The train idea is a bit misleading as you need the train to have power (not all do. In fact in the UK only certain mainline trains have a couple per carriage) and you have to take the Wii U console with you
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fr0sty  +   1110d ago
This article is pathetic. Quit trying to justify the purchase of your toy and just play the damn thing.
AsimLeonheart  +   1110d ago
Nintendo fans are so happy about a bunch of HD remakes and rehashes. Only the new game by Monolithsoft was interesting. Enjoy the milking.
tehpees3  +   1110d ago
Please lets not go there again. If I list HD remakes on PS3 versus HD remakes confirmed for Wii U who would have more?
Root  +   1110d ago

Well thats a pretty stupid comparison

The PS3 has been out longer while the Wii U is a next gen console of course the PS3 is going to have more. It's had a 6 year head start, the Wii U has been out for 3-4 months

Anyway the thing with the PS3 it does HD remakes but at the same time it has third party support and it's exclusives.
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Theyellowflash30  +   1110d ago
Just like Millions of PS3 and 360 fans are happy with Madden and COD every year. Nintendo fans like Nintendo games. They are well crafted and don't follow the 'dude has a gun' most modern games are like.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1110d ago
Nintendo fanboys will take anything HD since they never experienced it for the longest time! LOL!
Excited for HD remakes hahaha! Sony gave us a choice as to weather or not we want to buy them cause we have lots of other game options to choose from(multiplat, exclusives). Nintendo however, you gotta buy these Hd remakes or you don't have much to play.
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Elem187  +   1110d ago
@Army_of_Darkness Actually I am a Nintendo fanboi and have been enjoying HD graphics LONG before the PS3 or 360 came out, being I also have a powerhouse PC gaming rig.

I do find it funny to watch Sony and Microsoft fanbois snipe at a Nintendo console about its "graphics" when that's not even the selling point of a Nintendo system, while Sony and Microsofts' only sales pitch is its graphics and it does a pretty poor job of it.... All consoles look inferior to PC games, and always will... The difference is Nintendo innovates how we interact with games and gameplay mechanics, and thats their selling point and they do it better than any gaming system, PC included. While the only selling point for the PS3/360 is its graphics and they look horribly dated (they look dated since launch).

But I'm going to crack up into a fit of giggles when Sony and Microsoft fanbois realize those two new consoles this year will only have a Radeon 7000 series GPU in it.... enjoy that 20% speed increase over the Wii U's Radeon 6000 series GPU.... Sony/M$ fanbois will be in for a rude shock when games are only going to look somewhat better than ps3 games, and only marginally better than Wii U games. This next gen isn't going to be a massive leap like the PS2 to PS3 was.
3-4-5  +   1110d ago
Not justifying......

* Facts trump BS....

He is simply laying out facts to go against what trolls like you think.
Mounce  +   1110d ago
So, in a nutshell...

It's a Fanboy article made to provoke Other fanboys whilst the Nintendo fanboys stroke their ego instead of playing the supposed games they Will be getting?
Army_of_Darkness  +   1110d ago
@elem... You name graphics cards, while I name games;-)
It always makes me smile when someone brings in their "powerful" pc into the console business to rescue them so they can feel better about themselves lol! cute.
You got to enjoy HD graphics on a 24" screen with your little mouse n keyboard a few years before the ps3/x360 came out, wooo whooo! Good for you buddy! ;-) Hi5! to that.

I don't care about gaming on pc since I have always been a console gamer and that won't change anytime soon, so I'm still following the graphical leap treads of CONSOLESSS. not pc....

But even though your bashing the ps3/360 for their outdated HD games when compared to your amazing wonderful pc, I find it really funny that your defending nintendo coming into the HD market even waaaaay later than sony and MS...huh...
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miyamoto  +   1110d ago
As a core gamer I am waiting for Nintendo to fulfill their promise.

No next generation Zelda HD no buy for me.

The Zelda HD they showed at E3 if it ever comes out, will test the Wii U's overall gaming prowess. That is what we are waiting for.
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_QQ_  +   1109d ago
@Army_of_Darkness you know you can use a tv with a pc right?and you can use xbox and ps3 controllers on a pc. plus all third party games are better on pc,even on a cheap $500 pc. buying consoles for multiplats is pointless. and ps3 and wii both had around the same amount of exclusives while the xbox has nothing but halo and gears, rehashed and milked for the same console at least 4 times each.( and no alan wake is not an xbox exclusive as it has a better pc counterpart)
fr0sty  +   1109d ago
These comments to my post only make my original post that much funnier.
dboyc310  +   1110d ago
We knew most games were coming to the wii u but the real question is WHEN? honestly I might get the wii u for smash bro u but just need to see what it's going to offer. But for now it's all about the next Sony and Microsoft consoles. Nintendo fans will get wii u but the casual isn't into console gaming as they were this Gen with the wii. It has slowly died down and moved on to phones and tablets.
Elem187  +   1110d ago
If casual gamers don't buy consoles, the console market will die.... they make up 90% of the market, the console market will not survive on hardcore gamers alone, as most hardcore gamers view all console systems as toys and have fast computers.... only gamers who can't do a propper cost analysis still buy Sony/Microsoft systems.

The rest of us who don't like throwing money out the window on dated, inferior graphics, and that enjoy the very best eye candy, the highest frame rates have moved on to PC gaming MANY years ago..... Nintendo remains relevant because they learned from the gamecube mistake that the fastest machine doesn't win the sales, its the innovation in gameplay, and its that one thing that they do better than any other system.
zebramocha  +   1110d ago
If you spend more than 30 minutes on the toilet, you run the risk of developing blood clots.

@zero the reason I'm a fan of Sony is,they just don't rely on established franchises,that's why I personally think people articles like these are stupid because nintendo is doing more of the same,if graphics wasn't their main focus for the wiiu,you would think games & ones that used the tablet would the main focus,I'm talking about first party games.

@Rupert your sarcastic remark is not funny or clever.
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RuperttheBear  +   1110d ago
Thanks for the medical advice, I shall now refrain from spending more than 30 minutes on the toilet.

Your services will be remembered Dr zebramocha, they may have even saved a life or two.

God bless you.
zerocrossing  +   1110d ago
I agree with you and I also like Sony for that, but Nintendo have proven that they can take their old franchises and rework them and make great game experiences for the current gen.

Im not saying people have to like Nintendo but when you bash and insult them you're doing the same thing to the fans that looking forward to those so called "rehashed" games you so despise.
RuperttheBear  +   1110d ago

I wasn't being sarcastic, I was just joking actually :/

I'll have to add you to my list of N4G members who don't have a sense of humour.
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Elem187  +   1110d ago
Its ok if you don't like mario or zelda. But bashing a company for doing what turns a profit is silly.

Nintendo is a company first and foremost, and they develop products that people want and buy, and in the process turn a profit.

Nintendo isn't a multibillion dollar conglomerate so they can't afford to put a system that doesn't make a profit. They can't pull a Sony and put out flop after flop and stay in the red on the most recent console.

To this date, PS3 still hasn't made Sony a single solitary dime. The "Eye" flopped, the "Move" flopped and the Vita flopped. I think Sony set some of kind of record for the most flops in a 10 year period.

The president of Sony video gaming division might find hemorrhaging money fun, but Nintendo can't take that route.
thebudgetgamer  +   1110d ago
Got to stop playing paper toss while I do my business.
LOL_WUT  +   1110d ago
Reading part of this article reminds me of something KingofwiiU would write in one of his rants. It's sad indeed.
Kingofwiiu  +   1110d ago
Indeed I would write an article like this .

Because what is really really really sad is the TONS and TONS of grown ass men Sony fanboys who hate everything else and try to put the Wiiu down.

They say statements as if their horrible opinion is fact. Windwaker Reborn , 3D mario , Mario Kart Wiiu , Smash bros being late in their development cycle and Almost ready for Unveiling is dissapointing ? It's bigger and better than anything Sony could ever muster.

I just get angry with the pathetic grown men who are clueless about this industry and will be eating their words when The Wiiu smashes the lifetime sales of the PS4.

Which you all expect to be Cheap , Powerfull , Amazing must buy games from day 1 , etc.

Playstation all stars battle royale. Nuff said.

Great article btw. It needs to be said . The Sony Fanboys of this site are like 14 year old kids who think they're mature lol.
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bothebo  +   1110d ago

"I just get angry with the pathetic grown men who are clueless about this industry and will be eating their words when The Wiiu smashes the lifetime sales of the PS4."

So you're justifying the Wii U and your satisfaction based on the number of consoles it is going to sell(typical ninny fan boy thing to do)? Do I need to remind you that sales are not that good and almost as bad as the Vita?

"They say statements as if their horrible opinion is fact. Windwaker Reborn , 3D mario , Mario Kart Wiiu , Smash bros being late in their development cycle and Almost ready for Unveiling is dissapointing ? It's bigger and better than anything Sony could ever muster."

It's funny because you just fit your own stereotype for a Sony fan boy. You'll regret your statement come E3 when new hardware over shadows you're "late in development games" which you will have to wait over a year to play.
RandomEclipse  +   1110d ago

you compare wii-U sales to the vita?? Lol, why not compare vita sales to its direct competition, the 3DS? Oh yea thats because 3DS have been spanking vita sales ever since the vita was released
kayoss  +   1110d ago
Kingofwii kept saying that Sony fan boys are grown men who act like 14 years old and yet he bitching and pouting like a 12 year old girl. Need i remind you that most Nintendo Wii owner are actually kids ages 8-15. Their parents bought the wii for them to shut them up so the parents can keep the house clean or finish their work? Why do you think when the Wii U was released the sale numbers did not translate from the amount of Wii sales? With over 100 million wii sold you would think that at least 50% will buy the Wii U. Thats because most Wii owner are not hardcore gamers and are happy with the Wii and dont think they need the Wii U.
Im saying this as a Wii U owner...and so far theres not a lot of games that interest me for the Wii U. Only game I've played so far on the Wii U is ZombieU.
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bothebo  +   1110d ago

Once again you show the stupidity of Nintendo fan boys! What did I say?

Here i'll provide it for you so you can't screw it up: "So you're justifying the Wii U and your satisfaction based on the number of consoles it is going to sell(typical ninny fan boy thing to do)?"

Ya know what? I'll stoop to your level. Why don't we compare hardware sales and software sales among the Wii U's competitors. The Wii U barely has a hardware to software ratio of 1 if you discount Nintendo land which comes with the deluxe game. You mind telling me where the PS3's stands? Let me drop you a hint: it's greater than 8 and less than 10. Since you Nintendo fan boys are sooooo good at math I think you can figure it out. How about weekly hardware sales among the Wii U and the PS3? Can you do the math there for me?

I also love how you insist on comparing the Wii U to the Vita even though I was using it as a reference as a device that isn't selling well. And once again, you justify the 3DS with sales, even though the PS VITA could emulate the 3DS and has a much better line up of games in the near future. Your only notable games coming up are Fire Emblem and Pokemon which releases in October. Would you mind looking at the Vita's line up?

Looking forward to your response!
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1110d ago
I am glad wiiU is getting awsome games! Ps3 is getting awsome games before next gen! wiiU vs ps3? lol ps4 maybe this year. I don't need a new console for new great games yet.
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kayoss  +   1110d ago
Why is everyone so suprised that game ports for the Wii U have better graphics. The Wii U came out about 3 months ago. The PS3 and Xbox 360 came out 6-7 years ago. If you going to port a game thats been out for 2-3 years have to give consumers a reason to go out and buy the port. So you must make improvements on the port. If the port for the Wii U is crappier then its counterpart then whats the point. Of course Resident Evil 6 graphic is slighter better because its ported and optimized for a slightly more powerful machine.
Let see you write another article like this when the PS4 and xbox720 comes out.. what excuse you'll going to use to defend the Wii U?
The majority of gamers who do support their console either it be the PS3 or Xbox are into more mature type of games. A lot of us have moved on from the games like Mario, pokemon, and nintendog.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1110d ago
I agree. This is silly. I doubt people who dislike Nintendo games are impressed by the Nintendo games the Wii U is getting.

It's like going up to someone who hates chocolate, eating some fudge, and saying, "bet you wish you had some of this chocolate, chocolate hater."
brbobcat  +   1110d ago
Still don't see how these games will attract anyone that isn't already a Nintendo fan.
zerocrossing  +   1110d ago
Nintendo's 1st party games are consistently great and many are in the top 10 list of their respective genres.

I'm not a Sony fan, MS fan or Nintendo fan, If a console has great games I'll buy it and play them, anybody holding onto a ridiculous false sense of allegiance is only kidding themselves.
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LOGICWINS  +   1110d ago
Your forgetting that not everyone believes that Nintendo exclusives are "great" games. Some people PURPOSELY limit their gaming experiences because naturally they only want to play games that they know they will enjoy.
RuperttheBear  +   1110d ago
'Some people PURPOSELY limit their gaming experiences'

I personally don't see them as true gamers. Some people on here seem to think that people who love Nintendo games ONLY play Nintendo games. That simply isn't the case. I have a gaming pc, Wii U, ps3, 360, 3ds and Vita and I also still have many retro systems.

People who limit themselves are, tbh, quite narrow-minded, and I don't see them as true gamers.

Someone who really loves gaming will open themselves to other systems, not shut themselves off.
zerocrossing  +   1110d ago

OK, I tell you now I just plain don't like Uncharted, It's not for me and It never will be, but I'll admit it's a great franchise because I allow myself to see where the appeal comes from, now I mite not agree with people as to why it's great but I certainly won't tell anyone it's not.

That's where I differ from a lot of the fanboys here, they can't allow themselves to even see why other people like something and instead go on stating a game they dislike is bad just because they don't see the appeal.
Ezz2013  +   1110d ago
*****---------OK, I tell you now I just plain don't like Uncharted, It's not for me and It never will be, but I'll admit it's a great franchise because I allow myself to see where the appeal comes from, now I mite not agree with people as to why it's great but I certainly won't tell anyone it's not.
That's where I differ from a lot of the fanboys here, they can't allow themselves to even see why other people like something and instead go on stating a game they dislike is bad just because they don't see the appeal. -------*****

as i told you before and i will tell you again
every time you comment i only see a real gamer who don't trash games because he don't like it or own it

you get nothing but respect from me

well said+1
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chadboban  +   1110d ago
The fact that you got disagrees makes me lose faith in the type of gamers we have today.
Neonridr  +   1110d ago
zerocrossing: absolutely, and who in their right minds as a gamer would want to limit their experiences? I mean I could understand if you were in a situation where you could only afford one console, sure maybe then you have to decide which one to get. But in today's age, where it's commonplace to have multiple gaming consoles at home, why would you want to miss out on some of the most epic games in Mario and Zelda? I skipped Sony on the current gen and went for a 360 and a Wii, however I think I may lean towards the PS4 to try out some of the Sony exclusives this time around and then have my Wii U for all the great 1st party games and the Nintendo exclusives..
TheEnigma313  +   1110d ago
Skipping on Sony, you've missed a lot. You should probably go through the back catalog. A lot of the games are at a pretty reasonable price right now.
zerocrossing  +   1110d ago
It just seems kind of stupid to me arguing over which is is better, Sony, MS or Nintendo... Who cares? They all have something special about their 1st party games that's appealing to all different gamers individual tastes, it's so entirely subjective that no one is ever wrong or right.
PopRocks359  +   1110d ago
Correction, you mean you don't see how this will attract fanboys. The general gamer is often attracted to Nintendo's big name exclusives, especially Zelda and even Xenoblade (which sold pretty well, overall). People who outright dislike/hate Nintendo will never find a reason to play their games on any of their consoles.

Thankfully people like that are generally a minority. They can miss out if they wish and that's okay. But everyone else has a few more games to look forward to.
-Falaut-  +   1110d ago
Desperate much?
Ezz2013  +   1110d ago
so this is what the gaming media turn into ...!!!! :(
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Phil32  +   1110d ago
Looked at the headline title and said to myself, "This won't end well."
TheEnigma313  +   1110d ago
How old is this guy? At my age (27), I could care less what someone thinks about my console of choice. In the end I'm the one who's playing it. If you like these games then just enjoy; no reason for the toolery.
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poo342947294792  +   1110d ago
me haz'em cheese burger ?
Perjoss  +   1110d ago
This kind of stuff shouldn't really get approved, I don't care what the actual 'article' is like, the headline alone is trash.
Godmars290  +   1110d ago
*slaps author with mackerel*

Can we please go into the next console cycle without the fanboy crap?

I got the PS3 for the features and because the PS2 delivered with games. And while there have been good games on the PS3, the overall selection has kind of disappointed.
hazardman  +   1110d ago
Wow let's not get to carried away here. Before the Nintendo Direct Wii U was an afterthought to most gamers with only the Nintendobots showing it love. I myself was waiting on games that I want to play and Nintendo did not disappoint, that being said we still have to wait it out for games mentioned to release. As we speak there is no games that justify me spending $350 on a Wii U at the moment and when the Xbox and PS4 make their debuts Nintendo won't be on any gamers mind for quite a while again...this article was garbage, where's the fucking humility?
listenkids  +   1110d ago
Woah, what a shocking revelation! Who would expect a new Zelda, Mario, Smash Bro's & Mario Kart.. which have seen multiple releases on each system since the N64 ( Smash etc ). I'd love to play them, but you HAVE to expect these games, it's nothing new. Minus the RPG, which looked a little dull and gray.
MattyG  +   1110d ago
Yup, that's dull and gray alright.
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listenkids  +   1110d ago
Dusky back drop, woah so vivid.

TechOne  +   1110d ago
Still not buying it, lol.
stragomccloud  +   1110d ago
Your loss. I can't wait until these titles and ps4 come out. Between Nintendo and sony consoles you're guaranteed amazing exclusives.
Ezz2013  +   1110d ago
same here my friend
but don't tell you don't own ps3 ..i will hate you right now just can't miss the games coming out this year
stragomccloud  +   1110d ago
Of course I have a PS3. I can't wait for Beyond Two Souls and Last of Us, among other games. I just got a copy of Ni no Kuni and am enjoying it immensely!
stragomccloud  +   1110d ago
Nice read, but people shouldn't hate on playstation all stars. It's actually pretty cool.
vanethe  +   1110d ago
after buying the wii ,im not buying any other Nintendo console , the internet connection is bad , and i only engoied the wii for the first 1.5 -2 years after that i was desperate for a game that i would like ,

sure wii u will get all of these games , then what ??

gamecube was the last Nintendo console that i enjoyed.
chadboban  +   1110d ago
Then... more games I guess, it's kinda hard to know a system's entire lineup years in advance.

I'll enjoy my PS4 and Wii U when I get them, once you enjoy what you're playing, that's really all that matters.
stragomccloud  +   1110d ago
You must have pretty specific tastes then, because the Wii had a lot of diversity.

I think the biggest problem with the Wii was just that most "gamers" didn't even really bother trying to play a lot of the awesome games available.
#14.2 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
vanethe  +   1110d ago
actually i tried many games

including........ cooking mama XD

after i gave up i went for 360 (died on me) then ps3 which is the best between all 3 for me.
stragomccloud  +   1109d ago
Fair enough. Personally, I've had to own all 3 to get all the games I play.

By the way, my 360 RRODed 3 times. I had it repaired twice, and after the third time, I ended just buying a slim.

Though, because of that experience and the price of live, I'm definitely going to take the wait and see approach for Microsoft's next console. Wait until the thing is actually stable.
Tzuno  +   1110d ago
WiiU still needs to prove.
RogueStatus28  +   1110d ago
^ Zelda Wind Waker is being remade from the ground up. Sony HD collections such as God of War, Ratchet, etc are more lazy upscaled ports.
RogueStatus28  +   1110d ago
E3 2013
X by Monolith
3D Mario by Galaxy team
Smash Bros 4 by Sakurai and Namco
Mario Kart
Retro Studios
Bayonetta 2
Yoshi's Land
Fire Emblem X Shin Megami
and some other surprises, such as a third party exclusive partnership that will shock people much more than Bayonetta 2.

I think this Nintendo E3 pretty much has a better lineup than any before it.
#17 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jakmckratos  +   1110d ago
I hope they have more to wow us..I'd love to see what a Earthbound game looks like and the time has come for Star Fox U or Metroid U.
chadboban  +   1110d ago
Well with it looking more and more like Sony and Microsoft will be revealing their new consoles at e3 and considering Nintendo's conference always takes place after theirs, Nintendo is gonna have to come pretty hard to beat them.

I'm damn excited to see what Retro is working on, we've been getting teased for so long by them, I think this e3 would be perfect for a reveal. I'm actually excited to see what all 3 of them come with. This year's E3 is gonna be amazing.
Nevers0ft  +   1110d ago
I'm a self-confessed Nintendo fanboy and even I want to drag this article outside and shoot it in the face. I prefer to ignore and occasionally ridicule the "haters" (sigh, I even feel grubby commenting on this article) not come down to their level.
Qrphe  +   1110d ago
Wii U haters are as bad as its fanboys who keep on baiting and feeding the haters. I have little sympathy for either side.
#19 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jakmckratos  +   1110d ago
MMm look at all those 2-D side scrollers, mini-games, a HD remake of a Zelda I dont care about and sequels that will look exactly like their predecessors...Why haven't I sold my ps3 yet? Oh yeah cause it's the same crap we saw on the Wii. Omg Mario Kart !*Yawn*.

Come back when there's Star Fox, Metroid, a Mario RPG, Pokemon SNap 2, DOnkey Kong 64 sequel, a 3D Kirby game that doesn't suck and an actual fresh exclusive...not a Yoshi mae of yarn moving in two dimensions.

Downvote me if you must but it's only because you know I speaketh the truth. Wii U has some interesting releases on their hands for sure...Pikmin 3 , Smash Bros. U and potentially a decent 3D Mario game but it's all stuff we've seen before! I want the Wii U to wow me..not make me say "Eh..I could be kinda happy if I got a Wii U"
Lifebanisher  +   1110d ago
let us all stop pretending and accept the truth wii-u will be just like the wii this gen, and ps4 (orbis) and xbox 720 (durango) will lead the console generation when those two come out. so face it nintendo fanboys your system will be outdated after a year.
AdmiralSnake  +   1110d ago
The Wii U is finally getting some games lmao ? PS3 has been doing this for Years....

Nothing is shown to make me wanna go out and Purchase it. I'll wait for E3.

They need to convince people like me on reasons why I should buy their console, The recent titles simply isn't strong enough IMO, but still it's great they're getting games for the ones who own the Wii U.
PopRocks359  +   1110d ago
"The Wii U is finally getting some games lmao ? PS3 has been doing this for Years...."

The PS3 has also been out since 2007, smart guy.

"Nothing is shown to make me wanna go out and Purchase it. I'll wait for E3."

It sounds to me you don't care much for Nintendo franchises to begin with, so why even bother with E3? Honestly, if this last conference didn't convince you, I hardly believe E3 will.
#22.1 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
AdmiralSnake  +   1110d ago
I don't care what I sound like to you, obviously, furthermore again as I stated before, I'll wait for E3, since it's a Gaming convention to which they will hold a conference talking about future games and their plans.

^^ There You go, I answered your question.

Yes it's been doing it for YEARS, which is why Nintendo Need reasons for people like me to wanna buy their system. So why should I fork over money to their system ? Yes, I'm a "smart guy" thank you for noticing /s.

I'll wait till E3, end of my response. Feel free to assume and say w.e you want.
PopRocks359  +   1110d ago
Well for one thing, you'll be doing exactly the same thing once Sony and other developers drop support for the PS3 in favor of the PS4.

Look I get why you're approaching the Wii U the way you are, but I think you just worded yourself poorly. You're complaining about the Wii U not having games you want. Well, they just announced six or seven new games for the thing and almost all of them were huge announcements. If that didn't at least garner your interest then you may as well stop focusing any of your attention on the Wii U whatsoever, because those games right there are what Nintendo fans generally look forward to.
millzy102  +   1110d ago
sorry but techically all consoles are outdated the moment they are made. that is a mater of fact, and if going by recent rumours from devs the current graphics cards in the next ps and Xbox are not that much better than the Wii u although they said it could be changed at a moment's notice but even if this rumour is bullsgit I really doubt there is going to be a gap like last gen.

just out of curiosity how many Wii u owners or potential Wii u owners are going to own multipal systems and/or currently have a ps3 Xbox or pc I'm guessing the majority. its a massive misconception that people who play Nintendo only play Nintendo. I sure don't I don't like to limit myself in what I play if I see a game I must play I will buy that console just for that 1 game.
pedroyamato   1110d ago | Spam
Bumpmapping  +   1110d ago
On a train? Ok buddy lay of the crack pipe have fun playing most boring Zelda ever again lmao.
KongRudi  +   1110d ago
Hopefully they look at Playstation All Stars, and steals some of the cool features like dynamic levels based upon the games, and the way the characthers takes stuff out of their games, and use it in battle.
i.e.the latest DLC-characthers sounds pretty cool, from Starhawk, you get Emmet and put out guns and stuff in the enviroment, and can build more and more stuff depending on how much Rift-energy you collect, i.e. they brought the Build'n battle-system from Starhawk into the PSA, or Kat from Gravity Rush, where you can fly around on the map.
Those things I think seems better integrated in PSA:BR, while Super Smash seems to focus on bringing mainly the characthers into it's game, instead of both the characthers and their abilities.. Hopefully this will be better with more powerfull hardware now. :)
Not that I've played either game much, it's just how it looks to me, based upon video-footage. :P

I think Wii U definately has a potential, but I do think they need more and bigger studios. Making HD-games, takes more resources than it took on the Wii and the 3DS. So they could have tried snatching some of the studios (like Vigil) when they went out of buisness.
That would also bring more new first party IP to the table.
We've seen mario like half a hundred times before, I for one would much rather like to see something new and cool looking on E3, to get me interested.

As a non-owner, it's mainly the possibilities with the second screen I find exciting, but havn't seen many games using it cool yet.
i.e. When I saw it, I imagined it could be used more as a inhteractive information-screen in it's games, rather than something you can play on while taking a dump.
i.e. if you play a space-game, like Egosoft's X franchise (from PC) you could have your cockpit on the TV, while the second screen on the controller were more command console for management of your space-empire, or command features for your computer in that imaginary spaceship, where you could control cargo, and weapon selection, etc. on the fly.
#26 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
wiiulee  +   1110d ago
the truth is the wiiu was always going to get alot of games plus unannounce third party games since third parties seem pretty happy with the wiiu.....haters are just hating just to hate....wiiu is not even 3 months old sure developers wants game that take advantage of the system.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1110d ago
For some reason I was amazed by the Foosball WiiUgamepad Game.

I had forgotten about he Checkers game that they showed game pad on the 2012 E3 Demo.

But FOOSBALL? I never expected anything like that. Great idea Nintendo! The Gamepad could be EPIC for Indies.
pikey  +   1109d ago
I see a lot of people "defending" thier console of choice with a lot of metaphor, hyperbole, stats, sales figures, examples of games, etc.

Heres my thought: I bought a wiiU, im enjoying it, i dont give a shit if johnny fuckstick randompants doesnt like it or the games as it doesnt affect me in the list and i have no need nor compulsion to defend my toys.

Read that sentence again and replace "WiiU with: platstaion 1,2,3,xbox 360, nintendo DS, 3DS, gamecube, wii, supernintendo, nintendo 64, NES, and vita, and any other game console or PC you can think of. Then apply it to yourself, and quit whining about and or :defending" your purchases to the death like little walking penises.

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