Fan treats Zelda: Wind Waker to a makeover, makes it more photorealistic

Fan gives The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker an amazing makeover in a photorealistic style.

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SilentNegotiator2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )


I really don't think it takes away from the original's charm. It gives it an interesting look.

Perjoss2602d ago

the original still looks fantastic i think, and you can play it on a wii, unless they did a remake on the 3ds I dont see the point.

wwm0nkey2603d ago

idk, kind of gets rid of its charm :(

lizard812882602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Yeah, people complained about the look, but i think WW would look great in HD.

wwm0nkey2602d ago

Its true it does look amazing in HD. Textures scale to HD extremely well.

lizard812882602d ago

Holy crap, that looks amazing.

ChronoJoe2602d ago

Cell shaded textures which technically have a resolution of 1 pixel look identical at any resolution. I don't see why people think the hd upscaled windwaker looks so good. It doesn't, the non-cell shaded textures also upscale horribly.

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zero_gamer2602d ago

It does make the game feel almost entirely different from the original. If Nintendo were to make a Zelda remake in this, it could be off-putting to a multitude of WW fans. A lot of skill was presented in these screen caps though.

snipes1012602d ago

In total agreement. Wind Waker is my favorite entry in the Zelda series due mainly in part to it's graphics. Plus I love the high seas theme.

SnipeySnake2602d ago

Same here, i loved wind waker's graphics, music, and most of all, the exploration. Exploring the sea was great especially looking for new islands in every segment of the map.

snipes1012602d ago

I would love to have more games with a similar art style to Wind Waker. It's one of the few video game worlds where I feel like I could just put a tv where my apartment window is and have windwaker on all the time.

ChickeyCantor2602d ago

You mean he ripped the models and added textures to them?


how about no.

TXIDarkAvenger2603d ago

Looks really nice. But I like the style of Twilight Princess. So hopefully they even it out with some games like this style and some games with the Twilight Princess style.

Hozi892602d ago

I think Skyward Sword will be like that. It's got the cel shaded effect going on while link still looks like link from Twilight Princess.

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The story is too old to be commented.