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Wii U Direct Won’t Convince the Masses, Seemed Like a Desperate Reminder to Fans that More is Coming

GenGAME writes: "The timing of these latest announcements seems to serve as an obvious reactionary measure against recent reports regarding the new Xbox and PlayStation successors’ specs and upcoming reveals later this spring. Regardless of the face Nintendo seems to be putting up, it seems clear that they don’t believe Wii U has established the advantageous position they were hoping for against the competition and are desperate to correct its reputation as soon as possible." (Nintendo, Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Wii U, Yoshi WiiU (working title))

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DivineAssault  +   1034d ago
interesting point
legendoflex  +   1034d ago
Nintendo has been VERY deliberate about what they announce at these Nintendo Directs, and when they take place. I'm surprised more people haven't commented on the signs.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1033d ago
When the next box and ps4 is released, we all know the wiiU is gonna be screwed and the only way nintendo can avoid this is by dropping the price of the wiiU drastically so they have a standing chance for next gen.
Irishguy95  +   1033d ago
The Wii's nunchuck and stick Motion controller was a much better marketing object than the WiiU's second screen. It was a great gimmick for the masses.

Nintendo aren't exactly in trouble, a slow start is normal. They aren't selling the Wii's levels because they got lucky with the Wii.

Nintendo have now appealed to the hardcore with nintendo direct. Only astute fanboys would not be impressed by that little conference. As I say, it was only a matter of time before I was set on getting a Wii U, nintendo have my purchase, but they'll get it when these games are released. I'm not buying a system prematurely when it will just sit in my corner, especially with the amount of Ps3 games coming out over the next few months

Edit---they may be screwed sure though. If they cannot appeal to casuals this time they're pretty much ****ed. Unless of course, they start ****ing exclusives or Sony and/or MS next consoles aren't that impressive.
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tehpees3  +   1033d ago
@ ArmyOFDarkness

No. The person interested in Zelda or Mario will buy it anyway. Microsoft and Sony are after a different audience.
G-cis  +   1033d ago
like the 3DS?
joeorc  +   1033d ago
"When the next box and ps4 is released, we all know the wiiU is gonna be screwed and the only way nintendo can avoid this is by dropping the price of the wiiU drastically so they have a standing chance for next gen."

In my Opinion they will be far from screwed, the Hardware that is inside of the WiiU is good enough to run in Parity PC centric development for Game console's just as they would the NEXT PLAYSTATION AND The Next XBOX. Unlike Last Time with the Wii, THE PROBLEM WAS THE disparity in development hardware from BOTH THE XBOX360 AND THE ps3. this time on the other hand Nintendo released a machine that enables xbox360 or PS3 quality dev. assets to be used on the WiiU.


This is called Miyamoto setting gamers up with tempered expectations for advanced fidelity.

"So I don't know that we would be able to sit here and say that it's going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now," he continued. "It's part of the balance that we strike in terms of trying to find entertainment that is new and unique."


even though it may not be as powerful as the Next Xbox or the next playstation it's far capable of handling current generation art assets, along with current physic's and shader model's etc. which makes great use of it's hardware for newer game engines. since the hardware could handle thing's the xbox360 or the PS3 cannot handle. but will not be as well adaptive as the next xbox or playstation would be able to handle. that does not mean the WiiU could not handle newer thing's, its just that it may not be able to handle everything the new playstation or xbox can or as well.
Biggest  +   1033d ago
"Nintendo has been VERY deliberate about what they announce at these Nintendo Directs, and when they take place. I'm surprised more people haven't commented on the signs."

As if we don't have enough rumors floating around...
AsimLeonheart  +   1033d ago
I already said the same thing mentioned in the article in one of my comments. The games mentioned or "announced" do not have a release date or any schedule. The bottom-line still remains that the Wii U lacks compelling software and there isnt any releasing in the NEAR future. Why will anybody buy a console today because games will get release 2 or 3 years LATER?? WHEN those games get released THEN Wii U will have games to buy it for. Right now the event was just a reminder and a consolation to everyone.
Gamer1982  +   1033d ago
People are saying the WiiU will be screwed when new consoles are released but it will survive in some form as there are Nintendo loyalists who will keep picking up consoles like the WiiU for there Mario and Zelda games which can only be found on Nintendo consoles. I don't think it will sell anywhere near PS4/720 numbers but it will sell enough for Nintendo to support it for its life-cycle. I may even pick one up myself as a second console once its dropped in price as I love playing smash brothers with my sons however I refuse to pay the money they want now as I am only interested in 2 games and neither are out yet nor have a release date (smash brothers and mario kart).
Root  +   1034d ago
I found it this way

I just felt like this was the sort of stuff they would of kept for E3 or the run up to it like in May.

For me it was like "Don't worry guys we have stuff coming"

What are they going to announce at E3 now....they'll probably just going to show what they've already announced.

They know that the PS4/Next box reveals at E3 is going to over shadow them even more. I don't think their strategy with the Wii U is working.
chadboban  +   1034d ago
Well we still have no idea what Microsoft and Sony have planned for E3 in terms of the games they'll show off for their new consoles and all we know about Nintendo is that 3D Mario, Mario Kart Wii U and Smash Bros will be at E3. We don't know if they have anything in the works for the 3DS nor do we know what Retro Studios' Wii U game is or any other Wii U games for that matter.

Nintendo knows they need to really step it up this year seeing that Sony and Microsoft will most likely reveal their new consoles. Not only that but if the trend from previous E3s follow Nintendo's conference will be after Sony's and Microsoft's. Meaning that they need to have some big games planned for show or they will indeed be over shadowed by Sony and Microsoft. If Microsoft and Sony plan to spend most of their conferences detailing their new consoles, Nintendo needs to use that to fill their E3 with as many games as possible. E3 can go anywhere, anything can happen and it's near impossible to predict.

New hardware doesn't automatically equal to a winning show(remember Sony's E3 2006, I remember cringing so much during that conference), the games each company shows will determine that and I honestly think they all have a fighting chance to wow us this E3.
TruthbeTold  +   1034d ago
Two words for you Root. Retro Studios.
Y_5150  +   1034d ago
Sony did that before E3, still announced games like Twisted Metal. But yeah it kinda destroys the E3 hype. I rather have it announced now and then see more at E3.
iamnsuperman  +   1033d ago
The problem with the direct I had that not many people are mentioning is they are saying don't worry X is comming. But when? It was either small amounts of gameplay or just the odd screen shot. Also saying Zelda is coming isnt that exciting as we allready knowit is coming (same with a mario game). It was never the level of bayonetta 2 announcement. On that not little was shown for that game. Is that game coming out this year? I dont think so. I say another year

The games mentione that will have gameplay footage at E3 will take up a big part of Nintendos E3 conference. (Talking 10-20 minute per game) . Are people really expecting more big annoucments at E3 considering these games are more likely to have a November release date at a minimum and more likely release after
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zerocrossing  +   1033d ago
I don't understand why people think the last Nintendo direct came across "desperate" they knew they had consumers with some concerns/issues regarding the release of future titles and the Wii U's poorly optimised apps and they addressed them, they announced some very interesting games currently in development that we didn't even know about and that news no doubt shifted a few more Wii U units.

What was desperate? the fact they have good PR? a certain level of transparency in a company (especially video game developers/publishers) is favourable, IMO.
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chadboban  +   1033d ago

10 to 20 minutes per game, dude are you insane? Look back at any E3 press conference for any company, no one has ever spent 20 minutes on a single game although there are a couple of exceptions (I'm still mad at how much time Nintendo spent on Nintendoland last year). Look at Nintendo's E3 2010, all they did was show game after game, not really spending more than 5 minutes on each one. The key for Nintendo to succeed at this E3 is the amount good games they show and their pacing. If they can come out with a show like they did at E3 2010(minus the disastrous Zelda demo),E3 2006 or E3 2004 I think they stand a chance.
Gamer1982  +   1033d ago
Indeed it is about the @we have stuff coming@ so people don't trade in there consoles as my local stores have a lot of pre-owned consoles already..
SuperLupe  +   1033d ago
I just hope no Sony fanboys diss the Wii U because of the "lack" of games.

Back in 2007/2008 they were the ones crying and throwing tantrums on every gameing forum possible when the media was saying the same things about the PS3.

I wonder if it's an anti-Nintendo conspiracy this time. Or is that PS3 exclusive ?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1033d ago
No, the media is biased only against SONY.
I mean someone here said that the VITA was being unfairly targeted by the media and that nobody said anything when the 3DS was struggling. . .and he like 40 agrees and 6 disagrees.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1033d ago
I hope you don't diss the Wii U as well, as you did the PS3 at that point in time.
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OmegaSlayer  +   1033d ago
LOL at this comment
"Gosh, people just need to buy a Wii U! If you're debating whether or not to get it, GET IT NOW! (If you're able) There are PLENTY of great games already out for it, and many more to come. So, don't wait to get one, you should get one soon. If you were pleased with the Wii, then get this, I like it about twice as much."
The guy has really low expectation...
"Gosh, people, I like to eat turds, but then I tried sand and it's just so exquisite and delicate, I love it about twice as much"

About the article...it's what I think...if you owned at least a Nintendo console somewhere in your life and enjoyed it, there's a slight chance you will buy the Wii.
As a non Nintendo fan, I don't see a reason to buy a WiiU with true next gen console behind the corner.
3-4-5  +   1033d ago
lol people actually need other people to convince them?

So they are purposely letting other people decide their life for them ?

wow people are stupid....and so is this gengame.net place
SilentNegotiator  +   1033d ago
Nintendo fanatics don't have to like it (and judging by the disagrees, do not), but it's true; they're a bunch of status quo Nintendo games of the distant future.

If Nintendo doesn't shape up their 3rd party support and offer new experiences themselves (and no, touchscreens do not make "Mario ______" new), they won't live up to their potential.
PopRocks359  +   1034d ago
Oh great. Ten bucks says this is tonight's hottest article.
Root  +   1034d ago
Does it really matter


Mate you make it sound like Nintendo get these articles based on them for nothing, like people are making crap up. Have you seen the amount of articles Sony get on here about them being doomed, about the PSV being a failure or how the PS4 is already dead, then when they get "PS3 outsells the Xbox world wide"...hardly nothing, it's "Who cares"

Seriously this is happening to Nintendo because they are making mistakes. They don't seem to know what they are doing most of the time.

It's not hate, just observation
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PopRocks359  +   1034d ago
When the more positive articles on the exact same subjects get outshined, yes. It irks me quite a bit that everyone gravitates toward only the negative articles without giving any positive views a chance.

If it didn't happen every single damn time, I wouldn't make a point of mentioning it. But the fact of the matter is it does and I think that's crap.
PopRocks359  +   1034d ago
"It's not hate, just observation"

With all due respect, that point is complete garbage, you know that?

People demand Nintendo bring on more big name franchises. They do so and everyone criticizes them.

They show off trailers for not one, but TWO JRPGs, a crossover made by the ever amazing Atlus and the successor to Xenoblade and no one seems to care.

An HD remake of one of the most beloved Zelda games in the franchise; oh well, who cares! Btw, I'm buying the latest PS3 HD collection.

And finally acknowledgement that Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda U and Smash Bros. will be shown very soon.

Not to mention a vast number of updates to improve the OS, expand on Miiverse and a new and improved Virtual Console with a cheap upgrade process that is 100% optional.

Are you seriously telling me it's fair to say that nothing good came out of this conference? I'm not seeing it at all. If the tables were turned and Sony did a conference identical to this, NO ONE would be criticizing it.

You may validate this cynicism but I see it as complete hypocrisy. It's an ignorant viewpoint to criticize Nintendo for doing EXACTLY what people WANTED them to do.
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Root  +   1034d ago
You know I honestly don't why I tried with you....you are just too obsessed in Nintendo articles. You get too worked up over this, seriously you defend Nintendo in every bloody article good or bad.

So again I don't know why I bothered...you'll twist anything anyone will say to you to try and make everyone else the bad guy and you the noble hero defending the ones being "hated" on.


As I said why the hell would I waste my time on you, it's not like you would listen anyway. I'd rather spend my time watching something on Tv or play Minecraft then waste time arguing to someone who will ignore your points anyway because they'll want to remain the one in the right. Seriously I mean take a look at your comment history and see how man times you've came to "Nintendos rescue", you get too worked up over it, for you it's like Nintendo can't do anything wrong. No company is perfect

Seriously people say MS fans are the worst or Sony fans.....no the worst are Nintendo fans.
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PopRocks359  +   1034d ago

Nice ad hominem attack and illogical fallacy, your debating skills are to be admired. You completely ignored every point I made and instead attacked me for making the points and my general stance on Nintendo.

Because, you know, that's how you provide an argument when you have none! Seriously, if you're going to bother replying, at least give me something to work with; not this stupid BS that somehow I'm the problem.

Also lol, stating facts is twisting people's words. I suppose next I'm a liar for stating that the sky is blue.

EDIT: "As I said why the hell would I waste my time on you, it's not like you would listen anyway."

Well for one thing, you actually responded to my comments. Twice. Also you call disagreeing not listening, so that's another problem.

You made no points to begin with. You just said, oh well Nintendo deserves what they're getting; it's not hate it's just objective observation. I made a point against that and you made no attempt to respond to it.

Because my comment history is the problem. /s Right, because I'm not allowed to have a preference to Nintendo and still be able to approach a Nintendo article objectively. I'm sorry you think my positivity is a problem.

I'm not saying Nintendo is perfect. Please identify where in these comments I did. Otherwise, keep making wild accusations and otherwise stupid generalizations. Thank you.

"Seriously people say MS fans are the worst or Sony fans.....no the worst are Nintendo fans."

You're really helping your point by being insulting toward me and anyone who shares my more positive stance on a video game company. I can see how this really helps your case.
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1033d ago
Root, you sir have been served.
G20WLY  +   1033d ago
^Nice addition, thanks for your contribution. In fairness, it must be hard for you to see Root's point with yer head so far up Poprocks' a*se...

Pointless, offtopic debate about how "everyone hates on my Ninty, wah", etc. And then, "No they don't, blah", etc. -_-

So, on topic, I too am worried they've shown their cards too soon in an attempt to get some more sales in before people decide to stop spending and start saving for the next generation consoles.

Saying that, I'd be amazed if Nintendo didn't hold at least one real big announcement back for E3, perhaps something that is further along than the ones they teased at Nintendo Direct and hopefully to launch very soon after E3 - that would be very cool! :)
legendoflex  +   1034d ago
This isn't REALLY a negative article. Just trying to draw a distinction between the kinds of positive attention Wii U Direct got from fans and the kind of positive attention Wii U needs from the general population.

Aside from MAYBE Wii U Party, there aren't really any titles that were shown that answer to Wii games that sold lots of systems. Most of the ones we saw were follow-ups to lukewarm games that sold well, but didn't result in lots of Wii momentum.
TruthbeTold  +   1034d ago
I did check out the article. It's the term desperation, and that type of language that I grow tired of. Also, very tired of the 'It happens to Sony and MS too!' argument. What does that even mean? Everyone has to have their turn taking even the positive things and having a negative spin put on them? And the fanboy loyalists who hate all things Nintendo just eat it up since for whatever silly reasons, they feel threatened by anything good that isn't aligned with their own loyalties... Bleh.

I mostly reported this as lame in order to use what this site allows to voice objection. I'm not at all trying to blackball you though, so I will cancel that objection. I just wish that people will see things for what they are. That this completely optional Nintendo Direct was a gesture to the people who are willing to spend more money, and take risks on new hardware here at the beginning of the console's life.

Sure there are casual games already. But that won't be the major focus just yet. Most casual gamers aren't buying a $300 console until it becomes 'the thing everyone else is doing. And that goes for every company's consoles.
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Kingofwiiu  +   1033d ago
Wii fit U , Nintendo Land , NSMBU , etc etc etc.
Phil32  +   1034d ago
It's funny because articles like this don't convince me the Wii U is in trouble, it is just a reminder that desperate sites will post anything negative (the Wii U is a hot subject to hate on nowadays) to get hits and ad revenue. This is ESPECIALLY true with headlines.
legendoflex  +   1034d ago
Wii U is aiming for near-Wii sales levels, and is weekly charting more at 2007 PS3 levels.

Nintendo doesn't make those sales predictions for no reason; they do it to appeal to their investors. If they don't meet those predictions, investors lose confidence, and that hurts Nintendo.

People think about sales and profitability as something that only pesky analysts should be concerned about, but it's not. Just ask the people at Vigil Games who are about to get laid off - some of them have ALREADY been laid off - because no one seems to believe their newest project will be profitable enough to be worth the investment. It's serious business.

It's not just a hobby for these developers. It's a JOB. For them, making sure they do something that will bring in the expected returns is a condition of their livelihood. Games don't just pop up out of wishes and dreams - they require a capital investment to bring together a team to build them, to have the equipment to make them, to make sure they can be delivered to market. It's expensive work!
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lilbroRx  +   1033d ago
I've never seen Nintendo even suggest that they are aiming for Wii sales levels. In fact I thought they said "specifically" that the Wii U was for people with high disposable income and that they were refocusing their direction with it.

I'm pretty certain that is what they said.

The Wii U was aimed at a completely different audience than the Wii from the start. Nintendo made it clear that they were focusing on core gamers with this system and are shifting focus more towards indie devs(who love the console) and 3rd party devs.
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Knushwood Butt  +   1033d ago
The Wii U did well up until Christmas, but since then it's dropped like a stone.

Both hardware and software sales are very low.
Benjaminkno  +   1034d ago
These articles are desperate.

SuperLupe  +   1033d ago
Well I for one went from being so uninterested in the WiiU that I didn't even know/notice when it launched to being 80% sure of getting one just for the new Monolith Soft game alone. Add to that the rest of what they announced and now the Wii U seems like a legit purchase to me.

They changed my mind in less than an hour ...
MEsoJD  +   1033d ago
It wasn't enough to convince me, but it does give me hope. The new Monolith game was the highlight for sure. Everyone knows they are developing zelda, smash, etc...Which are still far away. The new hd port seems cool, but i hope they do Twilight Princess.
I'm hoping we get a price drop at E3 and a lot of announcements/reboots(like F-Zero & Star Fox).
SOULJER  +   1033d ago
Come on man. JUST WAIT. They have stuff coming. Be calm it will get here. DAMN. Oh by the way give these guys some hits. Wait for isn't as bad as DOOM articles.
CatXFlash  +   1033d ago
A system is only as good as its games... Nintendo put the WiiU out to early without any games sadly. I have one and lie it allot I use Miiverse and what not but the fact that all their first party games are so far off and they decided to put the system out way before that was just a very bad move.

When people buy a gaming console they buy it to play a game they like for it and buy other games for the system since hey why not you have a WiiU and the other games look fun but yeah you always have a main game and for the WiiU allot of people don't have it yet like Zelda or SSB even Fzero or w/e.

Next time wait until your games are done nintendo and while that happens you could have worked on your Online and on that big update that you made everyone download which takes up massive amounts of space from your limited built in memory.

Overall the WiiU is a superb gaming system ..just little to no games FOR NOW. Note Nintendo they are called "Gaming" Systems.. Gaming is for games ...
quantae06  +   1033d ago
That cat avatar is fresh man lol.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1033d ago
But they were just relaying information... how does that get spun negatively?
Old McGroin  +   1033d ago
Man, had to comment on your Secret Of Mana avatar! Such a brilliant game, I can still remember the day I bought it all those years ago. Bubs up just for that!

Oh, and I agree with your point as well. Haters will spin anything negatively no matter how little sense it makes. If there had been no announcements for new Nintendo games then Microsoft and Sony fanboys would be banging on about how there are no games for the Wii U. Now that Nintendo have done what neither MS or Sony could do, announce 6 new exclusives in one go (Sony fanboys are still creaming their pants over the announcement of The Last Of Us, a single exclusive!),they're banging on about how Nintendo are getting desperate. See? When you take a step back and look at all the criticism such brilliant announcements have received you realise that there is no sense to be found in the shrinking brains of these fanboys.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1033d ago
I see you and I are both getting disagrees. Maybe one of those kind people could explain why it's bad that Nintendo announced new games.

I think people are reading way way too much into this Nintendo Direct. Nintendo announced games and explained their plans for Miiverse. Now people are wondering "Why did they tell us this? They must be desperate." But if they didn't tell us this then we wouldn't know. Is it bad for companies to tell us things? I understand the other two-thirds of the big three have been silent for so long that all we're used to doing is dissecting rumors and disagreeing over uninformed opinion pieces. Nintendo coming straight out and laying their plans on the table is shocking. Half of us say "Great" and the other half look at them askance and wonder what they're trying to pull.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1033d ago
This is a joke article right? That Nintendo Direct was better than their E3 last year, it was like a late Christmas, I thought it was awesome. Nintendo is the only company talking directly to their fan base on a regular basis.

The Wii U is a new console and people want to know that a steady stream of content is coming their way. The future looks bright for the Wii U.
Erudito87  +   1033d ago
the most exciting thing mentioned was the two updates one to make games launch quicker and the other to return to the wii u menu quicker one in spring the other in summer seperate updates REALLY??!! nintendo? you guys need better software people!!!!!
Old McGroin  +   1033d ago
Nintendo announced these games:

3D Mario
Mario Kart
New Zelda (and a HD remake)
Wii Party
Yoshie Yarn
Fire Emblem
Smash Brothers

Also on the way:

Bayonetta 2
Wonderful 101
Pikimin 3
Lego City
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Wii Fit U

And there's probably a good few more but couldn't be bothered looking them up!
Erudito87  +   1033d ago
i wanted an announcement of a new zelda coming this year
Old McGroin  +   1033d ago
@ Erudito87

Same here :( Not many concrete release dates yet which is very frustrating but for me Monster Hunter is gonna take up most of my gaming time this year anyway!
Knushwood Butt  +   1033d ago
Whenever people feel the need to list up games, you know it can't be good.
Old McGroin  +   1032d ago
@ Knushwood Butt

Only if the list is a bad one, which in this case it isn't.
MeetMyHand  +   1033d ago
What is this talking about!? I saw all the games they were showing off in this video and I'm super excited, I mean fuck we all know shit takes time to make people get so impatient at times. Sure the Wii U launch titles were, in my opinion at least, pretty weak. I enjoyed the new Mario with my cousin and nephew and played hours of the sonic racing and dicked around a bit in Nintendo land but that was it and now am having a sort of dry spell with it but honestly most consoles have either weak launch or a dry spell.

In terms of the games they showed? I am super Excited for most of the things they showed, like the "Xenoblade" continuation, successor whatever it is. IT LOOKED DAMN BEAUTIFUL. Not to mention combat seemed almost like the original Xenoblade Chronicles only with a large bulge in its pants. Also it has mechs? If there has been a thing lacking in this generation its been mechs.

Second: Bayonetta 2. They haven't really shown a lot with this yet, but come on, everyone who played the first wanted more.

Third: The wonderful 101 a game being developed by Platinum Games a company who is famous for stylish action games such as Vanquish, Bayonetta and of course the upcoming Metal Gear Rising. Combine that with a Pikmin esque mechanic, the almost art style of Viewtiful Joe and intriguing combat and get around scenarios you have a pretty damn wonderful game.

Fourth: Lego City. Lego games can be fun, my personal favourites being the first few lego star wars. While others can be pretty damn meh. Honestly don't know what to make of this almost Grand Theft Auto like lego game in which your the good guy, but hey it has potential. Will have to wait to see I guess.

And the last: A Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game. Since they didn't show any game detail, mostly just the title and some character pictures, I have no idea where this is going to go. Two different games I really enjoy but they don't fully have the same game mechanics? I guess is what I'm trying to say. But of them all this one has my brain rattled thinking what those two franchises could possibly meld into one single game. One being more swords and magic with a grid tactics while the other being more taming demons, turn taking battle system. And the only thing that kind of stirs those two in a pot is the Devil Survivor games which of course is another Shin-Megami game.

Any ways, those are just my thoughts on the different games they have showcased. Quick reminder though, Monster Hunter in march with 3ds save sharing. I just hope no one writes the Wii U off because of them not having astounding games from the get go. That seems to be a lot of peoples issue and I understand, I do I do, but everyone needs to remember things. take. time. I mean fuck I've been waiting over 6 years for final fantasy versus (I will not say the 13 no matter what) and while square is really annoying me and everyone else lately, I will always have hope that the game will be released. And it will be the most fun I have had with a FF game. Thank You for anyone who actually read this.

TL;DR: Patients is key, no matter the console.
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chrissx  +   1033d ago
the wiiu might be in trouble cuz once ms and sony announce their consoles that will be all that'l be talked about until its release.nintendo clearly has alotta hardwork to do to remain significant.the wii is still the console to go to for a family looking to hav a good fun gaming experience.
lilbroRx  +   1033d ago
Nintendo has been announcing new games with their Nintendo directs for like a year now, but announcing any games for the Wii U suddenly becomes desperation? Why?

They aren't doing anything any different they've done before.

How is doing the same thing you've always have an act of desperation?
Tapani  +   1033d ago
(Take this with a grain of salt!)

Their strategy is obvious and very well-thought.

They knew Wii U won't sell as much as Wii and they are prepared for N64/Gamecube levels. You just cannot have another hit when the market has changed so drastically towards mobile devices.

3DS is the reason they have nothing to lose. It's their trump card (money maker) that will serve as their inevitable steps of evolution in gaming business: Mobile+Home console = final form of the gaming device. The way you add to that is how you attach the devices on your body/clothes, get VR and 3D or what not, but the device will be one and only and it will control your tv and act as a mobile device. Probably with smartphone capabilities as well.

This is why they are conducting a prototype for their "Final" product that they will keep upgrading when it's released years from now. Meanwhile they will observe how the markets behave to get prepared for the future trends.

Their final product form is of course a combination of 3DS and Wii. A toy-like device with all Nintendo brands will guarantee them a good and profitable slice of the pie. They can upgrade and add peripherals to it. Business plan would be similar to the model Samsung or Apple (they are very different) have.

Sony will be the high-end of this market and Nintendo will be the toy-like device on the market. Microsoft will fall or create a new ecosystem where gaming is a forgotten or added feature, but not a focus. Microsoft goes all-around, and Sony and Nintendo goes niche.

These are all assumptions and based on my individual analysis from reading gaming news and talking to gaming/mobile industry veterans. An educated guess at best :)

What do you guys think?
m2stech  +   1033d ago
WiiU and 3DS will sell by millions as long as there exist Justin Bieber fans in this world.Period.
Kos-Mos  +   1033d ago
As long as people like you exist we will always be polluted by games like cod, gow, gears, halo, killzone, me, gta, skyrim.
In other words, games without depth.
m2stech  +   1033d ago
Go play Mario, don't waste your time here.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1033d ago
How the hell was this approved?

Hey N4G mods, this ridiculous title looks great on the front page. No really it does...
Thepcz  +   1033d ago
in the mind of a troll/ scared sony/microsoft owner
yes, it was desperate
Tei777  +   1033d ago
The masses will arrive when Mario Kart does.

IF you talking about the more casual/core audience (COD/AC fans). I don't think the wii U will ever be their home. Maybe a throwaway pruchase as secondary console if its cheap enough when zelda and like arrive
LOL_WUT  +   1033d ago
I think Nintendo set themselves up pretty good come E3, even though it's franchises that we all saw coming except for one or two.
Blacklash93  +   1033d ago
Regardless, they did announce and update us on a fair deal of promising titles. That's enough for me. More is sure to come at E3.
dracont  +   1033d ago
desperate? for a console that only have nearly 3 months of life? are you retarded or something? clearly Nintendo is trying to gain terrain before the others consoles comes, but desperate? no! They are showing some love to the loyal fans and new comers trough direct series, something that other game companies need to take notes.
quantae06  +   1033d ago
Haterade! Nintendo announce some sick games, but haters are talking because its Nintendo. Wii U has been out for only 3 months, yet you guys want to hate on good games releasing. GTHO!! I'm hyped for X and Fire Emblem. :)
#22 (Edited 1033d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mamotte  +   1033d ago
If Nintendo weren't doing these announces, the people would be angry for'em not announcing anything.

Bad if you do, bad if you doesnt. If it's Nintendo, that's it.
lovegames718  +   1033d ago
desperate times call for desperate measures lol Announcing many rehashes tht wont be out until 2014 didnt make me want to buy a wiiu. Its like thm showing the cool zelda tech demo awhile ago ppl salivating hyped up and thn having nintendo spit in your face going on record saying zelda wiiu will follow in the steps of skyward sword and be a cartoony affair far frm the tech demo ppl thought was representative of what wiiu would give us. Im not easily fooled fu Nintendo stop talking about innovation yet keep games stagnant with no innovation .
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1033d ago
I think the reasons for Nintendo Direct is so that they can speak "Directly to you"

-Why would they want to do this?

-Media Biases- Seriously, no matter how brightly shines the Media filter blocks 50% of the light.

Plus, Nintendo is also trying to build steam for E3 and trying to get the investors on-board.

Iwata, the CEO, is saying, "I know I am a rich guy taking your money but I am personally listening to your concerns. I am working to make you happy with my product."

- What's not to like about that?
danny818  +   1033d ago
People are not considering the fact that even if it doesn't have games it sold very well!!! It moved just abit less than the wii did. And thats considering itsore expensive than the wii. Also i will jump the wiiU bandwagon if the ps4 and Xbox games rise to $70 thats not acceptable at all!!!! Hopefully we do not see that. But the wii u is fine. The Nintendo direct only showed upcoming first party games. Imaging what third parties have up there sleeves.
silkrevolver  +   1033d ago
LOTS of tl;dr going on in this comments section...
wiiulee  +   1033d ago
what masses 13 year old ps3 and xbox owners....wii won last generation and 3ds is destrying the psvita so obviously real gamers are convinced.....wiiu is fantastic system and the one to win next generation...deal with it
Drainage  +   1033d ago
Nintendo doesnt announce anything for 2013: They are doomed, no games, failure, ps4 ftw

Nintendo announces games: desperate, we knew the games were coming, lmao!! Ps4 ftw
younghavok  +   1033d ago
Nintendo is ok and will continue to be ok. Should Nintendo have NOT released the direct? Had they not people would be crying that there was nothing announced. They announce stuff now people are crying that they announced stuff? We know we are getting Wind Waker in August and the VC in spring. Nintendo has plenty of cards close to its chest still, dont let a handful of titles fool you into thinking they have nothing else. Remember the franchises Nintendo owns still. E3 will be great software wise for them. And the coming months are slow but there are titles coming especially in March when we get MH and Lego City Undercover. Theres Rayman and Aliens in Feb so thats looking good already. For the most part they told us the big titles we can look forward to, and im sorry but if you are an rpg fan and your not excited about X... are you sure your an rpg fan? Cause that game looks great.
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