Zelda Wii U Should Use an Advanced Wind Waker Graphical Style

As many may recall a year or two ago, Nathanial Rumphol-Janc was consistently arguing that Zelda U needed to go the direction of the tech demo, or something similar, in order to achieve mass success and a ton of sales. He still thinks that, if that style is used, that would in fact happen. However, as many pointed out back then sales shouldn’t really be his sole barometer in this type of debate. Other factors matter too correct? Personally I like the tech demo style, but every time Nathanial goes back and plays old Zelda games only one of them consistently draws him in with it’s timeless style. Yes folks, hes talking about The Wind Waker.

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DA_SHREDDER1955d ago

I don't know? That E3 tech demo was pretty dope.

LOL_WUT1955d ago

Agreed, but unfortunately Nintendo have said it themselves that they prefer gameplay over graphics. It would be a nice surprise if they did though.

Krew_921955d ago

That's how it should be. Gameplay over graphics that is.

PopRocks3591955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )


What are you talking about? Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker looked beautiful on the Gamecube and Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword were among the best looking games on the Wii.

Nintendo doesn't cut corners on software graphics.


That's a better point, actually. This idiotic sentiment that graphics take priority over gameplay is ludicrous for any gamer. A game can look prettier than a diamond, but it means nothing if there's no gameplay and substance beneath it to carry the experience.

Theyellowflash301955d ago

Unfortunately Nintendo prefers gameplay over graphics?


I want games to be more about gameplay than graphics. Go get a decked out PC and Medal of Honor Warfighter if Graphics are more important than gameplay.

mamotte1955d ago

I'll assume that by "graphics" you're talking about realism. What's so great about that? Reality is boring as hell.

Blastoise1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I'd be happy with an Advanced Wind Waker graphical style. Kind of like Ni No Kuni but showing off the Wii U's next gen power.

Wind Waker's artstyle has made it timeless. It still looks awesome, even in standard definition

[email protected]
I agree, give me cartoony "childish" looking games over some pimped up Crysis 2 on PC anyday.

Journey is another good example

vickers5001954d ago


I think it should be both.

Though they don't need to have good graphics in the traditional sense (high res textures, realistic looking), but games should focus as much on art style as they do on gameplay.

Design your game with a great art style and your game becomes timeless and unforgettable. If it's just some generic high res crap, it's going to be forgotten (unless it raises the graphical bar like Crysis).

It's a good thing most Nintendo games have both good graphics and gameplay.

DwightOwen1954d ago


AESTHETICS is how the game looks. GRAPHICS are the rendering techniques (resolution, depth of field, tessellation, etc.) used to achieve that "look".

The only difference between something like Gears of War (aka "realistic") and Skyward Sword (aka "fantasy") is TEXTURES and LIGHTING. Maybe a smidge of DoF.

That's it.

Personally I prefer pretty aesthetics over cutting-edge graphics, but when I feel the need to be a graphics whore, I can always fire up Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3 on my PC.

mamotte1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


I know. It was a response to a guy saying that, basically, Wind Waker graphics are bad. Wich make me assume he's a "graphics whore". And, that said, I also prefer aesthetics over reality... and said it loud.

We're not getting technical here, you know ;)

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zebramocha1955d ago

That's stupid! their console is capable of having both.

Pixel_Enemy1955d ago

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Not that I think the wii U is super powerful, but if the Zelda U tech demo was supposed to show what the console is capable of.. Then why the hell can't the graphics look like that? And who said that you have to choose between graphics and gameplay? Why can't they make the game look like the tech demo and still have awesome gameplay?

What the F...

EddieNX 1954d ago

The graphics of the wiiu will be AMAZING when they are fully realised.

Sony and MS fans are litteraly using Xbox 360 launch ports as some kind of graphical benchmark for the wiiu. In that case I will use Ridge racer 6 running at 600p as an xbox 360 graphical benchmark , even though I can think of countless better looking Xbox and Gamecube games.

Like Seriously , were people expecting devs to max out a console prior to launch whilst Nintendo was still swapping parts and changing dev kits ? Nope.

And the fact that The wiiu runs AC3 at native 720p and mass effect 3 the same with NO texture pop in like on other consoles , proves that it's at bare minmimum the same power of those consoles.
And then you have the fact that AC3 was not made on wiiu architecture it's made on 360 architecture. If it was built from the ground up for wiiu , god knows how good it could look.

Root1955d ago

It's a shame but they said that they want to go with Skyward Swords graphic style which to me is kind of lame since the E3 one and Twilight Princess's was pretty awesome.

WindWaker's was good aswell mind you

FlyingFoxy1955d ago

lol @ theyellowflash trying to justify that buying a PC is bad, ever heard of Killing Floor? one of the best Co-op online games you can play. And it doesn't have the best graphics (uses modified UnrealEngine 2.5)

Plus others like Left 4 Dead 2, and numerous other games.

Seems as though people hate the PC just cos they think their console is better when it's not, it's not all about graphics.. we also get silky smooth framerates.

ElectricKaibutsu1954d ago

I think theyellowflash just meant that PCs have better graphics than consoles and Warfighter sucks. I've never played it, though, so I don't know.

Oh_Yeah1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I think they should aim for a realistic graphic style and voice acting...Make it look something like skyrim, dragons dogma, or dark souls. That'd be nice.

Quetzll1953d ago

They capture the intended emotion with their mumbles, grunts and exaggerated body language almost perfectly. When you go for realism, if something like the eyes are off or they look at all stiff, it can easily throw the immersion right outta there.

TimeSkipLuffy1954d ago

I agree. Anything else would be dissapointing... XD I guess... unless it really really looks better than the tech demo... but I doubt it.

landog1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

and false advertising...the wii u is NOT capable of achieving anywhere near the graphical level of the hd zelda demo in a large open world game...

i hope i'm proven wrong but i don't think we'll ever see anything on the wii u as impressive as this;

please prove me wrong nintendo!

StraightedgeSES1954d ago

You do know that was running on a Wii U how is that false advertising?

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richierich1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

If it looks anything like Wind Waker then its a deal breaker for me

Ramon3MR1955d ago

I really dug Wind Waker once I gave it a real shot, but did NOT like how Link's face was rendered.

Baka-akaB1955d ago

Not much into that , Wind waker was well animated and i could dig some cartoon/manga based style over the "more realistic tone" , but not the wind waker artstyle

El_Jibarit0_PR1955d ago

It looks like its trying to turn the cell-shaded world into a realistic one. Not interested. Either, realistic all the way, cell-shaded all the way or a completely new style.

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