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Unearthed 1990 Interview Reveals Great Insights About Super Mario World

50d ago - Worth Reading won’t be around next week, due to the holidays, so it’s time to savor this week’s r... | Retro

Gambling, Banjos, And George Lucas: Surprising Facts About Super Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto

78d ago - He's a knight and thinks the Super Mario Bros. movie was too faithful? A few factoids about Mario... | Dev

Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

Today Was Shigeru Miyamoto's 63rd Birthday

82d ago - Shigeru Miyamoto is a developer who could certainly be referred to as the "Walt Disney of Gaming"... | Culture

GoldenEye on N64: Miyamoto wanted to remove the killing

104d ago - If Nintendo had had its way, James Bond would have killed none of his enemies in the hugely succe... | Industry

Gaming Industry Greats, part two: Shigeru Miyamoto, John Carmack and Will Wright

106d ago - Today we are living in the “golden age” of gaming. The world of video games has never enjoyed the... | Industry

Sweeping Internal Changes Show That Nintendo Is Ready To Tackle New Challenges

139d ago - NL: This is clearly a momentous moment in Nintendo's long history, and one which we perhaps won'... | Wii U

Double Take: Why Star Fox ZERO Can’t be Splatoon

139d ago - The chain reaction set off by Shigeru Miyamoto’s announcement of the delay of the Wii U exclusive... | Wii U

Miyamoto totally invented Facebook's "dislike" button

142d ago - Today's Big Story across the internet has been that after years of demand, Facebook have buckled... | Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto by Jennifer deWinter review

142d ago - The good and the bad of the Shigeru Miyamoto book covered in this honest review. | Culture

Nintendo Celebrates Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary with New Miyamoto Interview

146d ago - Chris Mawson writes: "Nintendo has marked the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. with the rele... | Wii U

Here’s What Super Mario Bros.’ Creators Think of Super Mario Maker | TIME

147d ago - Super Mario Bros. creators Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka talk about Super Mario Maker's ori... | Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto Busts Some Myths in New Super Mario Maker Video

149d ago - DS: With Super Mario Maker launching worldwide on September 11, Nintendo has been ramping up mar... | Wii U

Mario History: New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 2009

150d ago - NL: Following the warm reception to New Super Mario Bros. which was released on the DS in 2006,... | Wii

Nintendo’s “Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto” Coming Tomorrow

150d ago - Chris Mawson writes: "As part of its Super Mario Bros. 30th birthday celebrations, Nintendo is to... | GameCube

Video: Miyamoto on how Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level

152d ago - EG: Never meet your heroes, they say (and our own John Bedford has a rum story about bumping int... | Wii U

Super Mario Galaxy 3 possible, but not before Nintendo's next console

153d ago - Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken of the "opportunity" for a new Super Mario Galaxy game as... | Wii U

Pikmin 4 in development and "very close to completion"

153d ago - Pikmin 4 is in development and "very close to completion", Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has exclus... | Wii U

Piecing together Nintendo's NX platform

187d ago - A three-part series which looks at everything we know about Nintendo's NX as a platform so far, a... | Wii U

Retro-Grade: The Legend of Zelda (NES) Review | MONG

192d ago - An associate writer at MONG took a look at the 1986 classic The Legend of Zelda for NES without t... | Retro

The Mother Series Celebrates 26th Anniversary Today

193d ago - Twenty-six years ago, on July 27, 1989, the classic Mother series began its classic journey in Ja... | Wii U

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

The Improvisational Episode About Nothing- The Game Bolt Podcast Ep. 21

195d ago - This week, the team of Grant, Jake, and Jason discuss all the latest happenings in the industry.... | PS4

Who will succeed Satoru Iwata as next Nintendo president?

208d ago - Following the untimely death of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at the age of 55, the gaming worl... | Industry

Shigeru Miyamoto's emotional statement to Satoru Iwata's passing - and the future of Nintendo

208d ago - Shigeru Miyamoto releases an emotional statement over the loss of his colleague and friend, while... | Industry

Miyamoto Stepping Down From Hardware Development is Good News for Nintendo

218d ago - Gamnesia writes: In a recent interview, Nintendo EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto revealed th... | Wii U

Nintendo master designer Miyamoto doesn’t know how Sony, Oculus will sell VR to consumers

219d ago - During a June 26 meeting with investors, Mario creator and Nintendo creative director Shigeru Miy... | Industry
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