Nintendo Talks Wii U Successor, Potential Hybrid Console

GR: Nintendo's latest home console has proven to be far from its most successful gaming device, having
struggled to gain traction right out of the gate thanks to some transition issues between its prior console, Wii, and its new tablet-focused machine, Wii U.

Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't see the company making that mistake again with the inevitable successor to Wii U, as bridging the gap between console hardware generations in a smooth and consumer-friendly manner will prove to be a major focus at Nintendo next time around.

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XiSasukeUchiha1498d ago

So that Hybrid document from months ago we saw called "Fusion" so that's confirmed!

acharlez1498d ago

Haha. Not quite.

I'm sure that was a big 'ol fake.

Kalebninja1498d ago

this is no mere coincidence that he says

"we'll stick with a portable and make it something that could also be a home console system"

sounds very similar to the fusion rumor

ABizzel11498d ago

Well I posted comment about Nintendo building a hybrid console, a few months before the hype even started about it, and once the Wii U sales were getting back on track with the steady decline of Nintendo consoles sales (excluding the Wii).

The Fusion seems the best route to take in order to boost their home console presence. Nintendo handhelds are their bread and butter, and a more powerful handheld at a reasonable cost would be great for them.

At the same time, it means that as a console it's going to be similar to going from the GameCube to the Wii power wise, which is one of the reasons the Wii U isn't where it should be.

If they do it, it needs to be more focused on the handheld side, meaning price ($199 or less) and portability must come first, then specs and features must be determined by those factors. I have a blog coming up regarding it.

Retroman1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

SNES 2 is all nintendo need . let the good old days of gaming begin .
@ abizzel
lets say nintendo ideal caught on console / handheld like fire . my prediction sony will copy with ps5 along with MS X2 part of the business game not to be left out.

Ol_G1498d ago

He's only saying that if that was a thing they were doing or going to do he couldn't discuss it with him because that could damage their planning

3-4-51498d ago

* Console that you can Plug/connect your Handheld too.

It comes with Both.

Basically a 3DS + Wii U, but obviously both updated newer next gen versions.

* Handheld will be BETTER than Wii U Controller, in terms of control + Visuals.

* This allows you to play Handheld + Console games all on the console OR the handheld.

* Basically = to ALL 3DS games being playable on Wii U, & ALL Wii U games being playable on 3DS.

^ This is, IMO, the direction they are heading and it's a really smart move.

* It removes limits

Wedge191498d ago

This would be interesting, but I think they ought to wait and see more of what kind of sales they are going to get with their new games before just diving forward on this.

kalkano1498d ago

All three companies are already working on their next consoles. It'll still be years until we so much as hear about them.

LordDhampire1498d ago

Dear god, they sound like they are making same terrible mistakes all over, to ambitiois

EliteGameKnight1498d ago

I would still rather take ambitious innovation then just upgrading the power. of course, everyone has their own views

kalkano1498d ago

As a fan of JRPGs, I can't think of a better way to close the rift between western and eastern gamers. The Japanese industry is putting everything on handheld, and the west doesn't like that.

Give us the option to play it as a handheld, or connect it to our TV, and:

1) Developers can release their games on one system, that will appeal to both demographics

2) Because of #1, higher sales

3) Because of higher sales, from combined handheld and console customers, more diverse genres may be possible

Everyone's happy.


Concertoine1498d ago

Nintendo has always had trouble providing a consistent stream of software to their console and handheld,

With one hybrid console that's a solution.

The only reason i could see them rejecting this idea is the smaller profit return... one console would have to be really successful to beat the revenue of two.

Testfire1498d ago

If they do this, I think performance would suffer. You can't cram the horsepower of a console in a handheld. They would also face the same issue with 3rd parties if they don't develop a console that's on par with it's competitors.

thehobbyist1498d ago

"You can't cram the horsepower of a console in a handheld"
Nvidia's Shield and the Vita would like to disagree.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1498d ago

They recently built a building that served to combine their handheld and console divisions into one complex.

They said it was so they could all communicate and sync-up architecture and ideas more easily.

-It would be wonderful if they could make a device that has a handheld that becomes a powerful console system(Memory and Computation) when docked in a cradle.

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