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The surprise Star Fox announcement may have been accidentally leaked ahead of the Nintendo Direct today, but we also had hands-on time with the game at an event just before E3. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto gave attendees a chance to try out the upcoming Star Fox and ask questions about the game.

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Baccra171652d ago

Wow, no ones talking about this?

vickers5001652d ago

Probably because Nintendo, for some dumb reason, didn't reveal it in the direct itsef. In fact, if you watched the North American version of the direct (I don't know if this was in other versions, the mk8 direct was different for a few regions), their little Robot Chicken scenes had a joke where someone was asking for obscure niche unpopular games, kind of poking fun at the fact that Nintendo realizes they can't please every little fan, and among those games, when the "fan" asked for starfox, they shot him with a laser and he exploded, as if Nintendo was saying "f*ck you, only you and your three friends want that game, we make games that might actually have a chance of selling", at least that's the way I saw it.

It seems pretty ridiculous that they wouldn't add this to their direct, it's certainly far more important and exciting news than Mii's as playable characters in Smash Bros.

Ck1x1652d ago

You are so ridiculous for even saying that! They were obviously trolling us in the Digital Event...

vickers5001651d ago

Well if they were, it was pretty stupid of them, because I'm betting a lot of people tuned out after the direct was over. I did. I only found out later about it on the internet and thought, why the hell didn't they announce this in the conference?

A brand new game that people were asking for would have certainly been better than the 5-10 minutes (or however long it was) they spent talking about Mii's,which should have been an aftershow announcement.

Remy_S1652d ago

I would actually buy a Wii U for a new Starfox, its been so long since the last game.

randomass1711652d ago

Well hey, here's your excuse! XD

ISNeko1652d ago

All of my money. Finally a new Star Fox. Take my pants too.

Zeppelino1651d ago

Looks interesting, but I don't believe it will only take a year to be launched, at least reflecting on the things that Miyamoto said

herbs1651d ago

It will be a challenge to release the game in AAA state in 1 year especially with Miyamoto's high standards but if they have the core mechanics down which they seem to then maybe. Looks to be a stellar dual screen experience that will actually take Starfoxs gameplay to another level through meaningful use of the Gamepad.
Miyamoto is awesome...