Miyamoto explains Wii U's failure, hoping for a "very big hit" with NX

The Wii U has not been a successful console, and legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto has said that Nintendo is already focusing on making the next console, codenamed NX, a "very big hit".

In an interview with NPR, Miyamoto shared his thoughts on why the Wii U didn't prove a hit, claiming that the rapid evolution of tablet devices nullified the uniqueness of the platform.

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ritsuka6661184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

the NX will fail HARD in my opinion, at least as a home console.

Sony and MS exclusives lineup this holilday is way better then Nintendos. And they even have all the third partys support Nintendo will never get. Im sure many WII U owners will switch to other PS4/XBOX1 consoles if Nintendo really bring NX in 2016 (and it looks like that) and dont bring much more games on WII U in 2016.

herbs1184d ago

Assuming somthing will fail before knowing any details is unwise. Nintendos history is pretty hit and miss its hard to say.

bouzebbal1184d ago

no matter what i hope they put they let go of the Wii name. I dont want something like Wii X or anything with Wii in it.

zeal0us1184d ago

Yeah its too early to say if NX will be a hit or miss. However Nintendo need to reach out to third party developers and ask what they want/need in a console. I guess they also need to get with AMD. It would be better if NX had similar specs to the X1 & PS4 so multiplatform titles can be ported with ease.

MurDocINC1184d ago

NX will be great. There's a good chance it will as powerful as ps4 if not more powerful. That should bring in 3rd party support. And it might launch along with Zelda.
Only question is will current Wii U owners backlash Nintendo for killing Wii U.

Concertoine1184d ago


"New" Wii U Advance X and "New" Wii U Advance X Plus, coming to a store near you.

morganfell1184d ago

The problem isn't the hardware. This is what Nintendo is missing. It is their attitude and their approach. Only one thing will fix their problem and involves the top 3 stepping aside.

The Wii was just luck. The granny/non-gamer crowd really made the sales for it. This won't happen again. If that is what they are waiting on then it is going to be a very long wait indeed.

LOL_WUT1184d ago

I just can't see the NX succeeding with Iwata still in charge. And if it has some sort of gimmick it most likely won't be a powerhouse.

I hope Nintendo does the right thing this time and that is to not appease to the casuals ;)

Army_of_Darkness1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Miyamoto - "After Wii U, we're hoping that next time it will be a very big hit."

Even he admits that the wiiu is a flop LOL!
Just drop the controller gimmicks and go straight for power and performance with higher, better specs than the PS4/xbone and have a few games at launch for the Teen and Mature gamers that will impress visually and gameplay wise and You(Nintendo) will have a much better chance of success than the wiiU.

sonarus1184d ago

I havent owned a Nintendo console since N64. The Wii was super cool at first and i was going to get one after my friend camped out to get one. It was so awesome best game system ever or actually more like for a month. I really just wanna play some really fun mario and donkey kong type games without the motion gimmicks.

reallyNow1184d ago

I'd only be OK if they call it the WiiNES.

subtenko1184d ago

Nintendo just do what Sony is doing but stay with the Nintendo yea what Sony is doing....

Why not? I want Nintendo to be more of a hit like it was in the N64 days. The nintendo folks seem like nice people. look at what Sony is doing with their games. New IPS, exclusives, sequels, remasters, they have a bit of everything with enough content to make MORE people buy PS4 than people buy Wii U.

If they dont change SOMETHING then well.....nothing will change. I sincerely hope Nintendo fans realize this...

hemmo19861184d ago

You mean pretty miss since the n64. If they had of made the n64 disc based they would have had a chance to hold sony off since most third party developers went with sony because disc was cheaper and more beneficial

Oh and yes the wii was a success until everyone realised it was a gimmick. Did more harm to nintendos brand than good. Most people stopped playing their wii;more of a dust gatherer. Or a gamecube with motion controls.

meche3341184d ago

THe right price point, with hardware more powerful than the x1 and ps4 its a buy for me

fr0sty1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I've been calling it for a while now... Nintendo has moved development of their biggest titles to the new platform, which is why so many key Wii U games are MIA. They know Wii U is a sinking ship and they are getting ready for the next battle instead. Smart of them to do in my opinion.

They also have the right idea of timing. If they launch their console mid-generation, it enables them to create one that will be more powerful than the current gen consoles for a year or two, and it will be going strong as soon as next gen starts (strong enough to last another couple years before they launch the next system).

ShinMaster1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

As long as it's backwards compatible with Wii U, I can transfer Virtual Console games AND it doesn't have a forced gimmick... I'll gladly get rid of my Wii U for it.

Ugh, but then again, backwards compatibility with Wii U games means they'd have to keep the freakin GamePad.

1184d ago
badz1491184d ago

Yea...I think they are ready to drop the Wii U any moment now considering how little attention they are paying to it this E3. Many huge titles are not announced despite people expecting them to push it harder. It's pretty clear now that the NX is coming sooner rather than later.

I was not expecting the Wii U to be a huge seller considering the steep fallout of the Wii but didn't expect it to flop this hard either. GC's sales were bad but the Wii U is looking very likely to end up selling only half as much.

Ult iMate1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

It's GameCube all over again.
Powerful and low at cost.
But late to the start of generation for two years, giving competitors time to expand their game libraries.
And also it is the Nintedo auditory that avoids most of the third party games and even the first party games that don't involve Mario or Link (hello, Bayonetta).

Cernunnos1184d ago

I assumed the Wii-U would fail, before knowing many details. Got that one right at least.

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Chronoman21184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

"Sony and MS exclusives lineup this holiday is way better then Nintendos."

What is better than

Zelda 3DS
Yokai Watch
Mario & Luigi
Mario Tennis
Star Fox
Fire Emblem
Mario Maker

and more? Nothing?

For the past 5 years Nintendo has cleaned up during the holidays comparative to Sony and MS exclusives (multiplats are another story).

People thought the DS was going to fail against the PSP, and the 3DS against the Vita. We have all seen what has happened there.

The NX is likely going to launch with a 3D Mario game, so the launch lineup is already looking compelling.

@Kainslayer: I only mentioned a single Zelda game this Holiday. Nintendo brings more games than you think, which is what my list proves, a lot of franchises there. Hell I even forgot to add Animal Crossing to the list.

Guess what, a consoles power has nothing to do with how good the games are.

When it comes to bringing back IP, Nintendo listens more than Sony or MS ever would.

Remember the phantom dust reboot? Shelved
What about Dark Cloud? Sony has no interest
Last Guardian? Should have come out 8 years ago and at E3 they are still not sure if the game is in any shape to come out in 2016.

Nintendo brought back Kid Icarus, Punch Out, Sin and Punishment, Luigis Mansion, ect.

"depends on age and what kind of games you like"

You can say this for anything but for the last 2 years by all major gaming publications, Nintendo has been named publisher of the year.

So many Nintendo trolls around, but this is N4G, I was not expecting anything different.

kainslayer1184d ago

depends on age and what kind of games you like ....zelda ,zelda,zelda.All nintendo needs is mario, metroid, zelda and a new ip every 2 years and guess what they would be first but...enough with anemic powerless consoles step up or leave nintendo...enough of this corporate shenanigans were bored bring the games we love and we need

emilijo7771184d ago

why are you combining 3DS and Wii U exclusives together?

savaroth1184d ago

What I expect to be great games:
Persona 5
Final Fantasy 15
Dragon Quest heroes
Tales of Zestria.
Deus Ex mankind divided
The last Guardian

All and all I expect PS to be the main platform for JRPG and Visual novels. ( even though WiiU does have decent rpg's such as the mentioned Xenoblade and fire emblem )

No, I don't see content winning it for Nintendo this time around.

Loktai1184d ago

Zelda 3DS
Yokai Watch
Mario & Luigi
Mario Tennis
Star Fox
Fire Emblem
Mario Maker

Wow.. this is all they've got going for them?

How about MGS5, tomb raider, Gran Turismo, bloodborne, Halo 5, gears? Its competition has massive titles and these..... they might be entertaining but its not even a contest.

If you want RPGs there are a shitload, how about Fallout4, is that coming to Wii U? IM just sayin

Chronoman21184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

A lot of you are listing games without release dates, grasping at staws here. We were talking about FOR THE REST OF THIS YEAR.

FF XV? No release date
Last Guardian? No release date
Gran Turismo? No game was even announced.

I also listed games that are ONLY being published or developed by Nintendo. Your lists are all over the freakin place.

Come on. I know the truth hurts but, stay on topic. You can disagree with me, but the games speak for themselves.

We went through this last year too, but Nintendo emerged with the highest metacritic for any publisher/developer who published over 5 games during the year. These are just the facts.

The Wii U is an unknown for 2016, but for 2015

Mario Tennis
Mario Maker
Star Fox
Fatal Frame
Animal Crossing

Is compelling for a wide swath of gamers looking for different things.

As far as first party exclusives go, Nintendo wins. Third Party games for the rest of the year? They lose. Simple as that. This is the way it has been the last 2 years, yet they still won publisher of the year honors from IGN, Game Informer, Gamespot, ect.

I would have combined Sony Vita first party exclusives with the PS4 first party exclusives for the rest of this year, but I really could not think of any for either. Sorry.

I will say this, Microsoft has more compelling output for the rest of this year than Sony does.

avengers19781184d ago

And a majority of people say Nintendo's E3 conference sucked. Your list of games may or may not translate into hardware sales. Nintendo has to gain 3rd party support. The Wii U isn't a bad console but they have done a very poor job from the beginning of advertising it.

I hear from die hard Nintendo fans all the time that Nintendo's first party games are the only reason anyone needs to buy a Wii U, well the sales of the Hardware would suggest other wise, I mean both XB1 and PS4 managed to out sell it launching a year later, PS4 has tripled its sales if not more by now, and XB1 has past it by a few million already, and now there's already talk of a replacement, the NX, I honestly don't think that's going to help them move WII U hardware.

NX needs
1) Powerful hardware that's easy for devs to get a lot out of it.
2) A focus on online gaming. With no friends codes or whatever... Trophies/achievements wouldn't hurt either
3) Strong 3rd party support from the beginning. Everyone knows they will have there classic and beloved first party games.
4) No fricking gimmicks!!!
5) proper advertising from the beginning

Nintendo is down but not out... A series of failed consoles though could ultimately make them a developer only, after all that is what happened to sega... And you could very well end up seeing Nintendo games on Playstation and Xbox.

Sm00thNinja1184d ago

Take the goggles off kid..

savaroth1184d ago

"We were talking about FOR THE REST OF THIS YEAR. "

Urr no, you were.
I've bought my PS4 for THIS generation gaming, not for this year. But as for this year I expect Dragon Quest and Zestria to be here in the fall, which is good enough for me.

As for your list: Only fire emblem and Xenoblade are of interest to me.

"I will say this, Microsoft has more compelling output for the rest of this year than Sony does. "

Matters not. I remember E3. Who dominated e3?

There is only one thing that you said that I can relate to:
"Guess what, a consoles power has nothing to do with how good the games are."

Well tot a certain extent because with underpowered hardware you risk alienating 3d party developers , so there is that.

Aside from that it has always been about the games. And for me Sony has more to offer than MS and Nintendo combined.
Might be different for you. I don't really care.

1184d ago
Doodleburger1184d ago

And people say annual franchises need to die. We've had 3 zelda games this year, two being remakes.

Army_of_Darkness1184d ago


That's....Your ... List?? .... LMFAO.

andibandit1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Exclusive wise they might be in good shape, not sure what a tennis game is doing there, but anyways, for each exclusive you listed theres a multiplat title not available, so nintendos exclusives have to be that much better. And I for one just dont believe that will happen.

MehmetAlperTR1184d ago

@Chronoman2 Where is MArio Football, Basketball ?? Lol 1175. Mario and 25418. Zelda... All you have is this ? I sold my wii u and i m very happy to buy PS4 and Xbox One instead of Wii U.. :P

hemmo19861184d ago

Oh yay more mario and zelda. Ive only been playing those ganes since the nintendo entertainmemt system when I was like 5 years old. Oh joy

ShinMaster1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@ Chronoman2

Are you combining 3DS games with Wii U games to inflate that list? lol

Not to mention all the third-party titles that are coming to PS4 and XBO and not Wii U.
In the end, PS4 and XBO gamers are playing more games regardless of whether they're first or third-party.

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gameboy11184d ago

Haha ok mate ? look the WiiU if marketed more would of suceeded but that's down to having confidence in your prodect and i think after that 1st holiday season the sudden drop in sales and it continued Nintendo just gave up,but with wii they were hyping it up for about 2 years before release and built a huge following,if they start advertising it say 9 months before release it will be huge because everyone wants the next big thing,also we know it will be much more powerful because Miyamoto said NX will get the next proper Mario basically implying NX is much more powerful......

hemmo19861184d ago

Yeah like everyones just gonna go "hey Nintendo has a new console lets all jumo aboard". Fact is no one really gives a fook about nintendo anymore. They destroyed their own image.

The only that care are people on this site and harcore gamers. The general public couldnt care less

jcnba281184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

"Sony and MS exclusives lineup this holilday is way better then Nintendos"

Please tell me that was a joke?

Wii U:

- Starfox Zero
- Devil's Third
- Yoshi's Wholly World
- Fatal Frame
- Super Mario Maker


- Halo 5
- Tomb Raider
- Forza 6


- Street Fighter V
- Uncharted trilogy (remaster, multiplayer removed)
- Tearaway (Vita port)

eferreira1184d ago

Why is it only during the holiday exclusives matter but not throughout the year?

Knushwood Butt1184d ago

On the subject of jokes: Starfox Zero.

Angeljuice1184d ago

Not everyone likes kiddy-orientated games. Even those that do don't want a console that has 95% cutesy games on it.

Cutesy graphics games should be no more than 10-25% of a consoles output if you want to sell in huge numbers.

How about some games for grown-ups Nintendo?

Neonridr1184d ago

wait wait.. you forgot Until Dawn for Sony.. that means they win right?


Sm00thNinja1184d ago

What are you smoking

Xbox One :

Gears of War Ultimate
Halo 5
Fable Legends
Tomb Raider
Forza 6


Uncharted Remaster
Street Fighter V
Until Dawn
Tales of Zestria


Wii U:
Star Fox

See I can do that too

Doodleburger1184d ago

You listed a shitty gamecube game, a game about fucking YARN, a generic 3rd person cover shooter, a game builder, and a camera horror game. Your argument is super invalid.

wakeNbake1184d ago

Halo 5 alone blows away Nintendos entire holiday line up.

Movieworld1184d ago

Honestly, and I mean honestly I would rather have Streetfighter 5 and Uncharted than have Starfox, devils third, Yoshi, fatal frame and Mario maker. Also I don't care about exclusives. All I care about is having quality games to buy and play. Looking forward to Batman, FIFA, COD and all the other quality games that are coming to Playstation but not Nintendo.

FarEastOrient1184d ago

So you ignore: Disgaiea 5, Persona 5, Dragon Quest Heroes, Tales of, The Banner Saga, etc.

Darkfist1184d ago


- Street Fighter V
- Uncharted trilogy
- Tearaway
-God of War III Remastered
-Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture
-Dragon Quest Heroes
-One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3
-Until Dawn
-The Tomorrow Children
-Persona 5
-Fat Princess Adventures
-J-Stars Victory VS+

looks like ps4 owners have all the different kind of games they need, add the multiplatform games like batman arkham knight and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that wont come to the wiiu, but i guess you want nintendo name than play games

MehmetAlperTR1184d ago

all you have a childish games from nintendo.. I remember the days they were blocking blood and gore in MK at SNES time.. Damn Nintendo.. I m very happy to have Sony, Microsoft, Sega..

Irishguy951184d ago

Wow, people dissing Star Fox and fatal frame. I thought i'd seen everything on this site. I guess not. I think i've played Star Fox 64 30+ times now during the course of my life. These 'kiddy games' people probably love sonys 'kiddy games'. MS don't even have any.

I mean does Xbone and Ps4 even have any horror games coming out anymore? Fatal frame series is widely known to be up there as one of the best XD

This site. Unreal. Also, remasters don't count. Should never be included in a list of upcoming games.

ShinMaster1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@ jcnba28

Tearaway is not a Vita port. Also you forgot the rest of the games @Darkfist mentioned ^

Not to mention all the third-party games on XBO and PS4 that are NOT coming to Wii U.
In the end, PS4/XBO gamers will have more games to play on their consoles (first or third-party).

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wonderfulmonkeyman1184d ago

Your opinion is based on hatred of Nintendo in general, and there's no evidence as to what kind of home console the NX will be.

hemmo19861184d ago

I for one don't hate nintendo. Their just dumb, irrelevant, offer nothing sony and xbox dont already have besides titles weve all been playing for thirty years that some how are suppose to justify spending another few hundred dollars on a console that offers nothing.

Angeljuice1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Well they haven't nailed what was wrong with the WiiU, so that doesn't bode well for future consoles.

To put the blame on tablets becoming prolific is nonsense and creates concerns about Nintendo's future plans.

He says that they were hoping to sell the system on the uniqueness of the tablet controller, essentially saying that again they were hoping to sell on the back of a gimmick. What is worse is the fact that tablets were already pretty ubiquitous at the point the WiiU first went on sale, so the gimmick they were banking on was already mainstream to begin with.

For Nintendo to succeed with the next console, I think they need to look at the real reason WiiU sold badly.

The platform was massively underpowered! That may not matter to core Nintendo fans who say that the software makes up for it, but to the mainstream (those that are vital to the growth and success of the product), it matters a lot.

The 10th Rider1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

It's not just the power, though. A lot of people wouldn't really care if the Wii U was twice as powerful if it still didn't have multiplatform games. The console's power is just one piece of why it doesn't get those.

Angeljuice1184d ago

More power would have ensured multiplatform support.

jcnba281184d ago

"Not everyone likes kiddy-orientated games."

Yes because Fatal Frame and Devil's third are "cutesy games" they're both just rated M for fun right?

I play all types of games, if it's fun that's all that matters.

I find a lot of M rated games childish but you don't see me complaining.

I'm not insecure with my purchases, unlike you.

GordonKnight1184d ago

The power is only a big deal because of fanboys and the media. Remember the GameCube was more powerful than the PS2. I just hope the NX has a gamepad.

Gh05t1184d ago

I didnt buy a wiiu not because of power, i didn't buy it because i hated the wii controller and motion controlls in games period. Because i didnt want two screens to play my games. And because amiibos... wtf is with the amiibos.

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stuna11184d ago

One things for sure, Nintendo has at this point missed the window for making the NX alot more powerful than the PS4/Xbox1! Nintendo simply does not have the backing or support to do so.

The NX would be coming in as the underdog even if it is more powerful than the other consoles, because as of now we have been in the current generation almost 2 years, the majority of developers have already expended time learning the nuances of the current systems. This in and of itself will put the NX at a disadvantage! The development cycle will remain behind the development cycle of the current systems regardless of how easy to program for, because developers would have to learn the architecture of the system.

Nintendo would also have to convince developers the NX would somehow be different than WII U on all levels which in my opinion would be a daunting task in and of itself, not to mention their entire fanbase.

One things for sure Nintendo has got their work cut out for themselves.

benji1011184d ago

Microsoft probably want to end this generation early. Nintendo are ending it early. Only Sony fan boys are worried becauise thy know Sony cannot compete with Microsoft and Nintendo if both companies view gen 8 as a loss.

stuna11184d ago


For starters for Microsoft to throw in the towel for the 8th generation that would be nothing short of self obliteration in the console market from this point on! They would be in essence the new Sega. It would trickle down into their PC market.

They would lose the confidence of not only investors, but most importantly every major gaming entity/developer on the market simply because of their ultimate goal to integrate their PC and console business into a cohesive unit.

They would lose billions! Forget investors trying to spin off the Xbox division, no one would want to buy it! It would literally become a financial blackhole.

Nintendo on the other hand has it's handheld to add some bit of stability, but it's not like they would be unaffected and it would likely take years to recover.

Apollosupreme1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Just curious, what is your opinion based on? We hardly have ANY information on the thing.

princejb1341184d ago

I used to love Nintendo but the Wii put a bad taste in my mouth.

Cindy-rella1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Id only get a Nintendo NX if its twice the power of a ps4 or more with at least 12 gbs of ram with a video card equal to or better than gtx 970. By the release of the Nintendo NX i think its possible for Nintendo to release the console being as powerful as id like for about 380 quid or 400 dollars. Nintendo should also talk about the specs right away because if they hide them like wii or wii u then its very weak.

I think the Nintendo NX will be like game cube, wii, and wii u where they dont appeal to core gamers and be a failure in gamers eyes. I think itll be history repeating itself with archaic decisions being made by Nintendo having bad third party support, game drought happening a lot, bad online support and all sorts.

Nintendo likes to make a lot of money off the sales of their hardware so i see them selling a weak system again. I dont know how they are selling a wii u for 300 dollars when a Xbox one cost 350 and ps4 400 dollars. Those systems are way more powerful than wii u and can do a lot more.

Concertoine1184d ago

The gamecube very much went after and appealed to the core gamer. It sufffered a kiddy stigma at the time, but the software was far from it. It was the failure of the GC that led Nintendo to the path of more casual software in the first place.

Rogue Squadron, Eternal Darkness, MGS, almost every Resident Evil game, Fire Emblem, Baiten Kaitos, Melee is one of the deepest fighters ever, Metroid Prime...

gamingpro1184d ago

I doubt most Wii U owners will switch to Ps4/Xbone as most Nintendo fans prefer quality games that arnt broken.
Third party or not the titles on Ps4 are mainly movies, there not real games and there easy which is why all the casuals have bought it.

Whereas as Nintendo gamers like a challenge which is why the games are usually more difficult and better quality, more time and effort goes into Nintendo games and you play them for years to come as they usually have the best gameplay.

Ps4 is more like a novelty gimmick, it's the popular thing to have right now. But it's only popular to casuals which is why it's sold so well like the Wii did, but the Wii U is for hard-core gamers hence the low sales. There's a lot more casual gamers than there are hard-core gamers.

Movieworld1184d ago

I'm sorry but that is nonsense. I have owned every Nintendo console since NES, and just got sick of the big games not coming out and finally sold it and bought a PS4. Wii U has no decent realistic driving games, no Streetfighter games no Mortal Kombat. No GTA, its simply inferior. Granted Nintendo make some amazing 1st party games but that is no longer enough. Owning a Wii U was embarrassing.

stuna11184d ago

Wha Wha what!! Your comment sounds like something written for a TwiLight Zone script! Everything you wrote was subjective at best, just the opinionated rantings of a mad man! And I say this with the utmost respect.

GordonKnight1184d ago


I love my Wii U, but I still need my PS4 & X1. All systems have quality games that make the purchase of the console worth it. IMO at least.


The Wii U's second half release schedule is not embarrassing. Especially with Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon already released. Can't believe you jumped out when some of their best games are release.

Every gamer should have all three consoles