Nintendo admits it needs a new video game franchise

Nintendo has been struggling to live up to its own legacy ever since it released the Wii U console last November to middling sales and a chilly critical reception. And while the company has done its best to spur interest in the Wii U with new rounds of "Mario" and "Zelda" games, it has suffered from a persistent lack of third-party content.

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TheLyonKing1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

The only reason nintendo consoles sell well (or average) is cause nintendo preys on nostalgia.

GRanted they make good quality games but the wii u really should have been brought out with new ip's rather than trailers of old gaming icons coming out in 2014

abzdine1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

new IP isn't a bad idea it had to happen at some point but they should still keep delivering high quality titles to old Nintendo fans.
Now all i want is a new Zelda before i invest in a Wii Um Zelda for me case is the only reason i buy a Nintendo console.

ziratul1780d ago

New IP's are good but only if they release sequels of already established IP's.

Braid1780d ago

Nintendo doesn't need "A NEW" video game franchise but new "franchises".

If they're going to invest in a new IP and keep pushing it out in almost a thousand variation for the upcoming 10 years, that's not going to cut it. That may please the existing Nintendo fans but a new game alone sure as hell won't affect my decision towards which console I should get. That's just not enough.

When Sony or Microsoft is concerned, we keep saying "not enuff gamez were shown at E3 to impress us!" but when it comes to Nintendo, nobody complains. Well, I guess people complaining don't buy the console at all and those who don't complain are loyal Nintendo fanboys and they don't even care if they get new games because they're so into Mario or Zelda.

LOL_WUT1780d ago

It does get old after a while now that Nintendo has finally admitted this I wonder if their fans will finally do the same? ;)

lizard812881779d ago


Your are correct. Nintendo has alot of franchise (which is why i'm surprised they said this) but they don't do anything with them. There are a ton of one off franchises Nintendo has, Drill Dozer, Ice Climbers, Sin and Punishment (continuing Saki's story) ect. They could use a number 2.

I think, Nintendo should make a "mature" one. Maybe not all blood and guts, but maybe something like No More Heroes. Something over the top, funny, and violent, but goofy violence.

WickedLester1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

But WHY does it have to be Zelda??? What's wrong with investing in a brand new action RPG franchise and introduce new characters? I just don't get gamers who say "Oh I want a new Zelda I want a new Zelda!" Folks move on! Zelda has been done to death! The franchise is not THAT special to deserve to be milked to this degree!

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RedHawkX1780d ago

nintendo admits it needs a new franchise but its fanboys dont think it does because they give people disagrees on this site anytime soomeone says nintendo needs to make a new ip. and not one of those mini games, wii fit type games or whatever else indie type games. an actual new ip game that gamers actually want to play.

kreate1780d ago


Look at ur disagrees lol

Elem1871779d ago

Looks like you got duped by a headline... The headline says Nintendo admits it needs a new IP but no where in the entire story does Nintendo ever say it needs a new IP, instead the exact quote is from Shiggy stating he is working on a new IP.

This is called sensationalism journalism. They intentionally create a headline that gets attention whether it has anything to do with the article or not because they know there is ALOT of goobers, such as yourself, that only reads headlines and not the actual articles.

Dj7FairyTail1780d ago

new ip drives systems after big games creates install base. This factual. Look at PS3 weak sales with new IP but got stronger when returning IP came with new IP after.

iceman061779d ago

I think that had more to do with the $600 price tag than anything else. I DO agree, however, that new IP do drive systems while established ones retain the fanbase. That is why Nintendo is still in the game. The power of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon (amongst others) keeps fans with them. New IP, however, could bring NEW fans. Oh, and I didn't press disagree...just some clarification from my opinion.

Elem1871779d ago

No, new IP doesn't drive system sales, that is absurd. New IP's sell the worst by far. Established IP's is what sells the most copies... There is very few examples of new IP's selling gangbusters.... Sequels almost always outsell the original.

Producing games your fans want to see most sells systems. Nintnedo's only mistake was releasing a console without its flagship franchises... Having a single Mario game, 2D at that isn't going to build an install base.

Nintendo releases new IP's all the time, but not very many Sony/Microsoft gamers own Nintendo systems so they have no idea, but they race to the Internet to claim they do know what they are talking about.

All those 'Wii' brand games were new franchises whether you liked them or not, steel diver, xenoblade, last story, pandora's tower, pushmo, Crashmo, denpamen, steel diver, disaster day of crisis, dillons rolling western.

_QQ_1780d ago

Nostalgia has little to do with it, Nintendo's AAA games are always the best in their Genre.I believe they need a new IP mostly because i'm interested in what Miyamoto can come up with,but i would rather tham bring back old franchises.

Crazyglues1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Oh poor Nintendo what were you thinking? Didn't you see what happen to PS3... How they got off to a rough start.

You have to have Games... If you don't have key games people want to play, why in the world would you think they are just going to pick up your system.

(Sure hardcore market will pick-up, but they love you, but most people the causal gamer needs to see the games) -People buy a system when they know what they are going to be playing on it..

-and that's just the beginning of the problems..

Not to mention most of Nintendo's market (causal gamers) think the Wii U is an accessory for the Wii... some kind of fancy controller with a screen that they don't need.

oh man, Nintendo you guys are in so much trouble and you don't even know it..

They plan on coming out with key titles around the time when Nex Gen Consoles will drop..

It's like out of the three companies that make systems, only Sony decided to actually ask the consumer, "hey what is it that you guys want" and the PS4 was born.

and the pre-order numbers on PS4 prove that at least one company still gets it...

I have no idea why Nintendo would think it would be a good idea to launch a system without it's key games... That mistake is not only going to come back to bite them, but it's going to bury the systems chances of surviving the nex gen console wars...

The Wii U's numbers have already dipped below the wii's.. that's not a good sign.

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RmanX10001780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

they dont just need new IPs. They need to give more love to the existing IPs that arent Mario and Zelda. And should actually make another F-Zero or Star Fox.

GenericNameHere1780d ago

Metroid got good games with Prime, but Nintendo gave two farts about it on it's 25th Anniversary. Instead, ALL attention went to Legend of Zelda. Mario's 25th Anniversary, and they released a horrible cash-in with the Mario Wii bundle that had the old Mario games, but the controllers displayed were (S)NES controls. So basically Nintendo just put SNES games onto a Wii disc, called it an "Anniversary" Mario game, and expected people to buy it.

They don't care about their billion selling franchises, and they know Mario will sell even if the product is horrible and was a cheap cash-in.

fossilfern1780d ago

I was genuinely upset that Nintendo paid No attention to Metroids 25th because I really think it's one of Nintendo best franchise.

But the WiiU really needs an injection of games from Nintendo or 3rd party exclusives.

camel_toad1780d ago

Super Metroid takes it for me. I've never felt so sad to see something so nasty and frightening die. Broke my heart!

Dj7FairyTail1780d ago

BUILD THE INSTALL BASE with Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros and Donkey Kong the later brings those IP.

vakarian751780d ago

They should make a new F-Zero and Star Fox.

Elem1871779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Yes your right, Nintendo shouldn't release the games that sell 10's of millions of copies, they should only make games that sell in the hundreds of thousands, because that would be smart business... Who needs profits anyways?

You seriously think a company is going to concentrate on niche titles in the beginning of its life cycle? Why make Metroid that will struggle to meet half a million when you can make a DK title that will sell 10 times that much..... Unless you think companies shouldn't worry about making a profit.

I'm convinced gamers have the most shallow grasp of business out of any other group of people in the world.

The average gamer thinks "because I like Metroid, that means everyone does and everyone will buy it, I don't like Mario so that means nobody will buy it, see I'm brilliant, if Nintendo doesn't listen to my expert business advice they deserve to fail!!"

Truth is, Nintendo makes the games that their fans want. Their fans speak with their wallets. If Mario wasn't a profitable franchise they would bother making it anymore.... You may want another fzero, but the last fzero was such a commercial failure, no company in their right mind would make another one just because a vocal minority wants one.... They aren't in business to invest 20 million dollars on a title that will only bring in 5 million dollars in revenue. That's how companies become SEGA cough cough Shenmue.

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fsfsxii1780d ago

They better make new ones. I've only played 4 mario games and i'm already tired of them.

Dj7FairyTail1780d ago

right like Nintendo only has Mario lol go play Sin & Punishment, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Golden Sun, Drill Dozer, 1080 Snow Boarding and others.

fsfsxii1780d ago

I know that NINTENDO has other IPs, but Mario is what they just keep forcing down people's throats.
Plus, having more new IPs doesn't hurt

iceman061779d ago

True...but perception is everything. Nintendo only pushes marketing and advertising (as well as publicity at industry events) on the Mario, Zelda, Pokemon holy trinity. A new customer doesn't want to have to discover that there are other games on a console. Look at the Vita, which I own. You have to take a leap of faith of $250 to discover that there are actually games on the system. Why? Because nobody knows's not advertised and marketed that way.

vakarian751780d ago

You don't have to only get Mario games their not holding a gun to your head saying if you don't buy these Mario games ill kill you.

JackVagina1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I dont think nintendos made a new IP since N64...

edit: forgot pikmin lol

Merrill1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

'Then you're' an idiot, idiot.

Than - A comparison. " rather than, better than"

Your - possession. "Your car, your fault"

Spell/grammar check your insult next time.

TekoIie1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Yeh Nintendo havent made any new IP's since N64...

.... Like Pikmin -_-

We all think Ninty doesnt make any new IP's but if you look hard enough you'll find them. Once again it goes to show we only publicize the games which feature their main characters usually.

starfox791780d ago

The proper question here is Nintendo don't need new franchises compared to Sony/Microsoft,all the franchises they invented are the biggest in the industry still in terms of fans ect the likes of Zelda,Donkeykong,FZero,mario,M ariokart,Metroid,Smash,ect ect,they have so many they could just bring a few bk like Machrider Waverace,jobs a good one because people still remember the names,Sony and Microsoft have none in comparison ie why there always Sony anyway trying to invent new ones like littlebigplanet ect to gain some kind of Legacy like Nintendo,Nintendo have achieved this so not really a big need for new franchises,more a need to bring bk Waverace,Duckhunt,FZreo,ect ect.

Angeljuice1780d ago


From the article:
" The staleness of Nintendo's brands is something that's even become a point of contention for Nintendo itself recently."

So Nintendo don't need new IP's because they have plenty of decades old "stale" IP's to rehash? That may work for you, but they have to appeal to a wider audience than the withering number of die hard Nintendo fans.

I'm going to throw caution to the wind and go out on a limb here; I predict that the new IP in question will be based around some cutesy creature and have cartoon-like graphics. Now there's a bold

TekoIie1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )


Those Franchises have aged incredibly well and I disagree with those saying they should stop releasing them and move onto something new. You offer what your fanbase wants... BUUUUUUT!

When your games rake in such incredible sales:
(Exclude WiiSports obviously)

Your really have no excuse for not taking the occasional risk and making a whole new franchise. Make something that would appeal to current fans but offer's something new (like what Pikmin did).


"I'm going to throw caution to the wind and go out on a limb here; I predict that the new IP in question will be based around some cutesy creature and have cartoon-like graphics. Now there's a bold"

Not sure if your implying thats bad or not... Besides they could create a character who feels similar to Link/Samus in its design :)

Picnic1780d ago

Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Wii Sports, Wii Resort...

But it's a short list unless you count the resurrection of Metroid.

The N64 was where they came up with a lot of ideas, the Gamecube was just where they refined them with smoother graphics.

MajorLazer1780d ago

The fact you even mention Wii Sports and Wii Resort just goes to show how lacking Nintendo are

Dj7FairyTail1780d ago

most recent Nintendo IPs
The Wonderful 101
Dillion Rolling Western
Harmo Knight
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Steel Diver
Sakurai Samurai
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

edgeofsins1779d ago

I think Metroid being so drastically different in gameplay style from its classic days counts, sorta.

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Dunpeal1780d ago

lol Nintendo. I was really pulling for nintendo after the N64, but man they keep making arrogant mistake after arrogant mistake. Refusing to evolve with the industry eh Ninty? how's that working out for you?

starfox791780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Try they have so much properties it's not as easy to develop all these games as well as invent new ones ??

Especially at the quality they aim for....

GenericNameHere1780d ago

That's why they need more teams to help create games.

And about your previous comment... So because Nintendo's games are "Legacy", they don't need to create new IPs? That Mario and Zelda are enough as is? That the only reason Sony and Microsoft create new IPs is because they only want to replicate the "Legacy"? Well, sure, I agree with that somewhat. Every company keeps trying until they have something on their hands that will sell. But you don't stop there. You keep making more games, in hopes that people will like it, and someday, you'll make new games again. You can bring back old franchises, but you also gotta make new ones.

If the Nintendo fanboy mentality is thinking that putting Mario's name in everything is brilliant, and that not creating new IPs is good because Nintendo has "Legacy" games anyways, then I hope I never become a Nintendo fanboy. (Note: Not that this doesn't also apply to Playstation and Xbox fanboys)

Dj7FairyTail1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

They have
R&D Divisions
Nintendo EAD
Nintendo SPD
Nintendo IRD
Nintendo NBD
Nintendo NSD
Nintendo Software Technology
Nintendo Technology Development
Nintendo North Bend
Nintendo European Research & Development
1-UP Studio
HAL Laboratory
Intelligent Systems
Monolith Soft
Nd Cube
Creatures Inc.
Retro Studios

Camelot Software Planning
Game Freak
Genius Sonority
Kuju Entertainment
Monster Games
Namco Bandai Games
Next Level Games
Platinum Games
Red Entertainment
Shin'en Multimedia
Sora Ltd.
Square Enix
Syn Sophia
Tecmo Koei
The Pokémon Company
WayForward Technologies

Namco Bandai Games
Square Enix
Tecmo Koei

Has all worked on Nintendo IPs

RetardedIceCream1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

they are the richest in the gaming industry, so pretty well