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Submitted by Abriael 945d ago | news

Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses What Went Wrong With the Wii U and His Hopes For the future

Shigeru Miyamoto has been working very hard on Pikmin 3 in order to help boost the relatively slow sales on the Wii U, and he has a very clear idea on some of the things that went wrong so far and on how the situation might improve. (Pikmin 3, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii U)

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SavageKuma  +   945d ago
Honestly I am shocked they are doing this badly with the WiiU and I wonder why DLC is not being utilize more for the system? The WiiU has potential, but I feel they are losing their strong spark.
Abriael  +   945d ago
Well, the problem is that they kind of lack games. Focusing on making DLCs when you have too few games is more detrimental than advantageous.
SavageKuma  +   945d ago
In terms of the titles that require dlc like Injustice and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. They should of thought of that. How you going to have a system with big name titles like those and no dlc for the customers? It is kind of sad.
Abriael  +   945d ago
@KumaKreations: eh, to be completely honest I think that's the least of their problems.
Sitdown  +   945d ago
The problem is most people don't know why they need to upgrade to a WiiU, especially at the current price. The WiiU sold because of motion controls, not sure many people care that much about the new tablet controller.
Anon1974  +   945d ago | Well said
I know a couple of families with the Wii, and when I mentioned the Wii-U to both of them out of curiosity, I was met with blank stares. They absolutely had no idea there was a new Wii available.

The Wii had so much buzz. It was being talked about in offices, on talk was a hot, water cooler discussion. Old people were playing, moms were playing. The Wii-U zero buzz which is what made the Wii so popular. If your main audience doesn't know about your product, it's not going to sell. There's also a perception that the Wii-U is simply an expensive add-on. You can understand with all the other attachments available for the Wii why people would think this.

I really don't think Nintendo can do anything about it. They caught lightning in the bottle with the Wii. Right product, right time, right price. It's not looking good for the Wii-U in comparison, and now it has to contend with the Xbox One and PS4, two pieces of superior tech, and one priced only $50 off the Wii-U price.
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zeal0us  +   945d ago
Lack games and that most developers and publishers are too afraid to take a chance with it is part of the problem.
meganick  +   945d ago
Yes, lack of games is the Wii U's biggest problem now, particularly lack of first party games. There are only 3 Nintendo games on Wii U, and 2 of them are launch games. The third is the lackluster Game & Wario. Releasing more great first party games on a regular basis will help Wii U significantly.
wishingW3L  +   945d ago
it's never the lack of games, it's always has to do with price. PS3 had tons of games and it didn't start to sell well until price cut and it's always like that. The price, especially for Nintendo which caters mostly to kids, and parents prefer the buy the cheapest stuff.

By this fall the Wii U will get many new exclusive games like Donkey Kong but you can bet it will sell just as bad.
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abzdine  +   945d ago
even with the games he quoted in the end i still dont see a reason to buy a Wii U at the moment.

I think the biggest problem aren't the games but mostly the price. Wii U needs a price cut before it gets demolished by PS4
Bimkoblerutso  +   944d ago
At the end of the day, the company is just being horribly mismanaged.

- They STILL have no clue how to manage their online market (horribly inadequate VC support, "one-time" online multiplayer in Smash Bros!?).

- They've got next to no third party support at this point.

- They do stupid "WTF" stuff, like the whole youtube fiasco that ends up hurting them more than it saves them sales.

- Not that they should forsake their roots altogether, but they rely WAY too heavily on the popularity of their past successes. If they aren't making games that are attempting to capture the "family" demographic, they're making games that appeal to only the staunchest and most loyal Nintendo fanatics.
ABizzel1  +   944d ago
Lack of First Party games, Pricing, Marketing, Third Party support are all problems the Wii U is facing.

It's the same story for the Vita, although that's at least doing good in Japan.

By early 2014, the Wii U should have better first party games on the console aiding sales, but they need to get the price down to $199 - $279 immediately. On top of that they need a real HDD in the console (at least 120GB), because what's the point of DLC if you only have 8GB to store all that data. The two models could work, but it needs a serious change

$349, 8GB version discontinued (8 free Wii Ware games)
$199, 32GB version
$279, 120GB version + 1 Game
(Games: New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, etc...)

A new marketing campaign, explaining the benefits of the Wii U (tablet controller + keep all Nintendo Wii accessories), and the fact that it's a new console not an add on.

Finally focus on getting third party support, and more specifically unique 3rd party exclusives the use the tablet controller in innovative ways.
zeal0us  +   945d ago
They're losing more than their strong spark.
-Developers are too afraid to take a chance with it so they rather skip the platform.
-Hardware wise it will make porting PS4/X1 to it given that the hardware isn't similar to the PS4/X1 and that its weaker.
-Possible multiplatform future titles more than likely will skipped the WiiU(Developers and hardware is to blame for this).

Overall I hate to say it but the road ahead for Nintendo won't be a easy one.
Abriael  +   945d ago
It almost seems like the half generation console syndrome that affected the Dreamcast
Craigatorian  +   945d ago
I love nintendo, and I'm really fearing their future, but I hope they don't pull a dreamcast. I actually bought a dreamcast too so I can feel a similar thing coming maybe.
FriedGoat  +   944d ago
At least the dreamcast had a decent launch lineup.
Alexious  +   945d ago
I'm not shocked at all. I reckon they lucked out with the Wii, but that couldn't be repeated of course.
zeal0us  +   945d ago
Well the reason the Wii sold a lot was because it drew in the casual crowd. For first time you heard about elderly folks playing video games.

Nintendo wanted to bring back the core gamers with the WiiU. I don't know why Nintendo believe they couldn't cater to both the causal and core crowd.
PiperMCFierceson   945d ago | Spam
mrbojingles  +   945d ago
Are you not paying any attention? They released the first ever DLC expansion to a main Mario game just a few weeks ago?
PopRocks359  +   945d ago
Actually the first DLC they put out was for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS even further back, if you want to get technical. :p
MizTv  +   945d ago
How about some games?
They wouldn't get most 3rd party games anyway. I bet the division uses more than 1gb ram. looks amazing and is open world. Looks better than wiiUs best looking game X. imo..
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3-4-5  +   945d ago
They are only selling like 200,000 units less than PS3 did at this time after it's launch.

And look at Sony now.

They will be fine. Once the games arrive people will realize Wii U is a legit console.
SilentNegotiator  +   945d ago
Except Ps3 never sold as poorly as the Wii U has in the last 6 months.

Plus, Ps3 wasn't in Europe for the first couple of months.
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wishingW3L  +   945d ago
PS3 sold in 2 months what the Wii U sold in 6 (3.5 millions). By its first year the PS3 already sold 12 millions... Do you really think the Wii U will sell 8 millions in the next 6 months?

Wii U is in much deeper troubles than the PS3 when it was at $600!
N4g_null  +   944d ago
Wii fit alone sold 20 million
mariokart alone did 20 millio
do we really need to go on?
besides.... after the other consoles release they will have around 4 million console out there before you see Nintendos next move.otherwise it's predictable old Nintendo.

if you think the agree systems here or vote systems are even a 10th other the industry you would be fooling yourself.
CBaoth  +   944d ago
@ Wishing - You're comprehension is off. The PS3 sold 1.7 million units during the calendar year of 2006. That FY you see stands for fiscal year, which ends March 31st of the following year. So Sony sold 3.5 million in the first 4 1/2 months on the market and 10.4 million from Nov. '06 to Dec. '07 (58 weeks), not 12 mil in 52.

But to answer your question, no it won't sell another 7 million in the last 4 1/2 months of the year. I expect the WiiU to have an install base a little more than half that by the time FY 2013 ends (March 31, 2014). My Pachter numbers - 5.5 mil WiiU, 5 mil PS4, 3 mil XB1. Add 1 million to the WiiU numbers if it receives a price cut.

@ Scissor, No offense but I believe you're also deluding yourself if you honestly believe MarioKart, Mario, or Wii Fit are going to sell 20 million units on the WiiU. Surely you're not suggesting it was BECAUSE of these games that the Wii sold a 100 million? The motion controlled UI and its ability to attract millions of non-gamers into the fold had nothing to do with it? Or its sub-300 dollar, casual friendly pricepoint in relation to its competitors? Serious question amigo: How have those IPs fared in the past? Did they drive hardware sales for the N64 & GC?
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TheDivine  +   945d ago
The problem is one fold, GAMES! Look at the 3ds, it was a solid system that didnt sell until Nin got off their ass and released the best lineup ever seen on a handheld. Imagine if the WiiU had...

A new top down Zelda
Fire Emblem
Paper Mario
Mario and Luigi
Mario Kart
Resident Evil
kid Icarus
Animal Crossing
Kingdom Hearts
Code of Princess
Etrian Odyssey
Project X Zone
Luigis Mansion
3d Mario
Bravely Default
DQ7 Remake

I would go buy one if a third of those released this year. They have a shit lineup. It's better with the announced e3 games, Pikmin 3, and Wonderful 101 releasing soon but its pretty sparse tbh. Step up and make me HAVE TO BUY A WIIU Nintendo! Same with Sony and the vita.
RustedMan  +   944d ago
Nintendo doesn't go a good enough job with naming iterations for their consoles.

DS, DSLite, DSI, DsiXL,NES, SNES, Gb, GbColor, GbPocket, GbAdvance, GbMicro and even the "3DS"...
Just put a -number- after it for Christ sake, is that that difficult?
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N4g_null  +   944d ago
told you guys they just need to learn the shaders. they simply are not using the system completely. yet this does not change the fact that they still have some of the bestgame play pretty much says the old Wii was good enough most game types. the bottle neck was always graphically ether it's in learning the tools or the creation of graphic trying to approach movies. gaming doesn't have the pocketbook for those graphics even if they did have the hardware. as you can see PC gaming suffers from this potential.

then we have gamers that are cheap or sheep. they will never pay for a game on the same scale as say a Pacific rim. apple is releasing a real console for the high end lol. it's called a Mac pro and most gamers can not afford it.

gamers have become some twisted form of casual and misguided graphic whore. game play is only valued by certain groups. if you claim the Wiiu is underpowered then you might not have a full grasps of computer tech or coding.

tell me what good is all that ram when you don't have a server class CPU?
what good is all that you if you still don't have the gpu that can push PC level direct x 11 graphics. the truth is the xbox1 and ps4 are mid level what PC user where using in 2009 if not earlier.
yet we areabout to see 4k dual monitor PC/Mac support with dx11 class tech. it will blow every thing else away... but hold up you can't afford that and the game industry can't afford it. it is a dead end street.
Syntax-Error  +   944d ago
"Too Little Too Late" -Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams comes to mind
richierich  +   945d ago
They need to make their games more hardcore like they did back in the day with N64 with Zelda Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. I don't think cartoony games appeal to people this gen the Wii U has more power than the Wii so they need to show what it can do graphically even the Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze game looks like it could have been done in Standard definition on the Wii. Actually it looks like a Wii game but in HD. There was a lot of buzz about the Wii U back in 2011 when they released the Zelda tech demo but since then I haven't seen a single game that looks even close to the Zelda E3 2011 demo. I will give Nintendo another year to see what they will have but if Im not impressed then I guess I will have to trade my Wii U in to Gamestop
Abriael  +   945d ago
i'm not sure going back to the past MORE than what they're already stuck in it would help. Probably they just need to get with the times and start doing things that will appease today's audience too, not just the nostalgics.
gnothe1  +   945d ago
sad part is...they(gamestop) only wanted to give me 75 dollars store credit for my 32 gig wiiU after i paid 350 for it...not gonna happen..
richierich  +   945d ago
Damn only 75 quid? Guess I will keep it then
zeal0us  +   945d ago
Sell it on ebay, skip gamestop
Starbucks_Fan  +   945d ago
Why on earth would you even consider Gamestop?!
kreate  +   945d ago
I got 165 for my ps3 from gamestop several months ago. I think base was like 110.

Wonder why wii-u is only 75 ...
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Syntax-Error  +   944d ago
They low-balled you because they are not in demand. A used PS3 will sell faster than a Wii-U.
Dj7FairyTail  +   945d ago
right yall didn't care about N64 and GameCube when they had games for core gamers.

It yall fault for saying Nintendo not for core gamers when yall didn't go out and buy N64 and GC.
Abriael  +   945d ago
Blame the customer mh?

Yeah, great way to improve things. It worked well for Sega.
richierich  +   945d ago
I bought both and still have them to this day
Syntax-Error  +   944d ago
"Mom! Is it safe to put a fork in them? Looks like they're done!"
wishingW3L  +   945d ago
games only for children on a $350 system. Perfect recipe for disaster. Any sane parent would rather opt for a 3DS. XD

If their focus was going to be just children and their own first party games (like always) then they should have focused on making a more affordable console than this. Who the hell in their right mind would buy this over a PS4 for almost the same price? Especially when the PS4 will have a variety of exclusives and 3rd party games too, better graphics, better online, many more features like blu-ray, etc.
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Lboogieskells  +   945d ago
That and they have no first party variety.
Craigatorian  +   945d ago
Don't trade it back in. Not until the generation is over, maybe there'll be like 1 game that'll interest you and you'll regret it.
*Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem & X*
AWBrawler  +   944d ago
X looks better than that zelda.
caseh  +   945d ago
It won't get an increase in sales until the prices are slashed. Once its down to say £150 the people who own a Wii who are looking to buy a new console will look at the PS4/XB1 for £350+ and opt for the WiiU, soley on the price difference.

If they can get down to that price in time for Christmas it may turn things around for them.
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mcstorm  +   945d ago
I agree I think Nintendo will do this but the Wiiu is having the same issue the 3ds had at the start in no big games and people not knowing what it is.

Nintendo need to tell people the Wiiu is a new gen console and not another version of the Wii and with gamea like supper smash bros, Zelda, Mario kart ect out between now and march as well as a price drop I think the sales of the Wiiu will pickup.

I got mine on day one and I am loving the console. It is not short on games but it is short on exclusive games and reasons to buy the consoles as the games that are on it are on the ps3 and 360 like cod, batman, fifa ect.

For me im looking forward to the next few months as I am getting a one but just with forza and then getting pikmin, Mario 3rd world, dk, Zelda hd, sonic, super smash bros and Mario kart between this month and march as well as Pokemon for the 3ds so for me its a good time to be a Nintendo fan but Nintendo need to show off there games more.
Craigatorian  +   945d ago
I think it's already too late to try show the public it's a new console. Wouldn't it be weird to start advertising for a console thats already come out?
mcstorm  +   945d ago
Not really they just have to get the message across to the public that the Wiiu is the next generation console from Nintendo like they did with the 3ds.

I know the Wiiu gets slated on here but it really is not a bad console. I have quite a few games for mine and I think the Wiiu game pad is great for all the games I've got and the pro is also a very good controller to. If Nintendo can push the console in the right way and get the big name games like cod, fifa ect on ita console and be £100 cheaper than the ps4 it could really start to get the none and core gamers on board as we all know Nintendo has quality ips but there consoles lack the 3rd party ones and it is this it need to pull in users from the 360 and ps3.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   945d ago
For me, it's the complete lack of games. Nintendo spreads themselves too thin for me between their consoles and hand-helds. Now, see, if you made something like that old Gameboy Advance converter for Gamecube, but for the DS and Wii U, I'd have no problem buying their system.
MrKingofVideoGames  +   945d ago
well, we did finally get Injustice DLC last week.
Yodagamer  +   945d ago
I think it went wrong with the tablet controller and the name. The tablet controller added to the cost and it had to come from the hardware. I know nintendo isn't used to sticking to the norm, but this was the console that would have benefited most from going with the norm and innovating on a game-play front like they were doing with the gamecube on some of the games. The name just caused confusion with most casual players.
Abriael  +   945d ago
Innovation for its own sake is more a source of problems than anything else. I'd say the Wii U demonstrates that
Jay70sgamer  +   945d ago
I hate when people say the gamepad is the problem it's not ..the gamepad is a great addition to gaming ...anyone that has a wii u and put enough time using the gamepad will enjoy it ..the people that say the gamepad is a problem either doesn't have a wii u or haven't spent enough time using it .play a game like resistant evil revelations or zombi u ...the gamepad is definitely adds to the game especially when u have to use the gamepad to change weapons without pausing game or figure out codes to unlock doors the wii u problem is one thing and that's lack of games but that issue is being solved starting next month ..also if you don't like the game pad use a pro controller or wii mote ...nintendo just need to advertise the wii u and they will be ok know what I notice alot of people comment on the wii u and don't even own one and swear they know so much about the game system and don't
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jukins  +   945d ago
Your examples of the gamepad usage in games is just another reason why the Wii u is failing no ones put it to good use. Its just not as innovative as Nintendo presented gimmicky as the sixaxis for PlayStation.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   945d ago
good post. I agree all the wii u needs is games and more advertising
Jay70sgamer  +   945d ago
@Jukins do you own a wii u just asking because u always have an opinion on the wii u and I don't think u even own one the gamepad is not a gimmick it's an added way of gaming I said before if its such a gimmick then use the pro controller or wii mote's all about having options I rather have multiple options instead of playing games one way ..what u say is a gimmick I say is innovative and to you point if it is so gimmicky why is playstation adding a screen on there controller explain that gimmick lol ....another innovation nintendo started and others steal smh smh damn the fanboy shit is annoying smdh also I didn't even mention offline play how can that be a problem when no other console offers that can lay in ya bed and play your game and the wife and girlfriend watches tv and you don't miss a beat ...stop all this nintendo hating ..if they wasn't innovative no other system will
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Yodagamer  +   945d ago
I own the console and i love the gamepad for offscreen play, but the gamepad did take away from other things in the wii u. I love inovation, but it should have been in the games this gen as i haven't seen alot from the screen to warrant the price that it add. We might see games from nintendo and some third parties, but it's gonna be a repeat of the wii if not worst.
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Movieworld  +   945d ago
The most innovative thing about the gamepad is off tv play. Its like having a handheld and console in one. Wii U is a great system.
zep  +   945d ago
i would buy 1 right now if its not region lock
sfadul  +   945d ago
No way Pikmin 3 will boost Wii U Sales.
Dj7FairyTail  +   945d ago
It has
two weeks ago Wii U was selling 5000 in Japan.
last week it was selling 7000 and now it sold 8000 in Japan.

Pikmin 3 came out today in Japan so sales should be up between 9000-15,000 if not then more. I be surprised if more than 25,000 Wii U sold next media create charts.
zeal0us  +   945d ago
What went wrong with the WiiU, well....
For one the console was conceived in 2008. So more than likely Nintendo was basing the hardware specs to that of the 360 and PS3. They probably should had waited until 2010 or 2011 or at least revise the console by then. Sure it would had delay the WiiU from being the first launch console but history have shown us being first isn't always that great.

The WiiU Gamepad, while its cool controller its really taking away from the system and part of the confusion. Some people still think its a addon. If Nintendo wanted to win back their core crowd, they didn't need a second screen. The core crowd would've been fine with WiiU pro controller. Overall I think the GamePad should've been a optional peripheral consumers could buy.
#9 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
naiyo  +   945d ago
The Pro controller would do nothing for the core gamer.
Why would the core gamer (that probably have a PS3 or 360 already) pay 300+ for a Wii U and then another 60 for something like Assassin's Creed and play it the same way you can play it on a PS3 or 360 and it looks the same. They have to give you some new reason to play any game on their system and not the others. That was the point to the gamepad. Giving the core two analog sticks and the causal a touchpad. I think they should have just made a better wiimote that doesn't use any sensor bar or camera.
-Gespenst-  +   945d ago
I don't own a Wii U, but I wish third parties would make some damn games for it. I hate to see Nintendo lagging behind. The games industry owes Nintendo more than could or would (sadly) ever pay back. Not to mention they still make some of the most innovative games ever. Developers and publishers need to jump off the juvenile, graphics-performance-boner train, coz it's going right off a cliff. You don't need any of that crap to make a good game. There are SNES games that have yet to be outdone if you ask me, and I was born long after the SNES came out, so its not a nostalgia thing. The whole technology / performance / surface appearance and graphics thing suits capitalism a bit too nicely, and before long games'll go down the sh!tter.

I do appreciate that Sony and Microsoft opted not to make as big a technological leap with their new consoles as compared to previous precedents, and indeed, maybe the Ps4 will usher in an age of greater creativity and diversity and originality in gaming. But nevertheless, it annoys me that people overlook the Wii U for what seem to be really stupid reasons. It's just as competant a console and just as suitable (as are most consoles) for making awesome games. We're already seeing that with MOST of the flippin games that are being released for it.
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AbortMission  +   945d ago
You see, this is what you drones (Nintendo fanboys) don't seem to get LOL It's not just graphics, it's about bigger game worlds, smarter AI, better gameplay mechanics etc. Contrary to what you drones tell yourselves about weak hardware, developers need strong enough hardware in order to conceive next gen games. They don't need uber powerful PCs but they do need capable hardware.

And that's where the Wii u falls behind in. It is simply current gen when compared to the next gen PS4 and One. There's no going around it.
-Gespenst-  +   945d ago
I'm not a "Nintendo drone" I just respect what they've done for videogames.

"developers need strong enough hardware in order to conceive next gen games"

Says who? What does that even mean? Who's judging this? They "need" it? Can you tell me exactly why games and hardware "need" to get better and better? The only reason they "need" such thigns is because of market trends and consumers who are completely brainwashed by advertising and marketing. There's no objective "need" for any of those things fro the aspect of creativity. As I've just said, there are many games on the SNES remain some of the best games ever. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI spring immediately to mind. You're the drone here friend. If you weren't, you'd be discerning enough to recognise that a lot of earlier games are a hell of a lot better than the tat that gets made nowadays. All the stuff you listed is important but not if its just going to get utilised in even more unimaginative ways. It really doesn't matter about power and performance - neither guarantee a good game in any case.

If anything, the push for tech and shiny graphics has made games worse and worse. They're becoming more and more about surface and really shallow, easy gameplay, not to mention a serious dearth of longevity.
esemce   945d ago | Bad language | show
solidworm  +   945d ago
Nintendo got lucky with the Wii but that console has been on life support for years and with the WiiU being a slightly more powerful version it was always destined for the scrap heap.
Kos-Mos  +   945d ago
I'd say developers got lucky with gta, killzone, gears, halo, unchartered, fifa, cod, gow, me, tlof since those are mediocre games without depth and the majority fell for it.
badkolo  +   945d ago
nintendo needs to face the facts , dropping new games will only stretch the pain, the wii u is dead, not being negative but it is. The good thing is nintendo is known for recovering and pulling magic out the hat. my only concern is that they never seem to listen. hopefully they make a system just as powerful if not more powerful then x1 and ps4 and release it in a 2 years
WickedLester  +   945d ago
1.) They need to grow up! And by that I mean they need to look at the average age of people who are gaming now and realize this industry isn't just for little kids anymore! I'm not saying start making "M" rated games but every game doesn't need to look like an animated Candy Land board either!

2.) Also they need to quit f_ _ king penny pinching on their hardware R&D and release a console that can compete with the TRUE next gen systems.

3.) They need to stop suckling on the Mario and Zelda tit and start creating some new IP's!

4.) Build a better relationship with 3rd parties. Like it or not, they need them if they want a viable platform!

5.) Fully embrace online and everything that it involves! Develop a robust network and offer all the features that most gamers now come to expect!
#13.1 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AbortMission  +   945d ago
At this point, Nintendo should seriously consider the future of their console business and possibly even drop out of the console market and stick to handhelds. Most of their consoles after the SNES (N64, Gamecube) just didn't sell well even when they had the games. The Wii was a different story yet it was familiar in that most software sales were really average.

It's either the first option I laid out or they restructure their company, hire young engineers/ game designers who truly understand today's market and restructure their games to fully meet current and next gen gaming standards.

A perfect example is Metroid. That franchise has the potential of being Nintendo's Halo and Prime proves it. Metroid has the Halo-like lore established (Chozo = Forerunner, Galactic Federation = UNSC, Space Pirates = Covenant, Samus = MC) They can stick to the Prime formula and expand upon it in order to accommodate for today's gamers. Yet Nintendo insists with playing it safe with the milked Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc. It boggles my mind how Nintendo fails in every turn to evolve
#13.2 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
WickedLester  +   945d ago
Agreed 100% about Metroid! It has the potential to be an epic series if Nintendo would just up it's production value and hire someone to write a real compelling story to go along with it! Not to mention develop a killer online multiplayer feature to go with it! It really could be Nintendo's "Halo" if handled correctly!

I feel the same way about Star Fox. Can you imagine the epic online dog fights that could be had with that series??
LonDonE  +   945d ago
disagree about nintendo dropping out the console race, but man do i agree about metroid,i loved the prime games, and say exactly what u just said, metroid could easily be the halo for nintendo console,if they upped the production value, and made it with a fully fledge multi player, with upgradable bio armour suits, customizable weapons, ice beams, plasma beams, the spazer, wave beams etc, and what about the suits, the varia, gravity etc all could be unlocks to earn through earning xp, they could even make a perk system,and even have kill streaks, like samus ship doing s fly by, and bombing the map,or a higher stage kill streak could allow you to remotely control the ship, seriously the possibilities are endless, this would go a long way in attracting the online shooter crowd to the wii u!

Retro talent was wasted in making another 2d donkey kong game, serious that was stupid!
It couldnt have taken them that long to make a donkey kong game, retro must be working on something else too, i hope its metroid!
bobacdigital  +   945d ago
Nintendo knows they will need a price drop going into the later half of the year.. Executives and investors are putting so much pressure on Iwata and quite frankly im not sure how he even has a job still in light of saying he wouldnt make the 3DS mistake again..

3DS came to the market at a jacked up price of 249.99 with a weak first party software lineup and a very slow stream of good games. It also didnt launch with its full base software like the eshop... After 6 to 8 months it was hit with a price drop to 179.99 and then the first party titles started to hit the market and sales started to climb...

The Wii U is in the exact same position the 3ds was in at the same price point comparatively.. the Deluxe is about the price of a PS4 (3DS same as VITA) and at a technology disadvantage. The Wii U launched with a great ported lineup of games with a weak lineup of first party software... After 6 to 8 months they said they will be releasing more first party software due to delays and whatever else...

The price is going to drop 349.99 to 279.99 (by the same margin as the 3DS) come holiday season and the White SKU rumored to be recalled and retrofitted to a deluxe is going to be packed with 3DLand and or New Super Mario U ...

3DS was hit with 70$ price decrease and so will the Wii U. Nintendo cant honestly be thinking that they are going to drive the install base with Luigi U , Wario, Zelda WW, and Pikimin franchises that historically arent huge barn busters... They will need to pair a price drop with new games end of story.
#14 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
AbortMission  +   945d ago
It wasn't even 6 months for the price drop. I remember when I got my 3DS in March 27 2 years back. Nintendo announced the Ambassador program like around June/July and went fully into effect that same month. Roughly 3 months after launch and the price was dramatically reduced... Perhaps that's the reason why the Wii u isn't selling. Consumers don't trust Nintendo after the 3DS and expected a price drop a few months after launch
MrKingofVideoGames  +   945d ago
Good point. As a launch day 3DS and Wii U buyer, I wouldn't mind another price drop/ambassador program for the Wii U.
WickedLester  +   945d ago
I don't want a Wii U price drop! I want Nintendo to suck it up like they did with Virtual Boy and declare "do over" status. I want them to come off that multi BILLION dollar war chest they have amassed and invest some of it back into real hardware R&D so their systems are no longer at a performance disadvantage compared to the competition.
Jay70sgamer  +   945d ago
I bet if a poll was taken in here on the people( bashing) commenting on the wii u ..the majority don't even own one and commenting on shit other people told them about the wii u instead of playing on it or spending quality time using it ...I have yet to hear one wii u owner that say they hate the gamepad's a nice machine and I'm not a wii u fan I'm a gamer and I like all systems
jukins  +   945d ago
You bought a Wii u and you're mad huh? You really don't need to own it to see its no good. Can it be used to play games? Yea of course but is it adding anything innovative to games? No. Basically what's its done so far is take menus inventories etc which gamers are accustomed to seeing on the TV and putting it on the gamepad taking your eyes of the TV to look down at your game pad then up again. Pointless. It all seems so forced or in some cases completely optional.
#15.1 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Jay70sgamer  +   945d ago
See I know now you don't own an wii u and just talking about shit you don't know don't have to look up and down at the game pad while you are playing when the time is necessary for you to use the second screen the wii u tells you to look at second screen ...during game play you don't have to constantly look at the game screen you have an option like I said before to use the gamepad ,tv or both smdh ...another person that talks about the wii u and don't know what the fuck they talking about lol by the way I enjoy my wii u ....and to your comment you said it doesn't add to innovation to games like I explained earlier wouldnt common sense say it would be easier to use a second screen instead of pausing the game in the middle of your game to look at maps ,inventory and other things plus if you wanna watch something on your tv screen like cable or sports without cutting your game off or switching to another input innovative you don't know what u are talking about before you judge something own it or know what you are talking about before commenting and for all you fanboys lets not forget nintendo is the console and handheld leader for the last almost 8 years that is a fact lol numbers don't lie ....dispute them facts. Haters lol
jukins  +   944d ago
Actually Mr know it all I did own a Wii u sold it 3 weeks later. Please tell how it makes sense to leave your game active while looking at maps or whatever on a second screen? Having everything on one screen with transparent maps and menus is way better than looking down at a game pad while an enemy or opponent is coming at you.

Funny how you bring up the handheld market when no one even mentioned it. Typical nintendo fanboy argument.
Shad0wRunner  +   945d ago
You dont have to own a Wii U, to understand the fact that the architecture of the console was poorly designed, in relation to the competition. This isnt a next gen console. This is Nintendo, finally catching up to HD graphics. Thats all. Sony and MS have been doing HD for the last 7 years. Nintendo hasnt done a damn thing with the Wii U, that the competition hasnt ALREADY done. Nintendo should've brought their prize horse with this gen, and instead...theyre late to the race. As usual.

According to the ESA, ( going by a study done last year...the average age of today's gamer, is in their 30's. <---- GROWN MEN AND WOMEN! Yet, Nintendo cant seem to take a hint, as they keep aiming their franchises and IP's at the younger, child-like audiences. Nintendo either thinks, that CHILDREN dominate the gaming demographic, or that grown adults play little "kiddie games" more than the hardcore action thrillers. They need to pull their heads out of their asses and get with the times!

Not many people are gonna buy a Wii U at $350 for Mario and Zelda...when they can get a LOT MORE for $400 with the PS4. And thats just a $50 difference.

Take the fanboy blinders off! This is no longer a debate. Even Shigeru Miyamoto said himslef "Yeah, so things aren’t easy for Nintendo and the Wii U hasn’t been selling too well." Straight from the horses mouth...if you even read the article.
Phil32  +   945d ago
If you think Nintendo games are being designed only for children audiences, then you haven't a clue. Or maybe I should write like you. You HAVEN'T A CLUE.

This is the same nonsense that Nintendo games are kiddy that happened during the GameCube era. Step your game up, haters. Calling Nintendo games only for children is such old, lazy trolling.
Shad0wRunner  +   945d ago
Well, it's kinda funny that everytime you see or hear of a new Nintendo console, it's usually in regard to a new Mario game, or Zelda game or Smash Bros game, or Pikman game.

I dont see killer action thrillers like "The Last of Us...Uncharted...Gran Turismo, God Of War"

When I start seeing more and more ADULT themed games being aimed at ADULT audiences...I'll take your statement a bit more seriously.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   945d ago
$350 for a wii u
Includes a gamepad with built in mic
free online can do most of what ps and xbox do
includes Nintendo land and before someone says its a kiddie game go try to get all games completed with a star or show me a kid who has.
its backwards compatible with all wii games and controlers.
It has a big library of oldschool games from e shop
HDMI copyright protection is not on it so I can record games in 1080p with hdmi
can use wii u pro controller or gamepad
some games even let you use a wii mote
ps4= $400

no backwards compatibility
$60 bux for online
60 dollars for a new game
have to buy a headset for online estimated price 60 bux for a cheap turtle beach
have to buy another controller to play with friends in local play 60 bux

ps4= 580 bux

with another controller it would be 640 bux

add the ps eye thing and its almost 700

I don't think people get a LOT more with that purchase.
#15.2.3 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
Shad0wRunner  +   945d ago
PS4 = $400

8GB of GDDR5 RAM. X86 AMD Jaguar chip. 10 times more powerful than PS3. Acclaimed to be the "most powerful gaming console in existence".

Backwards Compatibility is achieved thru the Gaikai cloud streaming service.

$60 for PLUS (which pays for online multiplay. SOE native online games are FREE online. You forgot to mention THAT part, smartass)AND you get free games, Beta invitiations, game trials, demo's, etc... It's more BANG for your buck!

Headsets are OPTIONAL, not a mandatory requirement for ANY online play. However, ANY bluetooth headset will work on PS3. You can even use ones used with cell phones. I've seen headsets as cheap as $20 for the lower quality ones.

ALL PlayStation consoles in current and previous generations, have only came with ONE controller. That being said, in will see 3rd party manufacturers develop knock off versions, at a cheaper cost...just as they did with the DS3.

Includes a Bluetooth controller with built in speaker, with a headset port.

Includes a SHARE button so you can capture those epic in-game moments and upload them to youtube or facebook, HD.

$50 more than a Wii U, ensures that you will be getting a console that is up to par with current STANDARD PC's. (Not ones that have been tricked out. STFU PC fanboys)
With games like Infamous: Second Son, DriveClub, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo 3, DCU Online, Knack, etc.. <---- You will NEVER see titles like these on the Wii U. Never!

Dont come at me, trying to compare weak ass Wii U stats to PS4 stats. You just got PWNED!
#15.2.4 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report
Jay70sgamer  +   945d ago
First of all the wii u is 100 dollars less the deluxe is 350 basic is 300 ...What are you talking about its not poorly design it's just not as powerful as playstaion or xbox one ..second of all software sell systems not hardware any gamer would know that and you are saying what .?wii outsold playstaion3 and xbox 360 that's a fact for it to be a "kiddie" system so what u are saying is irrevalent ...also so you telling me mario kart wii that sold 34 million copies was bought by little kids lol smdh ..wake up adults bought that ame also so what u saying is makes no sense just like wii fit sold millions just like mario galaxy sold 12 million al these games are played by kids right? Stop with your fan boy antics you are the real fan boy and lets not forget for all the nintendo bashing by time the xbox one or ps4 come out wii u will have a 4 million console lead in reality who is still the on sole and handheld king until either Sony or xbox throw nintendo off there horse they are still the industry leader that's a fact not opinion fanboy
jessupj  +   945d ago
I called this a long while ago.

While I stil believe nin will be fine and will eventual have a financially viable system, they will definitely not have a repeat success of the original wii.

Right now the Wii U is in, what I like to call, the dead zone.

It doesn't appeal to the core gamers because it's a weak system compared to the PS4/X1 and it lacks 3rd party support.

It doesn't appeal to casuals because they aren't passionate about gaming whatsoever and feel no need to spend $350 for a 'HD Wii'. Plus they already have their tablets and smart phones.

It only appeals to nin fans that love nin 1st party games.

A few casuals will eventually come around with a price cut and more must have 1st party games, but I think it will lag significantly behind the real next gen consoles coming out in a few months.
#16 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Phil32  +   945d ago
Not that hard to have predicted this after both E3 2011 and especially E3 2012... Though I do love how people like you are coming out of the woodwork saying "I called it!" like it's some impressive feat or that they're happy that a game system is doing poorly. I thought we were gamers who wanted our industry to do well... Guess not.
#16.1 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Shad0wRunner  +   945d ago
The video gaming industry is doing just fine.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to see the competition fail. Do you go to a basketball game and root for BOTH teams, or do you root for your favorite team?

Most people will usually root for their favorite team 9/10 times. And yes...if that particular team cant perform up to par, they deserve to be hit with the backlash.
ziratul  +   944d ago
If Wii U had 6 x 1.24 cores and 4 GB Ram, it would be different story. We would be probably playing Metro Last Light, Battlefield, and other TOP titles on Wii U.

But No, Nintendo made HD console for THEIR titles. They did not care about new EA engine, new Unreal 4 engine etc..
michaelapaige  +   945d ago
I dont like the gamepad
#17 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Shad0wRunner  +   945d ago
I dont like the tablet, either.

It's redundant nonsense. Im not gonna sit on my couch and prefer to use a smaller screen tablet, over my huge HDTV. As head of household, I dominate the living room. If I feel like handing over the TV to other family members...I have remote play, with the PS3 and PS4 thru the Vita.

I love how Nintendo fanboys will jump in front of bullets for their beloved spite of the cold hard facts. It's hilarious. xD

Even Shigeru Miyamoto said himslef "Yeah, so things aren’t easy for Nintendo and the Wii U hasn’t been selling too well." <---- FACT!
Realplaya  +   945d ago
@ Shad0wRunner You don't have to give up the TV but if you wanted to you could. Also if you needed to you would do it with the vita which has a smaller screen. Your statement is hypocritical.

You are blasting Nintendo fans but you advocating for Sony like crazy your def Funny.

He admitted that they haven't been able to just catch up but guess what Pikmen is the start of the future for them every first party game that's to be released after Pikmen looks great and and is getting nice reviews.
WickedLester  +   945d ago
QUOTE: Shad0wRunner

"As head of household, I dominate the living room. "

Oh good grief! I'm sure you're a lot of fun live with.
#17.1.2 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
MeKissGaben   945d ago | Spam
RiPPn  +   945d ago
For the first time since the Virtual Boy one of the gimmicks you threw against the wall didn't stick.
Phil32  +   945d ago
Yeah. The damn gimmicks no one uses to this day that they made famous for dedicated gaming like the d-pad, analog stick, dual screens, touch screen, and motion controls!

You sound bitter. :/
gk07  +   945d ago
I luv my wii u and my pc ,just give me some games : ) and u guys b&tch to much
mochachino  +   945d ago
It's has no AAA games. That's what went wrong.

Second, the major multiplats don't release on the console.

Third, it's way to expensive for the tech provided.
nzbleach  +   945d ago
Give me X and 101 now, i've only just been playing my wii u for two weeks and i've bought 5 games so increase my collection now.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   945d ago
I didn't compare stats with anything. All I did was state facts about the prices. and any real gamer who is into online play will get a good headset entry level headsets are 60 bux.

point proven wii u 350 bux

ps4 almost 700 with stuff people who play online and want the best stuff.
Omegaman   945d ago | Spam
KingKevo  +   945d ago
The biggest problem and what I don't get about Nintendo is this. Big N was very well aware that we'd see a new console from Sony and MS this year/early next year and let's just face it, the only reason most gamers and even hardcore gamers (like myself) only buy Nintendo consoles for the big Nintendo titles.

Personally I'll probably get a Wii U when the next real Zelda or HD Mario comes out (cat Mario isn't that game) and then I'll get Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros as well, and that seems to take at least 1 to 2 more years and then the console will be a lot cheaper, which is good for me.

Back to the problem though. Nintendo should also be aware of that situation and the fact that people buy their consoles mainly for the Nintendo IPs. So why the hell didn't they come out with the Wii U and a new Zelda game or a 3D Mario? Even a Galaxy 3 with some old levels remastered in 3D and some new ones would have been good enough to sell a lot of consoles to hardcore gamers. But for me, the Wii U doesn't have a game for that audience at all, unlike the Wii where we had TLoZ: TP. And that's another thing, they should have done the same thing to Skyward sword that they did with TP. The should have released it on Wii and Wii U and used the one extra year for Wii U HD port.

They didn't do any of that and now they are wondering why their consoles don't sell, people are more excited about PS4 and Xbox One while Nintendo keeps delaying their games. I love Nintendo, but I think they are overwhelmed with the modern gaming business, shorter development cycles and HD consoles and that's really sad.

My only hope is that the Wii U and especially Nintendo will survive as a console manufacturer and that their big games will save the sales of the Wii U. (or, and that's been a long time dream of myself, go 3rd party and make games for Sony, maybe they can teach you how to efficiently make games while that's your only focus for the console market.)
#25 (Edited 945d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Omegaman   945d ago | Spam
Omegaman   945d ago | Spam
ibroman  +   945d ago
I hate when people still talk about lack of games, there are games coming out throught this next half of 2013 starting july or august for america with pikmin 3 and throughout all of next year with games like Windwaker hd, Mario kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Monoloithsoft's X, Supermario 3d world and Donkey kong country tropical freeze, plus there are games that arent even announced for 2014 and they're working on a new ip. (I think wii u sales will pick up at christmas imo) Still though i cant wait for Pikmin 3!
worldwidegaming  +   945d ago
Once the games come out the sales increase.
Sony and microsoft are pitching the same song
With most of their good stuff coming 2014.
How many good hits a year come out anyway?
All other companies dream of making IPs that are long lasting like nintendo.
NightStalker33  +   945d ago
What went wrong has everything to do with both a lack of games and a lack of advertisement. I bought the Wii U day one because of games like Zombiu and Mario Bros, and now those games are stretched thin. A year head start and they screw it up, that's just embarrassing.
Realplaya  +   945d ago
I have a few thoughts on how they dropped the ball.

1. No game at release that was first party to push out great looking visuals.

2. Let 3rd parties drive sales with with crappy ports.

3.No marketing. People only buy something when there made to believe they need it.

4. Relied to much on the internet and fans knowing about the system.

5. Had no playable demos in every store.

I was thinking to myself when I saw the first commercial what are they thinking in the advertisement department. I can do better than that.They should have enlisted the marketing firm who turned T mobiles fortunes around but them they would need a CEO like T mobiles that guy doesn't play.

So in closing the way for Nintendo to turn this around or right the ship is not a price cut as the system is priced at the correct price. It starts with Pikmen and they need aggressive marketing.Nintendo directs are cool but they need to have commercials showing from now to christmas.
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