Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses What Went Wrong With the Wii U and His Hopes For the future

Shigeru Miyamoto has been working very hard on Pikmin 3 in order to help boost the relatively slow sales on the Wii U, and he has a very clear idea on some of the things that went wrong so far and on how the situation might improve.

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SavageKuma1809d ago

Honestly I am shocked they are doing this badly with the WiiU and I wonder why DLC is not being utilize more for the system? The WiiU has potential, but I feel they are losing their strong spark.

Abriael1809d ago

Well, the problem is that they kind of lack games. Focusing on making DLCs when you have too few games is more detrimental than advantageous.

SavageKuma1809d ago

In terms of the titles that require dlc like Injustice and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. They should of thought of that. How you going to have a system with big name titles like those and no dlc for the customers? It is kind of sad.

Abriael1809d ago

@KumaKreations: eh, to be completely honest I think that's the least of their problems.

Sitdown1809d ago

The problem is most people don't know why they need to upgrade to a WiiU, especially at the current price. The WiiU sold because of motion controls, not sure many people care that much about the new tablet controller.

Anon19741809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I know a couple of families with the Wii, and when I mentioned the Wii-U to both of them out of curiosity, I was met with blank stares. They absolutely had no idea there was a new Wii available.

The Wii had so much buzz. It was being talked about in offices, on talk was a hot, water cooler discussion. Old people were playing, moms were playing. The Wii-U zero buzz which is what made the Wii so popular. If your main audience doesn't know about your product, it's not going to sell. There's also a perception that the Wii-U is simply an expensive add-on. You can understand with all the other attachments available for the Wii why people would think this.

I really don't think Nintendo can do anything about it. They caught lightning in the bottle with the Wii. Right product, right time, right price. It's not looking good for the Wii-U in comparison, and now it has to contend with the Xbox One and PS4, two pieces of superior tech, and one priced only $50 off the Wii-U price.

zeal0us1809d ago

Lack games and that most developers and publishers are too afraid to take a chance with it is part of the problem.

meganick1808d ago

Yes, lack of games is the Wii U's biggest problem now, particularly lack of first party games. There are only 3 Nintendo games on Wii U, and 2 of them are launch games. The third is the lackluster Game & Wario. Releasing more great first party games on a regular basis will help Wii U significantly.

wishingW3L1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

it's never the lack of games, it's always has to do with price. PS3 had tons of games and it didn't start to sell well until price cut and it's always like that. The price, especially for Nintendo which caters mostly to kids, and parents prefer the buy the cheapest stuff.

By this fall the Wii U will get many new exclusive games like Donkey Kong but you can bet it will sell just as bad.

abzdine1808d ago

even with the games he quoted in the end i still dont see a reason to buy a Wii U at the moment.

I think the biggest problem aren't the games but mostly the price. Wii U needs a price cut before it gets demolished by PS4

Bimkoblerutso1808d ago

At the end of the day, the company is just being horribly mismanaged.

- They STILL have no clue how to manage their online market (horribly inadequate VC support, "one-time" online multiplayer in Smash Bros!?).

- They've got next to no third party support at this point.

- They do stupid "WTF" stuff, like the whole youtube fiasco that ends up hurting them more than it saves them sales.

- Not that they should forsake their roots altogether, but they rely WAY too heavily on the popularity of their past successes. If they aren't making games that are attempting to capture the "family" demographic, they're making games that appeal to only the staunchest and most loyal Nintendo fanatics.

ABizzel11808d ago

Lack of First Party games, Pricing, Marketing, Third Party support are all problems the Wii U is facing.

It's the same story for the Vita, although that's at least doing good in Japan.

By early 2014, the Wii U should have better first party games on the console aiding sales, but they need to get the price down to $199 - $279 immediately. On top of that they need a real HDD in the console (at least 120GB), because what's the point of DLC if you only have 8GB to store all that data. The two models could work, but it needs a serious change

$349, 8GB version discontinued (8 free Wii Ware games)
$199, 32GB version
$279, 120GB version + 1 Game
(Games: New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, etc...)

A new marketing campaign, explaining the benefits of the Wii U (tablet controller + keep all Nintendo Wii accessories), and the fact that it's a new console not an add on.

Finally focus on getting third party support, and more specifically unique 3rd party exclusives the use the tablet controller in innovative ways.

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zeal0us1809d ago

They're losing more than their strong spark.
-Developers are too afraid to take a chance with it so they rather skip the platform.
-Hardware wise it will make porting PS4/X1 to it given that the hardware isn't similar to the PS4/X1 and that its weaker.
-Possible multiplatform future titles more than likely will skipped the WiiU(Developers and hardware is to blame for this).

Overall I hate to say it but the road ahead for Nintendo won't be a easy one.

Abriael1809d ago

It almost seems like the half generation console syndrome that affected the Dreamcast

Craigatorian1808d ago

I love nintendo, and I'm really fearing their future, but I hope they don't pull a dreamcast. I actually bought a dreamcast too so I can feel a similar thing coming maybe.

FriedGoat1808d ago

At least the dreamcast had a decent launch lineup.

Alexious1809d ago

I'm not shocked at all. I reckon they lucked out with the Wii, but that couldn't be repeated of course.

zeal0us1809d ago

Well the reason the Wii sold a lot was because it drew in the casual crowd. For first time you heard about elderly folks playing video games.

Nintendo wanted to bring back the core gamers with the WiiU. I don't know why Nintendo believe they couldn't cater to both the causal and core crowd.

1808d ago
mrbojingles1809d ago

Are you not paying any attention? They released the first ever DLC expansion to a main Mario game just a few weeks ago?

PopRocks3591808d ago

Actually the first DLC they put out was for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS even further back, if you want to get technical. :p

MizTv1809d ago

How about some games?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

They wouldn't get most 3rd party games anyway. I bet the division uses more than 1gb ram. looks amazing and is open world. Looks better than wiiUs best looking game X. imo..

3-4-51808d ago

They are only selling like 200,000 units less than PS3 did at this time after it's launch.

And look at Sony now.

They will be fine. Once the games arrive people will realize Wii U is a legit console.

SilentNegotiator1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Except Ps3 never sold as poorly as the Wii U has in the last 6 months.

Plus, Ps3 wasn't in Europe for the first couple of months.

wishingW3L1808d ago

PS3 sold in 2 months what the Wii U sold in 6 (3.5 millions). By its first year the PS3 already sold 12 millions... Do you really think the Wii U will sell 8 millions in the next 6 months?

Wii U is in much deeper troubles than the PS3 when it was at $600!

N4g_null1808d ago

Wii fit alone sold 20 million
mariokart alone did 20 millio
do we really need to go on?
besides.... after the other consoles release they will have around 4 million console out there before you see Nintendos next move.otherwise it's predictable old Nintendo.

if you think the agree systems here or vote systems are even a 10th other the industry you would be fooling yourself.

CBaoth1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

@ Wishing - You're comprehension is off. The PS3 sold 1.7 million units during the calendar year of 2006. That FY you see stands for fiscal year, which ends March 31st of the following year. So Sony sold 3.5 million in the first 4 1/2 months on the market and 10.4 million from Nov. '06 to Dec. '07 (58 weeks), not 12 mil in 52.

But to answer your question, no it won't sell another 7 million in the last 4 1/2 months of the year. I expect the WiiU to have an install base a little more than half that by the time FY 2013 ends (March 31, 2014). My Pachter numbers - 5.5 mil WiiU, 5 mil PS4, 3 mil XB1. Add 1 million to the WiiU numbers if it receives a price cut.

@ Scissor, No offense but I believe you're also deluding yourself if you honestly believe MarioKart, Mario, or Wii Fit are going to sell 20 million units on the WiiU. Surely you're not suggesting it was BECAUSE of these games that the Wii sold a 100 million? The motion controlled UI and its ability to attract millions of non-gamers into the fold had nothing to do with it? Or its sub-300 dollar, casual friendly pricepoint in relation to its competitors? Serious question amigo: How have those IPs fared in the past? Did they drive hardware sales for the N64 & GC?

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TheDivine1808d ago

The problem is one fold, GAMES! Look at the 3ds, it was a solid system that didnt sell until Nin got off their ass and released the best lineup ever seen on a handheld. Imagine if the WiiU had...

A new top down Zelda
Fire Emblem
Paper Mario
Mario and Luigi
Mario Kart
Resident Evil
kid Icarus
Animal Crossing
Kingdom Hearts
Code of Princess
Etrian Odyssey
Project X Zone
Luigis Mansion
3d Mario
Bravely Default
DQ7 Remake

I would go buy one if a third of those released this year. They have a shit lineup. It's better with the announced e3 games, Pikmin 3, and Wonderful 101 releasing soon but its pretty sparse tbh. Step up and make me HAVE TO BUY A WIIU Nintendo! Same with Sony and the vita.

OhMyGandhi1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Nintendo doesn't go a good enough job with naming iterations for their consoles.

DS, DSLite, DSI, DsiXL,NES, SNES, Gb, GbColor, GbPocket, GbAdvance, GbMicro and even the "3DS"...
Just put a -number- after it for Christ sake, is that that difficult?

N4g_null1808d ago

told you guys they just need to learn the shaders. they simply are not using the system completely. yet this does not change the fact that they still have some of the bestgame play pretty much says the old Wii was good enough most game types. the bottle neck was always graphically ether it's in learning the tools or the creation of graphic trying to approach movies. gaming doesn't have the pocketbook for those graphics even if they did have the hardware. as you can see PC gaming suffers from this potential.

then we have gamers that are cheap or sheep. they will never pay for a game on the same scale as say a Pacific rim. apple is releasing a real console for the high end lol. it's called a Mac pro and most gamers can not afford it.

gamers have become some twisted form of casual and misguided graphic whore. game play is only valued by certain groups. if you claim the Wiiu is underpowered then you might not have a full grasps of computer tech or coding.

tell me what good is all that ram when you don't have a server class CPU?
what good is all that you if you still don't have the gpu that can push PC level direct x 11 graphics. the truth is the xbox1 and ps4 are mid level what PC user where using in 2009 if not earlier.
yet we areabout to see 4k dual monitor PC/Mac support with dx11 class tech. it will blow every thing else away... but hold up you can't afford that and the game industry can't afford it. it is a dead end street.

Syntax-Error1808d ago

"Too Little Too Late" -Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams comes to mind

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richierich1809d ago

They need to make their games more hardcore like they did back in the day with N64 with Zelda Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. I don't think cartoony games appeal to people this gen the Wii U has more power than the Wii so they need to show what it can do graphically even the Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze game looks like it could have been done in Standard definition on the Wii. Actually it looks like a Wii game but in HD. There was a lot of buzz about the Wii U back in 2011 when they released the Zelda tech demo but since then I haven't seen a single game that looks even close to the Zelda E3 2011 demo. I will give Nintendo another year to see what they will have but if Im not impressed then I guess I will have to trade my Wii U in to Gamestop

Abriael1809d ago

i'm not sure going back to the past MORE than what they're already stuck in it would help. Probably they just need to get with the times and start doing things that will appease today's audience too, not just the nostalgics.

gnothe11809d ago

sad part is...they(gamestop) only wanted to give me 75 dollars store credit for my 32 gig wiiU after i paid 350 for it...not gonna happen..

richierich1809d ago

Damn only 75 quid? Guess I will keep it then

zeal0us1809d ago

Sell it on ebay, skip gamestop

Starbucks_Fan1809d ago

Why on earth would you even consider Gamestop?!

kreate1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I got 165 for my ps3 from gamestop several months ago. I think base was like 110.

Wonder why wii-u is only 75 ...

Syntax-Error1808d ago

They low-balled you because they are not in demand. A used PS3 will sell faster than a Wii-U.

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Dj7FairyTail1809d ago

right yall didn't care about N64 and GameCube when they had games for core gamers.

It yall fault for saying Nintendo not for core gamers when yall didn't go out and buy N64 and GC.

Abriael1809d ago

Blame the customer mh?

Yeah, great way to improve things. It worked well for Sega.

richierich1808d ago

I bought both and still have them to this day

Syntax-Error1808d ago

"Mom! Is it safe to put a fork in them? Looks like they're done!"

wishingW3L1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

games only for children on a $350 system. Perfect recipe for disaster. Any sane parent would rather opt for a 3DS. XD

If their focus was going to be just children and their own first party games (like always) then they should have focused on making a more affordable console than this. Who the hell in their right mind would buy this over a PS4 for almost the same price? Especially when the PS4 will have a variety of exclusives and 3rd party games too, better graphics, better online, many more features like blu-ray, etc.

Lboogieskells1809d ago

That and they have no first party variety.

Craigatorian1808d ago

Don't trade it back in. Not until the generation is over, maybe there'll be like 1 game that'll interest you and you'll regret it.
*Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem & X*

AWBrawler1808d ago

X looks better than that zelda.

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caseh1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

It won't get an increase in sales until the prices are slashed. Once its down to say £150 the people who own a Wii who are looking to buy a new console will look at the PS4/XB1 for £350+ and opt for the WiiU, soley on the price difference.

If they can get down to that price in time for Christmas it may turn things around for them.

mcstorm1808d ago

I agree I think Nintendo will do this but the Wiiu is having the same issue the 3ds had at the start in no big games and people not knowing what it is.

Nintendo need to tell people the Wiiu is a new gen console and not another version of the Wii and with gamea like supper smash bros, Zelda, Mario kart ect out between now and march as well as a price drop I think the sales of the Wiiu will pickup.

I got mine on day one and I am loving the console. It is not short on games but it is short on exclusive games and reasons to buy the consoles as the games that are on it are on the ps3 and 360 like cod, batman, fifa ect.

For me im looking forward to the next few months as I am getting a one but just with forza and then getting pikmin, Mario 3rd world, dk, Zelda hd, sonic, super smash bros and Mario kart between this month and march as well as Pokemon for the 3ds so for me its a good time to be a Nintendo fan but Nintendo need to show off there games more.

Craigatorian1808d ago

I think it's already too late to try show the public it's a new console. Wouldn't it be weird to start advertising for a console thats already come out?

mcstorm1808d ago

Not really they just have to get the message across to the public that the Wiiu is the next generation console from Nintendo like they did with the 3ds.

I know the Wiiu gets slated on here but it really is not a bad console. I have quite a few games for mine and I think the Wiiu game pad is great for all the games I've got and the pro is also a very good controller to. If Nintendo can push the console in the right way and get the big name games like cod, fifa ect on ita console and be £100 cheaper than the ps4 it could really start to get the none and core gamers on board as we all know Nintendo has quality ips but there consoles lack the 3rd party ones and it is this it need to pull in users from the 360 and ps3.

ifritAlkhemyst1809d ago

For me, it's the complete lack of games. Nintendo spreads themselves too thin for me between their consoles and hand-helds. Now, see, if you made something like that old Gameboy Advance converter for Gamecube, but for the DS and Wii U, I'd have no problem buying their system.

MrKingofVideoGames1809d ago

well, we did finally get Injustice DLC last week.