Nintendo President Agrees There Are Too Many Cut-Scenes In Video Games Nowadays

"Most of the video games we play these days are littered with lengthy cut scenes as a way to progress with the story. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that there are simply too many in video games nowadays and that Shigeru Miyamoto would agree with him on this statement. Iwata said that Miyamoto is one of the few developers that isn’t reliant on producing cut-scenes and he wonders what could have been done instead with the time, money and resources."

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Concertoine1452d ago

Cutscenes arent an inherently bad thing but i agree that they totally break the flow. Half Life 2 for example never wrestled your control away (except once or twice) during cutscenes.

Neckbear1452d ago

In most Nintendo games I've played, cutscenes are there to complement the gameplay instead of the other way around. That's why they're such a joy to play, it's gameplay first and cutscenes second for them.

BiggCMan1452d ago

This is exactly why I don't care about Nintendo games any more. I loved them as a kid, but as I've grown up, I want a story told to me.

Nintendo hasn't changed at all, they remain stagnant in my opinion and are stuck in the past. When there is a story being told, a real story, not the princess being captured again or Ganondorf being evil again, then I want it to be told in both wonderfully crafted scenes like Naughty Dog does with Uncharted and Last of Us.

As well as little gameplay snippets such as collectibles that tell a story about previous events. Nintendo hasn't matured, and they just aren't for me any more. I'm not saying anyone else has to feel that way at all, of course not, be happy enjoying Nintendo as long as you want and don't let others tell you how to enjoy games.

Neckbear1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


I guess I'm too old, but I grew up with games that allowed you to make your own stories instead of tell them. Things like Wizardry II and Ultima IV didn't give you a story, the games (and what happened within them) WERE the story. It's pretty much the same with Nintendo's games, especially as of recently, and it's something I really appreciate. It's also why I love Demon's Souls, that was like a glimmer of hope for me in the last generation, riddled with "cinematic experiences" that were just a chore to play to me.

I do think Nintendo has changed, although it's in the gameplay department- they've got a vision their developers share and they stick to it. That vision, coincidentally, is exactly what makes me love video games: make an interactive playground where many things can happen in many different ways and give them to players to experiment with. It fills my inner kid, the one that used to write a backstory for each and every of his Wizardry or Might & Magic characters, cry in joy.

They're not stagnant, though, that's for certain- they're just fundamentally different from other companies. Whether you can appreciate that depends on the individual.

Cindy-rella1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Cut scenes are there to keep a flow of narrative between gameplay. It keeps the story fresh in a players mind giving the player more of a purpose of playing. I hate playing games where it feels like im grinding or ive lost the main cause of why im playing.

Nintendo saying that there are too much cutscenes in games is like them saying online gaming is irrelevant because they are areas they dont focus on. To each their own. I like cutscenes because it keeps me engaged in the world and why i need to go on playing a lot of times in games.

Nintendo lacks genres and certain standards in gaming now because they are stuck in the past.

nix1452d ago

In old days, the only cut scenes were "Thank you Mario but your princess is in another castle" 8 times or so.

Unless you figured out the shortcuts.

Concertoine1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


To each his own, but there's still a market for gameplay-first games. A big one. Sometimes people want to pick up a game and play. I played Lost Planet 2 recently which has an awful story that never even tries, yet very fun gameplay, but i am forced to sit through cutscene after cutscene just to get to the good. These days cutscenes are often fodder to increase playtime.

I like both types of games. Right now i'm playing persona 4 on ps2 and captain toad on wii u. With persona 4 i have to sort of recap what happened last time i played, where i am in the story, what happened to all the characters and with captain toad i literally turn it on and play. I enjoy both games, but both have different appeal to me.

But there are also ways around cutscenes, and Nintendo has utilized them. Metroid Prime has all of its story tucked away in logs throughout the environment, and you can read about the entire plight of the chozo, about the enemy's movements and reasoning, about every enemy's biology... or you can not read it at all. You can go through the entire game without knowing/caring any of that is in the game. That is masterful design and i wish more games emulated Prime's style of storytelling. That's why Prime is a fun game to play multiple times, there's not story cutscenes to sit through or anything like that. Even Nintendo themselves don't seem to understand how brilliant it is. They certainly aren't stagnant because they refuse to follow other companies. They should make games that they enjoy making, and if they want story-driven games, they can buy them like they've been doing.

N4g_null1452d ago

I think you guys are mistaking animation tech as story. The last of us story wasn't that great. As an adult they competed against all other media released. I find Michael Bay films having better stories. To me titan ae, certain movies even gone girl provide real stories. As an adult I'm turned off by what sony pushes on me like others and teen level story rather than something truly worthy of using a story as the main focus of the game.

The elephant in the room is the game play is not good for various reasons. Skill is replaced by fetch quest and rewarded by imaginary vapid development teams that pour everything in to visualize skills.

Gaming is missing the edge over other media. Our stories use to be dynamic and evolved just by playing differently. The producers of these games had stories that could not be defined by words along. Skill acquired from play is part of those stories. That is completely missing.

This is why I trumpet nintendo they have not forgotten this and they are real gamers also. Unfortunately they have not grown that idea into adult games. This is why Nintendo and Sony need to be a co op corp.

In a perfect world sony and Nintendo could make an os that could run on any hardware. Sony goes big while nintendo keeps attracting new old and young gamers.

The problem is sony needs more help on the gameplay front. I know I give sony hell but that is a good thing. I know they can do better. I done many types of creative work yet no dept should every dominate the other if you want a solid production and success.

Gaming does have the power to fix sonys financial problems yet they must embrace gaming and not try to change it.

As of right now movie gaming lacks game play. Movies are not supposed to be boring. The story is not strong enough to be released as a movie or even watched again are they?

I just look at the popular tv series like walking dead, breaking bad, dexter, etc etc.... they have totally left video games behind art wise when it comes to story telling. You are not suppose to trumpet your weakness until you are strong.

If you do this gaming become niche. Right now this is the real reason gaming is not looked at as an art but just an atm. The creators are not held accountable because of fanboys and money bags.

The idea of getting with the times when something is as flawed as game production right now just makes you look like an enabler of boring games crutches by things that are not really fun.

It is safe to say there are more fans than real gamers playing games right now. This is the casual core.

AnotherProGamer1452d ago

The unskippable cutscenes in Mario Sunshine make it a pain to replay

3-4-51452d ago

Bigg C lost his/her imagination.

I love having to piece some of the LoZ story together in every game.

It doesn't tell you 100%, therefore leaving you with that feeling of wonderment and awe, trying to piece everything together.

It makes it more....."special/meaning ful"


"I think you guys are mistaking animation tech as story. The last of us story wasn't that great. As an adult they competed against all other media released. I find Michael Bay films having better stories. To me titan ae, certain movies even gone girl provide real stories. As an adult I'm turned off by what sony pushes on me like others and teen level story rather than something truly worthy of using a story as the main focus of the game.

The elephant in the room is the game play is not good for various reasons. Skill is replaced by fetch quest and rewarded by imaginary vapid development teams that pour everything in to visualize skills. "

I think you have just summed up perfectly the issue i have had with a lot of games, especially sony exclusives that everyone else seems to think is just the OMG bestz tingz ever created in the gaming world... and I am like ok, I try to keep an open I try to see what everyone seems to love so much or why it gets hyped so much and I am just like... Meh...

I still have not actually finished the last of us and I could go on forever about why I have not been able to get into it, but no need now lol.

garrettbobbyferguson1452d ago


If you want a story told to you, go read a book or watch a movie. I truly hate people like you, that want video games to not be games anymore. It's gameplay FIRST always.

badz1491452d ago

LOL @Nintendo

don't you guys have things to do other than trying to speak for the industry like you guys are still "relevant"?

come on, seriously, why do you guys even care how other people make their games and tell their stories? did other devs insult you mama and killed your dog or something that you guys feel the constant need to downplay/criticize their games?

I'm not gonna say you guys at Nintendo are stuck in the past or anything just because you stick to YOUR proven formula and you guys can stay doing what you're best at and let other people do what they want to do too but guys just feel it's your fvcking job to say other are doing it WRONG!

seriously, GTFO Nintendo!

Big_Game_Hunters1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

@biggCman a game having a story doesn't mean its mature, it doesn't mean anything as far the complexity or maturity of a game. let me ask you though,a video game series like Zelda that changes drastically in game play and artstyle every iteration has become stagnant to you, but a video game series that is literally the exact same gameplay/style every time but has a different story isn't stagnant?

Also just because you describe Zelda stories to be simple doesn't mean they are. That's like if i said uncharted is always just Drake looks for a treasure but the treasure is magic again... see i can do it too.

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Xof1452d ago

Games have really come into their own as a narrative medium in the past decade or so,and there's much more thought and consideration placed in narrative delivery than ever before. Because of this, there's a certain push back against traditional play/cutscene segregation.

And while it's great developers are now more aware that there are many other tools they can use to tell stories, none make cut scenes obsolete--and never will. A good storyteller will use any tool he or she has at his or her disposal--the bad ones will just do the same thing over and over.

N4g_null1452d ago

Just because there is more thought doesn't mean they are better. Play for or 3 or ninja gaiden on the old nes. Those cuts scenes where so good you could watch them over and over. They made you go thur crazy skill challenges to get better at gaming just to find out more. I mean secret of mana has more story in its title screen than most games.

Ask your self where are the pure game play trailers that make you want to play and why does the development team have to take control away from the story to be played out? We have the power to play these story out now and possibly let you change the faith even sometimes.

What happened to chronotrigger like games. You watch the whole game change. Without the tech wiz bang.

Better yet what is your idea of a good story?

Concertoine1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

"A good storyteller will use any tool he or she has at his or her disposal--the bad ones will just do the same thing over and over."

But if there isn't a story to tell, but a game to play, that isn't much of a factor.

Just curious, would you call Kojima a bad story teller considering he's been doing the same thing for 20 years in terms of reliance on cutscenes rather than other tools? Personally i would... he's got great stories, just not the best way to tell them.

mattdillahunty1452d ago

"Games have really come into their own as a narrative medium in the past decade or so"

actually, they haven't overall. they've been playing "hey Hollywood, look at me, i can tell stories too. watch me copy off you."

there are games here and there that break that mold (Half-Life, Journey, Metroid Prime, Dark Souls, Gone Home), but there are way too many games that just make you play for a while, then you get to watch a mini-movie, then play some more, then watch a mini-movie.

if the minority of games that did narration, exposition, and story delivery correctly were actually the majority, THEN games would have come into their own. but there are too many games right now that try to be movies in video game form. that's not where gaming's strength lies.

3-4-51452d ago

If 20 Dev's are making Cutscenes, then only 4-5 of them are doing it right.

The rest are not needed, done poorly, lack creativity, take away from pacing, are cheesy/corny/cringeworthy, or otherwise useless to the overall experience of the game.

I LOVE a good story, weather in book,video game, or movie, but the GAMES NEED TO BE GAMES first and foremost.

I like the way LoZ has always done story and cut scenes.

They seem to not be over the top, but most of it matters in some small way....not as much filler.

Also depends on the game.

If the story & characters are likeable, more cut scenes might not be a terrible thing.

crashbash1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

'Half Life 2 for example never wrestled your control away (except once or twice) during cutscenes.'

And that's the way I want games, not taking the control out of your hands. HL2 managed to tell an incredible story without having to resort to large cutscenes to tell it for you, you could see what was happening while you were still in the world.

Cutscenes are getting out of hand really. Gameplay, story, gameplay, story. If devs took a leaf out of Valves book it would be a lot better.

I think it's a shame that in 10 years since HL2 landed that developers still hang on to cutscenes to tell their tales. 10 years and HL2 still does it better than 99% of games.

That's why HL3 hasn't came out yet, Valve are still waiting for other devs to catch up. They tried to give other devs a chance to get with the times with Portal 2, show them what they COULD DO, but other devs are still scratching their heads and sticking in cutscenes that go on for ages.

gedden71452d ago

They are now a day because they take up too much development time.... Maybe if thethese games wouldn't have all these cut scenes the game can actually be better...??? But yeah, who wants that, right?? Smh...

otherZinc1452d ago

It damn sure is!
For "Cut-Sceens" see friggin Sony!
Where you don't play the game you watch the game!

The Last Of Us
The Order 1886
Just to name a few...

I've been saying this for years. I can't it when a developer takes the controller out of my hands.

Locknuts1452d ago

Half Life and Metroid Prime are two of the most immersive experiences ever for this very reason.

Orionsangel1451d ago

It depends on the story and length of the cut scene. For example I enjoyed the cut scenes in, The Last of Us. I even looked forward to them because I was so into the story. That's rare though. Most cut scenes in games bore me.

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MegaRay1452d ago

I am okay with that as long as the gameplay amazing.
Games like Kingdom Hearts and Tales of do fantastic job in gameplay and cutscenes department.

jholden32491452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

They can be used tastefully. But a lot of AAA games just abuse them to no end.

And, is the game providing entertainment via story you watch unfold like a movie, or through skill-based gameplay you navigate?

I still feel like a true game that you actually play- if it's good enough to stand on its own two legs without needing story as a crutch, can provide more entertainment than a thousand cutscenes and Hollywood style presentation.

I like both, but some act as if thoroughbred games are inferior to Hollywood hybrids, simply because the visual luster is not there.

Rodney251451d ago

I like my cutscenes as long as the game doesn't start with a long cutscene then I'm cool. Its the worst when you're ready to play and the dump an hour long scene that's important to the story in front of you like damn I just want to play for a bit. Games like GTA, TLOU, and Mass Effect i feel do it right. GTA has short ones and they talk during gameplay, TLOU Is just enjoyable enough to sit through and there's no other game that I can't wait for the next dialogue section like ME and Dragon Age just so I can choose what my character says . It's all preference though.

ape0071452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Nintendo games are phenomenal, no f***** doubt, but when i see deep integrated epic storytelling and cut scenes that blend magically with the gameplay like in TLOU and UC and gta or even cod AW, i can't help but feel sad for some of the storytelling in nintendo games, it feels so outdated man

and don't tell me storytelling/settings has nothing to do with gameplay, a great story make the gameplay mean something, giving it a strong magnitude, make it memorable

quite frankly, in game storytelling is more epic and meaningful to me than watching a static movie in theatres, u PLAY IT, u FEEL IT

Xof1452d ago

Or you miss it entirely because you were focused on playing the game, or the audio track cut out early because you accidentally triggered something else, or you can't hear a character's dialog any more because you accidentally touched an analog stick and every single developer these days HAS to code directional audio.

Every delivery method has weaknesses, some more than others.

N4g_null1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

By the way great discussion guys!

Without nintendo I would not be playing any games this year or next. I would be buying movies and play chess or coaching some kids or something thing that is not as passive. I am so am

Nintendo needs to start a new arm for storytelling only. Game play first but stories that are integrated into the game play and stand along movies that continues the story telling.

DragoonsScaleLegends1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Lol worst thing about all of my Wii U Nintendo games is that there is only 5 seconds of story and then 100 goals to beat before there is anymore at the end almost like a mobile game. I mean I love Super Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine and they felt original but now it just feels like repetitive goals on Super Mario 3D World with very little originality. I can deal with zero cutscenes but give me more of a purpose then just killing countless enemys to save these fairy pixie things that for some reason were captured by Bowser and we are supposed to care. That basically sums up the purpose of Super Mario 3D World sorry for spoiling it for you.

LOL_WUT1452d ago

Also the way they deliver their dialogue is pretty outdated its like in a movie with subtitles I want to be able to see what going on in scene instead focusing on some text.

I would like Nintendo to embrace what some western devs have done and incorporate it into some of their games ;)

For the record cutscenes don't make or break a game they are perfect for when you need to get your story across

Vegamyster1452d ago

The lack of a narrative didn't stop that game from being great, the only knock i have against it was how easy it is.

gamerfan09091452d ago

super long unskippable Cutscenes and devs trying to make video games into " cinematic" movies is really killing gaming for me. It used to be that the gameplay and the challenges within the gameplay was the highlight of games. Now dev's are implementing 100 annoying QTE's and 10 minute long cutscenes to substitute for actual gameplay and challenging gameplay mechanics. It's crazy people can make 2 hour movies out of cutscenes, but some games have 7 or 8 hour campaigns.