Shigeru Miyamoto's emotional statement to Satoru Iwata's passing - and the future of Nintendo

Shigeru Miyamoto releases an emotional statement over the loss of his colleague and friend, while helping to keep the company of Nintendo afloat whilst a new president is being chosen.

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gangsta_red1250d ago

Rest in peace to Satoru Iwata, this man was too young to go. Loved how he would personally address his fanbase with his Nintendo directs and the Smash Bros. fight between him and Reggie was beyond epic.

Shigeru Miyamoto, time to step up!

Becuzisaid1250d ago

I've made many comments here about how Nintendo needs new leadership, and none of that matters at all. I've never meant disrespect to him, he's seemed like a genuine person with the gamers interest at heart. He was important to the industry, and whether I liked his decisions or not, he was cared for by many people. RIP.

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