Miyamoto: The Wii U GamePad Gives Us Advantages over Tablets, Smartphones

"Forget Nintendo’s lackluster January console sales, forget worries about dwindling interest in game consoles in general — Shigeru Miyamoto clearly believes in the Wii U, and he’s thinking well beyond its appeal to traditional gamers. The man whose iconic video game franchises — Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Pikmin and more – have for decades inspired the games industry views the Wii U’s sui generis GamePad as the Wii U’s saving grace, arguing that its synchronous streaming technology should insulate it from the tablet/smartphone threat while fundamentally reconceptualizing the decades-old viewing/playing dynamic in living rooms.

I spoke with Miyamoto by phone earlier this week in a broad-ranging interview about the Wii U as well as his approach to game design — here’s part one.", writes Time.

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smashcrashbash1987d ago

No offense but unless your system can connect to phones and tablets like Sony plans to do with the PS4 you have no advantages over tablets and phones. Those people aren't going to buy the Wii U because you have controller that looks like a tablet when they can buy one that does more then your Wii u one does.It also doesn't help that you can't take it on long trips.

Ashunderfire861987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Just to clarify things not to hate, but the PS4 would be just a server for PSP Vita, tablets and phones to play PS4 games. What I mean is that you can't take those games anywhere either, just everywhere in the house. It's pretty much like Wii U.

classic2001987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

nope your wrong and you clearly don't know what the VITA can do, the concept with the VITA and PS4 is to be able to access the PS4 from anywhere in the world with the VITA with the internet. Also you can play your games in the cloud on the go, so no its not like the wiiu gamepad that have you stuck at home.

Also the PS3 can communicate with the VITA for some games already away from home but its just a few because the PS3 was not design that way so basically the PS4 and PSVITA with bring this to reality with ease.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

No offense but unless Sony plans on offering a Vita/PS4 bundle at a excellent price, no one cares what it's capabilities are. And why would I want to play a next-gen game on my phone or tablet? No...just no. I only say this because you brought Sony into a Nintendo discussion which actually is off-topic.

Fsfsxii, that's why I mentioned devs, as in 3rd party, I'm sure Sony will cater to those folks until the Vita sells way more to peak the interests of everyone else.

darthv721987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

the wii-u has with the gamepad is close proximity communication. There is no wifi to go through or internet to have to deal with. it is as straight a connection like any other direct paired device.

the psp and vita with remote play are at the conditions of the system either by wifi or over the internet. i have used both and can say that direct communication is by far a better response time than that of wifi or internet based.

the disadvantage is the lack of distance. So that is where the disadvantage of the wii-u is an advantage of the psp/vita/tablet/phone... because of the ability to be further away from the source.

The best example would be cordless phone vs cell phone. Cell phone offers greater flexibility due to it working almost anywhere but there is a potential for loss of signal quality based on location. A cordless phone offers better signal quality but less range.

Now the vita has bluetooth capabilities. if sony were to invoke that kind of direct pairing between the vita and ps4 (since it isnt supported on the ps3) then we can see the vita sharing that direct communication connection like the wii-u pad does with the wii-u.

fsfsxii1987d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3
Hmm, how about the people who already own the Vita??

poopsack1987d ago


You're wrong about one thing. You're not limited to your household, as remote play has always worked from any destination. That means that if you're on a wifi network in one city and your Ps4 is back home connected to wifi as well you will be able to play PS4 games off your Vita in that other city. It is not pretty much like Wii U.

Ashunderfire861987d ago

Show me proof guys that you can play PS4 games on the Vita anywhere other than in the house. I thought I read an article where someone from Sony said anywhere in the house. Come on cough it up with facts. Time to put you on spot. Show proof.

N4g_null1987d ago

I'm pretty sure the 3ds can do wifi screen streaming and playing on your phone is silly it has no buttons.

Also Sony has yet to show any games that need that type of play setup as mandatory. Nintendo is pretty much commited to this type of play. Just like motion play it is up to them to show why it is fun and adds to gaming.

So far nintendo land is fun and does that. I think they are holding back so ms and Sony will not copy.

PSVita1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

@Ashunderfire86 The psp could play anywhere in the world and you can do the same with the ps3 and vita. The difference is that with better hardware like more RAM it won't tax the ps4 as much so a lot more game will work with it. Your music, video and pics all work fine right now though. In short yes you can play ANYWHERE IN WORLD as long as you have wifi.

poopsack1986d ago

Look at the link provided above, if this has been possible for years,why is it so hard to believe itd be possible for a console that is being built with PSVita connectivity in mind? And dont ask for facts when your source is some article you thought you read somewhere someday where some guy said something. Way to put everyone on the spot.

darthv721986d ago

I dont think anyone is trying to discredit the psp/vita for being able to remote play over the internet. The quality of that experience will vary due to communication variables.

Not to mention the speed of the connection, bandwidth, security features you have to disable to make the link work through wifi or the internet.

It works...just I think people are giving it too much credit and not looking at the bigger picture of "how" it plays but looking at the simple fact "that" it plays.

The wiiu pad is a wireless controller with a screen (as someone else further below obviously stated) and is meant to be played in conjunction with the base system. That kind of wireless connection is just currently not possible on the same level with the psv and psp.

Like i said before, if sony made it to where you can pair the vita to the PS4 via bluetooth then we could achieve similar results. The downside is you would be limited to distance very much like the wiiu pad is to the base unit. Bluetooth offers a better connection to a device than wifi does because it is a direct link instead of a networked link.

So, will the vita be able to play games from the ps4...yes.

will those games be as controllable with the same fidelity as if playing on the ps4...that remains to be seen.

If sony does not offer paired communication then the quality of the experience will be at the mercy of the communication restrictions (speed, interference, hops across the internet).

Will sacrifices have to be made to accommodate the type of connection between the two...yes. But those sacrifices will vary due to if games are developed with vita play in mind.

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BullyMangler1987d ago

read the article carefully and stop nitpicking your way to a false victory

DA_SHREDDER1987d ago

Supposedly, in the near future, you will beable to connect to all tabs and cell phones via video chat. I will pm you the link where I heard that, i think it was from

PopRocks3591987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

The Wii U Gamepad is not a tablet, it's a game console controller with a touch screen. Why can't people understand this? You may as well call the Vita's screen and the DS/3DS' touch screen tablets as well.

I'm not sure about connecting your smartphone to the Wii U or vice versa, but I'm pretty certain Nintendo announced eons ago that they're getting Miiverse expanded to smart phones and computers as well.

1up1987d ago

to you guys talking about the ps4 streaming over a cloud service. it will blow monkey chunks, if it is a reality. cloud gaming sucks on so many lvls right now and any time in the near future. latency issues keep what u think is a good thing from being good. unless u have the best internet service this country offers (100gbs) its not a viable way to game. do yourselves a favor, look into cloud gaming and look at all the reasons know one else is going that route.

and a tablet can not do what a wii u can do. it streams directly from the console to your controller. there is no latency issues or connection issues which u would get if u used a tablet or phone because of the router and wifi and then u would have to deal with connection speeds. and who is to say that nintendo couldnt release an app that allows u to do just that using the wii u? not that nintendo or any other console manufacture would want u to stream their games on to your tablet or smartphone. and sony hasnt even said u can do that anywhere, unless u have a source showing that sony stated that. they only said its going to use the market place and bring social capabilities to those devices, not the actual games......

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1987d ago

Actually Nintendo IS...

The articles was up 2 (or 1) days ago and they mentioned it in several Nintendo Directs.

Here is the N4G Link:

daboosa1986d ago

That will never work day one I can promise that all of the tech that sony has promised will be unreliable and will take them forever to get right! Look at the PS3 is it perfect OS yet? No! I get sick of the promises that take years to sort (trophies). Cant say nintendoes is any b

OmegaSlayer1986d ago

This kind of stubborness will lead Nintendo to ruin.
And, sincerely, I don't mind.

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arbitor3651987d ago

except for that little part about being portable...... oh

kamikazepikmin1987d ago ShowReplies(1)
PopRocks3591987d ago

The Wii U is a HOME CONSOLE. It was never intended as a portable one. The gamepad is a game controller, not a tablet. You're talking about two different kinds of devices at this point.

richierich1987d ago

I own a Wii U but IMO I think a tablet controller isnt as revolutionary as the Wii Remote

MNGamer-N1986d ago

I agree. But is it still new, unique and fun? YES.

classic2001987d ago

The wiiu gamepad is very cool for unique experience and the biggest advantage it got over tablets is that it can play games with dedicated buttons. The biggest flaw though I cant take the gamepad too far away from the wiiu which makes tablets the advantage with casual gamers.

If the wiiu gamepad had remote play to communicate with the wiiu from great distances then I personally think nintendo could have threatened the traditional tablet market in ways not even Apple would be ready for.

The VITA could do this but its too expensive so not everyone is going to get it for the PS4 sadly, even if its bundle with the PS4 the price is going to be way to high for casuals unless sony got a secret strategy.

darthv721987d ago

Since the wii-u does not use line of sight like a typical remote for a tv, it should be able to still link to the gamepad from another room or possible another floor.

In my house, I would want to go downstairs and use the gamepad while my kids used the tv for other games. The game room sits directly above the main family room which is less than 15ft if measured in a straight line. That should still work....I would assume.

The only thing to take into consideration is if the gamepad is like a cordless phone (like my example above) then there is a distance you cant exceed and the more obstacles between the base and the pad can play havoc with the signal. Things like insulation and walls and electromagnetic interference.

N4g_null1987d ago

You know what is fun... Power inverters in your car and projectors lol. That is the best portable ever! LoL. Try it with a wiiu loads of fun. Hell nintendo should do that as their marketing.

InsaneChronos1987d ago

>> The Wii U GamePad Gives Us Advantages over Tablets, Smartphones <<
No. The Wii U doesn't have advantages even over the Vita, according to sales.

mamotte1987d ago

Sales are not important!
...said by everyone about the Wii.

InsaneChronos1987d ago

That's right, sales are not important for consumers.

PopRocks3591987d ago

"That's right, sales are not important for consumers."

Then why did you just make a point about sales in your original post?

InsaneChronos1986d ago

Because sales are important for Nintendo fans.

PopRocks3591986d ago

Sales are important to Nintendo fans when others cite them to bash Nintendo products. Being knowledgeable and actually caring about something are two different things.

1upgamer991986d ago

Uh, yeah because until last month Vita just flew off the shelves.

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