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Submitted by jjdoyle 1072d ago | interview

Miyamoto: The Wii U GamePad Gives Us Advantages over Tablets, Smartphones

"Forget Nintendo’s lackluster January console sales, forget worries about dwindling interest in game consoles in general — Shigeru Miyamoto clearly believes in the Wii U, and he’s thinking well beyond its appeal to traditional gamers. The man whose iconic video game franchises — Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Pikmin and more – have for decades inspired the games industry views the Wii U’s sui generis GamePad as the Wii U’s saving grace, arguing that its synchronous streaming technology should insulate it from the tablet/smartphone threat while fundamentally reconceptualizing the decades-old viewing/playing dynamic in living rooms.

I spoke with Miyamoto by phone earlier this week in a broad-ranging interview about the Wii U as well as his approach to game design — here’s part one.", writes Time. (3DS, Industry, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii, Wii U)

smashcrashbash  +   1072d ago
No offense but unless your system can connect to phones and tablets like Sony plans to do with the PS4 you have no advantages over tablets and phones. Those people aren't going to buy the Wii U because you have controller that looks like a tablet when they can buy one that does more then your Wii u one does.It also doesn't help that you can't take it on long trips.
Ashunderfire86  +   1072d ago
Just to clarify things not to hate, but the PS4 would be just a server for PSP Vita, tablets and phones to play PS4 games. What I mean is that you can't take those games anywhere either, just everywhere in the house. It's pretty much like Wii U.
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classic200  +   1072d ago
nope your wrong and you clearly don't know what the VITA can do, the concept with the VITA and PS4 is to be able to access the PS4 from anywhere in the world with the VITA with the internet. Also you can play your games in the cloud on the go, so no its not like the wiiu gamepad that have you stuck at home.

Also the PS3 can communicate with the VITA for some games already away from home but its just a few because the PS3 was not design that way so basically the PS4 and PSVITA with bring this to reality with ease.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1072d ago
No offense but unless Sony plans on offering a Vita/PS4 bundle at a excellent price, no one cares what it's capabilities are. And why would I want to play a next-gen game on my phone or tablet? No...just no. I only say this because you brought Sony into a Nintendo discussion which actually is off-topic.

Fsfsxii, that's why I mentioned devs, as in 3rd party, I'm sure Sony will cater to those folks until the Vita sells way more to peak the interests of everyone else.
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darthv72  +   1072d ago
an advantage...
the wii-u has with the gamepad is close proximity communication. There is no wifi to go through or internet to have to deal with. it is as straight a connection like any other direct paired device.

the psp and vita with remote play are at the conditions of the system either by wifi or over the internet. i have used both and can say that direct communication is by far a better response time than that of wifi or internet based.

the disadvantage is the lack of distance. So that is where the disadvantage of the wii-u is an advantage of the psp/vita/tablet/phone... because of the ability to be further away from the source.

The best example would be cordless phone vs cell phone. Cell phone offers greater flexibility due to it working almost anywhere but there is a potential for loss of signal quality based on location. A cordless phone offers better signal quality but less range.

Now the vita has bluetooth capabilities. if sony were to invoke that kind of direct pairing between the vita and ps4 (since it isnt supported on the ps3) then we can see the vita sharing that direct communication connection like the wii-u pad does with the wii-u.
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fsfsxii  +   1072d ago
@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3
Hmm, how about the people who already own the Vita??
poopsack  +   1072d ago

You're wrong about one thing. You're not limited to your household, as remote play has always worked from any destination. That means that if you're on a wifi network in one city and your Ps4 is back home connected to wifi as well you will be able to play PS4 games off your Vita in that other city. It is not pretty much like Wii U.
Ashunderfire86  +   1072d ago
Show me proof guys that you can play PS4 games on the Vita anywhere other than in the house. I thought I read an article where someone from Sony said anywhere in the house. Come on cough it up with facts. Time to put you on spot. Show proof.
N4g_null  +   1072d ago
I'm pretty sure the 3ds can do wifi screen streaming and playing on your phone is silly it has no buttons.

Also Sony has yet to show any games that need that type of play setup as mandatory. Nintendo is pretty much commited to this type of play. Just like motion play it is up to them to show why it is fun and adds to gaming.

So far nintendo land is fun and does that. I think they are holding back so ms and Sony will not copy.
PSVita  +   1072d ago
@Ashunderfire86 The psp could play anywhere in the world and you can do the same with the ps3 and vita. The difference is that with better hardware like more RAM it won't tax the ps4 as much so a lot more game will work with it. Your music, video and pics all work fine right now though. In short yes you can play ANYWHERE IN WORLD as long as you have wifi.
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poopsack  +   1072d ago
Look at the link provided above, if this has been possible for years,why is it so hard to believe itd be possible for a console that is being built with PSVita connectivity in mind? And dont ask for facts when your source is some article you thought you read somewhere someday where some guy said something. Way to put everyone on the spot.
darthv72  +   1071d ago
@all above
I dont think anyone is trying to discredit the psp/vita for being able to remote play over the internet. The quality of that experience will vary due to communication variables.

Not to mention the speed of the connection, bandwidth, security features you have to disable to make the link work through wifi or the internet.

It works...just I think people are giving it too much credit and not looking at the bigger picture of "how" it plays but looking at the simple fact "that" it plays.

The wiiu pad is a wireless controller with a screen (as someone else further below obviously stated) and is meant to be played in conjunction with the base system. That kind of wireless connection is just currently not possible on the same level with the psv and psp.

Like i said before, if sony made it to where you can pair the vita to the PS4 via bluetooth then we could achieve similar results. The downside is you would be limited to distance very much like the wiiu pad is to the base unit. Bluetooth offers a better connection to a device than wifi does because it is a direct link instead of a networked link.

So, will the vita be able to play games from the ps4...yes.

will those games be as controllable with the same fidelity as if playing on the ps4...that remains to be seen.

If sony does not offer paired communication then the quality of the experience will be at the mercy of the communication restrictions (speed, interference, hops across the internet).

Will sacrifices have to be made to accommodate the type of connection between the two...yes. But those sacrifices will vary due to if games are developed with vita play in mind.
bullymangLer  +   1072d ago
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bullymangLer  +   1072d ago
read the article carefully and stop nitpicking your way to a false victory
DA_SHREDDER  +   1072d ago
Supposedly, in the near future, you will beable to connect to all tabs and cell phones via video chat. I will pm you the link where I heard that, i think it was from
PopRocks359  +   1072d ago
The Wii U Gamepad is not a tablet, it's a game console controller with a touch screen. Why can't people understand this? You may as well call the Vita's screen and the DS/3DS' touch screen tablets as well.

I'm not sure about connecting your smartphone to the Wii U or vice versa, but I'm pretty certain Nintendo announced eons ago that they're getting Miiverse expanded to smart phones and computers as well.
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1up  +   1072d ago
to you guys talking about the ps4 streaming over a cloud service. it will blow monkey chunks, if it is a reality. cloud gaming sucks on so many lvls right now and any time in the near future. latency issues keep what u think is a good thing from being good. unless u have the best internet service this country offers (100gbs) its not a viable way to game. do yourselves a favor, look into cloud gaming and look at all the reasons know one else is going that route.

and a tablet can not do what a wii u can do. it streams directly from the console to your controller. there is no latency issues or connection issues which u would get if u used a tablet or phone because of the router and wifi and then u would have to deal with connection speeds. and who is to say that nintendo couldnt release an app that allows u to do just that using the wii u? not that nintendo or any other console manufacture would want u to stream their games on to your tablet or smartphone. and sony hasnt even said u can do that anywhere, unless u have a source showing that sony stated that. they only said its going to use the market place and bring social capabilities to those devices, not the actual games......
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1072d ago
You asked," unless your system can connect to phones and tablets like Sony plans to do..."
Actually Nintendo IS...

The articles was up 2 (or 1) days ago and they mentioned it in several Nintendo Directs.

Here is the N4G Link:
daboosa  +   1072d ago
That will never work day one I can promise that all of the tech that sony has promised will be unreliable and will take them forever to get right! Look at the PS3 is it perfect OS yet? No! I get sick of the promises that take years to sort (trophies). Cant say nintendoes is any b
OmegaSlayer  +   1072d ago
This kind of stubborness will lead Nintendo to ruin.
And, sincerely, I don't mind.
arbitor365  +   1072d ago
except for that little part about being portable...... oh
kamikazepikmin   1072d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
PopRocks359  +   1072d ago
The Wii U is a HOME CONSOLE. It was never intended as a portable one. The gamepad is a game controller, not a tablet. You're talking about two different kinds of devices at this point.
richierich  +   1072d ago
I own a Wii U but IMO I think a tablet controller isnt as revolutionary as the Wii Remote
MNGamer-N  +   1071d ago
I agree. But is it still new, unique and fun? YES.
classic200  +   1072d ago
The wiiu gamepad is very cool for unique experience and the biggest advantage it got over tablets is that it can play games with dedicated buttons. The biggest flaw though I cant take the gamepad too far away from the wiiu which makes tablets the advantage with casual gamers.

If the wiiu gamepad had remote play to communicate with the wiiu from great distances then I personally think nintendo could have threatened the traditional tablet market in ways not even Apple would be ready for.

The VITA could do this but its too expensive so not everyone is going to get it for the PS4 sadly, even if its bundle with the PS4 the price is going to be way to high for casuals unless sony got a secret strategy.
darthv72  +   1072d ago
I will have to try something....
Since the wii-u does not use line of sight like a typical remote for a tv, it should be able to still link to the gamepad from another room or possible another floor.

In my house, I would want to go downstairs and use the gamepad while my kids used the tv for other games. The game room sits directly above the main family room which is less than 15ft if measured in a straight line. That should still work....I would assume.

The only thing to take into consideration is if the gamepad is like a cordless phone (like my example above) then there is a distance you cant exceed and the more obstacles between the base and the pad can play havoc with the signal. Things like insulation and walls and electromagnetic interference.
N4g_null  +   1072d ago
You know what is fun... Power inverters in your car and projectors lol. That is the best portable ever! LoL. Try it with a wiiu loads of fun. Hell nintendo should do that as their marketing.
False-Patriot  +   1072d ago
>> The Wii U GamePad Gives Us Advantages over Tablets, Smartphones <<
No. The Wii U doesn't have advantages even over the Vita, according to sales.
mamotte  +   1072d ago
Sales are not important!
...said by everyone about the Wii.
False-Patriot  +   1072d ago
That's right, sales are not important for consumers.
PopRocks359  +   1072d ago
"That's right, sales are not important for consumers."

Then why did you just make a point about sales in your original post?
False-Patriot  +   1072d ago
Because sales are important for Nintendo fans.
PopRocks359  +   1071d ago
Sales are important to Nintendo fans when others cite them to bash Nintendo products. Being knowledgeable and actually caring about something are two different things.
1upgamer99  +   1071d ago
Uh, yeah because until last month Vita just flew off the shelves.
millzy102  +   1072d ago
i own vita and wii u and vita is not a tablet or smart phone so why bring it up and the reason the gamepad has advantages over smart phone is it has buttons, thats it but thats what counts, why would i want to play console game on a phone or tablet the controls suck. also if people believe you can play ps4 games over internet from your ps4 thats not going to happen straight away. they said that about ps3 and psp/vita and all you can do is play indies a few hd remakes and ps1 games, but remote play is laggy as hell over internet only when connected to ps3 directly do i get stable connection. not hating saying how it is, the vita is good but its not a miracle worker. and vita has been out over a year so it should sell more but compare it to its competition the 3ds its still not selling much.
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smashcrashbash  +   1072d ago
@ WrAiTh Sp3cTr3.What makes you think no one cares? Just because you don't? Plenty of people would like to play next gen games on their devices.And people do care about what the capabilities are.Saying you don't care doesn't nullify the fact that people will care.Plenty of people who have cell phones and tablets have consoles as well and would be interested if you could communicate with you PS4 through them.Don't try to downgrade the importance just to try and prove a point.People are just getting upset because having a console connected to a tablet or phone would be more advantageous then a Wii Pad and can't really compete with a phone/tablet connection. It takes more then a Wii pad to look like a tablet to compete with it.It really doesn't give them an advantage at all.Insecurity and fanboyism doesn't change facts.
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Stroke666  +   1072d ago
I think u just have a hard time letting go. playing a console game on a phone or tablet would be novel at best but that novelty would wear thin quickly do to the control aspect. gamers do not buy tablets and phones to game on GOW, BO2, or even Knack. i mean to be able to connect to your gaming community through these devices would be great and will be implemented by all the consoles this gen, but actually playing the games on these devices... u would be part of the minority on wanting that and considering core gamers(if u r indeed one like myself) are already the minority.
DaPrintz  +   1071d ago
I agree. I do want to be able to connect to my ps4 with other devices. I would like to be able to get alerts about patches or dlc or even buy games via my phone and download and install to ps4 while at work.
millzy102  +   1072d ago
your not going to be playing ps4 games over internet on phones, maybe vita at some point but can you play uncharted, killzone, infamous on nothing but a touch screen, theres 16 buttons on a dualshock 3, 15 on dualshock 4 the whole screen will be covered in overlays. never mind the lag. you will be able to navigate menus, watch media and prob a second screen like smartglass. thats it for phones, if you believe you can play ps4 games on your phone your going to be very i said they said same thing about ps3 with psp and vita and what happened to that
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swice  +   1072d ago
Stop talking about it and show me
MontyQ  +   1072d ago
lol the wiiumote is size of a 1983 cell phone
x2geex  +   1072d ago
Moron, the wiimote is the size of a stapler.
MontyQ  +   1072d ago
ll moron eh read i sid wiiumote not wiimote lol u must be the moron if u cant read
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swice  +   1071d ago
What the hell is a wiiumote? You can't just go making up names for a product unless you're a rich-ass company
N4g_null  +   1072d ago
There is no wiiu mote only a gamepad.
TuxedoMoon  +   1072d ago
The Wii-u tablet (and console) is made of high quality Nintendium. The wii-u tablet does have its faults, like the limited battery life and no multitouch. I guess it can be advantageous since they are making money off the tablets...?
lilbroRx  +   1072d ago
Its not a tablet. Its a conroller/gamepad. They chose a single touch screen for "precision" and "cost".

The Wii U controller, from can be told, is the most expensive thing in the package.
NeoTribe  +   1072d ago
Wii u is competing against tablets and smart phones now lol. Cant handle the console war so has to find something it can handle. Ninty is gonna crash and burn because of this weak gimmick of a console.
lilbroRx  +   1072d ago
No its not. The Wii U is not a tablet and neither is its controller. Its not meant to do what those things do, therefore it is not competing with them. The Wii U is meant to be a game system and it is competing against other game systems.

The bases for the game pad was the DS. Nintendo wanted to bring multiscreen play to its console. The original design looked almost identical to the 3DS lower screen until they decided to add analog sticks instead of a slider.

It is meant to do what the DS could do only with more freedom and capability(ie, motion controls, a camera and a mic.)
khowat  +   1072d ago
I like the wii u *opens arms to accept the wii u hate*
AKR  +   1072d ago
The touch-controls of tablets/smartphones are lackluster. At least, when looking at the type of games you're playing on consoles. Either way - The Wii U isn't a tablet - so I don't know why people are even going there. All it has is a large touchscreen. Take out the touchscreen and the Wii U would just be a really big controller.

The GamePad is a quite revoloutionary step, again. The Wii Remote was a TV-Remote hybrid, with motion capabilities. That was cool. Now the Gamepad is a normal controller with a touchscreen and motion capabilities, along with a camera and mic. That's really cool too. It opens doors that can't be achieved through something like the Wii Remote, and that's what I like about it. And using the two together, is match like no other.

Being able to play a full console game, without the use of a TV is awesome. Having your own, personal screen - while everyone is playing on the T.V screen, is also awesome.

I like the Wii U. It takes the genes of the Wii Remote, and DS, and transforms it into an astounding hybrid.
N4g_null  +   1072d ago
It was funny playing black ops using the wiimote and the gamepad as a tv. I bet the vita doesn't let you do that? Right now the vita has zero interaction with the move controller. Then you can put this all together and have the main tv involved.

The gamepad is the next gameboys design minus another screen. In fact the gamepad could be converted into a real hand held if they wanted to do this. The ext port is at the bottom of the gamepad and there is more space for a bigger battery.

Sure every one would not buy it but we all know the vita is not upgradable.
profgerbik  +   1072d ago
What on earth? The thing is basically just a controller with a screen nothing more, it doesn't have it's own processor, graphics unit or RAM. You can't even take it that far from the console or use it over the internet like remote play..

Cheap smart phones have more features than the Wii U's gamepad, better screens, multi-touch, same cameras.. I just don't get how anyone could find the gamepad having an advantage over anything of the sort. I can't begin to understand how someone as intelligent as Miyamoto could say something so stupid. The gamepad doesn't even compare to anything smart phone or tablet related it doesn't even compare to the PS Vita by itself.

For example I just visited a friend in Florida and brought my PS VIta, I was able to remotely access my PS3 at home and play Tokyo Jungle from my PS3 while I was there through his internet.

I was in freaking Florida.. My PS3 is in Texas. Try to do that with your gamepad.. no offense.

Most people have no idea what the capabilities of remote play even are or Gaikai, they just bash it not even knowing nearly half of what it does. They also think it has to be near the PS3 or PS4.. which isn't true.

For those who aren't interested in the PS4 + Vita features that is great for you, but there are people who own Vita's that will love to use those features and I bet there are even some future PS4 owners that don't own one yet, that will want to use the Vita for that as well.

As far as I am concerned how can anyone complain about something that literally no one else is doing? No one else has done what Sony is doing and yet they get shit on as always.. I don't see anyone else adding this type of functionality to their handhelds..

It is all good though I know millions will be enjoying their PS4 and PS Vita. I already love what little remote play features we have with the PS3 now.
#15 (Edited 1072d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
N4g_null  +   1072d ago
Well you know video gaming is about gaming. Sony hasn't announced any thing infamous, killzone where you can use the vita like that yet. They havnt even reproduced bops local two player with your own screen yet.

So for you to understand what I'm talking about ill put it simpler. No one wants remote play and developers don't design for it. Nintendos trump is in dual screen play which they will support with more than 50% of their games.

Then on top of it all it let's you use the wiimote on the friggin gamepad so now the gamepad is a virtual surface for your wiimote.

On top of it all can you connect two controllers to your vita and play a two player game? Well we can use four controller with full wiiu support for motion control without the need of a tv.

So cloud gaming is a great idea for the future just not now it seems. Plus this isn't even about the vita and remote play. This is about dual screen play locally with full motion support for multiple players. This is also about a company who will actualy make this feature the center of their game design.

So once again this comes down to gaming and playing. Remote play is nice and cloud gaming is nice but is there any game that even needs that to be fun?
profgerbik  +   1072d ago
Let's take the Wii U away from the gamepad and see how well it does then. Then let's see how many advantages this gamepad alone has over current smart phones, tablets and the PS Vita.

Thing is I don't need to lug a box around to use any of those other devices and the PS4 will be able to connect to those exact same things remotely from anywhere again not requiring me to ever have to pack my PS4 up just to stay connected with those other devices...

Sorry Nintendo but the only people who actually took the time to think about how badly smart phones and tablets are dominating is Sony. They have practically alleviated every concern that these smart phones and tablets could bring to the competition even better yet they are allowing people to use them with their new device.

Nintendo is stupidly trying to compete is the problem, to make matters worse with a controller that feature wise can't even touch what they are trying to compete with. Sony actually adapted though which is much more important for any companies survival. Sometimes you just have to realize you can't compete or always be the best, Sony realized that so instead they adapted.
#16 (Edited 1072d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
truechainz  +   1071d ago
I don't know why you keep trying to separate the two. The gamepad and the wii u are not meant to be universally portable. That is what the 3DS is for. The only thing Nintendo really needs to do for mobility is strengthen the signal so you can play the gamepad anywhere in your house. As far as smartphones are concerned the gamepad has buttons so that automatically gives it an advantage, but honestly the two are meant for different things so it doesn't matter. As for the vita it also has different functionality. Being able to take it anywhere and play is great, though I have noticed plenty of lag issues cuz the Internet is not good enough yet, and the gamepad has much better asymmetrical gameplay uses and much greater support. Each has their own advantages so I suggest everyone just chill out and buy what you like.
AO1JMM  +   1072d ago
FAN-BOYS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zeldafreak404  +   1072d ago
Shiggy miyamoto forgets that most western developers find arent as open minded with different control schemes
ozzywazzy  +   1071d ago
Shiggy has lost his marbles and his magic touch. How he advocated the production and design of the wii u is beyond me.
smashcrashbash  +   1072d ago
You know the whole point that was made at first is that the Wii U pad is not a tablet and therefore can't give them an advantage over a tablet.So I am not sure what exactly people are defending.The Wii u pad isn't tablet or a phone and can't compete with them so I am not sure what people are talking about or what Miyamoto is trying to say. People who own tablets and phones aren't going to run out and buy a Wii u because the controller looks like a tablet and it doesn't have all the features a tablet has.So how does it give them an advantage? What is the Wii U's advantage over a tablet or phone? You can't take the controller anywhere that isn't in your house and it has to be close enough to the actual console to do it. How ever Sony manages to connect their console to other devices you will be able to take the device much further then just another room in the house.So I still don't understand how that gives the gamepad an advantage over a tablet or phone.But I should have known better to try and make sense with an article full of Nintendo supporters.It doesn't matter what Nintendo says and they will eat it up.Whether Sony has it up and running now or several months from now they will be the ones with the advantage that their system can connect to other devices.So I don't get it.No one who is into Apple Ipads or smart phones are going to come running because Nintendo has a pad that looks like a tablet.
Bumpmapping   1072d ago | Trolling | show
Hicken  +   1072d ago

No, really.

Oh, and the games are better, too. Or will be.
khowat  +   1072d ago
*Nintendo announces wii u*
People on N4G
-lol its hideous
-Second screens suck
-Lol wii u destined to fail
-Such a gimmicky controller

"I think that the wii u gamepad gives us advantages over smartphones and tablets"

People on N4G
-Lol you wish
-Ps4+ps Vita will kick your arse
-You can take your vita and play your ps4 games anywhere!!!!!!
-Shut up Shit-geru Miyamoto
-Sony is God and can adapt to anything ever, they will ultimately dominate all human beings and everyone will announce their greatness
-Ps vita forever
-Nintendo suck and everything they do is stupid
MNGamer-N  +   1071d ago
^^ This. It's hard to keep coming back to this site sometimes. Why do I keep punishing myself?
phatfreddy1978  +   1071d ago
No offense to Mr. Miyamoto but I think Nintendo is way past its prime time to bring your franchises to multi-platforms. Imagine Nintendo as a third party? They certainly would be making more money.
#23 (Edited 1071d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ashunderfire86  +   1071d ago

Well said PSVita thanks for the proof. You proved me wrong and I will just shut up, and take the heat with all these disgrees.
#24 (Edited 1071d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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