Skyward Sword Better Be The Best Zelda Game Or There Will Be No More Zeldas

GameBlurb: Shigeru Miyamoto spoke today at Nintendo Q&A and he posed some put some pretty scary thoughts out there.

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Bay2559d ago

Best Zelda game? Uh.....gotta beat OoT, Miyamoto.

junk3d2559d ago

Seriously I was about to say the same thing. He must have high regards for the team to think they can pull that off.

Bay2559d ago

Majora's Mask was great, but I could never get over the time limit thing. Played it as a kid and that was the only thing that frustrated me.

ChickeyCantor2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

"but I could never get over the time limit thing. Played it as a kid and that was the only thing that frustrated me."

Ever considered slowing down time =P.

Honestly I think MM is better than OOT but imo WW beats both.

CDbiggen2559d ago

A link To The Past, dude.

ChickeyCantor2559d ago

"A link To The Past, dude."

yes my favorite 2D game.
I love the disagrees, WW is brilliant. Too bad no one else wants to see it xD

DarkCharizard_2558d ago

Twilight Princess is da best!!

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Lord_Sloth2559d ago

Consider giving it another go then, dude. It's everything OoT was and allows you to replay dungeons and re-fight bosses without starting over.

The masks also added alot to the dynamic of Zelda. Especially the Bunny Hood and the Bomb Blast Mask. XD

Gordo7892559d ago

Some serious hyperbole there. By that rationale can we assume that Other M is the end of the Metroid series?

Knushwood Butt2559d ago

Yeah, Shiggy should get his ass back to the GAMES instead of opening his mouth in public.

Did he get some training from Ninja Theory while he was at E3 or something?

rezzah2559d ago

I wonder what the gaming world would be like without Zelda...

Obviously the Zelda fans would be the only ones pissed.

Eamon2559d ago

So you don't like Zelda games?

rezzah2558d ago

He is a god character to use in smash bros but I was never into the adventure style of Zelda.

Even so the thought of a major icon disappearing forever is interesting. Not like Duke Nukem. Or even Mario, with so much history and influence at the early years.

Just a interesting thought to me about the outcome.

SilentNegotiator2558d ago

So Zelda fans would exist if Zelda didn't? Pretty hardcore fanbase....


rezzah2558d ago

I am sure they would, its something they hold dare to them. No matter which game they started off from, for those who began at the very first game it would mean a lot.

To me it would be like losing Dante from the DMC series, oh wait....

Smacktard2559d ago

Misquote. Miyamoto said that the game better be the best Zelda game ever, or else that PARTICULAR TEAM will never work on a Zelda game again. But, hooray for misinformation! MORE HITS PLEASE

jaidek2559d ago

Then it is a misquote from Kotaku:

StephenTotilo: Miyamoto says he told aonuma that if next skyward sword wasn't best Zelda then no more Zeldas

Smacktard2557d ago

You guys really think that Nintendo would slaughter one of its cash cows? Come on.

jukins2559d ago

hey nintendo how about less mario zelda pokemon and more new ips!!! just a thought.

jacksonmichael2559d ago

Or alternatively, more F-Zero, Star Fox, more sh, Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Wario Land... but yeah, the one I'm most excited for is sh.

ChickeyCantor2559d ago

How about STFU and let people enjoy the ZELDA MARIO And whatever.

These games aren't the problem but what JM says is more of a problem.
I want F-zero damn it.

Eamon2559d ago

Umm, less Mario and Zelda? So you want less great games to come out?

jukins2559d ago

no no. im just saying its time for nintendo puts out a new ip. why cant they make a new one thats as good as mario and zelda. man i give up lol. ppl say sony and microsoft fans are the worse but they dont compare to nintendo fans. Really im jsut suggesting nintendo try a new ip lol. I guess playing mario and zelda for the past 25+ years with little change to gameplay is ok. sorry nintendo fans forget i ever suggest nintendo try a new ip sosorry/

Ness-Psi2559d ago

there are great games apart from mario and zelda out there you know!

AWBrawler2559d ago

Nintendo makes new franchises. Some of my favorites were introduced just last gen which are custom robo, pikmin, and chibi robo. And I'm hoping Geist gets a sequel for WiiU

Hicken2558d ago

And where are the good new IPs for this generation?

Sony has been pretty consistent with delivering new IPs on a regular basis, and even Microsoft has put out quite a few IPs in their two-system history.

But what new IPs have come out on the Wii and been successful?

Mini Mario2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

"But what new IPs have come out on the Wii and been successful? "

wii sports and the mii's ??

Wii Tennis i thougth was very addictive. Tetris addictive. The training modes especially.

Wii fit also, not that im into myself, but it was successful last time i looked.

AWBrawler2558d ago

Hicken you answered your own question. XBox has had only 2 systems. and to be fair when Nintendo was on System 2 they had way more IPs than XBox 360. if anything XBox 360 should be frowned on, because they created so few IPs and they're still considered the "New Guy".
New IPs are usually made when you're new and trying to make a name

Hicken2558d ago

You really count wii sports as a new IP? As a successful new IP? IT GOT SHIPPED WITH THE SYSTEM. Of course it should be successful.

Then there's the fact that most of those "new IPs" you could point to on the Wii are all in the same genre: Wii Sports, Deca Sports, etc. Hasbro Family Game Night, Carnival Games, so on. It's new IPs for the casual gamers. Nothing that calls to Mario and Zelda fans. Nothing to replace Starfox.

Mini Mario2557d ago


It didnt get shipped with Japanese consoles. It was a game they had to buy.

But i'm sure you knew that.

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