Miyamoto: Vita needs games

Sony's PlayStation Vita isn't a "very strong product," legendary Nintendo video games creator Shigeru Miyamoto has told EDGE magazine.

Asked what he thought of the handheld, Miyamoto said: "I think I really can't say."

However, he went go on to offer a rather damming critique.

"It's obviously a very hi-spec machine and you can do lots of things with it, but I don't really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product," said Miyamoto.

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Nutsack2213d ago

Sadly, he is spot on.

I bought the PSVita at launch, got Uncharted, Stardust Delta, Motorstorm RC and Hustle Kings on it. All clones from its bigger PS3 brother pretty much.

The only real platform defining 'exclusive' games are Escape Plan and Unit 13 pretty much. Where Escape Plan is the game that has the most defining looks, feels and gameplay, something like Patapon and Loco Roco did for PSP.

And even then, Patapon and Loco Roco were great, great games. Escape Plan is just alright. Didn't even had the slightest feeling I should buy it for 13 Euro.

Sony has to step its game up, fast. And I expect them to have to drop the price like Nintendo did with 3DS to even get people interested a bit. It could be a tad above 3DS's price, like 189 or 199 with a memcard included. Just to be under the magic psychological price level. I don't care if Playstation fanboys say its worth that 250 bucks, fact is peopledon't want it for that price. Same as they didn't want to pay it for 3DS.

jujubee882213d ago

Why choose THAT username?

Septic2213d ago

Lol good question. But what's with jujubee88?

Its still early days for the VITA. A cursory glance at its upcoming titles makes it clear just how much potential there is for the VITA.

Its inevitable that you get mere ports in the beginning of its lifecycle but increasingly, we are seeing developers really put tis capabilities to good use. Look at Mortal Kombat or Resistance as examples.

InTheLab2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

edit: Oops...meant to reply to the first comment...

Why must you be a fanboy to see the value of a PSV? So everyone in the audience of last years E3 are all fanboys for cheering on $250?

Patriots_Pride2213d ago

Good question Septic but whats with your user name? Do you like Septic tanks.

Peppino72213d ago

....says the competition. 8-/

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32213d ago

Miyamoto must've bought one either for himself or someone else to come to that conclusion. I came to that conclusion myself, without needing to purchase it. One day day.

kikizoo2213d ago

...says nintendo godfather.

vita = nintendo 2018's console.

darthv722213d ago

But it is stuck between generations. People in the casual sense have moved on to the world of phone/tablet gaming because of one reason...


It is convenient for them to buy into simple pick up and play games. Yes they lack depth and full controls like a dedicated gaming device has but that is why I said convenience.

Looking at the 3ds it too offers a convenience the vita doesnt. Backward compatibility with existing ds carts. It seems funny that THAT would be a strong point but given the number of ds users out there and the library of titles available it just makes sense that someone who buys a 3ds would have their existing library to play.

The quality of the game and the hardware of the vita is not at question here. What the strategy in place to entice millions of existing psp users to upgrade. Right now the psp is still selling because of its large library of titles and the price of the hardware is lower.

It represents a more cost effective way to get original portable titles until the vita gets its stride and wave of original portable titles. No one is questioning the abilities of the system. They are only questioning its role in the market as it pertains to portable entertainment.

It is a 'core' audience product in a world that is dominated by casual consumers.

Sucitta2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

don't ever sit in judgment of someone else's name if yours contains a number.

leaving a number in your tag tells me two things. your thoughtless like most and your born in 1988. bravo

Ju2213d ago

" Backward compatibility with existing ds carts."

Why would you need that? If you like the PSP so much and you have a vast library of PSP games why sell it?

If you don't have a PSP but want to play those games why not just buy them from the Playstation store? The Vita plays all PSP games (well, if you can get them. I copied a couple from my PSPGo which are not available on the store).

It's just early in the live cycle. Playing the (PSP) Burnout series on the vita makes this pretty apparent - those titles are just missing. Not sure if the studios can handle yet another console. Because that's what the Vita is.

darthv722213d ago

The whole backward compatibility thing is pro and con. It just happens that the 3ds doesnt require anything other than plugging in the ds cart to play. There are only a handful of games that arent compatible.

I have a few digital games on my pspgo that arent compatible with the vita. I dont know if that is just be design or they arent games that are worth the effort to make compatible. I have way more umd games and most are ones that arent even in digital form to begin with.

No way i would get rid of my psp in favor of the vita. I would get one to add to my collection but more importantly to have for its own games. The beauty of the psp library is the amount of fresh new original games that the vita will have at some point.

I do feel stongly that the vita is a great system but you still have to think about sony's original idea of releasing it. It is a psp on steroids and isnt for the casual market. Its for the core but right now the core are buying up the cheaper psp and its games because of the selection is so diverse.

That wont last forever, there will be a point where sony must decide to cut off support and switch things over 100% to the new platform. Ive said this about the ps3 as well. While it is an honorable move to continue to support the past, you cant live in it and they must know that every sale of a psp/ps2 game or system is one less sell of their flagship products.

Not to mention the shift in casual gaming has made it harder for even a company like nintendo to keep pace with the likes of simple downloadable titles for phones/tablets. Both sony and nintendo know it was the core market that got them to their high points but the core market has been dwarfed by the ever increasing casual market.

The ones who are more inclined to pay for a $.99 game on their phone than a $299 system and its lineup of quality titles. It seems bassackwards but the reality of it is gaming got so big so fast that all these newcomers are being treated to first while the really dedicated gamers are wondering...what about us?

I could almost guarantee this thing would explode through the roof if they marketed it in a more casual way. Catering to the casual gamer with those cheap and easy games and apps and pretty much everything the tablet user uses. Yet do you think the core audience would let them get away with that?

HELL no.

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LOGICWINS2213d ago

"I bought the PSVita at launch, got Uncharted, Stardust Delta, Motorstorm RC and Hustle Kings on it. All clones from its bigger PS3 brother pretty much."

So...why did you buy it in the first place? Surely you knew what you were getting into before you dropped cash for it.

JoySticksFTW2213d ago

Seriously. If you ever bought a console at launch, you should expect that there will be a gap until the next set of games come. That's nothing new.

And as for some of the games being clones of their ps3 big brother, look at the gow PSP games. Amazing games and story in their own right; the last one I actually liked better than gowIII.

On all Ninty consoles, the best games seem to be Ninty first party titles starring the same old characters with just a slight twist on gameplay, if any. And I like it that way truthfully. That's what I expect from Link, Mario, etc.

But to then point fingers at Sony for it seems hypocritical.

Be patient. The games will come.

MmaFan-Qc2213d ago

do peoples really expect him to say,

"hum, yeah, i will admit, the ps vita is totally raping the 3ds tech wise and our addon called the circle pad pro look like an half hassed reaction to the dual joysticks on competior handheld. Im not gonna lie but i wish them good luck with the sales and wish them a lot of good games, LONG LIVE PLAY!"

i honestly doesnt know if the peoples are simply delusionals or simply stupid to forget who is Miyamoto.

LOL_WUT2213d ago

"hum, yeah, i will admit, the ps vita is totally raping the 3ds tech wise and our addon called the circle pad pro look like an half hassed reaction to the dual joysticks on competior handheld. Im not gonna lie but i wish them good luck with the sales and wish them a lot of good games, LONG LIVE PLAY!"

Deep down thats what "Mr. Miyamoto" really wanted to say. :)

Ser2213d ago


Exactly what I was thinking. What the **** else was he going to say?

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gaffyh2213d ago

I find it kinda stupid that people seem to forget that he works for Nintendo. Of course he's not going to say "PS Vita is awesome" because it is directly competing with the 3DS!

nikola9872213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Actually that is exactly what he said, but author is trolling for hits so he twisted his words a little.

Other (better) sites are reporting the same story as "Miyamoto praises Vita hardware, says it needs games"

blackbeld2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

"It's obviously a very hi-spec machine and you can do lots of things with it, but I don't really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product,"

What Miyamoto really want to say is...... PS Vita is a great awesome product but its missing something important for the sales.....

And that is Zelda and Mario. lol :)

dredgewalker2212d ago

I agree, I have great respect for Miyamoto and it doesn't seem like he would say this. I would believe it if it came from Reggie but not from Miyamoto.

Lucretia2213d ago

wait nutsack......clones from its ps3 brother u what is mario zelda metroid? wtf was ANOTHER port of orcina of time? wtf was that port of SF4 and MGS3? WTF is that dead or alive demensions or resident evil revalations? wtf is Kingdom hearts?

seriously ur point is just stupid.

look at the 3ds's launch, thats what miyamoto should do because i dont see anything special on the horizon, kid icarus was great, RE:revalations is great, and KH will be great, but for a handheld being out for more than a year it isnt doing much. atleast when i first got my vita i have alot of games to play and a bunch on the way.

mike1up2213d ago

Vita has ports too genius.

Bowzabub2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

I find it very funny that he would say this the same week Mortal Kombat releases on the Vita.. Underhanded message to 3rd parties? I guess Nintendo is worried when they have to turn their mad scientist into a PR puppet. Think about that and get back to me.

Baka-akaB2213d ago

Give it up already , there other non clones , you just didnt care for them and decided to buy clones .

Besides it was obvious for everyone , vita owners or not , that the launch line was never going to be the best part of its life .

For wich console has it ever been ?

Lucretia2213d ago

exactly. and oddly, vita still had the best launch line up ever lol while 3ds had the worst first year in all gaming history of the 3 popular companies

extermin8or2213d ago

tbh when I buy a console (I own a vita and am having fun trying to platinum all the games for it I own whilst revising for A levels and waiting for next batch of games) I buy it HOPING that it's launch will be the lowpoint of it's life because if it doesn't go up from there then my money was probably wasted ;)

HarryMasonHerpderp2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I can see what you're saying.
I think it just needs a bit of time to
get some more games announced and include
PSone compatibility and sales will increase.
Also if they did make it PS2 compatible it would
help a lot in the long run.

It just seems to be the same old with SONY,
they bring out a great piece of kit but make
bad decisions and stop it reaching its true potential
e.g (the memory cards,no PS1 support)

Its still too early to decide the VITA`s fate all
you have to do is look at the PS3 of where it was in 2006 with a high price tag and no killer exclusives and where it is now in 2012 with more exclusives than I can afford and its taken over the 360 in sales all over Europe.

Nutsack2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

To all those that are saying that the 3DS also does cloning of games (Mario, Zelda etc), for sure. But thing is... I didn't bought a 3DS, so I could care less what happens on that platform. Why even start to compare it again? I truly don't care.

People that buy a Nintendo handheld or homeconsole, buy it for their love for those IP's mainly I guess. I bought a Wii for Mario, Zelda and some other IP's. Thats also because those IP's on their systems mostly get worked out so well (SMG1, 2 for example) that they are great to play. The current clone games on PSVita are alright and good, but not of that kind of greatness.

But back to the PSVita and not the comparison with 3DS as its of no use. I don't care if some other organisation does the same, I'm talking about Sony with its PSVita here that I put my money in.

Sure, its known that at launch there is a small library of games. Heck, Sony did pretty well getting out the number of games they did. Still though, if I look outside the launch, also the coming time I mostly see clones of PS3 games upcoming, same IP's. Resistance, Streetfighter x, etc etc.

I don't understand all the defense fanboys, probably where most don't even own a PSVita like I do. Just accept the fact that without the platform defining specific and exclusive games, the PSVita is not as attractive as it could be. Actually Sony should acknowledge this, because when it sets itself more apart with exclusive IP's, more people will intend to buy it even at a premium price. Now that the PS3 price dropped pretty much to 199 bucks, and being able to play the better versions of the clone games on PSVita for 250 for the system alone, if portability isn't an issue its better to play those IP's on its bigger brother.

And sure, GOW on PSP did well. Still I am stating that games like Patapon and Loco Roco at least gave some own imago to the PSP. The PSVita needs that badly.

@ Baka-abaB

You give me that list of non clone GOOD or even better great exclusive platform defining new IP games for PSVita then that are released. They just aren't there mate.

Baka-akaB2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Like i said , it's just launch and you just didnt care for them (it's ok mind you) , wich isnt the same as claiming they werent good .

Let's not pretend sumioni wasnt good and unique enough , as an example .

You had espace plan , Sumioni , unit 13 , army corps of hell , shinobido 2 , and a few titles we shouldnt bother naming as only out in japan and only ucoming in the west (like gravity rush).

If you want genre and console defining you can certainly wait a bit , none short of the dreamcast , or the original xbox with halo , had that at launch .
You add that to the multiplatform games , and you have a decent launch line up so far .

RedDead2213d ago

Lesson here? Don't buy anything at launch. Games won't be on it rfor a while. I'm looking forward to the new souls game on it.

TekoIie2213d ago

Why is that nutsack getting so many disagree's (LOL)

Its true... We just have to wait a year or two for some more games to come out.

SneeringImperialist2213d ago

Yeah i agree, nice avatar btw.

clearelite2213d ago

well, in that case, I wonder what he has to say about 3DS launch lineup. Also, it has the potential to be as strong as it's marketing is IMO(as far as sales go).

Jio2213d ago

Excuse me, 3DS and Vita owner here. All I have to say is that the Vita has a better launch than the 3DS, when the 3DS arrived all I did was play Supe Street Fighter IV for months until Zelda, then for a couple more months until another game came along. Sure, now the 3DS has better games than the Vita, but it's more than a year old while the Vita is barely 2 months old. The Vita has great games coming, and if you don't think it's worth the $250 then you shouldn't have bought it.

andibandit2212d ago

I dont see how pointing fingers at another handheld solves the problem the Vita is facing right now.

Akuma-2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Wait, so the 3ds which is missing crucial parts like a second analog stick, worse screen, worse touch screen where Nintendo dropped a third of the price of within five months is better?

Isn't miyamoto the same guy that said donkey Kong country on snes was rubbish and that Americans likes mediocre games with good graphics

Vita is the best handheld gaming device ever that is versatile enough to do everything other handhelds can but better except 3d. There are a lot of games for it and many more to come. It can support multiplatform games from all consoles now

mike1up2213d ago

LMAO @"Vita is the best handheld gaming device ever"

...Um, how long has the Vita been out again? You can't be serious... how foolish.

If you take Nintendo out of the picture, do you know what you have? The PSP is outselling the Vita... right now, in japan. Oh yea, poor sales stateside too.

It's fantastic hardware, that isn't selling, in a software drought. How do you possibly equate that as the "best handheld ever"?

Outside_ofthe_Box2213d ago

Do you mean they play similarly to how the PS3 ones play?

That's why Sony added the second analog stick so that you could have more of a console experience. I mean I really don't know how much 'different' you want Uncharted GA to play from Uncharted 3.

I do agree that the Vita needs a game of it's own though. Sony is focusing too much on cross platform play right now.

darthawesome902213d ago

Sadly Sony doesn't realize that they need Vita exclusives. Console spin-offs like Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid might sell games but they wont sell the handheld.

They need to follow Nintendo's example and make games that can only or mostly be found only on their portable. For example Nintendo's Pokemon, Golden Sun, Advanced Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.

There is little incentive to buy a portable when the biggest games coming out that have been revealed are: Resistance Burning Skies, MGS HD collection, Call of Duty Vita, Street Fighter X, Little Big Planet, Lego Batman, Madden NFL 2013. Seriously all of these games can be found on the PS3 or are similar enough on the PS3 to be considered a spin-off.

There is no incentive to buy a Vita until Sony can offer a exclusive game not found on the PS3.

I hope this is viewed as constructive criticism because I'm not trying to bash Sony. I'm trying to let them know why the Vita isn't selling like hotcakes.

darthv722213d ago

but you have to remember that even the psp initial batch of games were ps2 ports. It took a little bit of time but eventually it got a huge assortment of original titles.

I said above that a main reason the vita isnt selling is due to it being in a market that has been overrun by casual simple pick up and play type of games. The 'core' gamer will get the vita and praise it but they dont represent the majority of consumers out there.

Phones and tablets have earned a place in the gaming industry because of the convenience they offer. People have their phone with them pretty much all the time.

No question the hardware is great. I dont think that is what Miyamoto is really talking about however many on this site think he is downing the hardware as a whole. He more than likely is stating the obvious. Vita is a great unit but is stuck between trends of the generation.

3DS is getting by not just on its library of 3DS specific titles but also by its ability to play existing ds games. If sony were to rethink their digital strategy for users who have a library of existing psp titles and offer them to those users in a trade in offer then it could help vita sales pick up big time.

I myself have 3 psp systems and roughly 30 or so umd games that arent fully available in digital form. I would jump at the chance to trade in my physical copies for digital ones if it presented itself.

As a platform itself, it is very strong and carries a quality that is very high in both the hardware and software.

As a platform in an industry that is dominated by the casual consumer, it struggles to find the right place between tablet/phone convenience and disposable entertainment. Meaning the price of both the hardware/software is to great for anyone other than the most dedicated gamer to really invest in.

Jazz41082213d ago

I hate hotcakes, now pizza that would be much better. All I have to say is give Vita a chance its only 2 months out.

DigitalRaptor2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Sony doesn't realise that they need exclusives? yet they have already produced/are producing a number of them:

Escape Plan, Little Deviants, Gravity Rush, Sounds Shapes, Reality Fighters, Unit 13, Warrior's Lair (previously Ruin), Dokuro, and Dragon's Crown.

... and that is just the first wave, in its first year. There's nothing wrong with that. Nintendo have just about as many sequels or console spin-offs as Sony have on their handheld a far as I've seen.

darthawesome902212d ago

Perhaps I should have worded it differently and you make a good point, Sony does have portable exclusives. What I am trying to say is that of the games that have been announced so far none of them are "likely" to be system sellers like what Halo was for the Xbox, or what Pokemon was for the Gameboy Color.

I can only hope that E3 in June will remedy this problem.

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TheTwelve2213d ago

Vita just started.

*Every single one* of Sony's consoles start out slowly and build up to be something very desirable. Competitors and media *always* take this time to trash whatever Sony puts out.

The Vita has the opportunity to bring together unique gameplay and graphics that nobody else has. As time passes, this will be made more and more clear. Many who own the Vita already feel that way.

Somebody stupid at Sony said that the DS was a "toy". Well, look forward to Miyamoto looking stupid in time over this.


Trunkz Jr2213d ago

lol @ all the Sony fanboys on N4G. Even when someone makes a good point they still disagree.

showtimefolks2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

He knows since he is in the business but my only point is that PS:Vita just launched so give it some time. I think this E3 let's say the conference is 2hrs 1hr and 40 minutes will be spent on vita games.

in other 20 its about psn/ps3 and expect a price cut if not than atleast expect a kickass bundle.

ps3 uncharted 3,killzone 3,resistance 3 for $249?

also sony needs to reduce memory card prices for Vita, if i was in their shoes i would announce a great bundle for Vita which will include a game plus a good size memory card for a base price.

bunfighterii2212d ago

I think once the game releases start rolling in for the Vita you'll get more use from it. I bought one at launch and still use it all the time, mostly to play FIFA.

There just haven't been any releases since the launch library, so if you've finished your launch games there just aren't many to turn to at the moment. But there are a lot coming now.

dark-hollow2212d ago

so when sony badmouth nintendo its cool but when the opposite all hell break loose?

at least miyamoto was more humble and mature about his comment.

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pedrami912213d ago

Is all im gonna say.

But really, it's your opinion and i respect that.

cpayne932213d ago

Right I would have said the same thing about the 3ds at this time in its lifespan.

-Doctor-BD2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

@ pedrami91
The Vita came out on February 22nd, it's now May 4th. That's just over two months.
@ cpayne93 below.
I forgot about that. :-)
Still though, it's way too early to judge the Vita.

cpayne932213d ago

Came out in Japan in December.

Optical_Matrix2213d ago

I think that at the moment, the lack of software and the uncertain software future, for the average consumer makes Vita quite a weak product. To me it's fine. I have 5 great Vita games, and a tonne of PSP games on my memory card, and looking forward to Gravity Rush, Dragons Crown, Persona 4 Golden. But that's just me, and they're niche titles.

We'll find out how Sony is going to answer this at E3. Really looking forward to it.

Diver2213d ago

Considering titles like bioshock call of duty and a ton of other 3rd party peeps is coming I'm not the least bit worried.

user77927882213d ago

Soul Sacrifice is being revealed next week!

TheColbertinator2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Persona 4 Golden!

phantomexe2213d ago

Yea i think the vita is pretty cool and i had to have it for uncharted but it has alot of things thats just not. Its missing features that sould of been there at release and it needs a better software line up. To me it's like sony took a step back. It should play all psp games and don't even get me started on ps1 support. You should be able to check your vita trophies on the ps3. These are just a few simple things that should of been there at release and i believe would of helped it a great deal. Most of the time i don't even feel connected on the vita.I would love to see something at the top of it saying i'm sighed in. Sorry for the rant guys but most of you who own one know what i'm talking about.

supremacy2213d ago

Most of those issues are being worked on as we speak;you see a lot of people often give Sony a hard time for what seems like a misstep or two, like if it (Sony) isnt doing a thing about it:

3DS has its games now, yeah sure but if we are to compare both products even with these issues you pointed out the vita offers more. The 3Ds doesnt even have social apps like party or skype, yet and here is what I run into.

What we also fail to realize is, Sony is constantly investing in other areas as well. I mean when was the last time Nintendo came up with a brand new ip, I can sit here and name you atleast 4 Sony has just this gen alone.

The vita just came out and while it might be going through a draught its not the end of the world as we know it. Heck as far I as I am concerned theres nothing to worry about here:

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