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Top 8 Game Changing Moments

3d ago - Play: "Every so often, you’ll come across a moment in a game where everything changes. Those game... | PS2

10 Video Games That Totally Nailed Their Final Levels

7d ago - WC: Satisfying endings and conclusions are essential to great games – what’s the point in investi... | PC

15 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time

7d ago - WC: Innovation is a particularly hard thing to come by in 2015 – just ask Hollywood and the likes... | PC

5 Things I Hate About... Half-Life

12d ago - Be-Mpowered: 'I don’t hate Half-Life. I realise the title of this very post seems to be indicate... | PC

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

15 Of The Strangest Dystopias In Gaming

12d ago - Kotaku: "The future is scary and, according to these 15 dystopias in video games, it's going to g... | PC

Half-Life 2 as a Portrait of Fascism

36d ago - Science Fiction has long portrayed a wide variety of speculation on how governments influence a c... | PC

10 Awesome Moments In The Half-Life Franchise

58d ago - Without any further ado, here are 10 awesome moments in the Half-Life franchise. | PC

23 VR Videogames Now On Sale On Steam Including Slender, Among the Sleep & More

59d ago - VRFocus - Despite 2014 being a hugely significant year for virtual reality (VR) technology, there... | PC

Half-Life 2 remembered

68d ago - Eurogamer: "Half-Life 2 is a game built of great moments, and of its designers' desire to change... | PC

The Gamesmen, Episode 44 – A Landfill of Unity

68d ago - Join Amras89 and Hardlydan for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about Far Cry 4 no... | PC

10 Reasons Half Life 2 Is An All-Time Classic

68d ago - It’s been ten years since the release of iconic first-person shooter Half Life 2. During the inte... | PC

Half-Life 3 might be close, but is the gaming community ready for it?

69d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "On 16 November 2004 the gaming industrychanged forever. Half-Life 2 was re... | Dev

Why Half-Life 2 is still the greatest FPS ever made, 10 years on

69d ago - A decade after Half-Life 2’s release, the masses are still obsessed with the release date/announc... | PC

Half Life 2 10th Anniversary - Has Valve's Classic Been Bettered?

70d ago - Hype can be a dangerous force of nature, but meet and exceed lofty expectations and there's no su... | PC

Half-Life 2: 10 years on

70d ago - Eurogamer: "Half-Life 2 has met the fate of all exceptional games. The 'classic' moniker almost... | PC

Why Half-Life 2 Never Got a Proper Sequel

72d ago - It's been 10 years since the release of Half-Life 2. Does the world still need its sequel? | PC

Half-Life 2 Nvidia Green Box bundle: Green is the new orange

72d ago - Nvidia has offered up quite a lot for their customers as of late. Alongside recent announcements... | Android

10 Non-Horror Games That Suddenly Become Terrifying

86d ago - 8CN: Some games are downright scary, and in the years following Amnesia, horror games have found... | PC

Get Every Valve Game For Under $20

87d ago - Hardcore Gamer: The Valve Complete Pack normally goes for $100 on Steam, but now you can get ever... | PC

GameFocus Podcast: October Edition

107d ago - This week the guys strap on their skates and talk NHL15 and MicroSoft's purchase of Mojang. Plus... | PS4

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

ATB’s Top 25 Female Characters: #50-26

122d ago - ATB: "We’ve decided to go through the hundreds of thousands of video game characters ever created... | PS2

Top 5 Most Epic Game Openings of All Time

127d ago - Some game openings are great. Other game openings are epic. Here are the Top 5 most epic game ope... | Culture

Top 10 First Person Shooter Game Soundtracks | Viitcha

138d ago - Graphics and gameplay are fine and dandy, but what about music as well? In this video, Gggmanlive... | PC

HL2VR 1.4 Mod for Oculus Rift DK2 Released, The Best Half-Life 2 Experience Just Got Better

144d ago - Road to VR – Back in October 2013 Road to VR’s Ben Lang described HL2VR, a Half-Life 2 mod specia... | PC

7 Games that Look Ancient Compared to Their Sequels

150d ago - GamesRadar - Game development can be a finicky thing. While many franchises have carefully plotte... | Culture
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Half-Life 2

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EU 16 November 2004
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EU 14 December 2007
US 11 December 2007
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