The most impressive texture mods for games

Texture mods for games may enhance the quality of the ingame graphics in a drastic way. But which mods are the most impressive so far? A website put together 15 games and compare the image quality of the original game with the enhanced version.

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Ocelot5252713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

again fails

for the deus ex screens you need more than texture mods, you also needs the upgraded directx10 renderer for deus ex to achieve those screens

links for deus ex graphics mods:



(with this renderer you can enable anti aliasing, anisitropic filtering, more vibrant lightning, alpha transparency)

but the screens on are textures with Parallax mapping taken from a modders website, and he hasn't released that mod yet

darkequitus2713d ago

The Alyx mod makes her look cheap.

tdrules2713d ago

on Cinematic Mod there's the option to use the default character models with upgraded textures.
It's what I use

STONEY42713d ago

"The Alyx mod makes her look like a cheap whore."


fossilfern2713d ago

any have the link to that crysis texture mod ?

ultramoot2713d ago

How much more hardware power does the realism mod in Crysis need over the original? Is it something like twice as much??

wicko2713d ago

Nowhere near twice as much. In fact some mods exist to make the game look better than the vanilla version while improving performance.

Vip3r2713d ago

Some of them look like min graphics vs maz graphics.

dirthurts2713d ago

Is a huge improvement when you use it. There are also mods that change the dept that textures and foliage render too.

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