Half-Life 2 Awarded Game Of The Decade

Kotaku - Half-Life 2 was selected "Game of the Decade" at the 2012 Video Game Awards.

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NoobJobz1990d ago

I was expecting an announcement when that big group of people came out to accept the award. Anyways, congratulations on a great game.

-Mezzo-1990d ago

Same here. I though they'll walk of the stage with an announcement or at least a hint of Episode 3.

But nothing. This is getting pretty annoying VALVE.

Jinkies1990d ago

I thought the SAME thing, honestly all those people flew out there, Gabe himself and nothing

I was thinking "Maybe this is what Geoff was teasing...old school gamers would enjoy"

I mean Gabe didn't even say anything...jesus christ valve this would of been a great time to announce it, why would you send so many people to accept it.

Septic1989d ago

Yeah Half Life 2 was amazing so I have no problem with it being voted GOTD but it's just taking too long for episode 3. All the emotions left over from the last episode have dissipated for me...I'd have to play through them again to feel that again.

Fair enough they want to make a game when it's ready but why release the game in episodes and leave it at a cliff hanger? It's annoying really. Will the next game, if it ever comes out, be Episode 3 or Half Life 3?

Still, I am quite excited for a next gen iteration of Half Life. Valve really is in a class of its own with the franchise and to be honest, judging from the sheer quality of the previous games, fan expectations are going to be extremely high for the next one so there is enormous pressure on them. I doubt that mind blowing visuals alone will suffice. Half Life 2 had its physics and the gravity gun (amongst other things of course) so Half Life 3 might need something special beyond the obvious.

ABizzel11989d ago

I think this award needs to be thought through next time. The nominees weren't all game of the decade material, but regardless Half Life 2 was the most likely and deserving winner in they eyes of many.

However, they should have the award for game of the generation, not game of the decade.

I LOL how the announcer said "Coming to the stage Gabe Newell. And 16 members of valve." As if they have no names. Then I was pissed there was no Half-Life Episode 3 hint, trailer, or anything.

EVILDEAD3601989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

C'mon that wasnt the forum for an H3 announcement.let the team enjoy the moment.

I agree 100% that H2 was an absolutely amazing game. Literally the last major gaming campaign I played on PC.

I remember saying I wished this could come to console. Then we got blessed with Orange Box and my dreams came true.


BattleAxe1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I've played and beat Half Life 2, and I played an hour or so of Episode 1, and I still don't get why some people think this game is so great. The game felt lifeless and boring to me. I kept hearing about the "story telling" and how great it was, but there is almost no story telling. The main protagonist doesn't even talk.

The only reason why I pushed myself to finish the game was because of a friend of mine who kept telling me how great the game was, but it just never appealed to me. So at the very least I can say that I beat the game. I think that either Uncharted 2, GTA3, CoD4 or Mass Effect 2 would have been my choices.

Jason1431989d ago

same lol I was like omg here it comes 8 qore cpu requirement and nothing lol

kneon1989d ago


Well you got further than I did. I got all the half life games on some Steam sale a couple years ago and have never managed to finish HL1. It's just too boring, I don't get the appeal. It sounds like HL2 is much the same.

TheRealSpy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"The main protagonist doesn't even talk. "

lol! This is like complaining that the book you're reading doesn't have any pictures.

Half Life 2 is definitely my choice for GOTD as well. Probably my favorite game of all time. Although StarCraft would definitely be in the running.

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showtimefolks1990d ago

very well deserved, maybe it was just me but VGA over the last 2 years have really improved and are now more about gamers. i thought the show was good maybe we could have used more world premiers.

but i am guessing everything is on hold till E3 when both sony and ms will announce their next systems

it would have been so crazy/awesomenesss if Valve announced HL3 on the stage right there and than.

i don't know if it will ever happen but hopefully HL3 will launch on ps4,xbox720 and pc. if you remember when HL 1 came out it was really high tech compare to games of that time graphics wise. so maybe Valve wants to set the standard again since they are doing a new engine too.

but maybe its just wishful thinking from a HalfLife fan

Hellsvacancy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Watching the VGA was awful, I hated it, I like Samual Jackson, not that much though, he was too over the top, Snoop Lion? wtf. They shown same adverts every ten mins

The show ended for me after Dark Souls 2 was announced, I didnt know that until the end though

If Amercan TV is anything like the VGAs I understand why so many people go round the bend over there (done condone it)

ape0071989d ago

what about GTA, Resi 4 and Mario Galaxy

BuLLDoG9091989d ago

if the whole audience started cheering and chanting GABE!, GABE!, GABE!, GABE!, and didnt stop to let anyone talk, maybe he would of overlooked all the fat jokes and grabbed the mic and let something spill on HF3... probably not though haha

and to hell with ep.3, HL3 after all this time or dont make anything... 30e for 4 hours of gameplay.... yeah right, give us a full game.. although with walking dead winning we might be seeing awhole lot more episodic content from now on..

spicelicka1989d ago

i wanted half life 3!! I thought for sure when G-man showed up on the screen that there would be some surprise:(

legionsoup1989d ago

I can live with Half-Life 2 winning, but where was Resident Evil 4? Mario Galaxy (1 or 2)? Uncharted 2/3? God of War? Gears of War? Halo? Metal Gear Solid 3/4? Elder Scrolls?

The Zelda game they picked was Wind Waker?

And with Wii Sports making the list, they may as well have had Angry Birds on there.

ATi_Elite1989d ago

Half Life 2 is also quit possibly the GREATEST game ever made!

You have a million and one WoW Clones and some are just as good as WoW minus the 10 million gamers but nothing comes even close to Half Life 2!

I still run through HL2 at least once a month cause it's just PERFECT!

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majiebeast1990d ago

For me it was between Shadows and Halflife 2 for me. Ravenholm still gives me the creeps.

chukamachine1989d ago

Best part of the game, ravenholm. Those little spiders type things and the creatures climbing up the drainpipes.

A great game, but bioshock is great as well.

vishant1011990d ago

I personally voted for bioshock but im glad that half life 2 won both were very good games

Bumpmapping1990d ago

Great game pushed the boundaries of story telling and graphics for its time still one of my top games.