The 28 Best FPS Games

From the dystopian corridors of BioShock's subterranean "paradise" to the Strogg-infested space stations found throughout the Quake franchise, First Person Shooters have found countless ways to establish themselves as rich, enjoyable experiences, capturing the hearts and trigger fingers of gamers worldwide.

Even if it's just blasting away wave after wave of demons in Blood, or perhaps saving mankind from itself as you traverse Half-Life 2's City 17, the FPS genre has proven itself time and time again.


Alien vs. Predator 2 screenshot changed.

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Close_Second3515d ago show us just how generic the FPS genre is. Yes they have become technically more impressive over the years and are still fun to play but nothing about them, in terms of game mechanics, has really changed.

Eiffel3515d ago

That speaks for almost all games of every genre these past couple of years.

Shankle3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Thief, Portal, Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3, Metroid Prime 3. Innovation, my friend.

poopface13515d ago

I remember it months ago and it was the same one, with wrong pictures in it. I think that the carppy turok 2 should be replaced by Turok 1, I had them both and turok 1 was a much better game than turok 2. The main thing I disagree with is deus ex. DEUS EX should me number one or HL 1 should be number 1. I like HL2 but for its time, HL1 was better in my opinion. If this person doesnt put deus ex in the top 5, they havent played it probaly. And HL 1 was the first FPS to have the story unfold infront of you, and influenced crap loads of FPS after it.

TOP 2 FPS EVER: Half-Life 1 and Deus Ex. Sorry, for the second time, this list is a failure.

mintaro3515d ago

They put Halo 3 over Halo CE? For shame...

LeonSKennedy4Life3515d ago

They put A Halo on the list. Isn't that bad enough?

mintaro3515d ago

You funny, funny troll.


Panthers3515d ago

Halo CE is some of the most fun I have had with shooters. It deserves to be on the list. Playing that game Co-Op was amazing.

SAiOSiN3515d ago

We'll see an update to that last on Feb. 27. :)

marichuu3515d ago

Even though I didn't like the first Resistance, I still believe it's better than some of those games listed there...

LeonSKennedy4Life3515d ago

What? Resistance: Fall of Man was a great shooter! Despite the graphics, the storyline and gameplay were incredible! The only problem with R2 is that the storyline is short. The multi-player is better than COD, the co-op is addicting as frick, and the storyline was really good. (Extremely surprising ending though. Like...holy frick!)

PS360PCROCKS3515d ago

sad thing is to this day I still haven't played Half Life 2, lol I'm a terrible gamer. But Bioshock and Half Life 2 are probably some of the best games ever made no matter of genre. Their is absolutely just something about Bioshock that still to this day makes me remember it, and I haven't played it since 2007.

marichuu3515d ago

I dunno... Bioshock was "meh" after the first 30 mins... rest of the game was just shoot this, hack that and repeat. Oh, and the fact that guns > plasmids (is that what they were called? can't recall) was a really bad thing btw ;<

PS360PCROCKS3515d ago

Really? I thought the game was gripping, awesome and the plasmids were totally the coolest part of the game. I dunno what it is about the game, it just has 'it' for me at least. All FPS are "go here and shoot this" though

marichuu3515d ago

Yea, the plasmids were cool, but I wish they were a bit stronger... or more fights like the final one at least. No multiplayer was the most disappointing part of the game... it could've been really addictive with all the different plasmids available.
Dunno... I just never really got into it... maybe I should give it another shot when I get bored of the gazillion great games that came out lately and the ones coming up in the next month.
One more thing... is there any difference between the PC and the 360 version?

PS360PCROCKS3515d ago

From what I know like most PC games it just has better graphics. It's a pretty good system hog for sure.

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