Half-Life 2 with HDR

The Fakefactory Cinematic Mod 7 is out, and it delivers something that the original Half-Life 2 is not capable of: HDR-Rendering in the way Valve does it. While this is not comparable to "real" HDR effects, the bloom effects look cool anyway. German website shows a lot of screenshot comparisons, so you can choose whether the hefty 5 Gigabyte download is worth the traffic.

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mighty_douche3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

ah... I was hoping to see some actual HL2 with HDR shots, instead its just some geeks HL2 photoshopped w*nk bank material. Guess the caption gave it away.

Some of the scenery is nice though.

Ghoul3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

what are you talking about

this is a real mod and ingame.

but it looks bad imo, i loved alyx for NOT beeing hypersexualized and now they turned her into a wankimagery, awefull. the new lighting is nice the rest is not type.

Kakkoii3738d ago

Meh, that's just your preference I guess. But when I'm playing a game. I like to enjoy what I'm looking at. And that upgrade to her definitely improves gameplay experience for me :)

(Damn she's fine now lol. Just look at the detail put into her body :P.)

TheIneffableBob3738d ago

The mod comes with a tool to switch Alyx's skin. You can use the original if you'd like, but the mod comes with numerous custom skins.

TheSadTruth3737d ago

I think this is front paged cuz it has BOOBSSSSSSSS

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Avto3738d ago

wait HDR is something all modern games have right, although some X360 games make me wonder, so what's up with Half-Life.

ambientFLIER3738d ago

No, there aren't many modern games that use HDR on the consoles. Halo 3 is one, and there are a few others, but they're coming, slowly but surely.

Extreme_Coolcat3738d ago

Erm, this is real time rendering, not photoshopped. But you're right, some of the effects look overdone, but the guys who make the mod do constant tweaking.

Leo Atrox3738d ago

Is this just an illusion produced soley on having different textures on the models?

Well, not to say that it isn't better, but if they're promoting lighting effects, then it seems like a scam to me. Anybody can swap out textures and say "look how different it looks." Well, no kidding it looks different; we're looking at different things.

The different textures hides the lighting effects that their talking about. Leave the original textures and show the effects ... Then we can see whether it is better or not. Or we need a video comparison. HDR--real or simulated--is about motion. Stills don't show HDR. They show textures.

TheIneffableBob3738d ago

FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod is mainly a texture upgrade mod with some added cinematic music and model modifications. The latest version adds a type of bloom tonemapping that simulates HDR.

ianp6223738d ago

I like the lighting better, but I hate the new character faces. Why did they change them?

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