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First Half-Life 2 Screenshots from the brand new Alyx Model

Here are the very first screenshots of the new Alyx model, that will include in the upcoming update version of FakeFactor´s Cinematic Mod with Source Engine 2009 support. (Half-Life 2, PC)

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Pandamobile  +   1485d ago
Yi-Long  +   1485d ago
Horrible indeed...
... most of these mods try to turn Alyx into some kind of cheap sad sexbimbo, whereas the original design of the character is great as it is!
Fred-G-Sanford  +   1484d ago
TruEve  +   1484d ago

I don't see how this new model looks like a "cheap sad sexbimbo". :/

I think she looks great, along with the darker skin complexion and full lips.

She's quite a change from Alyx, who is the original beauty, but why all the hate, guys?
Bigpappy  +   1484d ago
@Yi-Long: What makes her look like a sex-bimbo?
gypsygib  +   1484d ago
Original design is perfect but I like to look at bigger boobs (not huge) when playing.

Sorry, I know they're virtual but nice full boobs always look good IMO.
Treal-Since  +   1484d ago
I agree with TruEve and Bigpappy.

I really don't see what makes her look like a bimbo...

This model is attractive, but that doesn't make her a whore. They don't even show anything that's revealing...

I like the original design the best though.
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MagicAccent  +   1484d ago
Well, it's better than the previous fakefactory Alyx models( aka Taiwanese-silicone-prostitute- transexual-Alyx). So props for that.

But I still don't see the point these overhauls, since Valve's original cannot be improved on.
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ct03  +   1484d ago
Looks like a porn actress with augmented lips and a pound of makeup in her face. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
CobraKai  +   1484d ago
She looks like she wants to say; "You want sucky sucky?"
Ravenor  +   1484d ago
No one else picked up that the original Alyx fit the world? I'm sure City 17 has got department stores still open with a cosmetics section.

Valve original Alyx made sense, this one does not fit the world.

Lol@Black Racists.

If she was white and had that kind of face/lips/make up I would have thought the exact same thing.
RankFTW  +   1484d ago
When HL2 first came out I actually broke my Z key zooming in or her ass.
AuToFiRE  +   1484d ago
i really really hope this is a joke
starchild  +   1484d ago
I prefer the original Alyx. But I don't think this looks as bad as some people are making it out. This version of her looks unique and not bad at all. I'm just too used to the original Alyk.
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ExplosionSauce  +   1484d ago
Early April's Fools joke, right?
Eww indeed.

That's NOT Alyx.
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SkylineR  +   1484d ago
Looks like a dark Angelina Jolie IMO.
Just re-work the original alyx model and make that more realistic.
badz149  +   1484d ago
you took words straight from my mouth! indeed, WTF?!
Bathyj  +   1484d ago
I'm all in favour of making her look more black, since, y'know, she is black.

But this just looks like she got punched in the mouth.

Like my last physical exam. Not pretty.
NiKK_419  +   1484d ago
I never played hl2 (only played part of #1), but I just googled and imo this one looks better to me, but then again, usually black girls look sexier to me, so...
I'm white though btw

Black and Asian is the best combination ;)
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1484d ago
I know she's half black, but
So is Tiger Woods and he still looks Asian, just like Alyx did!

Actually it's not even about that. Her face just looks completely out of character! There's no way you can make me believe that was the same Alyx I played with through the Half Life games.
NarooN  +   1484d ago
This model is a great model, but FakeFactor or w/e has done quite a few different models for all the HL2 characters, and they're all shitty for the sole reason that you can't even recognize who is supposed to be who when you apply the skins.

I ended up never using their mod because - for example - that is NOT Alyx. It's just another woman. If you're gonna try to make the game look better, at least don't butcher the characters. Just make a higher-poly model with higher-res textures and leave it at that.
BeastlyRig  +   1485d ago
I wish they use cry engine 2 to make it over!
DeadlyFire  +   1483d ago
You can mod whatever you want on CryEngine 2. As long as its released for free if its under a licensed property.
meetajhu  +   1485d ago
looks like a whore.
f789790  +   1484d ago
It's called a Snookie.
Bigpappy  +   1484d ago
Looks like a whore because she looks more Black than the original? I done see any heels, lipstick or lace. They don't even show revealing clothing. All they show is a black chick's face with thick lips and from that, you think she looks like a whore? I fine that offensive.
jidery  +   1484d ago

Its just as offensive assuming its because shes black that shes a whore.

Shes Gorgeous, thats all there is too it.
tacosRcool  +   1484d ago
Doesn't even look like Alyx
psman012  +   1484d ago
You said it perfectly. Why does Alyx keep looking more and more like a whore with all these mods??

Also, why is she "black"??


It does look really good, it just cannot in anyway replace the original Alyx.
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ATiElite  +   1484d ago
If you ever played Half Life 2 then you would know that Alyx Vance is bi-racial.

Alyx is half Black and half Asian and here is a picture of the women she was modeled after Jamil Mullen.

The second picture is an early concept drawing of Alyx by Valve with the third picture being the classic Alyx that we all love and I wish people would stick to.

so to answer your question of "Why is she Black"...because she is Black...and Asian!

Related image(s)
TruEve  +   1484d ago
I'm co-signing 1.4.1

Alyx is Afro-Asian. Check the link below for more info, if you're unaware of what that is, lol.


Edit: Yeah, psman012, I think it looks good, but the original is the best!
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BeastlyRig  +   1484d ago
Alyx's father is black!! you do know that right??
psman012  +   1484d ago
Thanks everyone, you're right. It's been a long time since I played it, I completely forgot her dad was black, rofl.
ExplosionSauce  +   1484d ago
What's your point? She doesn't even look Asian anymore
She doesn't even look like Alyx anymore.
nskrishna2  +   1484d ago
There is something about Alyx's eyes man...beautiful eyes she has...Valve rocks..:D
FinalSpartan  +   1484d ago
disgusting. what have they done to alyx?
cannon8800  +   1484d ago
guys that aren't familiar with fakefactory. They're the guys that make the half life cinematic mods. So that's not gonna be in an actual game that out on retail lol If it was then they would have gotten in a lot of trouble because on one of their mods they had a high poly model of alyx, naked with a towel around her body but you could still see her vagina :0
Winning  +   1484d ago
Well we now know which team you play for.
cannon8800  +   1484d ago
i don't understand
please explain?
egidem  +   1484d ago
This sucks...I want the old Alyx model back!
cannon8800  +   1484d ago
it's not going to be in a game guys it's only a mod from fakefactory. Free to download mod. They have many already. just search fakefactory cinematic mod for half life 2 and you'll see many different alyx models
DOMination  +   1484d ago
Leave her alone. I really respect Valve for creating a female character that doesnt fit into the usual videogaming stereotype. This mod is not needed
cannon8800  +   1484d ago
valve didn't make that. An independent company known as Fakefactory did.
hesido  +   1484d ago
@cannon: Domination knows Valve didn't make that. He thanks valve for creating a character that's not stereotypical.
Reibooi  +   1484d ago
wow that looks just dreadful. What is with these mods? The original Alyx Model was damn near perfect and nearly every time a new cinematic mod comes out the community at large hates the way they change Alyx so why keep going. Just leave her alone. The original version was the best.
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BubbleSniper  +   1484d ago
got that right!!!

Man In Black  +   1484d ago
I thought original Alyx looked attractive enough, these shitty mods just fuck it up.
showtimefolks  +   1484d ago
she looks like
that tomb raider chick
YESMAN   1484d ago | Spam
cb4g  +   1484d ago
I totally agree with Panda....
What's with the sausage lips and vampy makeup? Granted, when we last saw Alyx her father just got skewered to death, so she may have had a change in her outlook on life, hence the darker emo-look. Still, please bring back original Alyx!
ChrisW  +   1484d ago
Ah-no, hunny... Dat hair has gotta go!!!
nskrishna2  +   1484d ago
Jeez..the original Alyx was some one you'd come to respect in the game...smart, intelligent and sexy in her own way..

This new model looks like a slut..:(

Long live Original Alyx Vance
thewhoopimen  +   1484d ago
Those lips look WAYYY to big... like botoxed.
gillri   1485d ago | Bad language | show
Mc Fadge  +   1485d ago
Oh dear God no.
PainisCupcake  +   1485d ago
and they make her look like a fucking tart again lol
Pozzle  +   1485d ago
She's pretty, but that ain't Alyx. That ain't Alyx at all. :/
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1485d ago
Looks like something taken straight from a Victoria 4 model.
yog-sothot  +   1485d ago
Why would you want to change Alyx ? There are so many terrible videogame characters that deserve (or need) a new design, and Alyx is by no mean one of them.
TruEve  +   1484d ago

Lol, I agree with you about that. Even though I enjoy seeing different models of Alyx, her original look is already perfect as is.
Baka-akaB  +   1485d ago
Dear god
chak_  +   1484d ago

Seriously, the good thing being he doesn't make HD model by defaut now, you have to activate them.

Bless him for that.
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danielle007  +   1484d ago
Alyx is already so pretty, and she's one of the few not overly sexualized women in video games. This mod is horrible to her.
cyborg  +   1484d ago
this is terrible
Baka-akaB  +   1484d ago
so much talent , and yet so little taste , like most attempts to ramke her . At least the common sense to have it optional is there
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kyl277  +   1484d ago
That is truly horrible.
Oldman100  +   1484d ago
Wow, is it really that hard to take the original Alyx model and make it more detailed?
ElementX  +   1484d ago
Disgusting! She even has botox lips!
danielle007  +   1484d ago
Nono, botox is what takes away the wrinkles and makes faces look robotic from lack of expression. She has collagen-injection lips.
TruEve  +   1484d ago
Those aren't collagen-injected lips. They're a representation of her African genes (of her father, Eli, no doubt). Also note, that not all Africans share the same traits--it's an extremely diverse continent!

Black people (of African heritage), including those mixed, naturally have fuller lips than others, especially compared to those of white-European decent. White actresses sometimes have surgery / injection to acquire fuller lips, so I reckon that's how this misnomer takes place.

I have fairly full lips as a result of my African traits, even though I'm mixed. And it's beautiful on women!
#15.1.1 (Edited 1484d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report
danielle007  +   1484d ago
He said botox, I corrected him on at least the correct terminology for the area.

And no matter the reason for her lips, and while she certainly is pretty, this impostor is definitely not Alyx.
#15.1.2 (Edited 1484d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
maniactadpole  +   1484d ago
No matter how much they try, the original Alyx ends up looking WAAAAAAY better.
bozebo  +   1484d ago
And some people say source is outdated?
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bobrea  +   1484d ago
That thing is not Alyx Vance
TruEve  +   1484d ago
Lol, I'm laughing at everyone saying, "that's not Alyx!"

Well, of course it isn't her, exactly. :| It's the artist's / modder's rendition. It doesn't have to look just like the original.

Again, I think Valve's design is the best, but this one looks nice as well. :)

Edit: No, bobrea, not necessarily! I do think it's useless to say, "it isn't her", considering the only real Alyx is the original, lol.
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bobrea  +   1484d ago
Are you implying that I wasn't already aware of this?
Baka-akaB  +   1484d ago
there are plenty variations possible that could still fit Alyx , this doesnt much and might as well be a duke nukem npc
news4geeks  +   1484d ago
sexy. I'd love to sniff between her butt cheeks.
KidMakeshift  +   1484d ago
She went from Jade from Beyond Good & Evil to Venezuelan prostitute


I'd love to see all the other characters get Jersey Shored as well
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Veni Vidi Vici  +   1484d ago
I hate lips like that. It looks like she ate something she was allergic to and now they're swelling to the point of popping. Take it down a notch on the lips and you might have something. Right now, it looks like a caricature.
#21 (Edited 1484d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Treal-Since  +   1484d ago
I can understand that someone might not like the look, but it's actually realistic. There are plenty (millions) of people who have lips that look just like that.

Lauren Hill - http://divaartist.com/divab...

Sade (who is Nigerian-English mixed) - http://www.alwaysontherun.n...
Takoulya  +   1484d ago
Those look nothing like the lips on the new model. Those just look oversized to the point that they're just unattractive. The face is generally good looking, but, as other people have said before, it's like they took someone from Jersey Shore with the meticulous amount of makeup they have on and polygonally rendered it. It seems that there are too many pop-media influences in the design, which is definitely not what Half-Life is about. This could maybe be used for a game like GTA or Duke Nukem, but not something with the setting of Half-Life.
gypsygib  +   1484d ago
The video just reminded me that Half-Life 2 is the still the best FPS SP ever created.

Why Valve, why? Why haven't you made Half-Life 3?
Big_Dom  +   1484d ago
Surely the person who modeled this could think of something other than giving her blow job lips as a re-design? She looks like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose there.
OdinFallen  +   1484d ago
New model looks awful. It embodies the immaturity that is associated with video games and their view of women.
Kakihara  +   1484d ago
Exactly, the thing that made Alyx such a great character was that she was a total tomboy but all the sexier for it. While they did give her pretty uncommon natural beauty she felt like a real girl and not the boring hyper sexualised slut you see in every other game.
#24.1 (Edited 1484d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Titanz  +   1484d ago
So the reason why everyone is hating, is because...
She's black? O_o
Bob570  +   1484d ago
You better be kidding me.
blakstarz  +   1484d ago
Its so damn obvious....you can't be that blind or naive.
Baka-akaB  +   1484d ago
she was never white , so that's a retarded argument .

Not to mention people complained as much about previous remodels
Pozzle  +   1484d ago
Alyx has always been black (well, half black).

People are complaining because FakeFactory took one of the few attractive, yet not overly sexualized, characters in gaming...and basically remodelled her so she looks 'sexier'.
Maester07  +   1484d ago
Last I remember Alyx used to smile? I really liked her feisty and whimsical demeanour in HL2, and I guarantee they'll give her the moody makeover in the sequel, with Fakefactor attributing it to the death of that certain someone close to her.
Make way for Lara Croft lookalike.

We'll miss you, Alyx.
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KotC  +   1484d ago
Looks to me like the model he chose for Alyx is his girlfriend/wife or someone he likes. Just my opinion on the way the model looks.
Fade_Walker  +   1484d ago
Stop with the redesign of Alyx! She was perfect the way she was!
blakstarz  +   1484d ago
It's so fuckin' obvious why kids and dumbass grown-ups on here are talking shit about the looks...just admit it!
I guess if it was some white Kate Moss homely looking thing as Alyx it would be all good.
Keep homegirl lookin' fine, even the original one was fine to me.
KotC  +   1484d ago
Attractiveness supersedes race or culture. What if some of the people making the comments are black, indian or chinese? You're screaming about racism while being racist yourself.

"I guess if it was some white Kate Moss homely looking thing as Alyx it would be all good." See?
blakstarz  +   1484d ago
You missing the point. You seriously think that someone black or of any other color is going to really write some of the stuff on here said? Who the fuck in their right mind with write self-hatred like that?
Dude...please tell me you are not serious? And you clearly didn't get why I wrote that statement about the Kate Moss reference. Think real hard on why I said that.
#29.1.1 (Edited 1484d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
SlaughterMeister  +   1484d ago
Man, fuck that. She's ugly as balls. There are tons of hot black women, and this is not one of them.
Kakihara  +   1484d ago
You're seriously playing the race card for this? You need to let go of that paranoia my man. Do some searches for stories about Half life mods. The last redesign of Alyx made her look just Adriana Lima and that received an even greater backlash than this one has.

I prefer this one to the Adriana Lima version but still hate both because they've taken a great character and made her generic to appeal to the shallow folks who only care how 'lookin fine' she is.
blakstarz  +   1484d ago
You damn right, and come on...look at the comments on here, I sorry but I don't act docile, or scared and ignore something when people write negative shit about about a character (when race is involved) when its so damn obvious and the people who disagree are probably the ones what are saying it.
And when I said "fine looking" this clearly when over your head. I only said that because there is nothing wrong with the character being presented, but because of the darker skin tone, I already know the prejudice was going to come out in full force, so yea I said what I said and not taking it back and to anyone that further disagrees...FUCK YOU in advanced.

If you don't have anything nice or positive to say then don't say anything at all. And don't think someone is not gonna respond.
So this has nothing to do with "paranoia" if you can't see what is happening here, then you need to get out more often.

Pozzle  +   1484d ago
I'll repeat what I said upthread:

Alyx has always been black (well, half black).

People are complaining because FakeFactory took one of the few attractive, yet not overly sexualized, characters in gaming...and basically remodelled her so she looks 'sexier'. It's an insult to the character, especially one as loved as Alyx.
Kakihara  +   1484d ago
The thing that makes Half life (and Valve games in general) so beloved is that they put as much thought into the art design as the graphics, gameplay etc.

Art design is such an important aspect of any entertainment but it's criminally overlooked in videogames. I appreciate the work of people who choose to upgrade old games' graphics for others to enjoy but if you're going to change the art style you might as well change the music, the dialogue or any part of the world Valve created.

To change Alyx's look like this is just like changing the music that plays when you climb into your HEV suit to something by Fallout boy.

It seriously pisses me off how overlooked art design is in the videogame world. I'm so tired of devs creating games that look technically amazing and play really smoothly but feature generic macho thugs and tarted up sluts because they didn't think that aspect of the game mattered.
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