First Half-Life 2 Screenshots from the brand new Alyx Model

Here are the very first screenshots of the new Alyx model, that will include in the upcoming update version of FakeFactor´s Cinematic Mod with Source Engine 2009 support.

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Yi-Long2316d ago

... most of these mods try to turn Alyx into some kind of cheap sad sexbimbo, whereas the original design of the character is great as it is!

TruEve2316d ago


I don't see how this new model looks like a "cheap sad sexbimbo". :/

I think she looks great, along with the darker skin complexion and full lips.

She's quite a change from Alyx, who is the original beauty, but why all the hate, guys?

Bigpappy2316d ago

@Yi-Long: What makes her look like a sex-bimbo?

gypsygib2316d ago

Original design is perfect but I like to look at bigger boobs (not huge) when playing.

Sorry, I know they're virtual but nice full boobs always look good IMO.

Treal-Since2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I agree with TruEve and Bigpappy.

I really don't see what makes her look like a bimbo...

This model is attractive, but that doesn't make her a whore. They don't even show anything that's revealing...

I like the original design the best though.

MagicAccent2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Well, it's better than the previous fakefactory Alyx models( aka Taiwanese-silicone-prostitute- transexual-Alyx). So props for that.

But I still don't see the point these overhauls, since Valve's original cannot be improved on.

ct032316d ago

Looks like a porn actress with augmented lips and a pound of makeup in her face. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

CobraKai2316d ago

She looks like she wants to say; "You want sucky sucky?"

Ravenor2316d ago

No one else picked up that the original Alyx fit the world? I'm sure City 17 has got department stores still open with a cosmetics section.

Valve original Alyx made sense, this one does not fit the world.

[email protected] Racists.

If she was white and had that kind of face/lips/make up I would have thought the exact same thing.

RankFTW2316d ago

When HL2 first came out I actually broke my Z key zooming in or her ass.

AuToFiRE2316d ago

i really really hope this is a joke

starchild2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I prefer the original Alyx. But I don't think this looks as bad as some people are making it out. This version of her looks unique and not bad at all. I'm just too used to the original Alyk.

ExplosionSauce2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Eww indeed.

That's NOT Alyx.

SkylineR2315d ago

Looks like a dark Angelina Jolie IMO.
Just re-work the original alyx model and make that more realistic.

badz1492315d ago

you took words straight from my mouth! indeed, WTF?!

Bathyj2315d ago

I'm all in favour of making her look more black, since, y'know, she is black.

But this just looks like she got punched in the mouth.

Like my last physical exam. Not pretty.

NiKK_4192315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I never played hl2 (only played part of #1), but I just googled and imo this one looks better to me, but then again, usually black girls look sexier to me, so...
I'm white though btw

Black and Asian is the best combination ;)

MaxXAttaxX2315d ago

So is Tiger Woods and he still looks Asian, just like Alyx did!

Actually it's not even about that. Her face just looks completely out of character! There's no way you can make me believe that was the same Alyx I played with through the Half Life games.

NarooN2315d ago

This model is a great model, but FakeFactor or w/e has done quite a few different models for all the HL2 characters, and they're all shitty for the sole reason that you can't even recognize who is supposed to be who when you apply the skins.

I ended up never using their mod because - for example - that is NOT Alyx. It's just another woman. If you're gonna try to make the game look better, at least don't butcher the characters. Just make a higher-poly model with higher-res textures and leave it at that.

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BeastlyRig2316d ago

I wish they use cry engine 2 to make it over!

DeadlyFire2315d ago

You can mod whatever you want on CryEngine 2. As long as its released for free if its under a licensed property.

Bigpappy2316d ago

Looks like a whore because she looks more Black than the original? I done see any heels, lipstick or lace. They don't even show revealing clothing. All they show is a black chick's face with thick lips and from that, you think she looks like a whore? I fine that offensive.

jidery2316d ago


Its just as offensive assuming its because shes black that shes a whore.

Shes Gorgeous, thats all there is too it.

psman0122316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

You said it perfectly. Why does Alyx keep looking more and more like a whore with all these mods??

Also, why is she "black"??


It does look really good, it just cannot in anyway replace the original Alyx.

ATiElite2316d ago

If you ever played Half Life 2 then you would know that Alyx Vance is bi-racial.

Alyx is half Black and half Asian and here is a picture of the women she was modeled after Jamil Mullen.

The second picture is an early concept drawing of Alyx by Valve with the third picture being the classic Alyx that we all love and I wish people would stick to.

so to answer your question of "Why is she Black"...because she is Black...and Asian!

TruEve2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I'm co-signing 1.4.1

Alyx is Afro-Asian. Check the link below for more info, if you're unaware of what that is, lol.

Edit: Yeah, psman012, I think it looks good, but the original is the best!

BeastlyRig2316d ago

Alyx's father is black!! you do know that right??

psman0122316d ago

Thanks everyone, you're right. It's been a long time since I played it, I completely forgot her dad was black, rofl.

ExplosionSauce2315d ago

She doesn't even look like Alyx anymore.

nskrishna22315d ago

There is something about Alyx's eyes man...beautiful eyes she has...Valve rocks..:D

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FinalSpartan2316d ago

disgusting. what have they done to alyx?

cannon88002316d ago

guys that aren't familiar with fakefactory. They're the guys that make the half life cinematic mods. So that's not gonna be in an actual game that out on retail lol If it was then they would have gotten in a lot of trouble because on one of their mods they had a high poly model of alyx, naked with a towel around her body but you could still see her vagina :0

Winning2316d ago

Well we now know which team you play for.

cannon88002315d ago

i don't understand
please explain?

egidem2316d ago

This sucks...I want the old Alyx model back!

cannon88002315d ago

it's not going to be in a game guys it's only a mod from fakefactory. Free to download mod. They have many already. just search fakefactory cinematic mod for half life 2 and you'll see many different alyx models

DOMination2316d ago

Leave her alone. I really respect Valve for creating a female character that doesnt fit into the usual videogaming stereotype. This mod is not needed

cannon88002315d ago

valve didn't make that. An independent company known as Fakefactory did.

hesido2315d ago

@cannon: Domination knows Valve didn't make that. He thanks valve for creating a character that's not stereotypical.

Reibooi2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

wow that looks just dreadful. What is with these mods? The original Alyx Model was damn near perfect and nearly every time a new cinematic mod comes out the community at large hates the way they change Alyx so why keep going. Just leave her alone. The original version was the best.

BubbleSniper2316d ago

got that right!!!


Man In Black2316d ago

I thought original Alyx looked attractive enough, these shitty mods just fuck it up.

2315d ago
cb4g2315d ago

What's with the sausage lips and vampy makeup? Granted, when we last saw Alyx her father just got skewered to death, so she may have had a change in her outlook on life, hence the darker emo-look. Still, please bring back original Alyx!

ChrisW2315d ago

Ah-no, hunny... Dat hair has gotta go!!!

nskrishna22315d ago

Jeez..the original Alyx was some one you'd come to respect in the, intelligent and sexy in her own way..

This new model looks like a slut..:(

Long live Original Alyx Vance

thewhoopimen2315d ago

Those lips look WAYYY to big... like botoxed.

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gillri2316d ago Show
PainisCupcake2316d ago

and they make her look like a fucking tart again lol

Pozzle2316d ago

She's pretty, but that ain't Alyx. That ain't Alyx at all. :/