Cinematic Mod 7 (HL2): Ultra Closeups, Alyx versus Adriana Lima did a huge update on their gallery for the HL2 texture mod "Cinematic Mod 7". This time, they compare all the available Alyx models and they compare the "new" Alyx with Adriana Lima, which was the inspiration for the new look.

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Genesis53764d ago

Nooooo! Don't do this. Alyx look just fine the way she was.

crunchie1013764d ago

Exactly. They have to ruin one of the few games to feature a prominent female character who isn't a bimbo by doing this.

And I know you're not FORCED to download this, but it just irritates me.

TurdStationPee3764d ago

You'd rather play twin tang, right?

TheIneffableBob3764d ago

You're not forced to use the skin, either.
You can easily swap out the new Alyx skin for the old one using the tool that comes with the mod.

decapitator3764d ago

I'd be surprised if this was a post by TnS......good stuff nonetheless.

lockload3764d ago

Look like crap, zombie style

TurdStationPee3764d ago

DAMN, that is mad hot. Who knew the regular Alyx looked so ugly by comparison. I can't even look at her anymore. And, boy, Adriana is such a hottie. Are you sure you guys aren't closet homosexuals? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Gravitons3764d ago

Why the fak do we have to have her look like a whore

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