Gordon Freeman Spotted in CERN Test Chamber

"Ever watch the same disaster movie twice and find yourself trying to warn off the actors?"

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PainisCupcake3745d ago

They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber..........

snittolo3745d ago

Is their a rail cart of some sort to get you from each end of the underground tunnel? If so I think we are all screwed.....

PainisCupcake3745d ago

All the other scientists will be standing around going, get moving Dr Freeman, the entrance is this way Dr Freeman, you'd better get moving Freeman...

OgTheClever3745d ago

We are now officially f*cked.

JCDenton3745d ago

Hmm, they also said they want to find out more about parallel universes, among other things... and that they had some electricity problems (power fluctuations).....Doom 3, anyone. (ok, that was on Mars, but anyway..... ;))

Xakep3745d ago

That has to be the funniest f*cking thing I've seen in a while. Now if there's a crowbar nearby...

hitthegspot3745d ago

I'm still laughing. That was great...

Cajun Chicken3745d ago

Crowbar sorted.

Not seen the G-Man yet, Steve Buscemi isn't at CERN, is he?

PimpHandStrong3745d ago


atelast if they opened a black hole Gordon could fight off the monsters from the other side

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The story is too old to be commented.