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Submitted by fastrez 1922d ago | opinion piece

The 10 Longest Games Ever - NowGamer

NowGamer looks at the longest games in different genres, from the longest FPS games, to the largest open worlds. This is a list of longest games by genre, NOT longest games full stop. (Culture, Demon's Souls, Disgaea, Final Fantasy XII, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Half-Life 2, Just Cause 2)

Jallen  +   1922d ago
The Total War series really needs a mention too. Hell any RTS really eats up your time, like Age of Empires but I guess Civilisation represents them.
fastrez  +   1922d ago
Yeah Total War is a beast. Looks like they chose Civ IV for the strategy genre though. Shogun 2 Total War will no doubt be massive when that launches too.
Conloles  +   1922d ago
6 of these on PC, add in mods and you have even longer games
GWAVE  +   1922d ago
Total War is indeed a sweet series w a lot of content.

I think Dragon Warrior 7 on PS1 is one of the longest games, simply because the storyline takes a required 100+ hours to complete, not including sidequests.
Stuart5756  +   1922d ago
GTA3 100% Completion took me a hell of a long time, tryin to find all those different vehicles!
JohnApocalypse  +   1922d ago
I thought Fallout 3 was pretty dam long. And what about those Pokemon games?
God_Of_Epicness  +   1921d ago
I finish one Pokemon game within 200+ hours. That's gotta be a mention. I captured all 386 Pokemon there was.
Kishin  +   1922d ago
Dragon Quest games... the avrg game gives u 90 to 300hrs of gameplay.... Especially DQ8 on ps2.
RememberThe357  +   1922d ago
I think I finished DQ8 in 92 hours. It's one of my favorite game on the PS2.
JakemanPS31994  +   1922d ago
i would say resident evil 4 is pretty long. it toke me about 20 some odd hours to go threw my first time and im still not done with mercinaries.
Corrwin  +   1922d ago
"Half-Life 2 " W.T.F
Is there some rule that you have to mention HL2 to seem legit it video game journalism?

I remember completing this in the 8-10 hour range when it came out in 2004, then it took about 16 hours on PS3 a few years later. Don't ask me why it took longer the second time, maybe it has something to do with the controls.

AAAAAAANY WAY, the play time is short compared to the original, so why isn't this on a list of "Longest games ever". Has the author only played games from the last couple of console generations?
Mista T  +   1922d ago
It's longer than most action fps games
jashmister  +   1922d ago
Half life 1 was a lot bigger maybe double HL2's size but sad as it is Hl2 is still a long game compared too nearly all action Fps.
Although i did finish HL2 in at least 10 hours and just cause 2 at 24 hours by the games timer
fastrez  +   1922d ago
Longest games 'in their genres' How many straight-up FPS titles do you see longer these days?
Corrwin  +   1922d ago
And the Valve defence force joins the fray.

"It's longer than most action fps games" - Does not matter, the list is "Longest Games Ever", not "Some of the Longest Games ever", or "Really long games that managed to capture my ADHD-afflicted attention"

"How many straight-up FPS titles do you see longer these days?"
I think you're selling HL2 short (HL2 certainly features things you wouldn't find in a 'straight-shooter'), but that's besides the point, there are many FPSs that last longer: Wolfenstein, Far Cry 2, Borderlands, Operation Flashpoint 1 & 2, AmrA 1 & 2.
ico92  +   1922d ago
when you think about it how many fps this gen take over 8 hours to beat ?
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likedamaster  +   1921d ago
Half-Life 2 never felt long to me, although it was. That is all.
Blazing_Crabs  +   1922d ago
I finished GTA SA in 16 hours on my second time.
DelbertGrady  +   1922d ago
The original Baldurs Gate 1 & 2.
RememberThe357  +   1922d ago
I played them back to back.
It's kind of sad because I don't remember them very well. I just remember them being to damn good.
lolzers  +   1922d ago
BG2 in particular is huge. Probably the most replayable game in my collection, I give it another playthrough every couple of years. I can't think of any other game that old that I still play on a fairly regular basis.
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militant07  +   1922d ago
it took me 40 or 50 hours to beat demon's souls.
CaptainPunch  +   1922d ago
Pokemon should be mentioned
CombatEvolving  +   1922d ago
Good multiplayer games last just as long as anything on this list.
fastrez  +   1922d ago
But the article specifically says it's based on single payer campaign length.
nobiggy  +   1922d ago
okami was a longer game than zelda, 65 hrs it took me, HD remake please capcom!
cb4g  +   1922d ago
Yes please!!!!
Although the orginal game's sales will probably prevent an HD makeover, if we make enough noise maybe they'll do it!
militant07  +   1922d ago
mission PERSON4
Tone  +   1922d ago
Took me over 100 hours to complete everything in the entire game back in the day!
Sugreev2001  +   1922d ago
Two I've beaten :- Just Cause 2 and GTA:San Andreas,and I spent over 100 hours completing the latter.I prefer my FPS games to be around 6-15 hours,and HL2 is just too long and grueling.I never completed it,although I have beaten approximately half of the game.Most of the long-haul games I enjoy are open-world epics like Red Dead Redemption or InFamous,which I don't mind stretching the 25+ hour mark.
Garrison  +   1922d ago
The elder scrolls:
Oblivion for me, took me 100 hours to finish the main quest,(was doing side quests atm) and I didn't even try to close all the loose gates before going to the finale. My favorite RPG of all time.
shotgun_ps3  +   1922d ago
They forgot Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King, it took me 120 hours my first play through then another 80 hours to get everything although that could go on for infinity.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1922d ago
Just Cause 2's time is ridiculously inflated by all the repetitive stuff you have to do like blowing up towns that all look the same, as though they were copied and pasted across the whole map, and collecting thousands of resource cases just to unlock the next missions. If you counted just straight mission time, of which there are only 7 missions, the game would probably last 4 hours.

GTA IV should definitely fit somewhere into this list. FFS, there's an achievement for finishing the game in under 30 hours!
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Tex117  +   1922d ago

main quest was very long.
Ch1d0r1  +   1922d ago
If Demons Souls is on there, how about any game that lets you have NG+++++++++++.
Demons Souls, what an amazing game.
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cb4g  +   1922d ago
Friggin Disgaea....
...couldn't stop levelling up my weapons and items. The grinding was ridiculously addictive and it was infinite.
Gregard  +   1922d ago
what about the tales of series?
pretty much 80-200 hours each!
Xenomorph  +   1921d ago
Demons Owned
I beat Demon Souls in like 3 days. It was hard, but not THAT hard. I'd say Chrono Trigger takes long simply because of how much you do in that game. RPGs probably take the cake when it comes to long games with story. And RTS games take the cake in the "can go on forever" sort of deals.
Prcko  +   1921d ago
demon souls is second,this is more then impressive!!!!
crummond  +   1921d ago
Played the games and they went on forever
amrasmord  +   1921d ago
Actually, the longest game ever (besides MMOs obviously) is Rock Band 2. I bought it 2 years ago, and I've been playing about 1 hour a day on average. That's a shit load of hours...
CrazyRap  +   1921d ago
Half life 1 and 2
Ahhhhhhhhhhh good times :)
can't wait for episode 3
Electronicpart  +   1921d ago
1. Disgaea
I knew it,Disgaea is No1
Acquiescence  +   1921d ago
The Longest Journey...
has a rather appropriate title. As point 'n' click adventure games go, that one is an epic beast.
Sheddi  +   1921d ago
I spent hundreds of hours in GT3 and I cant even imagine the amount i will be spending in GT5 when it comes out.

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