World's best textures in games

Some PC games feature world class textures out of the box, some got enhanced by graphics mods like iCEnhancer, Cinematic Mod or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete mod. A website shows a collection with the best textures available in PC games.

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ATi_Elite2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

GTAIV Icenhancer mod
Arma2 ACE mod 2
Crysis Extreme Immersion mod

are my favorite mods that crank the graphics up to super duper levels but you better have a Beast of a PC to fully appreciate the added textures.

Warning "once you play a game using High Quality graphics Mods...there's no turning back"

MAJ0R2643d ago

yup all those only possible on PC hardware

ATi_Elite2642d ago

You got that right!!!

PC Gaming for life!!!!

Bleach2642d ago

The GTAIV mods look nice but make the game unplayable. Thats the problem with PC gaming, it looks nice, but thats all.

seinfan2642d ago

I wish I was a PC gamer. Just like I wish I was a Pats fan when they won those three super bowls a few years back. I'm just not a bandwagon kind of guy. I want a genuine liking to these things, but my nature just doesn't allow for it. Hard to explain.

mandf2643d ago

Didn't they say straight out the box? I have an question for honest PC gamers. What is the standard resolution out the box for the average pc game? What is the average fps for a pc game out the box? Does upscaling pixelate the image when it's not the native resolution? ( i have always believed this to be true because you are not adding detail just adding pixels) Last question, are mods better than upscaling? Not trolling just a couple of questions

bumnut2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

PC games support all resolutions out of the box, as high as your monitor can handle.

They are not upscaled resolutions, they are native. The game is rendered at whatever resolution you set, and the framerate depends on what your PC is capable of.

Thats why people spend big bucks on graphics card to get maximum image quality and framerate.
Some console games are rendered around 600p and then upscaled, it is not the same for pc. Thats why the graphics look far superior.

Mods are created by fans to add higher quality textures than devs add at the time of release, usually because the hardware at the time of release would not be able to handle it. This makes a lot of PC games get better with age.

Hope that helped answer some of your questions.

dirthurts2643d ago

Yeah man. PC's don't upscale anything.It's all native resolution. Up scaling isn't even an option.
You want [email protected], just build a rig that can run that fast and you have it.
Mods usually just add graphical effects, or sharper textures. Textures don't upscale on pc, they just display as they are, with the highest resolution available for that given texture(unless you turn down the details).
Many advantages to pc.
So no blurry, no jagged edges, and if you're rig is good enough no frame drops.

mandf2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )


Why use a monitor when you really can't tell the difference running high resolutions on a small monitor? Why not use a t.v.? When using a t.v. does a t.v. locked at 1080p hurt the overall effect of higher resolutions? What is the BEST way to view high resolution games? Please explain it would be very helpful to me and others to understand.

@ VonAltbretch

I'm not trolling just trying to learn from pc gamers who are open with info. You need to lighten up.

Can i have an honest conversation with pc gamers without debubbling or disagrees. I'm just trying to learn something from someone who games on pc.

dirthurts2643d ago

Actually I do use my tv. I have my rig set up with two displays, one my monitor, and the other my TV. When I want to game on the tv I just switch it over with a hotkey and game on my tv.
If you set your resolution to 1920x1080, (1080p) You take advantage of every single pixel that the tv has, as the highest framerate your tv, and or graphics card can handle.

I agree, he's not trolling. Just asking questions, and I'm all for helping him out. Get a grip guys. Geeze.

mandf2643d ago

@ dirthurts

Thank you for taking the time to answer. What would you say is better a monitor or t.v.? I only play tower defense games on pc. I usually only game on consoles. I find it very interesting to learn about pc gamers and the way they game because of all the options available.

dirthurts2642d ago

Well it depends on what you're doing.
I prefer the TV, because my TV looks much better, and that's where my surround sound is. I also like using a gamepad.
However, some games just don't work or aren't compatible with gamepads. While you can configure it yourself, I will usually stick with a mouse and keyboard for many types of games. Especially like Sim, Sport, etc etc.
It really depends. It's cheaper to have an amazing monitor and speakers, than an amazing tv and sound setup.

ATi_Elite2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Upscaling = it simply changes one resolution SIGNAL to match the output of the TV. it does not improve quality. DVD players with upscaling capabilities are a gimmick cause any good TV comes with a upscaling chip.

Why play PC Games on a monitor versus a TV?
1. Find me a TV that does 1600p native resolution. They don't exist and if they do they probably are $12,000!!
2. Eyefinity or Nvidia 3D surround allows for games to be played on 3 or 6 monitors thus making the screen larger than any TV
3. Peripheral vision is added on a multiple monitor set-up and it totally kills! PV is such an added benefit that it really increases your K/D ratio in FPS match against those without it. Also adds to the immersion and game play of racing games.
4. monitors are just better than TV's when it comes to response time which translates to lag in MP games.

Resolution: PC games support whatever resolution your TV or monitor is.
1080p allows for high quality images thus requiring less AA. 4xMSAA @ 1920x1080p is a quality picture.
1600p melts your eyes...actually it really brings out a far superior picture to 1080p as far as games cause you get more detail shown in each pixel but requires a 1600p monitor and a powerful GPU. I do play PC Games on my Sony Bravia but it lacks 1600p and peripheral view!

Ilikegames762642d ago

The Flat Panel TVs out in the market only displays resolution up to 1920 x 1080p. You can buy a mid-range computer monitor with a higher resolution than that, much higher actually. But you should have the proper hardware to support those high-resolution display. A high-end graphic card is a must and some cost more than the computer itself. If you purchase an out-of-the box mid-range PC, it could display resolution in HD (1920 x 1080p). But if you want higher than that, you should be prepared to invest in a good graphic card.

AKS2642d ago


I use my TV, a 1080p Panasonic plasma, for PC gaming. I personally do not care for gaming at a desk. I've got a wireless keyboard and mouse and play in my living room. I have it hooked up to a fairly nice 7.1 Marantz/ Polk Audio surround system. My front speakers alone cost more than my gaming PC (~$1500 range versus $2000 for just a pair of the front speakers). I'm more interested in the complete home theater experience with great visuals and audio, so my TV works best for me.

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Kushan2642d ago

"Thats the problem with PC gaming, it looks nice, but thats all. "

Yeah? You know that new Deus Ex game that's making the rounds, that people are absolutely raving about? It's almost identical to the first game (except for how it looks). That's right, the PC was dishing out the best of this generation's gameplay over a decade ago.

It doesn't just "look nice", it's way more than that and if you were a PC gamer, you'd understand.

T3MPL3TON 2642d ago


who told you that lie? I use iCE and it works perfectly fine.

koehler832642d ago

Unless you enjoy playing games the day they're released.

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Fishy Fingers2643d ago

Lot's of nice screens in there showing decent textures, although, plenty of pretty bland ones too.

BlackKnight2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I really liked the textures in Series Sam TFE/TSE HD remakes with their new engine:


http://www.pcgameshardware.... (Great water reflection resolution)



Texture resolution is incredibly high and detailed.

josephps32643d ago


I've always said that I'm satisfied with the level of graphics this generation. PS3, Xbox360 both have great graphics but OMG if they release a PS4 and Xbox720 titles with graphics like that, my ps3 will become a door stopper.

This is like visual cocaine. One look and you're hooked. You're a buyer. Totally helpless and will pay anything.

NiteX2643d ago

That site doesn't work to well on a phone.

Stealth2k2643d ago

i will always say it graphics aint art style.......some of the games with arguably "THE best graphics ever" bore me to death.....

bumnut2643d ago

Very true, but they come in handy to show friends what your PC is capable of.

Crysis = yawn
GTA4 = yawn

iamgoatman2643d ago

Art style doesn't make a game any better than graphics from a technical stand point do either. I've seen some very pretty games in my time that weren't technically very good but still had a great visual style that played like crap. A game with broken mechanics or poor gameplay wrapped in a uniquely pretty shell is still a bad game, it's just easier on the eyes.

nycredude2642d ago

Dude that is just a crap game period.

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