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EA Isn’t the Only Company Paying Celebrities to Positively Cover its Games

7h ago - CraveOnline: "In one of the more odd headlines of recent years, Breaking Benjamin's lead singer B... | Industry

The Year Ahead: EA continues to climb out of the dark ages

1d ago - ThisGenGaming says "EA has let players know that there are big games just around the corner, but... | Industry

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

Rogue, Psylocke, and Domino cosplay in Deadpool video game

1d 16h ago - There's surely potential for some memorable scene through the interaction between Deadpool and th... | Culture

Unravel Gets a Release Date on the Xbox Store

1d 19h ago - Unravel Gets a Release Date on the Xbox Store | PC

How EA’s Star Wars video game developers are approaching the creative process

2d ago - Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond talked about creativity, storytelling, and collaborating with Lucasfi... | Industry

Star Wars Battlefront is Pretty Good

2d ago - Zack at Horse Stealth Gaming enjoys Battlefront and thinks you might too, if Star Wars is your th... | PC

Five weird glitches in call of duty: Black Ops 3

2d ago - DigitFreak: Several gamers are facing technical glitches with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Few of t... | PC

Why Are So Many Games Released Unfinished?

2d ago - Let’s take a quick trip to the not so distant past for a moment. To the year of 2005. It’s Februa... | PC

This Is How Much Money You’d Spend if You Bought Every 2015 Season Pass

2d ago - While several of the big releases this year such as Halo 5 and Bloodborne hit shelves without the... | PC

The Gamesmen, Episode 97 - Binging Bliss

2d ago - Join Amras89 and Hardlydan for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about PS2 PS4 game... | PC

The Roach Approach - Battlefront for under $600 | PC Gaming Enthusiast

2d ago - Check out Jake Roach's November build where he builds a system that can run Battlefront for under... | PC

Black Friday 2015: EA Origin Offering Up to 75% Discounts on FIFA 16, The Witcher 3 and More

3d ago - J Station X: EA's Origin store hosts a Black Friday sale with up to 75% discounts being offered o... | PC

EA Is Trying To Pay Off Famous People To Say They Like Star Wars Battlefront

5d ago - It seems like EA has been paying famous people to say they like Star Wars Battlefront. This could... | PC

FIFA 16 Review - PixelGamerUK

9d ago - Ea Sports churn out FIFA titles quicker than Sepp Blatter can dodge a footballing Scandal but eve... | PS4

Star Wars Battlefront is the lowest-rated in the series so far

9d ago - Star Wars Battlefront has been rated on average as the worst game in the series, and sits alongsi... | PC

EA Doesn't Want to "Nickel and Dime" Players With Microtransactions

10d ago - GameSpot: "EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that the company doesn't want to nickle and dime players" | PC

VGS- Star Wars: Battlefront Review – Nostalgia Should Stay in the Past

10d ago - One of the most iconic games of yester year is arriving just in time to cash in on your addiction... | PC

EA Building Assassin's Creed-Style Action Game

10d ago - Following EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund's statement last month that the company wanted to exp... | Dev

Star Wars Battlefront Is Having Issues

10d ago - Star Wars Battlefront is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. That doesn't mean you'... | PC

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

Green Man Gaming unable to deliver all Star Wars: Battlefront pre-orders

11d ago - Discount gaming retailer Green Man Gaming e-mailed Stars Wars: Battlefront buyers this morning to... | Industry

Activision Blizzard’s Acquisition Of King Digital : A Gamer's Take

23d ago - TTZ: What Does Activision Blizzard’s Acquisition Of King Digital Mean For The Console And Mobile... | PS3

EA Holla For The Dolla'

24d ago - Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Recent news has come out that EA reportedly made a whopping $... | Industry

The Gamesmen, Episode 94 – Twitch Makes Skynet

24d ago - Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen go over a plethora of n... | PC

The weirdest game bans in Asia

24d ago - Asia's dominant conservative culture has resulted in all sorts of clashes with Western media for... | PC
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