Battlefield 3: EA Reveals PS3 Console Superiority

Now that we've seen both console version in action, the truth about quality has become more evident. Aside from a more publicized media release for the PS3's Battlefield 3, the final verdict on which console is going to have the best graphics and gameplay came from EA's CEO, John Riccitiello.

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TheClown2632d ago

I know I'll be getting the PS3 version.

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Heartnet2631d ago

be funny if dev jsut made the xbox version real bad so they could say this hahaha

Heartnet2631d ago

Cuz Ea is sonys bitch publisher so they gotta be a lil bias now ;)

EDD2132630d ago

If thats the case then why is your PS3 so shitty compared to my Microsoft PC

the bastards2631d ago

360's version has already been confirmed to be using fxaa.
Fxaa is said to be as clean as 4 to 8x msaa. Unless ps3's version runs at 60 fps, I don't think it will be the better of the two console versions.

kikizoo2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Where are jetlian, ihateyoufanboyz, ATI, qwerty, matadores, and others mutiaccounts, etc etc etc denying that all day long despite lens of truth comparison.... but now, with the EA guy and this article, they probably can't fight anymore (even if they are not afraid of denial, lies, etc)

"The PS3 version of Battlefield 3 looks very close in graphics and gameplay to the PC version, while the 360's lower resolution textures are slighty more noticeable in well-lit areas. However, Battlefield 3 on 360 is still the best looking shooter on the Xbox, and that says a lot given the release of Gears of War 3."

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LOL. This is a totally stupid article. Firstly, the CEO of EA does not make games. He is more PR lead, not lead developer. Second, he nevr compared the PS3 and 360 versions of BF. Third, Gears is still the best looking 360 game. Stop trying so hard to down play that great game.

BiggCMan2632d ago

I'd say Crysis 2 or Forza are the best visual looking games on the 360.

SuperBeast8112632d ago

True Gears looks good but lets face it its still just the unreal engine 3 were talking about its been outdated since 2008

JellyJelly2632d ago

Gears of War 3 is probably the best looking 360 game to date.

"its been outdated since 2008"

Just shows you don't know what you are talking about. I bet that even if you tried it and found it to be a beautiful looking game you'd still say the same thing. For brand loyalty or what it is you guys do.

Prophet-Gamer2631d ago

imo, Gears 3 great improved on Gears 2. Sure, it may look similar (since the art style can't just be changed) but graphically it's definitely a step up.

And I agree with BiggCMan, I'd say the Forza series is the best looking on 360, F4 looks incredible.

Heartnet2631d ago


wtf ur basing weather the graphics are top dog based on the engine not actually on the graphics -_- The reason why they havent upgraded is cuz they dont need to.. Gears 3 graphics are beautiful and those kind of graphics are not outdated.. id even compare em to uncharted for the art style (since they changed it)

net1234562631d ago


You do know the Samaritan Demo also was UE3 Engine ? Outdated ??

Havent played GoW and have no 360. So cant say how it measures up to other Xbox Titles but to say the UE3 is outdated was weak. The UE3 changes and improves constantly. UE 3 from 2011>UE3 2008

ApplEaglElephant2631d ago

So yea, CEO may not make the game, but people who do report to the CEO.

sooo yea.... your comment is the stupid one.

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theonlylolking2632d ago

Gears 3 is a bad game to show the 360's power. The amount of frame rate drops in story mode, screen tearing, ugly textures and no anti-aliasing is not good.

The lighting, motion blur and shaders are the only good thing in gears 3.

If you are going to show how powerful the 360 is then choose a game like BF3 where it looks better than gears 3.

AKS2631d ago

Have you played it? I bought it recently, and I was stunned by how much better it looked compared to Gears 2. The art direction and dialogue often aren't so great, but the graphics are superb.

gamingdroid2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Gears 3 is such a drastic change in graphics I was amazed myself. I came from playing Gears 1 on PC on 720p too!

BF3 based on the demo (masqueraded as a beta) is a mess, with nasty pop ups (oh, there is a tree or stairs there) and with very low resolution textures. That was from looking at the game on PS3 for 5-10 minutes. It might be an unfinished product, so it might all improve, but as it is there is no comparison.

Also, that pop-in is very jarring for a game that relies on distance a lot.

squeeb2631d ago

Its not perfect but still looks pretty damn good I must admit (this coming from a PC player). The main thing is, its fun. I'm having a blast playing Horde Mode online.

That said, this is a BF3 article...should stay on topic.

The_Con-Sept2631d ago

A lot of games look better than another. As for Gears. Sorry but GT5 trumps Gears. /lolfail

Even when it comes to shooters. Man Halo 3 looks nothing like KillZone. /lolfail again.

You people and your graphics.... You might as well buy a pair of HD sunglasses you freaks.

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hilyou2631d ago


aren't you the guy that made that "Everything Sony Touches Turns To Mediocrity"! also u were the 1st one 2 post a comment in that article explaining how sony's stocks hav fallen and that they r so bad now!

DigitalRaptor2631d ago

Don't bother with that troll - it's never worth it. He'll never admit a Sony product is actually more than the interactive equivalent of dirt.

As for the article, whether it's considered stupid or not, the people with the sensible brains have known this since the start of this generation.

Let's face it, the 360 version will be great, but the difference between the 2 console versions is bigger than your average "360 multiplat is superior" argument, because it's not because of developer inadequacy. It's derived from a technological boundary-pushing find from a developer who is using all the strengths that each system provides.

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