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Top 5 Things Adam Wants to See in Star Wars Battlefront 3

51m ago - As the details for Star Wars Battlefront 3 have been revealed, this article sums up things Adam w... | PC

5 Destiny Features you should be stoked for

18h ago - Simon at Game Cupid talks about 5 things that make the wait until the Destiny launch on September... | Xbox 360

Bioshock On The iPhone Shows How Close Mobile is To Consoles

1d 19h ago - MegaJon28 writes "It's only a matter of time before we are doing graphics comparisons between mob... | Xbox 360

Madden 15 Features More Madden

3d ago - A satire piece on Madden's new "features" just in time for release day. | Xbox 360

The Walking Dead Meets Spider-Man

Now - Come join us on Filmwatch this month as we give you a chance to win the Electro Collector's Edition of Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the Limited Edition... | Promoted post

EA Games Flew Me to Germany and Let Me Drive Porsches

4d ago - GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "If EA Games offered you a trip to Germany and an opportunity t... | Industry

How to Connect a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller to a PC (Windows 8.1)

6d ago - When Titanfall launched I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in purch... | PC

My Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games

7d ago - "The Nintendo 64 was the console to own when I was a kid. It pretty much defined my childhood.... | Culture

Zero Suit Samus Is Not Sexist

8d ago - A Pixelated View is a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. As new information is trickled out of Masahir... | Culture

Bungie talks about Destiny's future

8d ago - MWEB GameZone: "Millions of players around the world, 4.8 million to be exact, are grinding their... | PC

Top 5 Best Tennis Games for PC,PS3 and XBOX 2014-2015

10d ago - Tennis is one of the most famous sport in the world.Many of you might know tennis quite well as y... | GameCube

Misplaced Melodies #2: Dreamcast Stuff

11d ago - So for this edition of Misplace Melodies 8BitChimp wanted to look at one of Brian's favorite cons... | GameCube

EA Access...to the Future?

11d ago - Mike Zupan of DoddScientifics details the immediate benefits of EA Access, while also wearily dis... | Xbox One

Expectations From Dragon Age: Inquisition

12d ago - Dragon Age:Inquisition sets you in the shoes of the new protagonist known as you guessed it “The... | PC

More for Moore, Less for Us - Dodd Scientifics

13d ago - The article begins on a seemingly harmless note: EA’s COO believes that traditional gamers will t... | PC

Dead Island 2 gameplay footage impressions

13d ago - With new gameplay footage being shown at Gamescom, I take a look at why Dead Island is heading in... | PC

Should Star Wars: The Old Republic Make The Move to Next-Gen Consoles?

13d ago - Why hasn't Star Wars: The Old Republic been ported to consoles yet? An associate writer from Midd... | PC

Why Bioware's Approach To LGBT Issues Benefits All Gamers

15d ago - How Bioware's approach to LGBT issues (specifically in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition) bene... | PC

Best of Gamescom '14: EA Edition

15d ago - Gadgets and Khajiits highlights the best moments of EA's Gamescom conference. | PC

A Mixed Bag With Notable Absences – EA Gamescom 2014 Press Conference Impressions

16d ago - Dealspwn: "it's early days, but I never thought I'd feel so apathetic about a new BioWare IP." | PC

Smite A Great MOBA Coming To Xbox One

16d ago - Microsoft was able to bring something cool to the table that caught my eye at their event today a... | PC

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post

Gamescom 2014:Fifa 15 - the 11 changes you need to know about

16d ago - Each year sports games build on the past and invent for the future. Here are 11 changing, big and... | PC

...When It's DONE

16d ago - This editorial discusses why complacency in regards to day 1 patches and the push to go 'digital-... | Tech

Gamescom 2014: EA Drops the Ball

17d ago - Hardcore Gamer: EA had a chance to right wrongs at Gamescom, but they did nothing of the sort. | gamescom

EA Gamescom Press Conference - All about the players

17d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "EA started off their presentation making two telling statements. One of th... | Culture

You’ve Been Chosen – What New Game Is Bioware Teasing?

22d ago - Bioware have been releasing trailers and ARG websites teasing a brand new game, but what does it... | Dev
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