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What Happened to EA?

36m ago - I’m a 35 year old gamer, and that means several things;I owned singles on records and cassettes.... | Industry

Black: Reviving A Classic

12d ago - Lets reflect on one of the best First Person Shooters of its time for the PlayStation 2 and the f... | PS2

Best Type Of Games

13d ago - We know all games are best but Multi-Player (MP) gaming is totally different level. If you still... | PC

#PS4NoParity: Where Ubisoft failed and EA didn't

14d ago - GotGame writes: What to take away from EA capitalizing on Ubisoft's recent, big failure. | PS4


Now - Quickly locate just the right card for you. | Promoted post

Dear Gamers: Stop Giving in to Greedy Developers and Publishers

21d ago - Dear Gamers: Please, stop blindly handing your money over to greedy developers and publishers.... | Culture

Check out These Awesomely Brutal Kill GIFs from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

22d ago - CraveOnline: "If you’re the type who squeals in delight at the beheading of an orc, or claps your... | PC

Day-one DLC in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is still lame

23d ago - KC's not the fondest of downloadable content. It’s just another way to make a $60 dollar game sig... | Xbox 360

The Hardline Day One Launch - Brokenfield or Battlefield?

24d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Over the weekend, Battlefield: Hardline developer Visceral Games promised... | Culture

Do Videogames Affect Behaviour?

24d ago - Whatever your personal opinions on feminism or sexism in videogames are, the fact that it has bec... | Culture

How Rapidly PC Gaming is Increasing

25d ago - GamingWorm says : ''There is a never ending war between PC Gaming and Consoles and users of both,... | PC

6 hilarious ways EA could revolutionise FIFA 15 (satire)

26d ago - PSGamer: FIFA 15 might be the best representation of “the beautiful game” to date but the series... | Xbox 360

FIFA 15: How EA Sports got its tactics wrong

31d ago - VideoGamer: "The latest FIFA can play a wonderful game of football, but a combination of poor on-... | PC

Rock Band Is Still the Gold Standard for DLC

31d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Downloadable content has come a long way since the infamous “horse armor” of The... | PS2

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 the best open world video game ever made?

31d ago - Similar to my other article about "The Last of us being the best Game ever made" I wrote why we a... | Xbox 360

How EA Wasted the Harry Potter Video Game License for Over a Decade

34d ago - EA takes a lot of stick. The company is frequently attacked by outlets across the industry for wh... | Industry

AAA Companies give Indie Devs a hug: Embracing Indie Gaming & Crowdfunding

34d ago - How AAA companies are starting to look at indie devs like little siblings instead of small compet... | Industry

RIP: Journalistic Integrity- Dead Due to PR Collusion

35d ago - News anchors and gaming journalists take it one step further, after working in the industry for a... | PC

VGS: RIP- Journalistic Integrity, Dead because of Cultural Misogyny Or PR Collusion?

37d ago - Veteran news anchors and gaming journalists come together on VGS to discuss the death of journali... | PC

What’s Happening with EA

39d ago - 8BitChimp's Matt Mitchell says, "Generally, I like the EA Sports games; I’m a big sports fans and... | Xbox 360

BoneStorm DLC Accidentally Pre-Announced

39d ago - Grapevine, TX – Electronic Arts had a mishap. One of their social media teams misread the notes f... | Culture

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

Now - Drew checks out this insanely hard strategy RPG. | Promoted post

FIFA 15 Demo Impressions: What's New?

42d ago - Chris Mawson writes: "With FIFA 15 now only a matter of days from release, EA Sports have made a... | Xbox 360

Despite its New Features, Next-Gen NHL 15 Feels "Experimental"

43d ago - Hockey fans worldwide craving the next-generation of hockey video games have had something to bit... | PS4

How FIFA 15 is reinventing the goalkeeper

45d ago - Why the player between the posts is the one you should be excited about this year. | Next-Gen

The State Of NHL 15 Is Your Fault

45d ago - NHL 15 for Xbox One and PS4 is missing a ton of features. The solution for most dissatisfied game... | PS4

Will PSN Be Able To Withstand Destiny’s First Day Launch

46d ago - We are only one day away from the hugest launch this year in gaming with Destiny but as a Playsta... | Xbox 360
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