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" If it's one thing I absolutely hate about this generation of gaming, it's the clear obsession to the Call of Duty franchise, blocking many gamers from actually taking any other viable games/franchises seriously and destroying everyone's individual interest in a large variety of game genres now (something that was well valued last generation in gaming) Now it's all about the first person shooter, and I'm so damn happy to see this horrible industry obsession going away, Call of Duty is finally dying! "

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fluffydelusions2318d ago

I can't even bring myself to play it anymore...just so sick of it.

Solid_Snake372317d ago

me too, im not falling for peer pressure anymore... Im too sick of it.... I've had some people call me gay for playing BC2 instead of the all glorious Black Ops

blumatt2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Yeah, people like to hate on us for playing Bad Company 2 instead of CoD, even though BC2 is a far superior game. (I even like BC2 better than Battlefield 3.)

But now I can't even hardly play any FPS games anymore. I'm hooked on Twisted Metal again. I've been playing Final Fantasy 8 (PS1 Classic). Uncharted 3 is fun now and again. And I still go back to Portal 2 all the time.

Wow, I just noticed this is from my home website, Congrats BlindMango for getting it to top 5 of N4G articles.

Anyone who hasn't heard the DLB Network Gaming Podcast needs to give it a listen on Podomatic or on iTunes.

HammadTheBeast2317d ago

I agree with you. I'm just looking forward to my BF3 patches and Starhawk now.

trenso12317d ago

i almost caved today and bought the game. but opted for the sly collections. why buy one game when i can get 3 good ones.

sticky doja2317d ago

"(event though they don’t know nothing"

I'm sorry but I really don't like these user written and same user submitted opinion pieces that make it to the front page headline "news." Nothing is in this "article" other than opinion and the writier doesn't even do a halfway decent job of explaining why COD is supposedly dying as his title suggests.

Give me statistical data and facts please if you are going to make a statement as your title suggests.

shysun2317d ago

BC2 mp it just horrible! The party system is even broken! How can I play with friends if we are on different teams or the same team but split in different groups!WTF?!

jadenkorri2317d ago

BF3 is defiantly a great game.... but so is mw3... I own both and will admit i usually play mw3 more than i do BF3. I get more games/rounds out of mw3 than i do bf3, honestly i probably get 3 tdm rounds in mw3 compared to 1 rush/conquest in Bf3. MW3 is fast arcade style game, were as BF3 is more realistic gameplay. I hate when people compare these games cause their totally different game play style. The only thing they have in common is being a fps.

snipes1012317d ago

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that many people that play CoD obsessively are not really "gamers" so much as they are trend followers. Just like Angry Birds, would we really call the people that play that game like crazy "gamers?" What about the people who only play Madden or sports games?

The massive sales of CoD cannot be attributed to only the core gaming audience, it can mostly be attributed to the people that play CoD and only CoD every year, just like one might only but the newest hockey or basketball game every year.

It only seems that other games are ignored because, comparatively, they are not bought by an eighth of the amount of people that buy CoD because CoD is bought by people who don't really play games besides that.

To sum it all up, do you think that someone that spends all their time playing CoD would ever consider picking up a Tim Schaffer game? No, they would have never been customers to begin with most of the time.

SolidStoner2317d ago

I was a huge COD fan, and played it almost every day, and I was very good at it... now I didn't play it for 3 weeks and don't even miss it, I think I will never buy new COD. Only if it will be brand new idea, build from scratch, or something similar to old COD series but I doubt that I buy that either, there is so much more to do without cod. Main reason I quit it is, COD gives too much stress, with all those campers and killstreaks etc. COD support is for casual gamers and have very frustrating online gameplay... now Im playing GT5 with wheel, LA noire, waiting for latest Hitman, GTA5 etc. World will be a better place without COD.

EVILDEAD3602317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Look the author of the fan blog could have just titled his article 'I hate Call of Duty and wish everybody else felt like me'.

But to pretend that Call of Duty is dying is strictly internet ducktales.

Here the reality..

Even after an entire year of hype, Battlefield 3, had ZERO effect on the Modern Warfare franchise. (And that is not a knock at how good of a game BF3 is)

In fact, 2 weeks after BF3 launched, it was announced that 50% of BF3 owners went out and purchased MW3.

How can Call of Duty be dying if MW3 shattered all sales records when it launched. The game made half a billion in one day. Even in Japan the PS3 version of MW3 topped first weeks sales.

EA announced that BF3 shipped 12 million to include PC.But MW3 is estimated to have sold over 10 million a piece on both the 360 and PS3 alone.

The game is obviously still charting as MW3 topped this January's NPD sales.

First off, it's silly to pretend because of YOUR gaming preference that 20 million PS3 and Xbox 360 owners are not 'TRUE GAMERS' because they play and enjoy Modern Warfare 3.

The author of the opinion blog claims he's a true gamer because he likes all different kinds of games.

First off as gamers let's be honest and not not pretend that just because people buy Modern Warfare games does not mean that they don't enjoy all types of games as well.

I laugh at the fact that certain gamers are now pretending to be such elitists that they feel the need to look down on other gamers because they are the reason shooters are the top genre this gen.

Someone please name one genre EVER that makes some a true gamer because they play it.

Modern Warfare isnt going anywhere. So because one kid comes on the internet to proclaim in every MW article that they are tired of Modern Warfare there are millions playing online working on their next prestige.

The fact is that Call of Duty isn't 'dying' as a it or not it's actually thriving.


JokesOnYou2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Great post Evil, lol MW3 is dying?...... says who?.....a blog?....what about the millions playing it daily, making it the most played game on both platforms? Oh I forgot they don't count 'cause they're NOT "true gamers". lmfao I play a variety of games and I've been playing MW3 since it launched mostly and I don't give a daamm if some bf3 fanboy or anyone else doesn't like it, if anything the sheep are those elitists gamers who buy into some ridiculous theory about what type of games make you a "true gamer", lol did it ever occur to him that what he THINKS is better may suck to the next guy or that being a real gamer is about playing games YOU enjoy, if that happens to be a game that "all my friends play" like MW3, then so be it, or if that happens to be a game like Lost Planet which unfortunately virtually nobody plays online, then so be it. I prefer MW3 game play over bf3 but you don't see me writing a BS blog about bf3, because I don't care enough about bf3 nor am I jealous of its success like most bf3 fanboys are in regards to MW3.

snipes1012317d ago

Oh and I am not sorry for saying this, but this article has tolling written all over it. Baseless "facts" about how CoD is dying, that dochey "true-gamer" label the writer adorned himself with, that mind-numbing dick headed BF3 comparison that the fucking internet WILL REFUSE to stop making. It's all there...the kid is a troll.

Why is it ok for people to troll CoD but no other game out there? Oh how I do love hypocrisy.

Btw...why did we let this get to 1020 degrees? Good lord people...I thought we had moved past this. I was clearly wrong.

Brosy2317d ago

As much as I would like to agree with this fanboys rant, my sense of right won't let me. He gives no proof that COD is dying other than his own opinion. Actually COD is selling better than ever. I enjoy BF3 more than COD as well but I know COD sold like 20 million copies.

It also irks me how he is a self proclaimed "true gamer" just because he hates COD. It's just tacky to write a story so controversial in which you proclaim yourself to be better than everyone else because you are a "true gamer"

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RBdrift2317d ago

Don't know about you guys but I still think MAG is one the most underrated FPS out. If it wasent for COD it might have had a better shot at getting a good base.

rbluetank2317d ago

this is my favorite game this gen.... i just wish more people would pick it up... i am buying MAG2 day one!

rdgneoz32317d ago

Yah, MAG is a great game. Only thing killing it is the number of people logging on to play. Loved playing the 256 player battles when it first came out, had an epic feeling to it.

Morpheuzpr2317d ago

Nope Zipper and their SVER fanboysm killed MAG. I know it did for me and alot of ppl i used to play with.

ritsuka6662317d ago

still think MAG is one the most underrated FPS out. "

MAG is terrible game, and for sure zipper is a let down in this gen...

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raWfodog2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

i just ordered MW3 from Amazon, should get it this week. I've already played most of the other games that I've wanted to play since this past fall so I thought I'd finish up the single player campaign since I liked how the story was going. Of course I'll give the multiplayer a try too :)

bwazy2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Prepare to be disappoint.

ProGrasTiNation2317d ago

Biggest disappointment iv ever had to play,5 hours of having your hand held through a story that spits in the face of 4MW.
If you liked the story so far don't play this one,it will make you ill

andibandit2313d ago

Prepare to be steamrolled.....

blackblades2317d ago

Same here haven't played BO in months it's not worth buying cod every year, and everyone on my list sits there and play all day everyday, friends that just bought others don't even play it talking about my other friends to play then he hopes.

chriski3332317d ago

I agree wit u hommie this crap needs to stop ppl need to stop buying the same crap every year!!!!!! We need to show activison that recycled crap is not ok

QuodEratDemonstrandm2317d ago

I can honestly say I have never bought a CoD.... ever. The last Activision game I bought was Prototype, and before that was Spider-Man on the PS2.

ShabbaRanks2317d ago

If it bleeds we can kill it...

BX812317d ago

Same here. I really only play mw3 when my friends are on together (rare). Since then I've been able to enjoy BF3,Skyrim, Ghotham city imposters and Uncharted 3 mp. COD used to consume so much of my gaming time but not anymore. You can't copy and past buildings from a old ass game, have shotty hit detection and not have dedicated servers and expect to be a great game. I think they need some time off and get back to the basics that mad CODMW so great.

AzaziL2317d ago

I'd love to believe the amount of agrees, unfortunately they make up a small minority since the majority that lack the ability to go online to sites other than youtube and facebook still think MW3 is god's gift to gaming and will probably be lining up for the next CoD.

manman62317d ago

The only Call of Duty going to die is if people stop buying. Even if you buy it and stop playing after a few days you are still helping Activison.

AzaziL2316d ago

One step ahead of ya, haven't bought a CoD since MW2 which was just as much of an upgrade as every CoD released since.

Looking forward to the next FPS masterpiece when Respawn (The Real Infinity Ward) releases another gem.

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kisty7892318d ago

Agree sick off the game will only buy the next one for zombies. Didn't even buy MW3. Awesome article blindmango.

f7897902317d ago

You're going to buy a $60 game to play the zombie mode?

2317d ago
Rush2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

How bout you start playing a real competitive multiplayer zombie game instead. Like say Left 4 Dead 2?

On the PC of course...

da_2pacalypse2317d ago

I agree, I never understood the call of duty zombies thing... left 4 dead has a far superior zombie gameplay. cod zombies kinda sucks....

_Aarix_2317d ago

Dude buy red dead redemption and get the zombie dlc. Undead overrun is a much better zombie survival game than world at war or black ops plus Id give rockstar my money than activision any day of the week.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2317d ago

Best zombie shooter I have played RDR undead nightmare. Very underrated.

Gamer-Z2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


Dude there are so many other good full fledged zombie games out there, if you are only going to buy COD for a zombie mode then just keep playing it on BO because i'm telling you right now its going to be the same thing just with different guns.

scrambles2316d ago

L4D was fun and if you get #2 now its cheap so its about the right price. but if you try all non npcs >.> you'll torn apart much faster due nongodmode aiming.

CrimsonEngage2318d ago

The game is nothing more than an expensive "expansion" pack. And that is exactly what Call of Duty feels like. An expansion.

Same physics, same graphics, same mediocre sounds, same game engine. It's going no where.

Someone call me when they decide to do "Future Warfare" with the lazers and pew pew and the updated engine. Then i'll hop back on the bandwagon.

Until then, it's Battlefield.

Majin-vegeta2317d ago

Same mediocre sounds you say??

Lol and people wonder why we trash this game.

And i should be getting a reply from someone very soon :D.

peeps2317d ago

kinda funny that a video comparing the sounds of a gun drags on so much and has terrible sound quality

LastDance2317d ago

did that video feature 2 different games?

SignifiedSix2317d ago

Those guns on cod sound so shitty its not even funny.

So much better!

-Alpha2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

COD's not dying, and even if it is, nothing else is close to overtaking it. The "true", hardcore games will never ever have the appeal level COD has

I have no doubt that when the time comes, Activision will upgrade CoD monumentally enough to kickstart the declining trend, just so they can start milking the franchise again (come next gen, I expect a significant upgrade, and subsequent milking)

Let's face the facts: Even at its worst, CoD sells like pancakes, next gen, when they will up the engine and change the series more significantly (Future Warfare? CoD 2050?) the fans will eat it up again. And maybe it will be a refreshing COD game that even haters will play, until Activision makes a recycled sequel.

I can care less if COD dies or not, what I truly hate is other companies blatantly selling out their franchises. SOCOM, Battlefield, Killzone, Uncharted, Bioshock, etc. have all been influenced or affected by the COD fanbase, abandoning more original mechanics for the cookie-cutter mainstream, artificial "carrot on a stick" design.

"True Gamers" have always existed for the above franchises, but they've been chased away by publishers who are set on appealing to the COD crowd.

MariaHelFutura2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

I agree. More than being angry at COD itself, I'm more disappointed in developers trying/wanting to be COD. Even games like RE6 say "we want to be like COD", Mass Effect wants to be like GeOW. A bunch of games are ending up w/ a serious identity crisis...

BitbyDeath2317d ago

Agreed, i hate that developers are not confident enough in their own product that they try to change what made them popular to begin with.

Warhawk has a massive cult following and is still being played today, (it came out back in 2007) sure it is not perfect but is like no other game and tons of fun, Starhawks beta is on and it is worse than Warhawk, they've gone the COD way in the sake of thinking it would make them more popular

eg. Regenerative health, crap melee system, dumbing down of controls/gameplay etc

Resistance 1 was massivley addictive i don't even like FPS games but the single player was like 40 levels long and the multiplayer was awesome, i'd even go as far as to compare it with Halos online. Resistance 2 came in and changed almost everything that made R1 so great. Bad move.

Final Fantasy is another example of a once awesome series going to hell...

If it wasn't COD it'd likely be something else though since gaming is becoming more mainstream. Can't hate COD just the stupid developers who are afraid to deliver something that is true to themselves.

-Alpha2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Right, even more franchises like RE6, Mass Effect, maybe even Gears of War-- I think they added a TDM, right? Seems more like a way to get A.D.D players from COD. Not to say that it's bad, but it shows to me a lack of confidence and a need to want to please everyone.

Generally, there's just a mentality of quick rewarding, hand holding, and impatience that developers cave into out of fear that reviewers and mainstream fans will trash the game for being anywhere near moderately difficult or requiring time to understand. COD embodies that, and other devs seem like they are pressured into that

sikbeta2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

It was and slow month all around, next November, COD will sell as well as every year, so bleh...

Also, what you guys said happens all the time in every industry, look at the I-devices, at first no one gave a s*** about touch and tablets, now everything is touch and tablet, just copy/paste -> milk when is hot -> move on when it's fadding and repeat process :P

HammadTheBeast2317d ago


Call of Duty isn't the only game to invent those things. I'm sick of people like you hating on Starhawk because it's not "Warhawk 2". It introduces Build and Battle, how much more innovative can you get? Which other multiplayer shooter lets you drive Jetbikes, and Jet/Mechs.

BitbyDeath2317d ago

It was the devs who claimed it to be a spiritual successor to Warhawk, also why are you against making a game better? LBI could have offered those new vehicles and build and battle without dumbing down the gameplay.

PixL2317d ago

I see it more as gamers' fault than the devs' fault. They work for money, they want to earn more. Everybody does. They aren't necessarily artists and games are just merchandise. If nobody bought POS like COD, such games would die out.

Everybody who bought COD and writes here "I don't play it anymore" should think WHY THEY DID BUY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Was it because of advertising, because friends bought it? Don't be sheep. Don't fall in for bullshit. Think before you spend your money.

MariaHelFutura2317d ago


I do agree w/ you. In general its just a bad cycle, that'll be hard to break.

tigertron2317d ago

Remember when Square-Enix said COD influenced FFXIII? I nearly spat my drink all over my screen when I read that.

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AtomicGerbil2317d ago

I'm not so sure, their track record for reviving a dying series isn't exactly stellar. I get the impression they are in denial when it happens. Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, Spiderman, Transformers and to a lesser extent WoW springs to mind.

2317d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Thank you. I feel the exact same way you do. I couldn't cares less if CoD dies or not.

What I hate, like you stated, is companies/developers selling out.

The articles makes a point that Battlefield 3 has 1/3 the sales that CoD has and that no other franchise has come close to that.

There are two things wrong with that though:

-Battlefield 3 sold on hype
-Battlefield 3 plays more like CoD than any other Battlefield game in the franchise.

Killzone 2, which was my shooter that I played 24 hours a day 7 days a week(I still play it every now and then), sold out with KZ3. What is CoD is to casuals is what Killzone 2 is to me. I was extremely pissed off by the ridiculous amount of CoD influences in KZ3.

What developers/publishers need to realize is that CoD players will always play CoD and that the people that buy their games buy it because it's not CoD.

-Alpha2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Exactly, I think it's really depressing that people on the internet praise BF3 for tackling COD because it's clear as day that EA sold out BF3.

Battlefield should have never been compared to COD, and EA should have never been comparing themselves to them. It's evident that they used strategies to compete with COD, and as a result, BF3 suffers

MAG was a much braver and independent game than what BF3 turned out to be.

Ghost2502317d ago

another thing about that, killzone 3 actually sold less than killzone 2, and i think them selling out to the COD crowd is why

Ghost2502317d ago

same thing happened to me with uncharted 3. i used to play uncharted 2 every damn day for months (i still play it sometimes but its kinda hard to get into games other than deathmatch) but until uncharted 3 came out with all these CoD influences i just couldn't get into it. me personally i couldn't care any less if CoD dies.

hiredhelp2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Wow there alot of people trying to knock BF3 saying like COD, yet cod is mainly about the mp same as bf3 or any other bf series so my thoughts are WTF exactly how is bf3 like cod .
Theres no perks no killstreak reward / another perk,?
As for the SP of the game how many games recently have done modern day warfare in your face action packed game? Of course going to be simular just like alot action movies you can expect certan aspects.
Only thing EA shouldnt of done is provoke activision but hey takes 2 activision also known to play that game.

Bf3 should not realesed game with bugs it had, but honistly what that game gives in mp aspect is far far more than most fps games out there
Ike it or not.

metsgaming2317d ago

this is the reason why i hate COD. I dont really care that its popular what i do care is that it effects other games in a massively negative way. One of my favorite franchises has been utterly destroyed because of it ( ACE COMBAT ). Just look around now every game has to have competitive online and copy COD. There are very few games out there that dont but are far and few between and then they dont sell or get any recognition. Then the sequels get CODized in an attempt to get some COD money. The thing is they always fail to draw that COD crowd over. NO one who plays COD is going to play your ripoff of COD WHY WOULD THEY ! This gen is massively stained by COD and its sucking innovation and life out of the industry. If everyone just tries to copy COD and this trend keeps going there will be a collapse.

Tito082317d ago

Worst part is that people are bowing down to that Elite BS subscription... I think publishers will adopt that same strategy!!!!!

DA_SHREDDER2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

KZ3 destroys every fps this gen nerd. The only bad thing I have to say about the game is that there aren't enough maps to satisfy the hunger.

KZ2 and its "weighty" controls sucked so bad is probably the reason why KZ3 didn't sell. Noone wanted to wrestle with the controller to even give it a try. Sales prove my theory.

You people that play Killzone 2 still need to get a life and get with the times. sure the maps were sick and gorgeous, but other than that everything else is lightyears behind KZ3.

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trenso12317d ago

took the words out of mouth. wwell said im more upset about killzone being COD-ized was so good unil they wanted some the COD pie

DaReapa2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Alpha, you are so right. Operation Flashpoint is a game that comes to mind while reading your post. Dragon Rising, while not the most polished, provided a hc enough experience, that at the very least, showed great potential for future releases. There was nothing like it on consoles, and I couldn't applaud that more. Sadly, the follow up to DR, Red River, was influenced by COD numbers, and Codemasters decided it was wise to "streamline" the game in a feeble attempt to garner more sales. Needless to say, the game tanked, rumors of studio closures began to surface, their niche but loyal fanbase began to dwindle, and the fate of the franchise was in doubt. you said...just MAYBE if developers weren't so keen to duplicate COD's formula and stick to their guns, there wouldn't be such a negative outcry on the franchise, or the genre as a whole for that matter.

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manitobawpg2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Their should be some fanbase on all ps3 exclusives.

i hop on kz3 and its dead.(i know its not a great game but still i should expect people to be playing online)

and that's a big hit for me maybe on xbox a game from 4-5 years and its still rockin online

I'm not trying to sound like a ps3 or xbox but im just saying

BitbyDeath2317d ago

KZ3 tried to be like COD.
Try KZ2 it is better.