Battlefield 4: Former DICE dev claims game's problems are "higher than devs"

Problems with Battlefield 4's performance lie in a position higher than that of the developer DICE, according to a former DICE dev.

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vishmarx1703d ago

i couldnt be the only one who hasnt had problems except a time or two of least on console.
this stuff is way overblown

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WeedyOne1703d ago

I haven't had many issues on pc, but a friend that plays on ps4 said his single player campaign just got wiped yesterday.

Callediceman1703d ago

thats his ps4 punishing him for actually trying to play thru that travesty

BattleTorn1703d ago

Ive luckily beat the PS4 campaign now, but it took several tries of having half progress being wiped.

MP is still a absolute lagfest for me.

frostypants1703d ago

If Dice had their way, I'd wager there wouldn't even be a single player campaign. Battlefield is an online franchise. Single player didn't come along until EA started trying to compete with CoD.

LOL_WUT1703d ago

I recently got a corrupt file on my PS4 BF4 good thing I didn't even start the campaign and the multilayer has been running smooth for me except for some questionable deaths i've encountered. ;)

WeedyOne1703d ago


Yeah I have had a few "questionable deaths" as well. Its like the game just randomly kills you for no reason sometimes.

Guwapo771703d ago

After the 4th wipe, I decided to play MP only. I'm afraid to loose my cool if it wiped a 5th time.

BadlyPackedKeebab1702d ago

ditto, thank god for ps+ cloud backup, managed to download it again. So if you go to continue and it just says new game dont start a new one, go to ps+ and download the old save :o)

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SlapHappyJesus1703d ago

It's not overblown.
I am one of the lucky few who honestly has had very few issues (PC), but it is not overblown.
This game is a bug-riddled mess for many, many gamers and all the platforms.

T21703d ago

I haven't had many crashes on ps3, but still happens once a week, and the framerate drops during every levolution is a joke, wish they would just disable it... also as someone previously mentioned, hit detection is terrible but I think it's due to server lag... I have unloaded 3 shots to the face with shotgun and no damage... plus you get the can't move, can't do anything glitch where you are just not connected to the server at all...
there you go, that's my "minor" list of ps3 problems... pretty bad when that is considered minor.

venom061703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

yeah.. it REALLY is way overblown (especially with clowns saying "unplayable")... it may have started out kinda shaky, but since the recent patches, its been MUCH MUCH better... you have to remember, that just as you have die-hard CoD haters on N4G, that have something negative to say at every turn, its the same way with the BF haters.. i'm a LVL70 now on BF4 (and i can atleast speak for the XB1 consoles), but the experience has been ALOT better since the recent release of fixes..

dmeador1703d ago

Its easy to say its overblown if you haven't been having problems. The game crashed on me about once every 40 minutes.

Fluke_Skywalker1702d ago

Clearly not everyone is having issues, but an extremely overwhelming majority of people are having issues. So just because you aren't don't make out the problems don't exist. It is actually completely unplayable for some people!
I haven't had many issues (PC) myself but I have had more than I would be expecting! Plus my fiend who has it on Xbone couldn't get into any matches for days there!
So stfu it very much is unplayable for some people.

Shabutie131702d ago

It isn't overblown. I haven't even had the worst of problems and I'm still fed up with it. I play on PC and I have a very solid setup that handles the game at 100+ FPS on Ultra. The problem is, I have crashed in the campaign every time I've tried to play it longer than 15 minutes, and multiplayer is a crapshoot of when I'll get dc'd and lose my progress.

Also, just because you don't have the same problems doesn't mean others do not.

FANTA11801703d ago

u r lucky ..

theres nights i try to log on and i cant play a single match.

its aggravating.

and when you do get lucky enough to get in a map theres a chance you might exp one of many bugs

thank god for other games ...but if you are just playing bf4 i feel bad for you.

Necro_5591703d ago

Overblown? LOLOLOL. Right..... I bet you only play 1 or 2 rounds every once in a while. Any one who plays a lot knows the game STILL crashes every hour or so. And that after like 4 patches on consoles. Hell before the patches, it was nearly unplayable.

andygee19871703d ago

I have yet to have any problems, DLC is working perfect as well, don't understand how so many people are complaining

Shabutie131702d ago

Because you having good luck with it means everyone else is wrong. I'm glad you have the mega system that speaks on behalf of every Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and gaming PC.

finbars751703d ago

I'm sorry to break the news to you but every game I play on conquest along with my friends crash. I'm not really in the mood to play domination because the maps are laid out poorly along with all the other modes. The point of conquest is that its there bread and butter mode which everyone enjoys and if you cant play a full game with ought it crashing then this means doom to all BF fans. Don't get me started with the shitty net coding as well. The hit markers are a joke, putting in a full clip into someones back and them turning around to only shoot me with 2 bullets and I die and he still has %100 health is called terrible net coding. this tells me how bad this game has become. The more they patch it the worst it gets for us. So please don't go around and try to downplay how bad this game is. Its called REFUND or DO NOT BUY.

SonyKong641703d ago

I still can't play 32 player conquest.. So no, hardly overblown..

Shaaunyb1703d ago

Overblown? For some people it's slightly worse..

For instance, i have been playing it nearly everyday since release and failed to finish an entire match from start to finish, only a few that have only lasted about 5 mins or less.

Spenok1702d ago

As far as MP goes? This is pretty much my issue as well. Though I do have some other minor issues here and there.

Now if we're talking SP then this game is screwed. Too many bugs to count. Especially the corrupt save data issue. Played 2 levels and got it :/

Nocando1702d ago

Why do I see effing twats like you defending this game every time this is brought up? This game is pure shit, and I am stuck with it. These issues are even more widespread then is being let on. I feel as if I have been robbed.

badz1491702d ago


way overblown? you can find people complaining about BF4 everywhere on the internet now. I don't think it's being overblown at all! the game is rushed, no question about that.

Alexious1702d ago

It's not just about disconnections, the game has bad netcode and many other glitches.

Juangie31702d ago

Its improved a lot with the updates (PS4) however i find most crashes happen when i play conquest.. I hope they sort it out this is my current fave game

edwick1702d ago

i think the people that are complaining have legitimate reasons, and the people that aren't complaining either choose to ignore the problems, have learned to deal with them, or just don't really care that much. the game obviously has problems, because the developers themselves have said they are trying to fix them, and have an "all hands on deck" attitude about it. you don't give that sort of ultimatum for minor issues.

TAURUS-5551702d ago

i guess COD ghost has won the FPS war.

FunkMacNasty1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Some people are saying Bf4 is unplayable, which I don't think is the case for everyone across every platform, but I can tell you from my experiece with the game on ps3, its not "unplayable", per se, but there are enough issues that detract from what could've been a far more enjoyable experience for online FPS fans.

I've not had major issues being kicked from servers or "crashing" (though it's happened a few times), but I do experience quite a bit of lag/rubber banding, Often when I spawn in a vehichle, all sound dissapears exept for the AI radio chatter, and overall, depending on my connection textures load rediculously slow, to the point where if I'm using iron sights on a weapon such as the M416, I cant even aim-down-sights, because the iron sights havent fully texture loaded, so I have basically a black square which completely obscures my vision when I aim with ironsights.

On top of that, my singleplayer campaign WILL. NOT. SAVE. It's to the point where I'm done trying.. it seemed pretty lame anyway, so I probably won't miss much. But still... I paid full price for the game, so I want to be able to go through the campaing at least

deecee331702d ago

You guys/girls hear about this? It's possible
EA may not have been completely within the law in their haste to ship BF4 and show it off to investors:

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Garethvk1703d ago

I would say not since EA has ordered Dice to halt work on their Star Wars and other games to fix issues with BF 4. They would not delay games and essentially spend money if there was not a need for it. PC version is a mess.

Parasyte1703d ago

EA would do just that if they see all of their money going down the drain.

Nocando1702d ago

Yeah, digital deluxe here, tried to get my money back but EA's "great games guarantee" states that after beginning the game, after 24 hours I am SOL.

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vikingland11703d ago

N4G users:
Is this game broken or not? I have ps4&xb1. I know I could use google to do some research , but I would rather ask gamers.

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WeedyOne1703d ago

The game is playable but I hear ps4 players are still getting there single player campaign deleted.

JessiePinkmanYo1703d ago

I play it on X1 and it is SLOWLY coming along with patches. Although it's better, you still crash to the dashboard (mainly Conquest) which is frustrating especially since some rounds go over an hour-you lose EVERYTHING you gained in the match. I don't play the campaign, but I've heard reports of it losing your data and starting again. ALSO-Premium has been troublesome for some not being able to download the China Rising maps.
Overall, this game is awesome when it works. If you get it, I'd play Rush, TDM or obliteration, this way if it crashes, you won't lose out on much. Conquest is the mode with most crashes.

Omegasyde1703d ago

Jessie, the best part of disconnects are when you the game loads to the scoreboard and boom kicked out.

I highly "enjoy" being kicked out of a 30 minute gaming session and having my ribbons and unlocks revert to before the game. I also am so "delighted" I purchased BF4 premium.

DomceM1703d ago


Your own fault for buying the premium. You see the situation yourself: times have changed. Having games that work on release is no longer important for devs nor publishers.

Sooo reason would state you wouldn't buy things blindly.

Next time wait a year and get the game from bargain bin when its complete.

Callediceman1703d ago

ps4 got it 11/15/13.. (i only play multiplayer) was rough for about a week could only do deathmatch and would kick me back to dash every 2 or so hours.... played this weekend not one crash and all servers working fine with zero multiplayer issues to report(i played conquest, conquest large,rush and deathmatch...) and for some saying i keep getting zero players in the servers... click right thumbstick and change your search criteria like 1-5 avail slots etc... its not rocket surgery.

andibandit1703d ago

i'd hate to be that patient.

Callediceman1703d ago

@andibandit Luckily i had Assasins Creed Killzone and Need For Speed Rivals.. and in noway am I condoning this shotgun release of a game before its finished. i have logged 23 hours and total have prolly been kicked 10 times and lost stats from one game.. but i put in about 10 hours this weekend with no issue (some rubberbanding but that was solved by going onto another server) AGAIN i dont condone what ea/dice did im just saying for the ps4 its not game breaking and seems to be getting better with every patch. for me anyway..

KwietStorm1703d ago

Well it plays much better now than it did at release, if that says anything.

aquamala1703d ago

it's fine on PS4 except the 64 player conquest mode (definitely not 60 fps, with very noticeable slow downs), and I wouldn't play the campaign unless you plan to finish it in one sitting (save gets wiped)

Darrius Cole1703d ago

I play it on PS4. It's not broken at all. Although let me say that I only play multiplayer.

It crashes me out of rooms about once every 10-15 matches. That's not good, but it's not at all unplayable. Most of the time I still get the credit for the stats that I had accumulated before I crashed out. One time I even got notice that I had won a match after I crashed out of it and had restarted the game and was looking for another server to join.

andygee19871703d ago

I platinum'd the game without a single problem, china rising dlc also as worked for me faultless

famoussasjohn1703d ago

While the latest patch seem to have fixed a few of my issues, I still do get randomly dropped from servers and sometimes get sent back to the dashboard. When I do get sent back to the dashboard, I reload BF and it starts loading me back into the server I was in before the crash (Don't know if this is by design, or just a glitch.)

Before the patch I wanted to snap the disc in half and send it back to EA. I couldn't play any domination servers for more than 5 minutes. I'd get dropped or the game would crash to dashboard, I would rubberband like crazy, sometimes the lag was so bad that if I was in a jet and have a heavy lag spike, it would look like I'm still in the game, and then it would all just click back together and I'd be nose diving into the ground.

The last month or so had been very annoying with this game, though when it works, it's great.

finbars751703d ago

Its broken. Constant crashing,net coding creates terrible hit detection ect. Go on twitch tv and watch those playing on next gen. I do stream and everyone who watches me has seen the constant crashing that goes with this game. The worst part is that I have about 38 games that have crashed and kept my K/D but not my points. I don't care about my K/D at all I just like winning and when you are winning and the game crashes on a few of us this changes the outcome of the game every time. The game is straight up broken either you like to hear it or not and double xp means nothing when the game doesn't work.

Ashby_JC1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Users experiences vary greatly. For each that have had major issues there are one's like me who haven't.

I have experienced periods of lag. But none more then other online games.

A few days Before the patch I was getting no drops at all. Now early on release I was getting dropped from games a lot. And none after the patch.

I would say buy the game...Because it's a great game when it works. And I know they..The devs are doing everything they can to get it right.

Ps-my premium I'd working fine. The new maps does have issues with sound drops.

Aleithian1702d ago


- Lost my SP once.
- For the first 2-3 weeks, MP quit maybe once an hour.
- I stopped playing after a week due to crashes, only checking in once or twice after that. I finally booted up again a week ago to put some hours in and have had maybe 4 crashes, two on the same level. Compared to how things were, I call that good so am playing a lot now.
- Can't speak to the other smaller issues, but I can believe them based on my experience (e.g. hit detection, sound problems, etc.)

Nocando1702d ago

Great when it works, which for me has been 20% of the time. Do not buy this game.

FunkMacNasty1702d ago

AS I said in an earlier comment, I'm currently playing BF4 on ps3 and for me it's not "unplayable", but there are a lot of bugs that detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

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JessiePinkmanYo1703d ago

I feel bad for slandering Dice. I'll agree, all signs point to the hogs higher up at EA. Great game when it works though