EA's money man spills the beans on its next-gen plans

GS:EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen returned to the company during an interesting transitional period this year, as CEO John Riccitiello's leaner, hits-focused company pares down on what's not working anymore (i.e. Facebook) and prepares for the costly transition to a new generation of dedicated game consoles.

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Dylila1866d ago

"We recently heard from Riccitiello, who said that the company is investing heavily in what it's calling "gen-four" consoles: the next systems from Sony and from Microsoft but not, in his estimation, Nintendo's Wii U."

NYC_Gamer1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Nintendo is in a tough spot because 3rd party studios aren't taking Wii-U serious..It's gonna be Wii all over again with no real kind of support from major publishers just a lot of shovelware and games like Mario and the other typical Nintendo stuff..It's real bad when one of the biggest publishers around doesn't even view Wii-U as next gen..

Dark111866d ago

"It's gonna be Wii all over again"

no , It's gonna to be gamecube all over again

things will get really ugly

thaimasker1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

and where does X, Monster Hunter, Bayonetta, Zombi U,AC3, Ninja gaiden, mass effect,injustice, COD,Trine,etc fall into all of that?

and Nintendo hasn't had strong 3rd party support since the SNES. Anyone expecting a newly released nintendo system to have as good 3rd party support as microsoft right off the bat is fooling themselves.. If it ever does get it it won't be till next year.

@Giru..They are obviously current gen. My comment is in response to NYC gamer who said the wii u will only have shovel ware, mario and typical nintendo stuff. None of those games fall into that category. And Unless The PS4/720 somehow have graphics better than a current high end PC then they will be current gen as well.

Kevlar0091866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Some people are a little too obsessed with how much a brick wall looks like a brick wall. While the WiiU won't handle the graphics of the other consoles, I don't see how gameplay will have to suffer in bringing over a WiiU version. or creating a new title for it It's one thing when you could have Dead Rising on 360 and have a thousand zombies in one area but only a few hundred on the Wii, now there shouldn't be those kind of limitations (apart from maybe <.1% of games).

1080p and 30 FPS is good enough for most people, not sure what makes the WiiU so bad. If we can accept that the WiiU is stronger than the PS3, then why shouldn't we expect the WiiU to have great content and visuals? If you want Crysis 4 with real life graphics, then you can go to the other consoles. But for just about anything else, not sure what the problem is. Yeah power is important, but it shouldn't be everything (at least it isn't to me).

Giru0171866d ago


Those games fall into the "curent gen" bracket. When addressing next-gen, specially given the hazy outlook with what little is known on the consoles, it's hard to see how the WiiU will fare.

SAE1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Wii is a proof that specs does matter....

zebramocha1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

@sae how is that?I'm pretty sure nintendo didn't want to release the wiiu until they new no one wanted a wii any more but were force to make the wiiu because they were losing money.

@thaim if the next xbox and ps4 are capable really good tessellation and their development tools are better than the wiiu,than it makes port from pc to console easier.

juandren1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )


You really think developers are going to spend most of their resources to port a game to a console that will have sold less than 10 million units by the time the new ones come out? The PS4 and 720 have a similar architecture so it will be little more than copy and paste. Wii U is the odd one (far) out

ZombieNinjaPanda1866d ago

Seriously this next gen talk again? And you're listening to EA??

Next gen is a buzzword. It's a word used to hype up the games they're making to try and sell to sheep that are willing to buy them. If next was a real term, we'd have already been in next gen while every console competitor would have been attempting to play catch up for the last 7 years and will continue to do so for the upcoming years.

A generation is simply when the next iteration of consoles start. If you seriously think it has anything to do with graphics power then you're fooling yourself, because the PS2 was definitely not on the same level as the gamecube or xbox graphically.

ziggurcat1866d ago

"It's real bad when one of the biggest publishers around doesn't even view Wii-U as next gen.."

because the wii U isn't really next-gen...

dcbronco1866d ago


The Wii U will suffer because all of the power of the PS4 and 720 will be for more than pretty pictures. It should allow for better physics, AI and things going on on the screen.

And I hope, maybe most of all, that it allows for no more load screens.

Legion1866d ago


"If we can accept that the WiiU is stronger than the PS3, then why shouldn't we expect the WiiU to have great content and visuals?"

I am sorry but who is this WE that has accepted this fact of yours?

WiiU is a joke. Not Next Gen... and really not even This Gen. As it is doing little then offering what has been offered at the beginning of This Gen.

SilentNegotiator1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

EA just said that they have few plans for Wii U, and many other pubs/devs are saying the same citing a low specs.

Typical Nintendo fanboy, looking at specs as "just graphics" and not the AI, physics, etc, etc that it is.

BitbyDeath1866d ago

3rd parties are lacking cause the conditions state you must sleep with Reggie.

Is your body ready?

_-EDMIX-_1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

All 3rd party cares about is can we port Mass Effect Next Gen (EA) to all systems and have it look boss.

Now why would this matter? Could they all not just port Mass Effect on PS4 and 720 from the Wii U (it clearly being the lessor)? Yes! They can....but why on earth would they? So make there game look like some last gen crap for some sales?

Another thing to note, are we forgetting that Ubisoft, Activision, Take-Two, (even Bethesda) are now in the mix? So....why should EA make a crappy game for EVERYONE JUST to get Wii U sales when Bethesda can say "well we have a new RPG like Elder Scrolls....IN SPACE and we are looking to make it on a beast engine made ONLY for high end"

So...EA is just going to let them win? ALL for the sake of selling on the Wii U? LMFAO! Its business, EA won't support Wii U JUST like they didn't support the wii.

I'm sorry...but did anyone see BF3 on the Wii? I could be ported? I mean it could be made like crap and ported......the Wii is the number one system. But why? Cause its not worth it and it won't sell.

They didn't for the Wii and its number 1! Why would they for the Wii U?

Put it this way, major franchises and series will be on PS4 and 720, Mass Effect, COD, GTA, MGS etc. The Wii U will see none of those games JUST like Wii saw none of those games (and if you say COD4...your just really proving my point of just how bad its going to be for them)

Oh_Yeah1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Nintendo is Nintendo man, that's all you really have to say about that. People don't buy Nintendo systems for multiplats. It's been what? Over 15 years since they had good 3rd party support. Fans know what to expect. Nintendo have shown they can hold their own without 3rd party, thier target has always been family and fans who like Nintendo's games and by looking at their game sales... They definitely have a lot of fans, their games sell more than anyone's.. Just look at the chart domination lol

RumbleFish1865d ago

I thought next gen graphics began with BF3. BF3s graphics are the goal for the coming console generation. Some devs will hit that quality but not all of them. Sooner rather than later we will see devs who will squeeze even a bit more out of those coming machines, but that's it.
On top of that I think that's ok. The market is very diverse and photorealistic graphics are expensive to realize, so there has to be a big hit game to justify high development costs. Nintendo are doing another thing and have done that since the Wii. They deliver what their crowd is demanding on last gen tech with a gimmick controller. So it's logical that those who showcase top notch graphics in their games do not aim to the Wii U.
It all depends on what you want. You want high end graphics? Buy a pc or wait for the next SONY/MS console. You want Mario and Zelda? Buy a Wii U. To each his own.

Gamer19821865d ago

People are saying this is going to be the gamecube but looking at UK sales this could be the new dreamcast. It had massive 3rd party support, Sonic games exclusively but the competition was so strong and the dreamcast was so badly advertised it failed and 3rd partys eventually pulled out and it died and tooks SEGAs console division with it. Nintendo is making all the same mistakes SEGA did with the dreamcast with the WiiU. That's a scary thought.. I'm not saying it will break nintendo I mean they they made a LOT of money from the wii but it will certainly hurt them and may make them finally give up on the console market.

cleft51865d ago

Nintendo's saving grace is going to be eShop and independent developers. It seems like they are going to support indie developers and between that and first party Nintendo titles the company will be solid.

I do believe it is going to cost developers a lot more to make ps4/720 games than they initial think. Early on they are just going to be porting 360/ps3 games to the 720/ps4. Those second generation ps4/720 games are going to be very expensive because they are going to have to get competitive and no longer rely on the novelty of people playing games on a "next gen" console.

The idea that EA is going to be able to keep costs for their games under $100 million is a foolish one. Dead Space 3 already easily cost them over $20 million and that is only 1 title. Development cost are going to be closer to $200 million easily and that's before the Marketing cost is thrown in. Next-gen is going to be very expensive and we are going to see a lot more companies close down or get brought. THQ is only the beginning.

dcbronco1865d ago

The changes made to the CPU and GPU of the Wii may make the Wii U better than the PS3 and 360. But, it will quickly be out-classed by the PS4 and 720. It happened two years later than it should have.

If they had released it in 2010, it would be the lead console right now. It would have had 2010, '11, '12 and most of '13 to dominate. Now it has slow sales because everyone knows that better consoles are coming out this year. Nintendo may have milked the Wii for too long.

Now they need to start work on a true next generation console for release by 2015. Shrink the cost of the Wii U as soon as possible to get the price down and gear it towards kids. No way they can compete with a under-classed console for $350 when the PS4 and 720 will be $400. With huge harddrives.

The Wii U controller may be Nintendo's Blu-ray.

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lzim1866d ago

Thought it was generation 8, but who's counting at this point.

snowman21491866d ago

EA says gen four because they're counting from the playstation 1 not the magnavox odyssey

_-EDMIX-_1866d ago

@Snowman2149- Agreed. PS1 was one of the greatest leaps in gaming.

The gen pretty much starts there. It is the true beginning of modern 3D gaming.

TacoTaru1865d ago

Next Gen? Next Gen Stealth games will be action shooters. Next Gen Horror games will be action shooters. Next Gen RPG will be open world shooters with level-ups. I'm not sure I want Next Gen.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Remember Remember the 20th of f3bruary.. Damn didn't rhyme. Still can't wait for sony to dominate.

JoGam1866d ago

This article got me excited. Cmon feb 20th

SuperShyGuy1866d ago

Well if you are going to take that quote I'll take this one

"Never count Nintendo out. They've got some of the best IP in the game industry. When their marquee titles show up, that's when you usually see the bounce. I deeply respect the achievements they've had over the last several years. And as I said, you never really count them out."
""Never count Nintendo out."
"They've got some of the best IP"

AsheXII1866d ago

I dont think anyone knows what Gen 4 is but EA themselves.

colonel1791866d ago

PlayStation - Gen 1
PlayStation 2 - Gen 2
PlayStation 3 - Gen 3
PlayStation 4 - Gen 4

andibandit1866d ago


Yeah right, because Console generations only start "WHEN SONY SAYS THEY DO"

you might have heard of a console from the late eighties called the "NES", and if you research further you will find that theres are a bunch of console before that.

HeavenlySnipes1865d ago


Its not hard to understand what the guy meant by gen 4

Its not like he's going to go through video game history and count the releases of consoles to make his point

Kevin ButIer1866d ago

"Spills the beanS" not really, anyone still arguing that the next gen is not coming is living under an ugly and heavy rock...

1866d ago
1865d ago
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nevin11866d ago

Nintendo never really had strong 3rd party support since SNES.

rezzah1866d ago

I heard nintendo had bad 3rd part buisness regulations, or something like that, during the N64.

linkofrs1866d ago

It was more of that fact that making games for ps1 were much easier. The n64 had limitations due to still storing games on cartridges

Qrphe1866d ago

Nintendo implemented a lot of conservative regulations that allowed them to bring back home console gaming into the picture in the mid 1980s but these conservative regulations also cost them greatly with the arrival of Sony.

deSSy27241866d ago

Yes, but...... N64 and GC 3rd party support was still much better than Wii 3rd party support.

mechlord1866d ago

And you say it like its a good thing ...

dubt721866d ago

Interesting points. Somewhat telling that it doesn't sound like used games are going away. He also seemed to think the pricing on the new systems won't be up at $600, as it isn't as big of a monetary jump. We will find out shortly. I love this time of speculation before consoles are revealed. It's like the early stages of dating, lol.

MultiConsoleGamer1866d ago

Origin Box exclusive to Time Warner Cable.

thaimasker1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

@SAE. Yeah but this time the gap won't be anywhere near as big
In terms of sales The PS2 is also proof that specs don't matter. It was much weaker than the Xbox/Gamecube but blow out the sales just like the wii. The Console with the best tech hasn't sold the most in a long long time.

NYC_Gamer1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

PS2 had the 3rd party exclusive advantage over all the other consoles...That's not the case for Nintendo though because they lack support from major publishers/studios...Wii did huge numbers but the console didn't offer much quality for the core crowd of gamers...

zebramocha1866d ago

@thaim the ps2 and gc were close,with gc having a bit of advantage in terms architecture and hardware specific features,plus the ps2 launch before nintendo and Ms.

Imalwaysright1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

GC was significantly more powerful than the PS2.

Qrphe1866d ago


The GC was more powerful but not significantly. The Xbox was however significantly more powerful than both GC and PS2.

Imalwaysright1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Compare PS2 version of RE4 with the GC version. PS2 wasn't even able to run the game at 60 FPS.