Battlefield 3 proves that the single-player first-person shooter is dead!

zdnet - Battlefield 3 certainly didn’t kill it, but it sure proves that there is no longer any value in the single-player campaign, especially when it comes to AAA titles.

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Chuk52487d ago

I've played it for hours and at first, it was awesome but then it got tedious as hell. The multiplayer is rad though.

ATi_Elite2487d ago

How about a big spoonful of STFU!

Half Life 2 episode 3, STALKER, and Halo 4 both say Single Player AAA FPS will never die!

Battlefield is all about the MP. Do not rate BF3 by it's SP cause the Battlefield series started with Battlefield 1942 and it didn't have a SP story. you could play SP against MP Bots but that was it.

People complained about CODMW2 short SP cause COD 1 and 2 had great SP campaigns but we all understand the transition to COD being a MP game first with a Hollywood SP story mode.

SP is not dead in FPS it's just that devs are trying to copy COD so much that they screw up their good SP modes by making crappy MP modes.

jony_dols2487d ago

Don't forget about Bioshock Infinite.

-Alpha2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Yes, BF is all about the MP but that doesn't mean SP should get a free pass

Giving BF3 a 9.5 or 10 while going easy on the SP sends the wrong message. Lowered scores for SP should motivate DICE to make a better SP experience. If they are going to bother with a SP component then I expect SP to be reviewed properly.

Stories in general this gen aren't anything special IMO. Especially for SP FPS games. When it comes to SP FPS campaigns though, there are a few standouts that come to mind:

-Killzone 2 (gritty, intense, atmosphere, amazingly visceral gunplay)
-COD4: Modern Warfare (very good story for its time, awesome mission variety)
-Bad Company 2 (Battlefield approach to gameplay, pathetically poor and rushed story)

It's funny that Bad Company 2's story was so bad but it got through because of the great gameplay. Sadly, BF3 sounds like it got rid of that too. Ironically they are accused of borrowing from COD. Hence the harsher criticism that I am seeing

da_2pacalypse2487d ago

I don't see how the sp in bf3 makes any difference in anybody's perception of the game... if they had released the game with no single player like the older battlefield games, nobody would be complaining. besides, the single player is not actually that bad...

blumatt2487d ago

I disagree with this article. The single player first person shooter will live on for a long time to come. There's still a lot of people who quite enjoy it, including myself. It gives more meaning to the maps you play on the multiplayer as well.

Getowned2487d ago

Half Life 2 + episodes have the best SP for a FPS I have ever played.

What I think is wrong with FPS storys is they are boring they try to rush though it and you don't get very much plot and I think thats why games like Half Life stick out because you need to think and it has a story to it and you start to know the charactors.

The last FPS SP I enjoyed this gen would be COD4.

Most FPS SP seem generic.Why should I care for sargent bob you just saw get shot in the head I don't know him and there was no plot around him.they try to force a friend ship on you or just have boring charactors.BFBC got this right in terms of Charators and even though it's not a FPS ME has this right as well you get to know the charactors and try to save the ones you like at the end of many of you replayed the ending of ME2 just so you could have some one live to come back in ME3 I know I did.

evrfighter2487d ago

lol for a second I thought this was gamingbolt. BF3 proves that on DICE needs to stick with what it knows best. That's giving the player a damn battlefield.

Autodidactdystopia2487d ago

Dude i honestly Really like this game singleplayer being an A+ and the primary reason im buying it. but the multiplayer is definitely superior.

SilentNegotiator2486d ago

It proves that crappy, after-thought, pathetic excuse to get the full $60 from you, SP campaigns were never alive to begin with.

I'll play half life, red faction, black, time splitters, Resistance, etc......SP campaigns, over BattleField's/COD's campaign, or even multiplayer.

morganfell2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

zdnet proves that insightful game journalism is dead.

The ignorance of some people is staggering. The BF3 SP does exactly what it was intended to do. That 'something' isn't meant to accomplish anything else other than prepare you for MP with gameplay a little more engrossing than bot matches.

zdnet...dullard of the week award.

Wait until their next article: "MW3 proves the FPS is Alive!"

kikizoo2486d ago

resistance, Killzone, bioshock, or even cod etc etc etc

A-Glorious-Dawn2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

You know, I actually really enjoyed MW2's campaign.

Call me crazy, the ice level was cool for me.. also the favellas and no Russian. It just seemed different at the time.

Black ops was mostly garbage but the sr71 mission was cool.

A lot more can be done to the fps campaign. Developers need to dig a little deeper and gain some inspiration.

bozebo2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

"The last FPS SP I enjoyed this gen would be COD4."

Me too.

I think Farcry 3 looks promising.

Deputydon2486d ago

You guys are all forgetting about Metro 2033. Sure it was a low budget game, with a few bugs/glitches. But that is a single player game that reminded me of what it was like when I first played HL, and when I first played HL2. Epic. One can only hope that Metro: Last Light can live up to those standards.

Bioshock Infinite is also looking to be one of the best single player FPS of all time.

HSx92486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I like how the guy in the video complaints about what he can and cannot do. If you were to try and do it "your" way in the military, you would get yelled at and they'd give you a penalty for not following orders.
Anyways, I don't like the singleplayer either, but DAMN the online is fucking 20/10 AMAZING.

Godchild10202486d ago

We are only getting this article just for the same site or another to say that MW3 and infinity Ward had revitalize the FPS Single player.

I'm not trying to say that the SP in BF3 was bad or great and no way am I trying to say that the SP in MW3 will be better.

RyuCloudStrife2486d ago

funny how EVERYTHING is CoD's fault... ya'll be hatin' CoD MW3 will have a better SP then possibly CoD 4.

JsonHenry2486d ago

STALKER is such a damn good series. I can't wait till the newest one comes out.

icecoldfire2486d ago

what bout portal 2. and if i get disagrees its a puzzle/FPS game cause u shoot from a portal gun in first person view

RememberThe3572486d ago

So everyone already forgot about Deus Ex? Never that, that game is dope.

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megacowdung2487d ago

Bad Company 2's SP was amazing.

ATi_Elite2486d ago

a SP campaign was DICE's whole reason to make Bad Company in the first place as a way to please consolers and give them a taste of BF.

I wish DICE would of just kept BF3 a MP game like the rest of the series.

gamingdroid2486d ago

BF3 single player is better than BC2 in my opinion. BC2 single player was a turd and BF3 is a small step above that.

Flavor2486d ago

Maybe not amazing.. but alot more fun than BF's single player experience.

Some of the BC2 levels, like chasing the fallen satellite and searching for a lost cargo ship in the desert, were very memorable.

stevenhiggster2486d ago

Bad Company 1's single player was amazing, BC2's sucked the big one.

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50Terabytespersec2486d ago

LOL FPS FPS FPS FPS FPS PC PC PC PC 360 360 360, god I see a tedious trend of FPS games that wont die or evolve.over and over.
This is sad thank you MS for holding back the industry with all this marketing dollars you poored into the 360 and keeping PC gaming alive in the process when it should be dead or highly evolved by now.
I would of preferred a Wii with 360 hardware, at least we would of got some really unique gaming out of it had this been the case.=D

LightofDarkness2486d ago

You do realise that Sony have more exclusive FPS titles on the PS3 than MS do on 360? And MS stopped supporting PC in any effective way quite a long time ago. I think I speak for everyone here when I say "STFU".

JaredH2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

This games about multiplayer anyway. I beat the campaign in 5 hours and didn't like it that much. It's just like Black Ops with flashbacks, flash-forwards and flash-sideways. And its ending having a 30 second epilogue that didn't involve the main character or ending of the game at all and could of been shown before the last mission was not good either.

The multiplayer gameplay for consoles is pretty much just like Bad Company 2 except there's the cheap radio for recon now that let's you spawn wherever you put it. Everything else in multiplayer is great and overall it's a good game but not the greatest this year by far.

TBM2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

As long as gamers crave multiplayer they should not expect lengthy campaigns. The devs know that there are people out there who feel like they are getting left behind because they are spending to much time on the single player campaign.

My friend is a prime example he text me yesterday complaining the campaign was to short, then i asked him what mode he played on and he said normal. I said why didn't you play it on hard his counter was that he didn't want to let other people get to far ahead of him for the multiplayer.

I told him to stop complaining because CoD is just as short on normal too. If players today didn't make multiplayer so popular maybe they'd have longer single player campaigns in games that have both single/multiplayer mode.

JANF2486d ago

"Battlefield 3 proves that the single-player first-person shooter is dead!"

NO! There is a lot of FPS with awesome single player. BF series is known for multiplayer and no for it's single player.

frostypants2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I'm with you. The single player is kind of "meh", though frankly I don't feel it's much linear than the last couple of CoD games.

But the online...which is what the Battlefield series is all about (this is the first non-Bad Company BF game to even have a campaign mode), is amazing.

The sound effects with a surround system are completely insane. When a sniper just misses your noggin, you KNOW it.

My only hangup is I'm not sure how viable jets really are on the small map sizes we're limited to on the consoles. I mean, yeah, they're fun, and they add a lot to the atmosphere, but I don't feel like they can really have much impact on ground operations, especially given all the ground clutter.

Now, when they give us the new Wake Island map (which is pretty much a BF tradition), that might change, since it will be easier to pick out ground targets. But as it is, jets kind of do their own thing up there.

It doesn't change the fact that this is the best online Battlefield game yet by a mile, and by extension, my favorite online shooter period.

And yeah, I'm still buying MW3. Two completely different styles of play.

stevenhiggster2486d ago

The only thing BF3 proves is that EA really know how to over hype games.

I'm not saying it's bad, just isn't nearly worthy of all the hype.

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NYC_Gamer2487d ago

it's dead in the fps genre

HeavenlySnipes2487d ago

Bioshock Infinite
Resistance 3
Metro Last Light

Beg to differ with you sir

LOGICWINS2487d ago

I recommend playing Killzone 3 with Sharpshooter. Incredible experience.

Pixel_Enemy2487d ago

Killzone 3 single player was amazing although it was short. I picked up my copy at a midnight launch and played it through in one sitting. Took me 7 hours my first time through. I had to get to bed because the sun came up but not before beating the game.

Rageanitus2487d ago

I really liked Rage and KZ3 single player.... does not seem dead to me.

Bathyj2487d ago

@ Logicwins

Wow, I am stunned.

I dont agree with you very often, but I'm man enough to admit when you say something good.

Listen to him people, there is not another experience like it in consoles, PC or arcade. Its better than the thrill I got the first time I picked up 2 guns in Virtua Cop 2.

Probably the only thing that makes you feel like youre right there in the battle more, would be to actually go outside and play paintball.

Or, y'know, do a tour in Iraq.

buckley2486d ago

Maybe the WAR fps. So if that's all you play, then sure.

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bennyace2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I've recently played Killzone 3 campain and really enjoyed it despite what most revewers said. And, to me, Deus Ex campain was awesome. And the Halo campains as well....

frostypants2486d ago

Deus Ex wasn't really a first person shooter. I mean yeah, it was first person, and had some shooting, but it had more in common with games like Metal Gear Solid and Thief than anything else.

Nitrowolf22487d ago

I think Resistance 3 had one of the best SP ever for a FPS and that released a few months back. I don't think it's dead, it's just that more and more developer are focusing on the long run, which is multiplayer.

Chuk52487d ago

Gears 3 had a great SP campaign.

Blink_442486d ago

I didn't really like the r3 sp...story was average at best and I beat it in 5 hours.

marioPSUC2487d ago

Theres no way its dead, developers just need to stop using the same old stories. Theres still some FPS games that have good stories, Halo, Resistance, and a little known game called HALF LIFE.

Hufandpuf2487d ago

They mean "current" FPS games. The last good Halo campaign was Halo 3, Reach SP was lacking serious tone.

ginsunuva2487d ago

Both 3 and reach were horrible compared to 1 and 2.

RacingLightning012486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Halo 3 was so slow and boring... Even ODST was a better SP(not that it was great).

frostypants2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I think the problem is that "conventional" FPS games that are based around just shooting at stuff are just hard to make exciting in single player these days. Developers are forced to cover up the straightforward gameplay with all kinds of scripted events, and even then, it's never as exciting as playing against actual human opponents.

For single player games, people are developing more refined tastes. People want more depth. Games like Deus Ex offer this by trading in a lot of the "shooter" formula for tactics, role playing, stealth mechanics, etc. The catch is this stuff then does not necessarily cater well to MP, and even if it did, it would take much longer to develop an online mode for.

I predict that Mass Effect 3 will be the flipside of BF3: an awesome SINGLE player game, with an MP mode that makes people go "why is this even here???".

I guess what I'm saying is that I think in the future, we'll start seeing single player games and online games diverge, and I'd expect the Battlefield series to return to its roots as an online-only game (aside from maybe a single-player bot mode). Games that provide both will do so in innovative and integrated fashion, like in Demons Souls and Dark Souls, where the online functionality is purely an extension of the single player experience.

Oldman1002487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Bioshock Infinite, The Darkness 2 and Resistance 3 say hello.