New teaser from ex-Infinity Ward's creators; Respawn's first EA title

DSOGaming writes: "Remember Jason West and Vince Zampella? What was that? You don’t remember them? Oh come on, sure you do. These guys were the bosses of Infinity Ward and we bet that you still remember what happened between them and Activision. In case you don’t, let us tell you that they had an argument – actually a big argument – that was followed by a lawsuit. Then, these two fellas left the company (alongside with some other employees) and formed Respawn, a company that was under EA’s roof. Up intill now, we have not heard anything new about their first game but as the year is approaching to its end, the company felt the need to release a small teaser from their first project."

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bwazy2190d ago

Is a teaser really just a blurred image now a days? Heh, regardless of such I hope those two reinvent the FPS genre like they originally did with COD:4. Should be interesting.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2190d ago

It's actually a picture of an unconfirmed Respawn sighting. Activision is calling it's a hoax, or swamp gas, or a piece of driftwood, or a guy in a gorilla suit.

deadpoole2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Now I know these developers are dyin for attention from gamers by using this method but Im gonna let u in the secret.


I swear to God ... of all the methods developers use for teasers and whatnot ... this is the worst. This is potentially gonna do more damage than any good.


RememberThe3572190d ago

damn deadpoole your taking this a little hard. It's just a blurry picture, but it's got all of us talking doesn't it. I can't wait to see what these guys do, hopefully it isn't the garbage that was their last game.

NukaCola2189d ago

Looks like a soldier with a rifle looking over his shoulder into the distance. Seems like it's going to be another shooter.

NewMonday2189d ago

i'm calling it, it looks like an Alien environment, their next game is a space shooter, maybe trying to be COD and Halo in the same time.

malol2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

i used some deblurr filters and it looks like 3 guys (including you) in first person view

going out of what it seems a jungle and going into an open space

with a mushroom cloud (nuke) in the distance (a bit to the right)

and the 2 lights on the upper left hand seems like some sort of an aircraft

and that's what i see

zeeshan2189d ago

The best teaser I have recently seen has to be the of the THE LAST OF US. They teased us just right, dropping hints and what not. Had the whole gamer community going crazy and loving the teaser. Really, ND pulled off a great teaser and something that at least I will remember for a long time and will compare other teasers with it. It's kinda become a benchmark of high quality video game teasers.

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ATi_Elite2190d ago

This is not news....only a blurred image of WHATEVER!

Respawn most likely will not release a game until Next Gen!!

NiKK_4192190d ago

Didn't they show this already? Like, awhile ago?

john22190d ago

Nope. In June they'd released a different, blurry image. This is a brand new one

TheIneffableBob2189d ago

Can't wait for the next blurry image!

thePatriot2189d ago

next teaser is a silent sound effect from a game. Could be a gun shot, could be glass breaking.

showtimefolks2190d ago

i like respawn but i hope they understand this 100% that people have extremely high hopes for their new game

FACTUAL evidence2190d ago

looks like a spaced themed game, like halo, or killzone.

dark-hollow2189d ago

maybe it is a next gen game and they arent allowed to showcase the graphics?

xAlmostPro2189d ago

To be honest i hope these guys re-invent COD.

A fast paced reaction shooter, without all the bullshit infinityward have put into mw2/3. Treyarch did a good job of removing the crap but failed from a technical stand point.

I want cod2/cod4 type back.. none of this super friendly to new players, the game literally consists of people sitting in corners now either because new guys quickly realise they do that and get killstreaks fast or guys who masturbate over kill death ratio and are to scared to move incase it goes down by 0.1.

The fun has been drained.

Kran2189d ago

Yes because they so did a good job with MW2 ¬¬

Riggans422189d ago

It's amazing how much hype a blurred image gets.

Bobby Kotex2189d ago

Seriously what the hell is that? I wish people wouldn't waste my time.

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DaveMan2190d ago

I'm guessing 2013/2014 release date?

Majin-vegeta2190d ago

Correction 2015.

OT:It does look like two guys are squaring off.

DaveMan2190d ago

That was just a "wild guess" by one of there composers.


killa916062190d ago

I saw this like a month ago, I thought everybody knew about this...

camel_toad2190d ago

You may have seen it a month ago but I've been playing it for 2 years now. It's really difficult too with it being so blurry.

-Alpha2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Wow, I see a dinosaur, Master Chief, a mushroom cloud, a mountain, an alien, a forest, cliffsides

-_- Anyone else see any of that?

pc_masterrace2189d ago

that's it? because I'm seeing a lot more than that, you should try acid next time.

KillNr3load142190d ago

I saw Master Chief too. Your not alone

RememberThe3572190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Wasn't I just reading comments about oil painting in an other thread? lol

At least EA is being consistent in their vagueness.

It looks like a piece of sci-fi concept art blurred out. The white is clouds, the dark are buildings, brown is the ground, and the dark blue is the sky.

Kyosuke_Sanada2190d ago

I would be happy if they are at the helm of a new BLACK....

john22190d ago

Oh boy, if it's anything like BLACK then we are in for a treat. Can't believe how a PS2 title had such destructible environments and most modern-day shooters can't even come close to it