Pete from Bethesda calls Skyrim fan “an ass” writes "When something goes overboard, you may will have to spill out something that is out of the line, and that is the case with Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda."

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AngelGirl162652d ago

I think that pete is a jerk. The fan asked him a simple question. Bullshit isn't really an offensive word.

Motorola2652d ago

Look at that fan's past tweets. He's an ass to everyone.

xPhearR3dx2652d ago

I met him a few weeks back, he wasn't an ass to me lol He was actually really nice.

Blaine2652d ago

Yea, but you're supposed to ignore these people, not answer their question then insult them. Someone in PR should definitely know this.

theEx1Le2652d ago

The fan called him a prick, now thats insulting.

Bigpappy2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

AngelGirl16 is obviously one of these kids that see no need to be respectful to others, but expect that because you have title, you need to extend them this courtesy.

I am sure pete has to deal with these immature zelous on a daily, but it is his natural instent to try and correct the tune of the conversation by letting people know what he is not willing to put up with.

I fine that these guys usually put a lot more info out there about these kinds of gameplay options for their games than most, and there game themselves, are some the most customizable on market. I was agree at what their did with Oblivion also, but I never felt like they mislead me. I just did not like what they added, and what was removed from the previous game (Morrowind).

AliTheBrit4202652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Far besides the point

Pete should act like a professional at all times, come on you're dealing with mostly teenagers/young adult males, its expected, responding in turn doesn't help anything.

Edit - I actually think the guy was being more than an ass, not disputing that, but Pete losing his cool over twitter, not really worth it, better to be the bigger man and not be bothered.

bodybombs2652d ago

honestly i dont see this as news. the guy was being a dick, pete was tired of people being dicks, so he made an example out of one.

people often forget that these developers owe us nothing. people all the time take advantage of the kindness of some of these guys. not to mention it really makes us look bad as fans because they dont see the ones that kindly sit back and wait for them to release news, they see the ones that are rude and outspoken and demand news.

xPhearR3dx2652d ago

Wow, I somehow completely misread your comment. I met Pete, not the fan lol Pete's a nice guy.

Trophywhore2652d ago

Id say ass is an adjective that aptly describes most fans.

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CommonSense2652d ago

who cares? is any of this crap even worth discussing? some idiot used a 140 character retard website to insult someone, then some other idiot did the same thing in return.

da_2pacalypse2652d ago

Meh, i would have done the same thing he did... if somebody talks shit to you, you should offend them :)

Sony3602651d ago

I'm all for publishers/devs telling it like it is.

As long as they make good games, they can give all the rude fans in the world as many verbal beatings as they deserve.

badz1492651d ago

no matter what people say, this is not a good PR.

BattleAxe2651d ago

I say screw Big Pete and the fan!

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MidnytRain2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

"Bullshit isn't really an offensive word."

^^^Contemporary societal norms at it again.

awi59512652d ago

Im glad he did this he shouldnt have to put up with that little turds own BS.

gamingdroid2652d ago

I think calling someones answer bullshit, before he even answered qualifies as offensive. Heck the word bullshit itself is offensive to most.

Heartnet2652d ago

PR guys for companies have a histroy for avoiding questions and going around it..

Insulting a fan is alot worse tbf

TheGameFoxJTV2652d ago

He's not a fan if all he does it troll the company. If he is, then they won't lose any sleep over that one potential customer.

Heartnet2652d ago

@The Game

Still when PR guys act like that gives the overall company a bad image.. just like when crytek thought theyd slag off every other fps developer..

Being nice will gain approval

gamingdroid2652d ago

I definitely agree that the company representative needs to be professional. Personally, I would ignore him @sshat.

Vaud-Villian2651d ago

I see no problem calling someone out for being out of line. The dude was an ass publicly so he got called out publicly. Kudos to Bethesda.

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Buff10442652d ago

Using "bullshit" automatically makes the situation confrontational.

Kee2652d ago

Does it? It's not very professional to answer any question rudely (especially if you're PR) no matter how rude the person asking the question is. "Bullshit" is just an opinion on how lame the quality of the answers have been recently.

By the way, I do like elder scrolls, I just think the "fan" was perfectly within his rights to ask that question.

Vaud-Villian2651d ago

I think "ass" used restraint. That dude was worse than just a donkey.

CrzyFooL2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The "fan" is an ass. Look at all his other tweets. PR doesn't OWE this guy anything.

Look at his other tweets at Pete. Makes me want to reach through my screen and slap this idiot in the face.!/UberA...!/UberA...!/UberA...

What a little twat.

aGameDeveloper2652d ago

Geez, if the kid doesn't want to hear about ZeniMax games, why's he bothering to follow Pete's twitter account?

manumit2652d ago

wow those posts were really sad. Doesn't this dude have anything better to do. What an immature freak by saying "boooooooo you suck" is this dude 12?

candystop2652d ago

That little spoiled twat deserved more than that. I don't see any fault in Pete's reaction. He's human just like the rest of us and nobody deserves to be picked on.

theonlylolking2649d ago

Maybe we should all troll that guy for picking on Pete?

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TheGameFoxJTV2652d ago

How about you actually read what the asshat tweet at Pete before jumping to conclusions from a badly worded Article title.

Oxymoron0282652d ago

Bullshit may not be. But calling someone a prick is an assy move.

BongSmack2652d ago

Whether bullshit is an offensive word or not, the "fan" was being an ass. And Pete was nice enough to say he was only kinduv an ass.

BongSmack2652d ago

@AliTheBrit420, saying to someone "you're kinduv an ass" really isn't losing your cool. Granted it's not particularly professional, it's not as bad as some people on here are making it out to be.

Danniel12652d ago

The question was phrased in a particularly rude way, the guy is an ass and didn't even deserve an answer.

Legion2652d ago

That’s not the only reason he goes mad, this fan called “UberAbwehr” already sending out a lot of not-so-nice tweets.

“yea, not vague or anything, you prick”
“booooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo you suck”
“stop advertising your games on your tweeter feed, you sellout”

Point is... the guy is an Ass and Pete just helped the world know that he is an Ass.

03212652d ago

If you were smart and looked at the so called fans past tweets, You'd see the reason why Pete called him an ass.

TBM2652d ago

the dude was a douche and deserved to be called an ass.

imoutofthecontest2651d ago

To be fair, most gamers are asses and therefore this fan probably is too.

seinfan2651d ago

Did you just decide to stop reading? The girl's a troll. And sure, I'll say that it's a girl because I want to be politically correct and diverse.

Solid_Snake-2651d ago

ass isnt so your point is invalid.

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GoldenPheasant2652d ago

And them going after mojang for "scrolls" is a okay. gfy zenimax/bethesda!

Buff10442652d ago

Pete's a great guy. This fan asked an offensive question.

kcuthbertson2652d ago

No, he didn't. An offensive question would have been "Can I **** everyone in the game?"

All he did was call out bethesda for doing what most game companies do. Instead of giving a straight answer they beat around the bush and never answer it.

Buff10442652d ago

The question was about button mapping. I mean, how nerdy and ridiculous. Don't give me a bullshit answer about button mapping? Really?

There was no reason for this person to be confrontational, and the common misconception among entitled folks is to expect the answerer to respond with kindness every single time. Then they get bent out shape when they receive the answer he or she didn't expect.

And the word "bullshit" is still fairly offensive, and even if you don't think so, using it automatically makes the situation confrontational.

I wish there was no button mapping so this person could start a useless petition while Skyrim sells six million plus copies anyway.

lastdual2652d ago


Pete wasn't offended by the subject of the question (button mapping). That's a perfectly legit question, and he's used to clarifying minor details like that. I've tweeted him once or twice myself, and Pete has always answered politely.

It was the tone of the question, and the fact that this user has repeatedly treated others like crap (even those who were doing him favors), that set Pete off.

That guy certainly had it coming.

BongSmack2652d ago

What are you talking about? He asked if there was button mapping, and Pete answered yes.