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Why We’re Afraid Of Batman: Arkham Knight

11h ago - Say what you will about games these days, but developers see a thing that works and stick to it.... | PC

Top 10 Anticipated Video Games of 2015

1d 12h ago - WatchMojo: Another year of gaming, Another year of having our wallets wonder why they feel so co... | PC

Betting on Cyber Futures: Where Rocksteady Should Go Next

1d 15h ago - Gizorama: With the excellent Arkham series set to wrap-up in June with Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkha... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight to Receive Two Novel Tie-ins This Summer

1d 16h ago - It appears as though Rocksteady’s final entry in the Arkham trilogy will receive not one, but two... | Culture

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Most Anticipated Games of 2015 - Batman: Arkham Knight | OnlySP

5d ago - OnlySP: Since its inception, the Arkham franchise has been one of the most critically acclaimed t... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight - Joker Confirmed?

5d ago - Rocksteady Studios has crafted the best Batman video games of all-time. Many would argue that the... | PC

The Future of Batman Games After Arkham Knight

6d ago - Rocksteady's Arkham series comes to an end this year with Batman: Arkham Knight. What's next for... | PC

Batman Arkham Knight: The Official Novelization listed and dated

6d ago - New details are available for the Batman Arkham Knight: The Official Novelization. | Culture

Ben's Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 - Batman: Arkham Knight...Oh, And Four Other Games

7d ago - The final Short Pause staff member reveals his most anticipated games of 2015, and it's pretty ob... | PC

Why Are Game Delays A Good Thing?

7d ago - Wayne goes over why it is often better to delay a game and ensure it is good, then push it out wi... | Industry

A look at the officially licensed Batman Arkham Knight leather jacket

7d ago - Bioworld will be releasing an officially licensed leather jacket based on the upcoming Batman: Ar... | Culture

Top ten most anticipated videogame sequels releasing in 2015

8d ago - Top ten most anticipated videogame sequels coming out in 2015 to keep an eye on. | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Court of Owls the Main Villains?

8d ago - This is a new Q&A video from CabooseXBL. | PC

Road to Arkham Knight – Part Two – Batman: Arkham City GOTY Review

9d ago - sean writes: " It’s been over a week since I left Arkham Asylum and opened my Arkham City Game of... | PC

Xbox One Vs. PS4 – Can These Exclusive Titles Save Xbox One in 2015

10d ago - In 2015 tons of games going to be release for all major platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U... | PS4

13 Biggest Games Of 2015

11d ago - MenStuff checks out which games should already be on your radar for this year, including some mas... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Q&A

11d ago - Batman: Arkham Knight is due out in June later this year. For those of us who are still in school... | PC

So who is the Arkham Knight?

12d ago - So recently, Justin Prince of Lifted Geek played though the entire series of Arkham games again,... | PC

Frankie's Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 - Compelling Stories Set The Tone For 2015

13d ago - Another Short Pause member shares his five most highly anticipated games of 2015. Story driven ga... | PC

5 Most Well-Known PC Titles Looking Forward in 2015

13d ago - Are you a crazy gamer? Then here is the right place for you. Welcome and today taking a look on 5... | PC

N4G Radio

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Bender's Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 - Open World & Third-Person Action Games Rule | Short Pause

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The Big onPause 2015 Video Game Prediction Post

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6 Incredible Minor Details in Games That Make Them Even Better

15d ago - Sometimes there are small details in a game that go unnoticed. We've got a few of them for you. | PC

5 Highly Anticipated 2015 Games That Could Easily Disappoint

15d ago - 2015 is a big year for video games, so let's look at the big games that could fall flat. | PC

Should Developers Abandon Fixed Release Dates?

17d ago - When so many games are broken on arrival, or getting delayed, should developers stop giving fixed... | PC
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Batman: Arkham Knight

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