Rocksteady says Gotham City will 'always be raining' in 'Batman: Arkham Knight'

Batman: Arkham Knight will be bringing with it a Gotham City that is unlike any other we've seen before in a game, with its destructible city and always raining setting, this could open things up for some gorgeous gameplay.

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Mikelarry1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

dont see this being a problem. i didnt mind the snow in city or the dry night in asylum this will not stop this game from being epic

ZodTheRipper1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I'm not sure whether this is such a smart design choice ...I mean wouldn't it be cooler to see the city in different settings? Look at InFamous, some people prefer playing at broad daylight, some prefer the game at night. That's why the devs are implementing an option to choose between settings.

I'm sure Gotham will look breathtaking, especially as a next-gen only city, but personally I would prefer some variety in a 15hour+ open world game.

DoomeDx1452d ago

Did infamous confirm that they are adding that option? I have only seen that they are 'considering' it

-Foxtrot1452d ago

I agree

Having it raining all the time is going to seem a little boring after a while.

This is Rocksteadys last Batman game and I would of liked to see Gotham in different settings. I thought they would of had the game set over a long period of time so you saw different weather settings like how in inFAMOUS continuing the missions change the time of day and weather.

I mean we've finally got a Batman game set in Gotham and you would at least want to see what they could do with it.

ZodTheRipper1452d ago

They confirmed it officially yesterday
It was on April 1st but it doesn't sound like a joke lol

Boring and imo kinda depressing ...I for one love bright, shining colors in games that's why I prefer InFamous at daylight

MysticStrummer1452d ago

Yeah I question this choice as well. The story could take place over a short period of time, and it could well be raining all that time, but visually it could get old after awhile, especially if you plan on roaming that world after the story is finished. I prefer games with dynamic day/night or ones where the time of day changes as the plot unfolds.

zeuanimals1452d ago

I don't know man... The Dark Knight walking around when the sun is uo? Just doesn't seem right.

Scatpants1452d ago

All of the Arkham games have taken place over the course of one night. and a day/night cycle would not fit the Batman formula. Batman comes out at night. Raining all the time seems like it could get old, but on the last one it was snowy most of the time if I remember right. The rain should make for some nice looking next gen reflections at least.

Baccra171452d ago

Wouldn't having it rain all the time be unnecessarily straining on the consoles? We are already having to deal with a gimped game due to parity and a weaker system not holding it's own, raining all the time is probably only going to make things worse.

That or, like fog in the early days, it's going to be used to hide problems/technical difficulties.

SnotyTheRocket1452d ago

Rain makes everything more badass. Ex. Pacific Rim, that one Matrix fight, Unchrted boat scene, and more.

SilentNegotiator1452d ago

CONSTANT rain seems like it would get annoying over the course of 15+ hours. Rain effects are visually noisy and can restrict view.

Blacklash931452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

All Arkham games, including this one, take place over a single night. It's not raining perpetually for days or weeks.

hiredhelp1451d ago

My ansew dynamic weather

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3-4-51452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

So it's basically England. I'm cool with that. Adds to the atmosphere I guess.

* Does that hint at the game ONLY taking place over a few days.

There realistically could be rain in a city or area for 3-4 days straight. Happens all the time, so does this mean that it's hinting THAT, OR is it just happen to ALWAYS rain in Gotham ?

Is somebody MAKING IT RAIN, or does it just do that for this certain game ?

Mr Logic1452d ago

Actually according to the latest PlayStation Blog podcast where they talk about the game, they say that the game takes place over 1 night so it raining for 1 night is completely realistic.

3-4-51452d ago

K that makes sense then. That must be one crazy night.

DanteVFenris6661452d ago

Does Bruce actually ever get to sleep?

malokevi1452d ago

Sounds good to me. Bright sunny days are not for the Batman! If it were any other game I would complain.

DAS6921452d ago

Not gonna lie.. not a big fan of this series, so maybe i'm being a little biased, but I think this is an easy way to shortcut it. I think the dev team is being lazy and not giving real day/night cycles. I would love to see Gotham City at dusk sometimes. Happened in the t.v. show all the time... Just saying.

uncharted561452d ago

Well if the narrative says its taking over a course of one night then it wouldn't make sense to include day/night cycle. That said I would also like to see a batman game that would take over a longer period of time and include day/night cycles. Even allow us to play as Bruce in some missions for a change and include rpg dialog options like mass effect, would be cool.

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WeAreLegion1452d ago

Cool. We haven't seen this since Godzilla. (98)

WeAreLegion1452d ago

Haha. Oh yeah. It's my favorite video game and I completely forgot about it.

Walker1452d ago

So there is no snow ?! pre-order canceled !

Conzul1452d ago

As a northerner I too demand snow in my games! Why am I not being represented? rabblerabblerabblerabble

Dynasty20211452d ago

To me, this is to make it look more visually impressive using a cheap technique.

Wet surfaces make things look better looking in games.

Look at Seattle in Infamous. Crysis in the rain. Always better in the wet.

Nothing but a ploy to make you think the game looks better than it does.

air11452d ago

Wtf are you talking about if the game looks good then it looks good.. I just don't get some of you at all..

CorndogBurglar1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Well they have a point. Graphics can look good, but if you take a dry surface, like a sidewalk, and compare it to a wet sidewalk, then the reflective qualities of the water on the ground can make it look much more impressive than just the dry surface.

But what he's forgetting is that if the wet surface isn't done properly, graphically, then it can make it look like a mess and actually worse too.

So i get what he's saying, if done right, a wet surface will look much more impressive than just a dry surface when it comes to graphics, but making a surface wet does not automatically make it better looking.

Fyflin1452d ago

@Dynasty I noticed this whilst playing Ground Zeroes. During the main mission the game looks great and the rain definitely adds to the visual flair but there's a big difference when you start exploring the island in broad daylight.

extermin8or1451d ago

Personally game looks great on any weather setting on my ps4 but whatever...

Scatpants1452d ago

Pretty sure the game will look exactly how it looks. I don't think it's possible to look better than it looks.

fluxmulder1451d ago

Darkness and rain instantly brings the visual quality of a game up without much effort. That being said, Rocksteady does have a good track record of making great art.

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Stringerbell1452d ago

Reminds me of the film adaption of 'The Crow.' But as they even said in the film "it can't rain all the time."

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