Batman: Arkham Knight: Robin, Nightwing, Azrael and Catwoman revealed

Two new characters bios have been uncovered on the Batman: Arkham Knight Person of Interest page for Nightwing and Catwoman. Update: Azrael and Robin also revealed.

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Yi-Long1183d ago

Disappointed with the Robin (Tim Drake) model. Again they chose to go for the bald hooligan look, as if he's some hillbilly UFC fighter.

Doesn't fit Tim Drake at all, IMHO.

3-4-51183d ago

Yea Robin just....doesn't look like that..or shouldn't.

Abash1183d ago

Batman Arkham serie's Robin has always reminded me of the Robin from the Batman Forever movie

XisThatKid1182d ago

Nightwing is in this game? I'm suddenly interested.

Conzul1182d ago

It's not so bad.
He has an almost Cole McGrath (original) look to him.

Yi-Long1182d ago

I hate that look as well.

OB1Biker1182d ago

umm a very common look nowadays, or I have many 'hooligans' as friends then

TheJacksonRGN1182d ago

I see hair on his head so he isn't bald. There is another name for that kind of haircut, but it isn't bald.

Not sure why that makes him a hooligan or a hillbilly but whatever. He looks fine imho.

bjshepp1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

'Bald hooligan look'

'Hillbilly UFC fighter'

LOL. Seriously, where do you guys come up with this?

soul-assassin-1182d ago

shaved head = hillbilly hooligan? ...ok. Very stereotypical of you

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SeanScythe1183d ago

It says Tim witnessed the murder of dick's family. What is the age difference because dick was a young boy and Tim was supposed to be a teen when he became robin. This time line make no sense.

SageShinigami1182d ago

It's the same age difference it's always been. That's Tim's origin with no retcons or changes b/c of the game. Tim was like 7, Dick was around 12-13, and Bruce was 22. Skip ahead seven years and Tim is 14, Dick is 19-20, and Bruce is 29.

XisThatKid1182d ago

This is all true and @SeanScyth to be honest I wouldn't tell you this is the same cannon as most comics or games or oher media besides the rest of the Arkham games.

SeanScythe1181d ago

Thanks for the info, glad it's the right timelines.

-Foxtrot1182d ago

Hmmm....guess Azkeal won't be the Arkham Knight then

There's one guy crossed off the check list.

The_Devil_Hunter1182d ago

I thought the name was Azrael.

iSuperSaiyanGod1182d ago

Probably a typo . Cause it is azrael

Yokan1182d ago

Just goes to show how much -Foxtrot knows what hes talking about...
Its clearly a typo yet still wrote Azkeal in his comment. No idea what hes talking about.

-Foxtrot1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )


Or maybe I just couldn't be bothered with typing on my phone at work I read the article and copy and pasted the name into N4G knowing the word wouldn't be on my spellcheck and because I was in a rush.

Comments like yours are a plague on this site. There's no need for it.

NCAzrael1182d ago

That has got to be the lamest excuse for a misspelling I've ever heard. You have the time to copy and paste on your phone, but not type 6 letters? Just admit you didn't know the character's name was misspelled.

-Foxtrot1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )



You people....honestly

I copy and pasted a sentence, I just didn't bother to use the full thing as I wasn't going to quote it.

Not even going to bother, take it or leave it

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Yi-Long1182d ago

Arkham Knight is Jason Todd.

maniacmayhem1182d ago

Isn't Red Hood already confirmed for the game?

I'm guessing either

Thomas Wayne

Yi-Long1182d ago

Red Hood skin/DLC/Map-pack has been confirmed, which means he's in the game, but he's still Arkham Knight, and the DLC is just extra maps and skin for him.

Red Hood is Jason Todd. He's got the body, the motive, the guns, the connection to Batman and Arkham, and the army he's brought is Ra's, which ties in to the events of the last game.

maniacmayhem1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

It's just way too obvious if it is Jason Todd. I mean that was the first thing everyone said when he was first revealed.

I really hope it isn't just because it's the easy way out.

skulz71182d ago

Awesome, hope one of them is playable in free roam like Catwoman was in Arkham City!

HRoach6161182d ago

Yeah I'm honestly only really interested in free roaming as Nightwong like you could as catwomen in Arkham City.

The battle arena stuff is cool, but we've had all the characters in that aside from Azreal. Plus there's just something about filling these shoes while roaming around looking at things as a personal favorite character.

skulz71182d ago

Exactly :) I loved how different Catwoman felt aswell, it just gives more variety which is always good.

jc485731182d ago

I like the fact that this is not entirely different from previous Arkham games. I guess they want to make it a little more consistent. Sometimes developers make like huge changes to the characters that they become rather unrecognizable.

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