Batman Arkham Knight File Size Is Absolutely Gargantuan on the PS4, Bigger Than GTA V

GearNuke: "Batman Arkham Knight looks like a true next generation game with a huge open world, and as expected, its file size is one of the biggest when it comes to such open world games, even passing the file size of GTA V on the PS4, which was about 41 GB in size."

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xHeavYx1203d ago

Gargantuan = Enormous.... You are welcome.

KiwiViper851203d ago

Thanks, Thesaurus xHeavYx.

vishmarx1203d ago

lol wolfenstien tno was 50gb

XBLSkull1202d ago

Seems strange they would have the file size listed already for a game that is almost 3 months away from release.

--Onilink--1202d ago


I would find it strange if they didnt. The release itself is usually a month or more from when it goes "gold" and even then, the last stages are mostly QA.

The game has probably been around that 41gb size for a long time now

sonicsidewinder1203d ago

Enormous = Very Large.... You are welcome.

Captain_Wormy1203d ago

Very Large = Big.... You are welcome.

Blaze9291203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Big = Mondo Bunger.... You are welcome.

Saints941202d ago

Big = Wombo.... You're welcome.

Solid_Penguin-641202d ago

@ Bimko Then let's show you... Through the art of interpretative dance!

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NuggetsOfGod1203d ago

Thank! I thought Gargantuan meant very slow lol

Meltic1203d ago

havent played the batman games yet. Bought all Three yesterday. Time to begin to play the first one :)

mark_parch1202d ago

amazing games, you are in for a treat.

StarLord_Who1202d ago

If i say, you're ego makes you as a person look like a gargantuan twat, i'd be right?

xHeavYx1202d ago

Nope, you are using "you're" instead of "your"

UKmilitia1202d ago

see if a game fills a bluray i will happily buy DLC for it.
Im going to love this game i know because all of them have been great so roll on june or is it july now?

mafiahajeri1202d ago

Nope still June got delayed recently from June 2nd to June 23rd not that bad of a delay.

Spenok1202d ago

I don't understand how these types of "Articles" Keep getting posted... especially with their over ridiculous titles. There have already been several games that have reached 50GB in install size.

So how is this GARGANTUAN!? Especially when other titles are bigger? 50GB is 10% of the original HDD size... that's not gargantuan, come to me when a game requires at minimum of 25% of the standard 500GB HDD.

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fr0sty1202d ago

Be careful, those come from the moon.

kayoss1202d ago

Ok Kids, today's letter is the letter "G". The letter "G" can be used in the word "Gargantuan".

deadpoolio3161202d ago

Annnd..Wolfenstein: The New Order is like 51.20gb after download and install....This isn't the first game, I think even advance warfare was 49gb

davetheAndroid1203d ago

We're going to need a bigger boat...

marloc_x1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

..Twenty-five. Three tons of him


DualWielding1203d ago

This is why Sony needs to provide external Hard Disk Support, else having it will give Microsoft a huge edge

iTechHeads1203d ago

They have INTERNAL HDD support. That's way better than external since you know you don't need to have an ugly HDD next to your console taking up space.

(But sure, support External AND internal would be welcome)

DualWielding1203d ago

It's an advantage because

1. Not everybody knows how to replace the internal HD, some people are scared of screwing up.

2. Some people have external Hard Drives hanging around, so going with the console that supports them save them money.

3. With this kind of file sizes even 2 TB are not going to cut it and redownloading is not convenient. The ability to use multiple external hard drives seems like the most convenient option.

I think its a major issue Sony has to address.

HammadTheBeast1203d ago

They both have their ins and outs. The one thing I don't like about internal is that it's kind of a hassle to install and you need to reinstall all the digital stuff. I think the new patch allowed you to back up your downloads off of the other HDD though.

_-EDMIX-_1203d ago

@Dual- I just can't stop laughing. Sooooo its an advantage because your ignorant?

I see.

Bud...I just added a HDD to my PC the other day in mere minutes. Hell, it tool longer to clone one of my drives then it did hooking it up.

Sata cable to sata port, power cable to power port............done.

Buddy I can't stop laughing. If your a gamer, this is something you need to know, it isn't rocket science, mind you, I've changed hdds in 2 of my PS3 and in 2 of my other friends PS3's. Its simple, in fact the only issue I even had was with the screws being hard to take out, but thats legit as hard as it gets with replacing a hdd. The back up time is the only thing that is even a hassle and I would hardly call that "hard" or some sort of challange.

If that is hard for you, buddy...your at a disadvantage at LIFE! LMFAO! Bud, I have no plans to EVER have a damn external hdd sticking out of my PS4, that is just stupid and makes no sense.

External hdds at no point should be plugged in as internal Hdd replacements. They are not meant to be on all day while in use. They are meant for back up only. The only time my external is when data is being added to it...THATS IT!

You shorten the over all life of an external by doing that.

I'm 100% fine with PS4 having an internal hdd as I build PC's for FUN! Its not even near an issue for me to place a hdd.

At this point....adding a hdd to a system for me is legit like legos lol.

(If you've have any knowledge on PC's, you'll get what I mean)

I'm not even trying to put you down, I'm just saying just try bud, its not as hard or confusing as it might sound.

A quick google or e-how or youtube etc will do you wonders. I plan to replace my PS4 hdd maybe next year, I delete games I already beat and only play disk based for all my retail games anyway. I'm never just playing 10 games at once lol.

This is a non-issue for most gamers. I would say having to HAVE an external is a bigger issue, as externals are not really made to be on for such a length of time.

rainslacker1203d ago


Most models of external hard drives use the same drives as you would install inside a laptop. There is no reason you can't keep them running all day long as they have the same life expectancy of any other hard drive. You can usually buy the exact same model number of the drive without the USB enclosure.

Some people are very bad at doing things like unscrewing a screw. While it's not hard to replace the drive, many people may feel hesitant just because they aren't comfortable with technology. In this case, external support would actually be a good would actually be good either way. I'm sure if he wanted to change the drive, he could manage. It's well documented how to do, and it's pretty self-explanatory, and it's virtually impossible to to break anything while doing it.

SilentNegotiator1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

"Not everybody knows how to replace the internal HD, some people are scared of screwing up"

A deranged circus monkey could change a Ps4 HDD with the aid of a Youtube video.

_-EDMIX-_1203d ago


" There is no reason you can't keep them running all day long"

LMFAO! Um...ok bud.

"Western Digital recommends that external hard drives be powered off when not in use"


"If a drive is turned on and off excessively on a daily basis, this could affect the longevity of the hard drive’s components"

....did I mention I use to build computers for a living? LOL! I do it now for fun. An external is not a smart internal hdd replacement.

A good internal hdd replacement is a internal hdd. That isn't even being lazy, its merely being stupid......

No reason to EVER have a external hdd on every day for hours, it makes no sense. I use those to BACK UP! Not to just stay on for hours.

You again shorten the life of a hdd that way, no way around it.

Its common sense, you leave it on longer, it now has a shorter life.

My external again is only on during data transfer and thats it, once its done, its put in a anti-static bag an stored away.

"many people may feel hesitant just because they aren't comfortable with technology. In this case, external support would actually be a good thing"


Yet...they game. Its legit not that hard, to say your not "comfortable" just choose to not learn. Its like plugging in legos, power cable, data cable, format annnnnnnnd done lol. Its not that hard.

In fact the PS4 is EASIER to replace a hdd on then on PS3 or hell even a damn PC.

LMFAO...they can't do that? No cables too, it formats on its own, I legit can't stop laughing.

Sooooo have something plugged in that isn't even designed for such use vs some screws.....?

...I see.

If that is something someone can't do, they might want to consider fisherprice toys lol. I won't just defend ignorance, not with something so damn simple.

rainslacker1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

@Ed really need to get a grip. None of my comment was recommendations that people should do the things I said, just that it was possible, and that the ramifications aren't as dire as you are making them out to be.

Western Digital. The company that makes the highest fail rate drives recommends not running their drives 24/7. Seems legit. Here's a fact. If you run an internal hard drive 24/7 you run the risk or reducing it's life span. That's the nature of anything mechanical. That's just common sense, you leave it on longer, it now has a short life.

The hard drives inside those external hard drive enclosures are the EXACT SAME ONES that you can buy separately to put into a PC. Same model number and everything, usually the low end models. Not all the time, but more often than not that's the case, particularly from WD.

I wouldn't recommend replacing an internal with a disassembled external simply due to price, but I have done so in the past, and I still use that hard drive in my media server PC today...for two years now. I no longer needed it as a external, so I used it for storage on my media server. Guess I'm stupid huh?

What you do with your own hardware is your own business, but your experience and knowledge doesn't seem to be as vast as you would think it to be.

Not all gamers are techies. The point of consoles is to be able to game without the hassle of dealing with the intricacies of hardware. No it isn't hard, but some people just NOT COMFORTABLE doing it. Yes, they choose not to learn because they either aren't comfortable, or have the belief that it will be difficult. It's great you know how to do it, but since you used to work with computers, you surely know what people who know nothing about them do when you talk to them about them? Do they just start nodding their heads and zoning out? Because they just don't care to know that stuff. It's not important to them.

I would also wager that despite it being pretty common knowledge around here, the fact remains that many people don't even realize the hard drive is user replaceable.

Anyhow, you don't have to defend ignorance, but if you're going to comment on it, at least do it without being a condescending douche. There are ways to get your point across without acting like simply being nice about it, linking a video or article and being reassuring about it. All you do is demean others making them unlikely to listen to you, as you come across as an elitist jerk.

starchild1203d ago


Jeez, you jump down the guy's throat for thinking external harddrives are more convenient and you talk about how easy it is to replace the internal harddrive, but you don't seem to realize that no matter how easy it is in reality some people simply don't want to deal with the perceived hassle.

It's the same thing with building a gaming PC; it really isn't too difficult to do, but some people think that it will be. Perception is everything.

You would probably defend console gaming and say something about it being easier than PC gaming, but then you jump down a fellow console gamer's throat just because he likes the convenience of external harddrives. It's the same principle either way.

LexHazard791202d ago

I don't hear many xbox players complaining about having an external hdd. Its always the ones without the feature doing the complaining. Yet I bet you would be the first one to praise Sony it for it soon as its available on PS4. And stop telling yourself you won't need one just because PS4 lets you swap out hdd. That also has to fill up eventually. PS4 needs this feature, those who deny it are just fanboys.

LexHazard791202d ago

@dual weilding, switching out hdd on PS4 is way easy. Not hard at all.

@edmix, you exaggerate a little just to downplay external hdd. You can infact run external hdd for a very long time. Stop spreading propaganda that you can't. I ran one for about 3/4yrs strait without powering off. So if anything you need to be the one doing research. . Have you ever heard of servers? Ok then stop saying that hdd aren't meant to run all the time. Thanks for the laughs tho.

vikingland11202d ago

The best feature about external HDD that no one has mentioned is you can take your whole digital game collection to a friends house. Because it's portable.

mhunterjr1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I disagree, there are no benefits to internal over external.

With external: 1) you can still utilize the HDD that came with the console, 2) you can very easily transfer you data from the old HDD to the new one, 3) you don't have to open your console- it's idiot proof. 4) you can bring your're digital library with you easily. 5) it allows for awesome peripherals like this :

With number 5, you immediately have all of the advantages of both having internal and external HDD. External is the superior option.

BlackTar1871202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


You can also buy a device to transfer data between HDDs.

I have one because i use it quite often working on computers but they aren't that expensive and are worth having just in case.

I think external storage is more flexible (you can move it around) but you will get performance penalty if you are not using a fast connection like eSATA, USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt. Also, you can accidentally (if you are really not careful) drop and break it or unplug it and corrupt the data in it

That said your link is pretty cool but it's out of stock. You almost made me buy one.

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KwietStorm1203d ago

I don't know that I would call that a huge edge. Actually no it's not huge at all, but it is definitely an advantage, and one feature that I would like to see post-haste.

kraenk121203d ago

It's pretty obvious they don't do it because of the risk for piracy and Sony being burned last gen.

Tdmd1203d ago

I'm one of those ppl afraid to screw it up. I wish there was some place I could bring it and have it done for me.

LOL_WUT1203d ago

Dude just look up some how to videos on youtube I was clueless also but I managed to do it just fine ;)

Takwin1203d ago

I was afraid too, but when I did it, it was laughably easy. Ordered on amazon, used a small screwdriver I had, done in a few minutes. You will laugh when you see how easy it is.

Dirtnapstor1203d ago

It's easy. Plenty of videos. You can swap it out in about 2mins start to finish. Just pay attention to the screw placement.

rainslacker1203d ago

It's pretty easy, and it's not like you can screw it up unless you are clumsy. Worst case you might strip the screw head if you don't line up the drive right in the cage. Plenty of videos on how to do it, and it's detailed in the PS4 instruction manual.

Otherwise, I'm sure you have at least one friend that is comfortable and knowledgeable enough with tech that they could do it for you. Some people like showing off their superior skills by doing the most mundane of things for others.

KwietStorm1203d ago

If you know how to use a screwdriver, you'll be ok.

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txboy051203d ago

external hard disk support is cool and all but i dont mind the internal. when i realize i dont play a game anymore (Black Flag) i just delete it. i know I can download it whenever i want. besides who wants a ugly HDD next to their beautiful PS4 anyway gtfoh with that

LamerTamer1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

It is a hassle to have to redownload games though. If physical, which I have, it is faster to re-install a game but STILL a hassle as you need to re-download massive patches that can take hours (it is not like they release games working and complete anymore).

They still don't allow us to backup and restore *single* games and patches which would help, you need to restore the whole drive which isn't practical.

Takwin1203d ago

It took me a total of 4 minutes to uninstall the old hard drive and install a 2TB one. I am no expert at all. It was incredibly easy and I'm set for this gen now.

Antifan1203d ago

Looking at the sales figures, there's nothing ms can do to get a 'huge' edge. External hdd isn't a system seller.

kraenk121203d ago

You know what the beauty is. With the PS4s ability to deinstall and reinstall games in minutes plus the internal interchangeable drive there simply won't be a need to make the console even more 'gargantuan'.

deadpoolio3161202d ago

Wait, wait wait....NO you cannot screw up the 2 minutes it takes to swap out the internal HDD...It's literally stupid proof this time there is no excuse

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iTechHeads1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Well it is next-gen exclusive.

(Next Gen = PS4/XB1)
(Last Gen = PS3/360)

No. There's no such thing as "current-gen". That term is too confusing. Wii U would be classified as a next-gen console, regardless of its abysmal power levels.

You see "current gen" could technically refer to PS4/XB1 but so can next-gen. So since PS3/360 are obviously not "current' then we refer to them as last-gen, right? So referring to PS4/XB1 as Next-gen consoles is IMO the best way to name them.

Highlife1203d ago

So wiiu is current gen?

HammadTheBeast1203d ago

It's like the Wii, half-present gen. IDK, seems like Nintendo are always doing their own thing on the side.

Jalva1203d ago

No, next-gen now refers to the generation after this one, which is the current-gen, and the PS3 and 360 are last-gen, it's really not that hard a concept to grasp...

_-EDMIX-_1203d ago

Not really. Many still cite this as "next gen" as many ips haven't even came over.

I see it as "current" until a part of the install base has come over. lol

Mind you, its subjective as no official authority has ever deemed what "next gen" is besides fans.

Is it based on tech? Generation?

If its debated, its clear its subjective and isn't some official thing where its a right or wrong.

I'm very much ok considering it "next gen"

LexHazard791202d ago

I agree this is current gen. The next gen phase ended when the new consoles arrived. What makes it confusing is that you can go either way with it.

If you're still gaming on Xbox 360 or PS3 you're most likely referring to Xbox One and PS4 as "next gen" Now if your gaming on PS4 and Xbox One like myself, next gen would be PS5 and Xbox OneTwo(idk). Just my take on it.

tigertron1203d ago

PS3/360 - Last Gen
PS4/XB1 - Current Gen
PS5/Xbox whatever - Next-gen.

Simples. *Meerkat squeek*

themonado1203d ago

PS4/Xbox One/Wii U are 8th generation consoles. We are currently IN the 8th generation. I don't know what's so "confusing" about it. The PS4 and Xbox One have been out for more than a year. It's time to let go of the "next-gen" term. Seriously.

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