Batman Arkham Knight File Size Is Absolutely Gargantuan on the PS4, Bigger Than GTA V

GearNuke: "Batman Arkham Knight looks like a true next generation game with a huge open world, and as expected, its file size is one of the biggest when it comes to such open world games, even passing the file size of GTA V on the PS4, which was about 41 GB in size."

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xHeavYx869d ago

Gargantuan = Enormous.... You are welcome.

KiwiViper85869d ago

Thanks, Thesaurus xHeavYx.

vishmarx868d ago

lol wolfenstien tno was 50gb

XBLSkull868d ago

Seems strange they would have the file size listed already for a game that is almost 3 months away from release.

--Onilink--868d ago


I would find it strange if they didnt. The release itself is usually a month or more from when it goes "gold" and even then, the last stages are mostly QA.

The game has probably been around that 41gb size for a long time now

sonicsidewinder869d ago

Enormous = Very Large.... You are welcome.

Captain_Wormy869d ago

Very Large = Big.... You are welcome.

Blaze929869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Big = Mondo Bunger.... You are welcome.

Saints94868d ago

Big = Wombo.... You're welcome.

Solid_Penguin-64868d ago

@ Bimko Then let's show you... Through the art of interpretative dance!

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NuggetsOfGod869d ago

Thank! I thought Gargantuan meant very slow lol

Meltic868d ago

havent played the batman games yet. Bought all Three yesterday. Time to begin to play the first one :)

mark_parch868d ago

amazing games, you are in for a treat.

StarLord_Who868d ago

If i say, you're ego makes you as a person look like a gargantuan twat, i'd be right?

xHeavYx868d ago

Nope, you are using "you're" instead of "your"

UKmilitia868d ago

see if a game fills a bluray i will happily buy DLC for it.
Im going to love this game i know because all of them have been great so roll on june or is it july now?

mafiahajeri868d ago

Nope still June got delayed recently from June 2nd to June 23rd not that bad of a delay.

Spenok868d ago

I don't understand how these types of "Articles" Keep getting posted... especially with their over ridiculous titles. There have already been several games that have reached 50GB in install size.

So how is this GARGANTUAN!? Especially when other titles are bigger? 50GB is 10% of the original HDD size... that's not gargantuan, come to me when a game requires at minimum of 25% of the standard 500GB HDD.

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fr0sty868d ago

Be careful, those come from the moon.

kayoss868d ago

Ok Kids, today's letter is the letter "G". The letter "G" can be used in the word "Gargantuan".

deadpoolio316868d ago

Annnd..Wolfenstein: The New Order is like 51.20gb after download and install....This isn't the first game, I think even advance warfare was 49gb

davetheAndroid869d ago

We're going to need a bigger boat...

marloc_x868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

..Twenty-five. Three tons of him


DualWielding869d ago

This is why Sony needs to provide external Hard Disk Support, else having it will give Microsoft a huge edge

iTechHeads869d ago

They have INTERNAL HDD support. That's way better than external since you know you don't need to have an ugly HDD next to your console taking up space.

(But sure, support External AND internal would be welcome)

DualWielding869d ago

It's an advantage because

1. Not everybody knows how to replace the internal HD, some people are scared of screwing up.

2. Some people have external Hard Drives hanging around, so going with the console that supports them save them money.

3. With this kind of file sizes even 2 TB are not going to cut it and redownloading is not convenient. The ability to use multiple external hard drives seems like the most convenient option.

I think its a major issue Sony has to address.

HammadTheBeast869d ago

They both have their ins and outs. The one thing I don't like about internal is that it's kind of a hassle to install and you need to reinstall all the digital stuff. I think the new patch allowed you to back up your downloads off of the other HDD though.