Batman Arkham Knight: New Trailer Looking Sweet, Will Show Off A Very Cool Feature

Will also showcase a returning character from Arkham City.

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Chrisgamerguy1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

This game could be be game of the year, theres no wonder sony has that sweet limited edition ps4 coming out

gamerfan09091217d ago ShowReplies(4)
Toiletsteak1217d ago

The colour is nice but the Batman silhouette is pointless, it looks bad.

audiophile1011217d ago

Thank you! Finally someone agrees

N0TaB0T1217d ago

Is there anything less than "Non-Issue" you're rambling about?

MasterCornholio1217d ago


I'm pretty sure Batman will cause the PS4s sales to Skyrocket.

harrisk9541216d ago

Between exclusive marketing rights for Batman, Star Wars and Metal Gear this year, the PS4 will do alright and continue to outsell the XB1 even without a game that can beat Halo in October. MS will need to do major price cuts and bundles this holiday season like they did last year to try and derail the PS4. And, if Sony does announce a price drop at E3, MS is in trouble. I don't see Sony making the same mistake as they did last year of not matching MS's price cut (if you want to call it a mistake since they went back to outselling the XB1 after the holidays and didn't lose millions on a price cut and crazy bundles like MS did).

chrismichaels041217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I already have my copy pre-ordered. But im still very tempted to just pick up the limited edition Batman PS4 bundle instead. It looks awesome.

XelaKNight1217d ago

Sony has been smart with the Marketing Rights to a lot of games. I mean they have always gotten exclusive content for the arkham series but they are pushing it with the marketing division.

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

I actually think its due to MS losing out bids to Sony. PS4 has more units sold, so clearly publishers are charging more money for those deals for MS then they would Sony, so Sony can now seek more dlc, marketing deals vs MS as Sony is getting a better deal then MS likely is.

MS would have to pay way more as the risk is higher for the publisher with MS having lessor units.

They are doing a good job though.

pivotplease1216d ago

Plus MS likely broke the bank a bit between Titanfall and Tomb Raider. Even they have their limits and deals like that don't come cheap.

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Dr_Angus1217d ago

I just want that pre-order DLC. I really wish I didn't have to pre-order it to get it. :(

itsjustexuma1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Just Pre Order it from Gamestop youll get 2 DLCs with Harleey Quinn and Red Hood and also a poster of Batman's 75th birthday

itsjustexuma1217d ago

Im pretty sure its going to be a trailer about Catwoman

endzeitkind1217d ago

there is no trailer to show.

abstractel1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Gaming Bolt fishing for clicks with somewhat misleading title. This is a non-news item. Now if the title would have been "Upcoming trailer for Batman will reveal new character", that would have been more appropriate. Saying it's "looking sweet" without context suggests it's out.

I also like how Gaming Bolt turned up the gamma on MKX to make the PS4 version look washed out in comparison to the PC version when they look nearly identical. MKX is not a game that pushes the technical side of things.

Not a fan of the way they run that site. Their opinions are usually very uneducated and it's clear they don't fully understand how game development works.

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The story is too old to be commented.