Confirmed - Batman: Arkham Knight's Demo During Sony's Conference Was Running On PC

Well, this is nothing new, right? We’ve seen in the past this kind of things but since both PS4 and Xbox One are out, you’d expect that their demos would be running on – you know – those consoles themselves. It appears this is not the case with Batman: Arkham Knight as Rocksteady confirmed that the demo that was shown during Sony’s conference was running on the PC.

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Rickgrimes951621d ago

The game is still more than 6 months away so not suprising

Septic1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Huh? How does that make sense? 6 months away and its running on PC so why isn't it surprising?

I don't think its that big a deal but after the grilling the X1 got for BF4 running on PC, I wonder if this will get similar heat.

MysticStrummer1621d ago

I thought the main reason MS caught that flak was that the PC contained a component or components that were better than what ended up in XB1.

Maybe I'm thinking of a different incident...

mhunterjr1621d ago

You know it won't...

But honestly, it shouldn't really matter. We gamers have been graspic at straws too often.

I'm sure the game will be fun regardless of platform.

user95970821621d ago

The main reason Microsoft caught flak for that was idiotic Sony fanboyism.
If that weren't the case then the same people should be outraged now at this.

imt5581621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Quote :

I don't think its that big a deal but after the grilling the X1 got for BF4 running on PC, I wonder if this will get similar heat.

All games @MS conference @E3 2013 WERE RUNNING ON PC rig with Nvidia GTX series. That's the point. At least Uncharted 4 wasn't running on PC a few days ago. And it looks gorgeus....on PS4.

famoussasjohn1621d ago

Of course it won't catch the flak that MS caught last year.

Destrania1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Considering what we've seen running on a PS4, I don't have a single worry that the PS4 version of this game will be just like what they showed on stage. At least it should be, all things considered.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1621d ago

if I recall correctly MS caught flak because the playable demos at their booth would appear to be xbox one but crash to a windows desktop.

This Batman gameplay video isn't really the same situation.

Besides, isn't the onus on the third party dev/publisher to show something running on either console, and not sony/micrsoft?

fr0sty1621d ago

There's a difference between showing a game that is multiplatform running on PC (one of its platforms) vs. showing a game that is supposed to be exclusive to one console only running on a PC.

Eonjay1621d ago

The reason why Microsoft caught flack is because they never confirmed they were using PCs even after pics hit the web.

"Rocksteady confirmed that the demo was on PC."

Big difference. At least admit it.

SilentNegotiator1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It's not like it was a first party game, like Forza. It might have been the publisher's decision; however, we KNOW that showing off pre-downgrade Forza on a supercomputer was Microsoft's decision. Plus, it took incognito pictures to confirm Microsoft's deceit; Rocksteady just came out and told us when asked.

But as usual, you Xbox fanboys only care about exposing hypocrisy of teh soni fanbois, even where it doesn't exist.

Kayant1621d ago

Yep you would think that having launched these consoles and all we won't need to be so deceptive by using PS4 prompts.

Really disappointing to see from Sony and rocksteady more Sony.

If footage was ready for PS4 then by all means remove all button prompts from the footage instead of thinking to be deceptive.


Probably Not :/ It's ok though, it really is not a big deal. After seeing the Witcher 3 running on "Xbox One" I wonder if it was really running on it, looked to darn good lol

Septic1621d ago


"But as usual, you Xbox fanboys only care about exposing hypocrisy of teh soni fanbois, even where it doesn't exist."

You're one to talk. You using the term fanboy is rich. Firstly, Sony did not ONCE state that the footage shown was running on PC (with PS4 button prompts). This was taken from a sitdown interview with Gamespot.

Secondly, where did I talk about first party titles?? I mentioned BF4 which is a multi-plat title.

As usual, the damage limitation by hypocritical Sony fanboys is astounding.

MeLoveRamen1621d ago

The difference Septic is that the ps4 hasn't had to struggle as hard to hit 1080p has much as X1, and the game is probably way more than 6 months out. I am pretty sure developers start out on pc then port it to ps4. Also if im not mistaken wasn't BF4 running on pc at X1 booth at some event that was 3-4 months before Bf4 launched.

JackVagina1621d ago

X1 running BF4 on pc was a whole different story

MS demo stations on E3 show floor that the E3 attendees were playing were all running on PCs (pic above)

bleedsoe9mm1621d ago

definitely a double standard , if ms had the middle part of sony's conference in their event they would have been eviscerated .

truefan11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It won't be the same because XB1 fans really don't care. Most of the time if we get riled up, it's reactionary to something ps4 fans called MSFT out for like tv-tv-tv. Only for us to start hearing 20-30 minutes of tv isn't that bad because sony did it and they had a slightly longer conference.

Sony has been rather deceptive this gen, what's up with that. There were ps4 buttons on the screen trying to paint an image of that is how it will play on your PC.

DevilOgreFish1621d ago

"Confirmed - Batman: Arkham Knight's Demo During Sony's Conference Was Running On PC."

Most fresh installments are almost always shown on PC first, that's where the devkits come from. not surprised to hear this.

Saigon1621d ago

I think some are being a little too harsh. Rocksteady was wrong for showing footage from PC and Sony was wrong for allowing them to show it (if they knew). In all honestly it really isn't that much of a big deal because most games are created this way, regardless the platform. And with the Specs of both systems being very similar to PC, devs can make their own development rig and simply port over when needed. I am assuming this was done with this showing.

In comparison to the MS fiasco, if I am not mistaken; MS had games running on a different setup than what was present in the XBO, now that is a big deal because it was actual game play people were critiquing for this console. Remember all of the reports of how fascinating the XBO looks compared to the PS4.

I can't really point a finger at Sony yet because we do not know if they were aware of this and what specs this game was running on. Remember RockSteady is also at fault here mainly because it is there game.

spacecat50501621d ago

Wow, you sony fanboys sure defend well.

You crucify MS when the talk apps, TV or features, when sony does it they get a free pass and in your eyes still won E3. If MS would have mentioned TV or movies during E3 you guys would have vomited all over N4G with trolling remarks.

MS has demo running on PC and the sony fanboys rush to dog MS out in every article related or non related. Sony does it and look at the strong defence coming from you guys. Its was only a third party title, or who cares all of a sudden.

hmmmm, I wonder how many other demos were running on PC since sony has been caught in lies before.

You guys went out of your way to hate MS for paying for exclusive dlc or timed content. Even going so far as to say that Sony would never do it. Now sony are the front runners of this practice, but now its ok as the defence excuses keep rolling in.

It is truly amazing how you guys flip flop and back flip when sony does the same thing you pretended to hate MS for.

Maybe its time to start actually discussing games because it appears Sony is turning into MS every day and you guys are accepting everything you once said you would never accept.

SilentNegotiator1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )


"Sony did not ONCE state that the footage shown was running on PC (with PS4 button prompts). This was taken from a sitdown interview with Gamespot"

Which is what i said. Rocksteady, who may have been the ones to decide on a PC demo (Unlike the first party pc demos by Microsoft of X1 exclusives, which we 100% know to be Microsoft's call), gladly admitted to the fact that it was a PC demo when asked; unlike Microsoft, which was unmasked by incognito behind the scene photos.

"Secondly, where did I talk about first party
titles?? I mentioned BF4 which is a multi-plat title"

Where did I say that you did? I mentioned Forza because that was the big game that Microsoft was criticized for; a game that THEY made and THEY chose to show as a PC demo that they would later have to downgrade.

As usual, you fanboys are doing everything you can to make something look like a Sony Too™ when it absolutely isn't the same situation.

ALLWRONG1621d ago

Anyone seen Karma? She was just here.

D-riders1621d ago

Well that was because we hadn't had the consoles yet we all know what the pay is capable of now. So most people don't really care if it running on. PA or not because they trust what they are seeing will be really close to what they get.vs Xbox one where we knew it was underpowered and they were trying to make it seem like the system had magical powers to make the game look above amiazing

InTheLab1621d ago

Sony isn't known for deception and MS was just exposed for hiding those awful policies and releasing them after E3.

The other reason is you know the PS4 has the muscle to present a similar experience when the game launches versus the obvious downgrades of every game shown for MS at last year's E3.

Let's not pretend like the situation is the same. MS had monster rigs running on the the show floor and during the main conference. A bit different from one game during the conference.

Don't try and twist what really went down. It wasn't that long ago.

spacecat50501621d ago

Silentnegotiater, you really are trying your best to justify your Sony Defence™.

It is definitely the samething which is why you are pretty much alone here doing your best to make any and excuses as to why its ok that sony is now caught showing a demo of a game for their system.

Where was your strong defence when MS was being attacked for the same supposed thing?

Like I said, how many other games were shown supposedly ran on a ps4 that was actually on a pc?? Should we start asking Sony these question the same way MS was demanded of.

im going to make up my own trademark when Sony is caught doing the same thing...

It's OK Sony♥

xx4xx1621d ago

Puh-leaze. Like the Sony crowd would ever own up to this. You can stop wondering cuz I'll tell you it ain't gonna happen.

Of course it is acceptable for Sony to use a PC to show off a game for their system...but god forbid Microsoft use a PC to show off Forza or BF4, they will get crucified.

It's also OK for Sony to show off TV and other non-game content at E3 because it shows they are expanding their reach....but when Microsoft does this, they don't care about games.

I'll wear the disagrees I'm sure to get on this message with pride!!!

k3rn3ll1621d ago

Yea funny. Sony get grief on the net? Your crazy man. I like you but your crazy

MazzingerZ1621d ago

If this is true, then it's wrong from SONY, if the game is so close why PC? Doesn't matter if similar specs

That's why it sounds strange, that close and running on PC? Why? It doesn't sound like SONY

N4GDgAPc1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

There is a difference between Xbox one first reveal compared to Sony's e3 2014 conference. Sony showed games and about 30min of tv where Xbox focused on tv. People forget Sony press conference was 30 min longer so they showed just as much games as Xbox u just had a down time of being board in the middle.

But for me both conference were equal. E3 as a hole was a major let down. I was expecting some big huge announcements but pretty much everything was shown we already knew.

I can see why they probably didn't show Final fantasy 15. there going to hold all there Japanese games till Tokyo game show. Pretty much everything shown was American made games. Plus with how ps4 is selling in japan I expect some new announcements there to hopefully pick up sales for ps4.

vega2751621d ago

@ InTheLab

" MS had monster rigs running on the the show floor and during the main conference"

And you know this how. did you help build the rig your speaking of for them?, do you have a link as to how powerful it was? do you know the specs of the rig in question?

darthv721621d ago

@septic, dont even bother with silent. he is of the mindset that sony can do no wrong. And if they are caught was someone elses fault. hence the use of PC footage during their presser.

And it is quite ironic how he like to throw around the FB moniker but doesnt like to have it thrown back at him. Hell, MS can do all sorts of things wrong. they did last year and the year before that. this year....not so much. They did better than expected and the sony fans just wont have any of that.

Its MS did it all wrong or bust. double standards are something us neutrals have to deal with day to day.

SilentNegotiator1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )


So it's exactly the same when a third party says "play this footage" to the company running the conference, then gladly says that they used PC footage when asked...
...and when a first party says "Let's play this PC footage" and refuses to confirm that used supercomputer footage when they get caught red-handed?

The distribution of blame is NO different in those scenarios? And there's no difference in the amount of deceit involved? Really?

Furthermore, the criticism of MS's move didn't peak until it was confirmed that the final version of Forza was downgraded. You're comparing the outrage of a situation that's happened to one that's only halfway complete (assuming that the final ps4 is even downgraded) or else won't even be as pungent (Not that a "neutral" like yourself has the patience to see how things turn out before you attack Sony).

BattleAxe1621d ago

Great news for PC gamers :D

1621d ago
King-u-mad1621d ago

Doubt it will get similar heat. They chose to show the PC build as the 1st debut of gameplay to show a "full" spectrum of quality. Where as we had already seen BF4 gameplay before it was shown on the xbone... Which the original reveal was also PC build...

sinspirit1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Microsft was playing 1st party titles on these PC's that had way higher specs and they turned up the graphics on those games as well. Then people started saying they were dev kits, which made it way worse, because then people ragged on them for saying these high-end PC's can't be dev kits when they don't represent the hardware capabilities. It's far different when a 3rd party developer does it.

Also, at many booths at e3 2013 Microsoft was demoing games on these high-end PC's that were hidden and they had dummy XBox One units to make it look like you're playing it on the console.

RumbleFish1621d ago

I don't care. I will buy it on PC anyway, but it will be the same quality on consoles. Really looking forward to the game.

Madock1621d ago

That's exactly like Nintendo showing off Assassin's creed running on PS4 in their press conference (if they did one)

Madock1621d ago

That's exactly like Nintendo showing off Watchdogs running on PS4 in their press conference!
That is baaad

Anon19741621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I never understood the flak Microsoft received for this in the past, I don't understand Sony getting flak for this now. Games are developed on the PC. As long as when they're showing off the game it's running similarly to what can be expected on the final, console build and it's not misleading...who gives a shit?

dantesparda1621d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

The MS Attack Force is out in full force and wont hear a thing, its just attack, attack, attack, and act like this is the same thing when its not. Just look at them agree each other up and "well said" each other. Now for all the MS fanboys whining about this, Rainbow Six Seige shown at the X1 conference was also running on a PC, so lets see you get all outraged over that.

Next up, all of them.

4Sh0w1621d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

1st Loco cycle can easily be ran on X1 but as the dev said it wasn't ported over in time, also youre comparing early transition to X1/ps4 games to now, while forgetting the 1st party games were demoed on X1 with tons of folks playing on X1:

"It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."
The best looking exclusives like Forza5 and Ryse, running on X1, who the hell is trying to fool somebody with LocoCyle? Yet sony haters screamed and screamed pretending everything was on pc.

OMG, so many sony hypocrites this gen.

Now pay for online is OK
Now lying about specs is OK for KZ SF
Now TV is OK
Now showing pc footage with ps4 prompts is OK


ThePope1620d ago

The main difference is that the games last year didn't have a complete console to run on. How many X1 consoles were floating around this time 2013? Probably a small handful. But that's not the case today, and so Sony could have used a PS4. Though this is N4G.

TRS_Gear1620d ago

I'm not sure if it was just the stream I was watching but didn't that demo stutter like crazy?

Also, why are there so many articles about stuff like this? Yes, it's kind of a slap in the face to be blatantly lied to buy a company you support. But these games are developed, tested, and tweaked on PC's, I don't really see the harm in demoing on a PC to insure a solid performance for such a large audience.

However I do find human in how flip flop some fanboys are under certain circumstances.

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nicksetzer11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I remember this being a much bigger deal last year when MS ran a game on PC... I still stand by it being normal practice, just find it ironic that it is ok now that Sony is being outed.

@mystic what makes you think a similar GPU was used here?

EDIT: The excuses some of you have fabricated to defend your hypocrisy is astounding. Especially the part where 90% is made up in your mind, and never actually occurred.

GameDev11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Sony is being outed or Rock steady is being outed??

I didn't know about the Microsoft one so I won't comment

But it shows Rock steady didn't have the game ready for consoles but wanted to show what they have achieved anyway

This is more of Rock steady's problem than Sony

maddskull1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

microsoft tried to hide that it was hidden, but now they came up straight to the face and told the truth there is a difference.

OrangePowerz1621d ago

Last year MS was hidding the PCs stored away at their booth and pretending the game was X1, that's kind of different to showing a game at an event and never saying that this footage would be from the console (I'm looking at you Ubisoft with your Watch Dogs gameplay). I don't recall anybody saying that Batman was running on the console.

zeuanimals1621d ago

The problem with MS was they showed a 1st party game running on PC. The reason Forza 5 got a huge downgrade from E3 was because of this.

Sony doesn't have anything to do with this game's development other than supplying the devs with devkits.

This is why we need a 5th conference, a 3rd party conference for all of the 3rd party devs that never had their own conferences and had to rely on Sony and MS's conferences to show their games off.

OrangePowerz1621d ago

Nothing fabricated in the picture from last year.

nicksetzer11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

@orange you are full of crap, lococycle ran on PC (and was the ONLY floor demo that did)because it was developed on a PC and was not yet fully ported. If you really think they used PC's on lococycle because XB1 couldn't handle it you are insane.

EDIT: @orange "ONLY FLOOR DEMO ON PC" as well noone was hiding it, every other game at E3 had an xbox one right in front of you. This game didn't but using a pc on such a low end game is not misrepresenting your product if it was not ported fully yet...

OrangePowerz1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Where did I say the console couldn't handle the game? What I said and what is true is that at the Xbox One booth MS was hidding PCs and pretending it was running on the console and that is true. Rock Steady or Sony didn't say that the game shown is running on the PS4 as far as I remember.

If you think that was the only game running on a PC last year at E3 you are naïve at that applies to both consoles, but particularly for the X1 for certain reasons. There are easy ways for any console manufacturer to fake games running on a console since a fake console case will do the trick.

How do you explain the huge graphics downgrade of Forza 5 if it was running on the actuall console?

ToxicSushi1621d ago

Remember that Rock Steady only admitted this after being questioned about its product shown at the Sony press conference. The key word is after not prior.

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Kivespussi1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Only 6 months, they should have some areas ready by now for showcasing. They just used a PC to make the game look as good as possible.

I smell a downgrade coming up.

Kivespussi1621d ago


That's... What I am planning to do actually... Never said I'd get it for PS4

medziarz1621d ago

I DELAY is more likely, on all platforms of course.

Deividas1621d ago

Yea most multiplats are shown on a PC to have it looking as maxed out as possible. This will not look this good on consoles, thats just unrealistic.

I cant believe they needed to clarify it was running on a PC though, I mean, we did all watch the same footage right? Not hard to tell

JeffGUNZ1621d ago

@ Deividas

Yeah, maybe to you, but what about other people who are watching this and seeing PS buttons prompted? These consoles are brand new, a lot of people might think that the PS4 is actually running that game.

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Bennibop1621d ago

To be fair Sony have not claimed it was running on a PS4 they just showed a video of the gameplay and it is a multiplatform game. Microsoft were showing an exclusive x1 game on a higher spec PC telling us it was running on x1 then the changed there story to an equally powered PC and then when forza released the graphics where downgraded. Remember Jimmy Fallon playing Forza on X1?

Septic1621d ago

Well with PS4 button prompts, who would have thought this was running on PC??

lelo1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I'm curious to see if Sony fanboys bash Sony the way they bashed Microsoft, when Microsoft had demo's running on PC's in their conference.

EDIT: LOL, I'm already seeing lame a** excuses on previous comments... ^^^

christian hour1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Not really lame ass excuses, just pointing out how theres a stark difference between a multiplat running on pc at a console conference (happens all the time, has been for over ten years)and a console exclusive running on a PC hidden away and been claimed as running on an xb1, even after being exposed.

Theres a HUGE difference.

Not saying that what sony did wasnt slightly deceptive, just that it isnt even in the same ball park as xb1's pc debacle last e3.

Here's a list of games I can remember being shown at past e3's for a console conference but was running on pc off the top of my head

Battlefield 3
Call of Duty MW1
Various assassins creeds
Max Payne
Soldier of Fortune

I could go on.

ThePope1620d ago

@ Christian MS said the game was running on Dev kits, and if you ever saw pictures of early dev kits they looked like PCs. And when it crashed on the show floor the guy didn't attempt to hide anything he opened the door and rest the system, even standing there for a few seconds with the doors open!

You're being a fool if you think anything is different in this case. Except the fact fake button prompts were put on the Sony screen. I'm not saying its a big deal, because in truth it's not. But you,Sony fanboy fools are starting to get the comeupons you deserve, and now are on your heels a bit. Dig it?

vikingland11620d ago

It's ok.

stone_cold1621d ago

wHAT the hell is PC

The buttons appeared on the gameplay was for playstation

christian hour1621d ago

Yah, I can have button prompts for an xb or ps controller show up for any game that supports em just by plugging them in to my pc.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1621d ago

Try Dark Souls 2 on pc, it shows 360 prompts even if it is a pc.

Novistador1621d ago

The Sony defense force is out in record numbers this week... Not sure why you guys can't admit it was a lackluster conference (for both sides really. Really though MS did this last year and N4G exploded in fan boy rage.